Grasshopper – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Grasshoppers are one of the oldest insects dating back 250 million years ago. They are older than dinosaurs. These insects usually fly, but there are also wingless species. It is estimated that more than 10.000 species of grasshoppers exist.

Grasshoppers spend most of their time on the ground, and move by jumping movements. They have strong back legs which enable them such movements. They can jump only in forward direction. Sideways or backwards movements are excluded.

These insects, like many others, go through stages of metamorphosis during the process of developing into an adult. During that period, if the conditions are right, some species change their behavior and color and form swarms of locusts which destroy anything they cross over.

It is considered that overcrowding is one of the causes of swarming behavior. The stimulation of their hind legs raises the level of serotonin which further causes the grasshopper’s change of color, need for more food and fast breeding.

That is how these solitary insects become one destructive giant group in a very short period.

One recorded swarm of locusts was 2.900 km long and 180 km wide. One adult locust eats around 2g of plants during a day, and a swarm of billions can cause a lot of destruction. Locusts are great pests and can cause great damage to the crops.

Grasshoppers are often omnivores, and eat both plants and animal tissue and feces. They prefer grass and crops.

They have a broad field vision because their eyes are on the sides of the head. They easily notice movement, color, distance and shape.

Females usually lay their eggs in a hole, generally in summer. She covers the hole with soil. The eggs don’t develop during winter and wait for optimal conditions. Their lifespan is short, less than two months.

Grasshoppers have many enemies. Many species prey on them, so they need to develop different defensive tactics. Some species have scaring color patterns they use to frighten their potential predators.

They often have camouflaging colors which enable them to blend into their surroundings. Some of them mimic leaves movements.

Grasshoppers sign (stridulate) much of the day. Males are better signers than the females. They use their song for communicating to each other and special sounds are produced when competing for the right to mate.

What does Grasshopper Symbolize?

Grasshoppers symbolize independence, freedom, achievements, overcoming challenges, enlightenment, movement forward, progress, abundance, courage, adaptability, transformation, fertility, camouflage, prosperity, good luck, happiness, motivation, instincts, fearlessness, resourcefulness, wealth, disguise, taking risks and chances, surprise, etc.

The grasshopper totem animal is an encouragement to move forward towards your goals, even when others think that they are impossible.

This totem inspires you to aim high and have faith in your ability to accomplish whatever you desire.

The Grasshopper Meaning as a Spirit Animal

The grasshopper totem has many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Moving forward. The grasshopper has only the ability of forward movement. They cannot jump sideways or go backwards. The grasshopper totem animal is a reminder to keep moving forward towards your dreams, regardless of the circumstances. Don’t get discouraged by the other people’s opinions.

The grasshopper asks you to remain determined and persistent that you will achieve success in whatever you set your mind into.

The grasshopper is asking you to look only at the future and never look back.

Taking risks and chances. The grasshopper spirit animal encourages us to actively take risks and pursue chances we come across to fulfill our goals and desires. The grasshopper is asking you to put your fears aside and have faith in your success.

If there is something you wanted to do for some time, and the grasshopper appears in your life, know that it represents a sign to go for it and trust that you will be a success.

This totem animal is asking you to make the decisions you have been postponing and go after the things you desire in life.

Overcoming obstacles. The grasshopper spirit animal encourages you to confront the obstacles you are encountering on the path of achieving your goals. It encourages you to have faith in your abilities to achieve success.

Surprise. Grasshoppers appear out of nowhere, scaring you. Their appearance and movement is often sudden and unexpected. The grasshopper totem animal teaches you of the advantages of surprise and the effect of the unexpected you can use to your advantage.

Sometimes this can be your personal trait, appearing and disappearing unexpectedly.

Good luck and prosperity. The grasshopper symbolizes good luck and prosperity. It is considered a lucky charm which can help you remove blockages and achieve success and abundance. The grasshopper can point out a direction you need to take to achieve your goals.

It brings you a lot of new opportunities for improvement of your life.

Camouflage. The grasshopper has many enemies, and because of that it has developed many ways to camouflage and disguise itself, through color, motion, etc. The grasshopper spirit animal teaches you of the importance of being invisible sometimes.

You need to adapt to the circumstances without averting attention, so you can use them to your advantage or simply protect yourself from something or someone.

Intuition. The grasshopper is also a symbol of intuition. It encourages you to trust your gut feelings, especially when making important choices and decisions.  The grasshopper totem animal is asking you to believe in your abilities to sense things and your intuitive knowledge of the right answers in different situations.

If you don’t trust your intuition yet, the grasshopper is asking you to begin getting used to listening to the voice of your inner guidance and trust your intuitive abilities.

Independence and freedom. The grasshopper moves freely in the direction it chooses. This totem animal teaches you of the need to be independent and free. It also reminds you to appreciate your freedom and independence.

Mediation. Grasshoppers symbolize meditation because of their habit of standing still for a long time. The grasshopper totem is asking you to devote some of your time to be still and mindful.

It is also teaching you of the importance of contemplating about the consequences of some decisions before you actually take the action.

Adaptability. The grasshopper is an adaptable insect. As a totem animal, the grasshopper teaches you how important it is to adapt to the current circumstances and make the most of them.

If you have a grasshopper as your spirit animal, you are usually a flexible and adaptable person as well, able to adapt to any situation and changes with ease. 

Grasshopper as Your Totem Animal

Having a grasshopper as your totem animal brings you many blessings in your life.

You are most likely a very successful person. You are intelligent and creative and try to seize all opportunities which come your way to achieve what you desire.

You have a developed intuition and you often rely upon it when significant decisions and choices need to be made.

You are also very adaptable and you don’t need much to be satisfied and happy in life.

If the grasshopper is your totem, you are usually very caring and generous and you enjoy giving to others.

You are an adventurous spirit and often change places.

What if a Grasshopper Appears in Your Life?

If a grasshopper appears in your life, that is often a sign with significance for your life. The grasshopper might be calling you to start trusting your intuition more, and relying on your inner guidance.

The grasshopper is encouraging you to embark on a venture you have been wanting to for a long time.

Don’t be afraid of the outcome, it will be success. The grasshopper is asking you to do all you have been postponing for a long time.

When it appears the grasshopper might be reminding you of some important changes you need to make in your life and asking you to begin making them.

Maybe you have been waiting for the right moment to change something in your relationship or your professional life. If that is the case, now is the time to do that.

Often a grasshopper appears in your life to remind you that you need to fight for your freedom and independence.

Maybe you have been relying too much on others to fulfill your needs and now it is time to stop doing that. No one should invade your space unless you let them.

When to call on Grasshopper?

You should call on grasshopper as your spirit animal when:

  • You need changes in your life and you need encouragement to make them;
  • You need more independence and freedom in your life;
  • You need encouragement to confront some issues you have;
  • You seek new opportunities to achieve your goals;
  • You need to begin some new endeavor;

Dreams about Grasshoppers – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about grasshoppers are usually a good sign, indicating success. They sometimes indicate problems settling in one place and constant need for movement.

They could sometimes be an indication of forward movement towards your goals. If the grasshopper was distancing itself from you, that dream could indicate something or someone getting out of reach.

It often indicates unavailable things and people.

A dream where you were catching grasshoppers could indicate your attempts of changing your life for the better.

If you did manage to catch some grasshoppers that dream is a sign of successful changes.

Listening to grasshoppers singing in a dream isn’t a good sign because it indicates being obsessed with other people’s opinions.