Toad – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Toads have always been associated with magic, mystery and witchcraft. However, in Chinese tradition, toads have been believed to bring fortune and good luck.

One of the most appreciated Feng Shui symbols is the three-legged toad, a figurine you should place somewhere inside your home, in order to attract money and harmony.

Toads may not be attractive and charming as some of their frog relatives, but their symbolism is loaded with fantastic meanings.

Toads have been mentioned in all sorts of fairytales and fables, myths and legends around the world.

They are a common subject of all kinds of superstitions and folk beliefs. Toads are indeed a challenging symbol, because they have so many meanings, all around the globe. Its natural characteristics have been interpreted differently, in the world of symbols.

Nevertheless, the symbolism of toads is powerful and rich.

Frogs, especially toads, have been believed to possess magical powers. You have probably seen a total cliché depiction of an old witch, making her magical potion with strange ingredients, such as black chicken legs, some blood and a toad.

Toads have always been ascribed supernatural powers and they are believed to have a special connection with invisible dark forces we people cannot understand.

In some traditions, toads are portrayed as ugly, dark creatures, which people are disgusted of. In other traditions, however, toads are seen as positive and fortunate spirits.

Chinese depiction of toads is, perhaps, the most positive example. In western world’s traditions, toads are mostly seen negative, dark, associated with sorcery and black magic.

However, there is much more to toad symbolism. In the first place, it is important to note the symbolical relation between toads and the element of earth or with the Mother Earth herself.

Toads’ unappealing looks are actually symbolically very good; their slimy, muddy and brownish bodies symbolize the wet and fertile earth. These ugly animals are universal symbol of birth, life, fertility and longevity.

In Chinese tradition, the figurine of a three-legged frog is believed to be fortune bringing.

You should place at least one in your house, in some place where it is not seen, usually. You could also get several figurines and place them bellow your furniture in a manner that would make them look as a bunch of frogs simply walked into your house and stayed there.

Feng Shui toads are one of the most fortunate money bringing symbols.

Toad symbolism

Toad symbolism varies greatly around the world, depending on local traditions and beliefs, as we have mentioned above. However, all of the stories, legends and folk beliefs have something in common; they all associate toads with mystical and supernatural powers.

Toads may represent various ideas and concepts, but the predominant ones include transformation, adaptability, magic, life, fertility, rebirth and regeneration.

There are other symbols we will mention, as well.

Toads symbolize the power of change, transformation and adaptation, in the first place. All of these concepts are essential for our life on earth. In toads’ natural ‘profile’, we could see all this in practice.

Born out of eggs, spending some time in water and then transforming to a ground walking creature sounds as almost as an scfi scenario of some alien creature’s life and yet, it is something happening all the time, on the very same planet we inhabit.

Toads symbolize that power of adaptability and of respect for the earth that has given us life.

Its natural, biological course of development symbolically represents the circle of life, life stages and phases all living creatures go through. We could identify with this vital transformation, because we all go through our own.

Toads symbolize the essential need of life to adapt, to transform and to change. The natural order of things is what toads symbolically embody.

These muddy animals symbolize fertility and abundance. They are both naturally and symbolically deeply connected with earth and water, two of the essential matters for all life.

They represent harmony and balance in life. Toads are powerful Feng Shui symbols of fortune, prosperity, fertility and abundance. Three-legged Feng Shui toad embodies all of these ideas and it is believed to attract good luck and fortune into people’s lives.

Toad symbolism has its dark side; these unattractive frogs are also associated with darkness, trickery, deceit and secrets.

They love dark, wet places and do not look particularly charming, so people have been associated them with witchcraft and sorcery.

In many of the famous fairytales, an evil witch would turn a beautiful young prince into an ugly toad; they spell could be broken only by a kiss from a princess.

Toads are commonly featured in witch legends, folktales and numerous dark superstitions.

Toad totem and spiritual powers

Toad people are relaxed and calm individuals who enjoy little thing in life. They value their life very much and see to have pleasure in everything this earth has to offer.

Those people are aware that life is made of ups and downs and that you should be happy for what you have. We could learn much from Toad totem and its approach to life, with grace and positivity.

Individuals guided by Toad totem have amazing intuition and the power of insight. They do not talk much, but they know many things about life. They are adventurous in nature, they love to learn things and constantly work on widening their perspective on life.

Toad people could be both calm and restless, depending on a phase of their life.

They are very sociable and friendly, but more introvert in nature, which makes them having need to spend a lot of time on their own. They use their time to experience and learn new things; they prefer working alone and being their own bosses.

Toad people are creative and imaginative, so they find it easy to fill in their spare time.

Toad people are rarely bored and lazy, even if their calm nature could make them appear indifferent. They love their families and they enjoy having fun with the few of their best friends.

They usually keep their company small and loyal. Toad people are very independent and self-reliant and they are perfectly capable of making use of possibilities, potential and opportunities in life.

They do not ask for help and are not complaining about bad things; they accept failure as an inevitable part of life, because they see life through stages. They strongly believe that after a bad phase, the light will definitely shine in.

They do not lose faith in life and endlessness of possibilities; they believe everything is possible, but not always the way you imagine.

These people are definitely some of the most flexible characters, which is a trait many people lack. This trait makes Toad people go through life with less panic and anxiety compared to some others.

They could always come up with new bright ideas and backup plans. Toad people are known to be both thinkers and doers; their incredible imagination, united with their practicality makes them truly amazing personalities.

Perhaps the only flaw they have is not being much reliant, because their minds always wonder over new plans and new ideas. They are aware of the flaw they have, so they are not likely to close deals and make big promises.

Toad people’s intuition is what guides them through life and they are extremely rarely, if ever, wrong about trusting their guts.

Toad people are ready to accept themselves the way they are and they also respect and value others, regardless of their flaws or imperfections.