Leo Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The Sun represents the center of our Solar system. Since Western astrology is based upon it, this the Sun is the core element to consider in analyses of individual birth charts.

The Sun is the star of the day, the brightest of all stars. It has always been associated with life and creation myths and legends.

The Sun was a deity in many old mythological systems. The Sun shines upon our destinies and give us life.

The Moon is as equal important as the Sun is in a natal chart. Combining the effect of the Sun with that of the Moon is what makes us unique individuals. Maintaining balance between the two is essential.

However, this is not an easy task. It depends on particular Sun and Moon signs in peoples’ natal charts.

The dreamy moon in Aries is a story for itself. Let us find out more.

Sun Sign

Seen as an astrological element, the Sun is one of the personal planets.

It is called a planet, just like the Moon and other heavenly bodies in the Solar system, even if it is technically not one.

Astrology simply puts it that way. The Sun is essential element of a natal chart. It determines one’s most personal defining traits, shaping up one’s character and temperament.

The Sun symbolizes our mind and consciousness, our will for life and creative potentials. It boosts our creativity and makes us do things.

The Sun is about ambition, motivation and goals. Its purpose is to help us reach our maximum; knowing about the Sun signs makes you know yourself better and actually discover all those potentials you have.

It is a masculine fiery planet, the governor of the sign of Leo. The Sun represents fatherly figure and is related to personality types of kings, knights, judges and authorities of any sort. It is your Ego and your conscious, rational mind.

The Sun stands for generosity, nobility, knighthood, valiancy, openness, passion and vitality. It represents one’s personal strength and the best and the worst of it.

If it happens it is in bad aspects, these qualities transform into their bad form. Bad aspects of the Sun sign lead one to vanity, enviousness, insecurity, wrong ambitions, even cruelty and malevolence in some drastic cases.

The field that the Sun occupies in one’s natal chart represents the area of life that offers the best opportunities, but also the most challenging ones.

Sun in Leo

The Sun in Leo is in its natural place. The Sun rules the golden Leo, so this is a favorable combination to have.

Native Leos are extraordinary people you simply cannot miss out. They easily grab the spotlight wherever they go. Leos are of strong masculine principle; they are of extroverted nature, proud and self-sufficient.

Leo quality is stable, fixed and directly connected with questions of personal values.

Leos are generous, warm, passionate and very creative people. They are natural born leaders and they are well aware of that. Leos are often the loudest ones in a group of people, boasting around about this or that.

Although they tends to be pompous and to exaggerate in talk, Leos usually have credit for whatever they say. They are respectful, honorable and knightly people.

It can happen that le quality presents in bad aspects as vanity, narcissism, ill ambition and arrogance. Leos are passionate about things they care for and people they love. They love with their full heart!

Leos are guardians and protectors; they would do whatever it takes to save their dear ones from harm. For the rest of the world, they are inspiring, admirable and charismatic leaders.

Leos would not feel good in any minor position. They demand attention and to be pleased. Leos do not follow.

They are very creative, ambitious, and ready to work hard to achieve high places.

However, these people possess golden aura and the sense of fair play. They respect their rivals and play knightly. Leos are very sociable and outgoing; they need audience.

Moon Sign

This nightly bright planet is believed to possess some mysterious powers. It greatly affects the most enigmatic zodiac signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

It is even believed it has greater impact than the Sun, in case of Water element signs.

The Moon connects us with the world and the people on a special, deep level, which is beyond our conscious mind. The Moon is intuition and inner voice.

This mysterious Luminary governs the realm of imagination and memories. It reminds us of our past and awakens our sentimental nature.

The Moon in a natal chart represents our emotional being.

It stands for our deepest, hidden desires and needs, mostly those we are unaware of. Understanding your Moon could help you discover what you really wish for in life.

The Moon is a Water element planet, so its nature is changeable, transformative. The Moon makes us flexible and adaptable, which is a good thing.

On the other hand, it makes us moody, indecisive and irritable.

The Moon is a dreamy traveler, not a determined person of action, such as the Sun. The Moon awakens our imagination and our spiritual and emotional side.

Moon in Aries

Aries is a fiery sign; its energy is very different from that of the Moon as a planet. What does it mean? How Moon’s energy manifests itself in Aries?

The Moon in Aries indicates a personality of temperamental, impulsive nature.

Since the Moon is about emotions and Aries is all about activity and dynamics, it is easy to assume Moon Aries are quick tempered and straightforward when it comes to their feelings.

They would never ever try to hide their emotions, no matter the situation. It could appear aggressive t times, regardless of the emotion as it is.

Moon Aries say what they think and what they feel.

They are sharp, edgy and open. Aries Moon are focused on action, not on choosing and calculating words. They do not think much before they say something; they do not wrap up their feelings into sweet talk.

Aggressive, dynamic Aries outshines the Moon’s soft, subtle nature. There is o place for romance and too much tenderness in Moon Aries ones.

These people are everything opposite of what the Moon is; they do not fall for other’s tears, they are not very empathic, but they are practical.

You will get their support, which is for sure. They would see what could they do to help you, but do not expect a comforting shoulder.

Moon Aries are easily challenged. They are competitive and passionate about winning. Their impulsiveness comes to the first plan if you challenge them.

They are ready to risk. They are ready to lose, even. It is a lesson, another scratch on their armor. They gather themselves up quickly, and simply move ahead.

Moon Aries are not Moon-melancholic, but Aries moon positively passionate about new enterprise and action.

Leo Sun Aries Moon Personality

Leo Sun Aries Moon are the leading figures of the zodiac. Both Leo and Aries are proud, incredibly strong signs, marked by distinctive features of a natural leader.

These people have all the nobility and shine of a Leo and all the fierceness and energy of bold Aries.

The Sun in Leo inspires visions, grandiose ideas and generous, open heart, while dynamic and active Aries makes it all come true.

There is nothing humble and shy about these people. They steal the spotlight, regardless of their effort to do so. They are extremely enthusiastic and positive.

They are satisfied only by getting the best for themselves and for those they care for the most, their family, in the first place.

Leo Sun Aries Moon people enjoy challenges and rivalry, but they play fair. They despise trickery and low hits. They proudly step forward; they are even foolish at times.

They are ready to sacrifice themselves for a noble cause. They defend their own name and the name of their loved ones. They are very protective and passionate people.

Good Traits

Everything about these individuals is knightly, if in good aspects. They are honorable, they know what they want and they play fair and hard to get it.

All along the way, they maintain their proud, but not arrogant, attitude. They are extroverted, honest, direct, but not rough.

They are charming, breathtaking people. They know it and simply emit their energy around.

They are happy to inspire others by their own creations and ideas.

Bad Traits

Bad aspects amplify all their qualities, so there is a great risk of excessiveness.

Leo Sun Aries Moon could become completely self-centered, aggressive, demanding, controlling and attention seeking.

If their Leo’s passion overwhelms them, it just drives Aries to act, so they become extremely impulsive.

This leads to dangerous behavior and foolish decisions and actions, even if the intention is good and noble.

Leo Sun Aries Moon in Love and Marriage

Leo Sun Aries Moon are self-confident when it comes to love games.

They are very straightforward, but gallant and charming. They know exactly what they want and are not shy to express their desires.

Well, they would literal blow your mind away.

A bright smile, proud posture, good manners and a story to tell, great positivity and charisma, that is what Leo Sun Aries Moon are. They are irresistible.

Best Match for Leo Sun Aries Moon

Leo Sun Aries Moon are extremely strong personalities, with a mind-blowing Ego.

They need someone to challenge their strength, someone they have to try hard to get.

Individuals that openly show their integrity attract them.

Those are people with big ideas, proud of who they are and not afraid to speak up their minds.


Leo Sun Aries Moon wants to be remembered for their deeds; they want to leave a mark on the world.

The best thing about it is that they fight for noble causes.

Leo is noble and knightly in good aspects, while Aries is determined, focused and energized, not letting emotions lead him or her astray.

These people could be described as golden, glorious, definitely breathtaking individuals. You cannot miss them out.