Lucky Signs on Palm

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Palmistry is an old practice of divination based upon the analysis of the appearance of people’s hands, palms and palm lines in particular.

The practice or palmistry originates from ancient times and its origins are to be found in the old India and China.

Today, palmistry is still being practiced; simply out of curiosity and for dun or because one strongly believes our fate is inscribed in our hands.

If you are interested in palmistry, you could find amazing guidelines and books on how to read palms.

Many people are confused about which hand should they analyze and here the opinions slightly different, depending on palm reading tradition you take.

However, most agree on observing the left hand or the passive one first. It represents what you were born with.

The other hand shows what you will make out of it yourself; the first one is about inborn and the other one is about acquired.

You should look up for lines and signs on both of your hands, but start with your passive one, in order to discover what the heavens have given to you in the first place.

Today we are talking about quite positive things, signs of luck on your palms.

Signs of luck in palmistry

There are different palm reading traditions and here we will focus on one of the oldest and possibly most widely practiced, which is that of Chinese palmistry. All kinds of lines and shapes found on your palms could tell a great deal about your destiny, if you thoroughly examine them.

There are several major lines that give sort of basic insight. However, there are marks that give precious additional information.

Each one of us is curious about their own luck in life; it is a natural things for a human being to ask about his or hers own fortune, because everything in life is uncertain. That sense of uncertainty that cannot be avoided drives us to find as solid answers to many questions as it was possible.

Fortunetelling, divination and all kinds of similar obscure practices are meant us to assure us things are going to be this or that way.

Even if we end up with some negative prophecy, it still offers us the sense of security, the sense of eventuality. Of course, the more positive predictions are the more courageous and self-confident we become.

Palm reading is focused on an individual’s destiny, a matter we all worry about, consciously or not as much. What could it tell about your luck?

Auspicious signs in Chinese palmistry

Let us begin with Chinese palmistry lucky signs. These appear in shape of several auspicious Chinese characters, letters. If you are unfamiliar with Chinese language, these will appear to you simply as symbols, but we advise to look out for them and see what they mean in Chinese.

Regardless of your knowledge about the Chinese language, each one of thee could be spotted on your palms.

The signs we are going to present are rarely found on people’s palms and this is what also makes them lucky.

People who are blessed to find any of the following on their palms are blessed with luck and fortune. Let us learn about these sign. Observe your palms carefully and try to find any of these.

Tián (田) means ‘a field’ in Chinese and this is a symbol you should look up for in the middle section of your palm, namely in its very centre.

If you find this sign, you are going to be lucky, especially in terms of big business, such as that related to real estate. This sign is associated with richness, wealth and on a large scale.

If it happens that this symbol is found somewhere very close to your life line or your fate line, it indicates extraordinary financial status, such as that of a millionaire.

Wén (文) is a character related to culture, language and writing. Therefore, it is associated with education, intelligence and academic work. It you find this one on your palm, it means you are indeed a gifted, smart person, blessed with amazing intellectual capabilities.

This sign you should look up for on the mount just below the base of your middle finger. If you find it, it indicates great success in academic field. (吕) is a character that represents a musical note, a pitch standard and it is a common surname found in China.

When found on one’s palm, it is a lucky sign associated with language skills and it is considered an especially auspicious sign for career in politics. It means you could be an influential public speaker, for example.

This symbol is usually found at the base of the forefinger. It is an indicator of successful career in an official tone. Pǐn (品) means ‘a product’, if standing on its own. Moreover, it is associated with terms of quality, grade, article.

The very meaning of this character is associated with especially good luck in terms of finances and the idea of wealth and fortune in general. This symbol indicates great potential of achieving high official positions and earning tons of money.

The location of this mark slightly changes its meaning.If the pǐn symbol is located just below the middle finger, at its base, it means you have all skills and talents to become a proficient, highly respected senior officer; you will earn a lot of money thanks to your efficiency and inborn talent for business.

If it was located at the base of the ring finger, it stands for inheritance and already settled wealthy background.

Kǒu (口) means ‘mouth’ and this symbol is associated with positions of authority and power, which will provide you great wealth.

If this mark is found near the fate line, it indicates great potential for working in business that is based on excellent communication skills, eloquence.

This mark, however, could also indicate financial loss, if it was broken. If the shape was irregular, it indicates a position not of a boss but of a proxy, an agent, an assistant.

(米) character that stands for ‘meter’ and ‘rice’ is otherwise popular as a coin sign, which already indicates its auspicious nature, if we speak in terms of palmistry.

This is a genuine lucky sign, since it indicates fortune that comes unexpectedly.

The locations in which to look up for this fortunate mark are the very centre of the palm, Venus mount, Jupiter mount and Mercury mount.

Wáng (王) stands for a ‘king, monarch’, which obviously speaks about its positive significance and identification with glorious, royal, successful, powerful.

This mark could be found below the middle finger or the forefinger, at the base. It is an exceptional mark, indicating inborn leadership skill. It suggests you are a person destined for great things on a major plan.

Jǐng (井) character means ‘well’ and ‘order’ and this one is not as rare as some other signs are.

This mark is lucky in terms of indicating ones potential and capability of achieving success through one’s own effort and investment of time, energy and through great dedication. This is a good sign that indicates gift for handling money; however, it definitely suggests you will have to work hard in order to earn it, but it will pay off.

So-called shoe shaped gold ingot is a mark encircled by head, life, fate and health line. It comes in a trapezoid shape and is associated with treasury.

This mark indicates abundance of money and ceaseless source of income, which is commonly associated with possession of worthy property.

Confucius Eye or Phoenix Eye is a mark that could be found on your thumb finger.

You should carefully examine the first knuckle of the thumb and lines found there.

If there was a mark that appears as an eye, there you have it. Confucius Eye mark is a lucky sign that indicates cleverness and fortune without much effort.

The clearer the sign was, the greater chances are for lifelong fortune. Finally, the fish shaped sign is an especially auspicious sign for men, according to Chinese palmistry.

It indicates an extremely fortunate marriage to a beautiful woman. It also suggests one’s wife is going to support the husband in all matters related to his career.

Other lucky signs in palmistry

There are many other marks and lines that could tell about one’s luck and fortune. Let us mentions few others, in addition to already analyzed Chinese symbols.

Bracelet lines are particularly interesting and they hide many meanings, amongst which they tell about one’s luck. Bracelet lines are located on a person’s wrist, appearing exactly as a tight bracelet.

There could be more of them. The three bracelet lines are fortunate, telling about excellent health and vitality.

Connections between certain lines are often a sign of god luck. If your marriage line was connected to the sun line, it is a sign of an excellent marriage, in terms of finances and wealth.

It suggests a marriage into a rich and influential family.In Hindu palm reading, there are several lucky signs to be recognized.

One of probably the most auspicious is swastika. Swastika sign represents spirituality and wisdom; it tells about good fortune in terms of scholarly and spiritual development.

If the mark was located on Jupiter mount, it indicates a potential for becoming a spiritual leader. If it was located on the Venus mount, it tells about profit from land.

Lotus sign, which appears as a little triangle marking the ending of the heart line is an auspicious sign also associated with spirituality.It indicates a gift for learning, teaching and spiritual guidance of others.

In Hindu palmistry, the auspicious Temple sign, which occurs on Jupiter mount, is a rare one. It looks like a square with a triangle on top, as if a child would draw a simple picture of a house.

The temple shaped mark indicates extremely influential position of leadership, a high social ranking.