Leo Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Horoscopes can tell more about your personality than you might think.

It is not only about your native sign, but also about planets, houses, other signs and many elements to consider.

All is written in your natal chart. Natal chart are kind of people-created reflections of the skies.

They are graphic representations of planetary position, done according to person’s date, time and place of birth.

Sun Sign

The Sun is the first element to look out for when analyzing someone’s birth chart. It determines your native zodiac sign. This is what most people identify the very idea of horoscope with, but it is not that simple.

However, native or Sun signs play essential role in people’s individual horoscope. They Sun is the centre of our own magnificent realm and, thus, the centre of our astrological profiles.

It is worth of mentioning that not all astrological systems are based on the Solar system; Chinese astrology, for example, uses lunar calendar. We are talking in terms of modern Western astrology, so the Sun is at the spotlight.

The Sun in a natal chart represents the essence of a person. It is your Ego, personal strength and will for life.

The Sun is associated with the element of Fire, masculine principle and it governs the sign of Leo. It is related to concepts of fame, glory, leadership and strength, but also with nobility, generosity and optimism in general.

The Sun in one’s birth chart determines basic personality traits, temperament and character, depending on the sign it matches.

The house the Sun is represents the sphere of life that challenges you and requires of one to prove their quality in the area. It is the sphere of greatest possible achievements.

The Sun has to do with our ambitions, attitude towards life, our self-awareness and self-opinion.

It promotes the best qualities in us, but it could also make us everything the opposite, if in bad aspects.

Sun in Leo

The Sun in Leo is a natural, favorable position. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so the energy here flows free. Sun Leos are optimistic, openhearted people with amazing charisma and positive attitude.

Leos are (in) famous for their need to be in the center of attention.

They are pompous and dramatic at times, while, overall, they spread incredibly positive energy around and good vibrations.

Leos are natural born leaders. They are competitive, but gallant and noble. Leos hold to their principles and do not like unfair play. They know exactly what they want and they will work passionately on achieving their goals.

When enthusiastic over something, they would not stop until their dreams are fulfilled.

They could also be lazy at times, especially when some of their goals are reached and after they have experienced success. They act according to their needs and sensations; they bow to no one, although they do respect strong authorities.

They see rivals in them, but also people admirable and respectful. Leos need people so that they can shine out. They do not like to hide and enjoy attention.

They offer their audience much in return, even if not intentionally. Leos could motivate and inspire you to pursue your dreams, even if you have stopped believing in your causes.

That is the magic of their positive energy and immeasurable charisma! They themselves follow their dreams.

They are passionate about it. Leos are indeed drama queens, but one could easily forgive them that. They would easily win you by their charms.

Moon Sign

The Moon is the other side of one’s personality. It is not the dynamic and lively, but fixed one, such as the Sun’s side is, but quieter, hidden, mysterious one.

The Moon is our emotional being, something that dwells beyond our shell.

The Moon represents deep desires, thoughts and feelings, commonly those we are not particularly aware of. The Moon governs the realm of memories and of dreams.

It helps us making connections with the world and the people on a deep, emotional level. It affects our impressions and reactions based on those impressions. The way you are going to feel the world depends on the sign your Moon is in your birth chart.

In your chart, the Moon also represents the field of life that makes you the most sensitive.

The Moon is of changeable, transformative quality. It travels fast throughout the Zodiac, often changing positions.

It makes one flexible and able to deal with different situations. If its energy flows free, the one is compassionate, kind and adaptable.

If aspects are not in favor, it brings insecurity, anxiety, irritability and moodiness.

Moon in Taurus

Taurus is an earthly sign, so its own energy is stable and well grounded. The Moon in Taurus indicates a connection with the real life, material values, earth and nature.

Moon in Taurus is stable, realistic and practical.

It is very home oriented, in need for physical connection, coziness and warmth. Moon Taurus individuals are quiet, but not shy. They are thoughtful, calm and down to earth.

The Moon in Taurus finds itself in exaltation, which is particularly good. This makes one a warm, caring and gentle personality.

People with the Moon in Taurus want a comfortable and secure life for themselves and their dear ones.

They feel at their best if they could provide everything needed. Material stability and overall safety and security are very important to them.

Taurus Moon people experience the world through all of their senses. Their impressions come through touch, smell, sight, taste and sound.

They enjoy everything that pleases their sense.

They are also artistic and enjoy making things by their own hands. Creating things is a good channel for a quiet Taurus to express their emotions.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon Personality

Leo Sun Taurus Moon people are guardians. They know what their desires are and they would pursue their goals, whilst caring about their dearest ones all along the way.

They are also very attached to all of their possessions. They are not as pompous as typical Leos, but more measured and steady as Taurus ones.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon is a gallant, classy person, self-confident and proud, but not arrogant and imposing.

These individuals require less attention than typical Leos do, so they have more time and attention to listen to others and understand them. They are passionate, warm, generous and caring.

They often possess somewhat old-fashioned charm that easily wins other’s hearts. Leo Sun Taurus Moon is an honest, honorable person, worth of every admiration and respect.

They are determined, diligent and usually their own bosses.

It is not for them to follow others, but they respect people of authority.

They enjoy earthly pleasures and have tendency towards excessiveness. They are true hedonists; they enjoy luxurious things, but also find pleasures in everything that comes from nature.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon are perhaps ones who enjoy the fruits of their work to maximum.

Good Traits

Leo Sun Taurus Moon are noble, valiant and self-confident people. They have clear ideas on what they want in life and would work hard to get it.

Their attitude is optimistic and noble; a Leo Sun Taurus Moon would never try to take an advantage of others.

These people work best on their own. They could lead and inspire others.

They have fewer tendencies towards drama and attracting attention at all costs, compared to some other Leos.

Bad Traits

These noble people could show their bad side if aspects are bad. Perhaps the greatest risk for those is over indulging.

If thing go according to their plans, in terms of professional and financial success (they have both a talent and a skill to make it happen), they surrender to all kinds of earthly pleasures and lose control.

Gluttony and all sorts of excessive behavior are potential scenario.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon in Love and Marriage

Leo Sun Taurus Moon are irresistible charmers, men and women, both. They are elegant, classy, well mannered and self-confident.

They seduce by gestures, looks, well-chosen compliments. They have perfect style and attitude. They are passionate, dedicated lovers.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon never thing of adultery or any sort of indecent behavior. They want their lover to feel special, safe and comfortable around them.

They would offer you the world. Leo Sun Taurus Moon impress with their positive attitude and seriousness about future. They would not marry before they are assured of material stability.

They enjoy being providers in their family. Leo Sun Taurus Moon people enjoy socializing but also spend long, cozy days only with their partner.

They enjoy romantic atmosphere that pleases all senses.

These people are loyal and devoted in a relationship. They are guardians of their family. They want to make sure everyone is well cared.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon want all of their dear ones feel safe; if not so, they would feel as they have failed.

They are proud of their lover, partner, their children and other close family members. They feel their successes as their own.

Best Match for Leo Sun Taurus Moon

The best match for these passionate, proud people is someone who takes a relationship seriously and wants a long-term connection, not an affair.

It is a person of great style, self-confidence and good manners and education.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon are particularly attracted by classy people, with an old-fashioned touch in their attitude.

They need someone stable, someone very physical and proud of whom they are.


Leo Sun Taurus Moon are down to earth, but with certain ambitions and optimistic attitude towards the idea of progress.

Material stability is very important to them and they enjoy luxury.

However, they are not obsessed by it. They perceive the world through their senses and are physical, warm and passionate people.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon are gallant and noble; they are authoritative, but not cruel or insensitive. They need stability, well-determined professional goals and a family to care for.