Mars Conjunct Pluto Synastry

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Mars conjunct Pluto is a wonderfully powerful aspect that could bring amazing and noble success, as well as path full of thorns this authoritative and bold personality would (willingly) thread on.

Before we analyze this aspect, let us see into the basics of horoscope and astrological aspects.

Astrology could offer you amazing insight into your own personality and your destiny.

Everything starts with a natal chart, which is a diagram that represents the image of the sky at the time you were born.

The planets of the solar system that is astrological planets and other celestial objects could be seen distributed over the zodiac circle, the birth chart. Each occupies a specific place and creates connections with other ones.

Aspects in Astrology

Astrological aspects are a type of contacts between the planets in an astrological charts, specific angles they form amongst themselves. There are five major and six minor aspects.

The major aspects are the conjunction, the opposition, the sextile and the trine. Some are traditionally considered challenging and heavy; others are easy and favorable.

There is no such thing as a perfect natal chart, one that presents only with positive aspects; in fact, it is not desirable.

Too many ‘good’ ones would make a person boring and uninteresting.

Add a few challenging ones and there you go, you get an intriguing and a dynamic, unique personality. Of course, you do not want to have too many bad aspects.

Conjunct Aspect in Astrology

The conjunction aspect could be tricky, because its nature depends on the planets involved.

This aspect could be both challenging and easy. The conjunction is a 0 degree and the energies of the planets involved are mixed up, conjoined and amplified.

This aspect makes them react in a specific way. With the conjunction, their energies both become stronger. Some authors claim that the conjunction was the strongest of aspects, since planets stand together, one atop the other or one very close to the other.

The maximum distance for planets to be considered to form the conjunction aspect is 8 degrees (10 degrees in some sources).

The effect of both planets intensifies, their energy works together, but depending on the particular planets, it could be favorable or not.

Mars in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Astrology

Roman god of war, known as Ares in Greek tradition, was one of the fiercest deities of the ancient Greco-Roman tradition.

However, Greeks were not much in favor of this fearsome and bloodthirsty god. Strong, vital, beautiful, but aggressive and violent, Ares was the god in love with the sound of clashing swords and spears and shields and the taste and smell of blood.

He was feared of and awed, but not much celebrated by the Greeks. In Rome, however, Mars was praised all over the empire. Romans dedicated many places and temples to this warrior god.

According to the myths, only the beautiful goddess Venus was able to soften his temper and Mars fell in love with her. They have had many children, amongst which the amorousness god, Cupid.

Ares or Mars was usually depicted as a strong, muscular man, equipped by his brazen helmet, armor and carrying a spear. The four fiery horses – horses that could spit fire, drove his chariot.

Mars’ companions were his sons, Deimos and Phobos (in Greek version), personifications of fear and terror. A fitting company to this bloodthirsty deity.

The planet Mars is strongly associated with the fearsome, dreadful, though extremely vital and strong god of war. Mars is also known as the planet of war and even the ‘bloody planet’.

It is known also as the star of the strength. In astrology, Mars represents violence, aggression, destruction, bloodshed, injuries, battle, conflict, brutality and cruelty.

Its symbol is a combination of an arrow and a circle, which represents the matter that rules over the spirit. With Mars, things are physical, rather than spiritual. This is probably the most widely known symbol of the masculine principle, which Mars fully embodies.

The planet Mars in astrology could play positive and negative roles, depending on its position and the aspects.

One thing is sure, this is a powerful, dynamic and a mighty planet. Mars is one of the personal planets, thus, its effect would definitely shape up one0s personality. Mars represents activity and competitiveness, courage, daring spirit, endurance, taking risks and acting out of impulses.

Its power would give one incredible energy and the ability to endure difficulties and heal.

However, Mars awakens anger, lacks patience and does not think much of compromises, nor does it think of compromises. Mars is fierce and violent in its attitude. It represents passion, lust, everything physical and animalistic in human beings, pure carnal love.

Mars is associated with both injuries and healing. Mars represents young men in their prime, all military figures, soldiers and warriors, but also butchers, surgeons, blacksmiths and engineers. Sharp objects and everything that could physically harm us is associated with Mars.

Natural materials associated with Mars are iron, jasper, magnetite, ruby and its color is – red. Mars could be terrifying, but its favorable position could give us immense and beautiful strength. Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio.

Pluto in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Astrology

This somber deity of ancient Greek and Roman tradition is associated with the realm of the dead, the underworld.

According to ancient mythologies, Pluto or Hades was one of the three divine brothers, sons of the titan Saturn (Cronus) who divided the world amongst themselves, after Saturn was overthrown by Jupiter (Zeus).

Jupiter choose the realms of heaven and the earth to rule, Neptune (Poseidon) became the lord of all vast and deep waters of the earth, while Pluto became the king of the underground realms, the kingdom of death.

He ruled this gloomy place along with his wife Persephone, Proserpina in Roman version of the myth.

Pluto is often depicted similarly to Jupiter, although a bit gloomier in appearance. Pluto was not much favored god, because he ruled what people fear the most. Pluto would rarely abandon his dark throne, since everyone would eventually come to his place.

However, he was not considered an evil deity, but one who represents something that would come to us all.

Greeks would avoid to say Hades’ name aloud, so they would call him ‘the one who closes the door’, ‘the one who waits for everyone’, even ‘the terrible one’. They did not think of him as evil, but, for obvious reasons, they did not love him much.

However, Pluto was also considered a god who shares wealth, but to those he would choose.

Pluto was an unrelenting god, but he was just and merciful. He would decide the way a person was going to die, depending on their merits. He inspired fear and awe in both Greek and Roman tradition.

In astrology, the planet Pluto represents transformation, rebirth, re-invention and has always been associated with mystical and magical powers. This planet is the higher octave of Mars.

Pluto rules the zodiac sign of Scorpio and is associated with our darkest impulses, our deep passions, the fixation, obsessive behavior and possessiveness. With Pluto, everything is deep and mysterious.

Pluto is associated with dark places, with interest in the occult, esoteric and forbidden. Pluto represents the incredible individual’s power of regeneration.

This distant and mysterious astrological planet gives us power of the mythological Phoenix.

It gives us the ability to rise up from our own ashes, after even the greatest failure and terrible disasters or disappointment. The transformative power of Pluto could be tricky; it could bring the amazing potential for great power and it could turn out into a destructive force.

Mars Conjunct Pluto – The Dark Knight

Now this is a powerful aspect, one that gives a person who knows what he or she wants or at least, knows that there have to be goals set and peaks to climb on. These individuals are consumed by the desire to achieve great things.

Mars conjunct People are brave, daring, strong and passionate, though all these traits could soon show up in their darker version.

These are not people one would like to mess with, since they could be forceful, imposing and they are, indeed, master manipulators. This could produce more enemies than you are ready to face, although you are, indeed, ready to face your opponents.

The unnecessary conflicts and arguments are likely to arise and waste your energy, even though you have it plentiful.

Mars conjunct Pluto are dominating personalities, unlikely to bow to others. They could be ruthless and cruel, which could affect their relationships, all of them.

Mars conjunct Pluto people do not care much about how their actions or words would affect others, so they could hurt their loved ones, without an actual intention. They could be brutish and even violent.

However, these individuals could be very chivalrous, along with being ambitious and determined to reach heights. You could use your incredible energy to do good, to help others.

Mars conjunct Pluto could offer others support they lack, protect the helpless and heal the injured. You should control your temper and not let your ‘dark’ side takes over.

Mars Conjunct Pluto – The Lower Deep

Mars conjunct Pluto could breed the hell within itself, if one simply surrenders to their darkest and the deepest impulses. These ones are fixed on their goals and they could be quick-tempered.

Worse things worse, they have tendency to become obsessive about their goals and very jealous in any area of life. They are quick to surrender to their base instinct and act violently.

This is best shown in a scenario when a Mars conjunct Pluto does not get what he or she want.

Remember, both Mars and Pluto are rulers over the sign of Scorpio; we mention it, because these traits could be, to some point associated with some of the basic Scorpio traits. Manipulation, dark designs, jealous and possessiveness are key features.

Those could, however, control and used the other way around. Through selfless activity, Mars conjunct Pluto could evolve and shut the doors of that inner hell.

You should start thinking about the consequences of your actions and avoid innocent victims, as well as to avoid hurting yourself. Your primal energy could be destructive and self-destructive.

Mars Conjunct Pluto – A Phoenix from the Ashes

These individuals are people of great charisma and magnetic aura. Their carnality is unbelievably strong, all-consuming and even magical. These people could be those mysterious strangers everyone would fall for, but rarely one would really win their hearts.

They would appear dark, but they could be incredibly good, knightly, noble and worth of every praise.

As long as you control your base impulses and your raw energy, you could do amazing things in life and avoid unnecessary damage.

However, you would definitely experience some; it is impossible for a Mars conjunct Pluto not to set up challenges, not to engage with competitions and rivalry. However, these all could be well-exploited characteristics.

Ethics and morals are something to think about. Do not be nasty towards people who did not deserve it; we know it is sometimes hard to resist such impulses. Do not make yourself enemies in places you do not have to.

Your ruthless nature should be reserved only for the critical situation. You have amazing charisma and seemingly endless source of energy.

Use that energy for good thing. Mars conjunct Pluto people could be very productive, as long as they maintain a healthy attitude towards success, towards their goals and competition.

They do not like to be pushed and could become very stubborn and do exactly the opposite. Try to resist such urges and think about what others say.

Mars conjunct Pluto breed natural, inner resentment towards other’s power and authority.

This could be good only to a point it inspires you to work on yourself, but it turns to being destructive once you start using your energy to knock others down. Your desire to work out things on your own is fascinating – use it for your own good, not to crash others down.

Even the greatest failures and injuries would not break a Mars conjunct Pluto. Since this is, indeed, a kind of ‘dark’, fierce and violent combination of energies, you are likely to experience such things.

However, try to awaken your common sense and learn from them, take them as a good lessons. You will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, each time a better version of yourself.