Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Horoscopes and astrology are interesting to many people.

While some of us like to read daily horoscopes while having breakfast and morning coffee, usually more for fun than for anything serious, others are deep into it.

They believe everything in our lives is connected and that roots of that connection lies in stars. They love to dig deeper, explore birth charts and seek for advice from astrologers, if they are not ones alone.

Indeed, there is certain magic and mystery in astrology, which makes many people hard to believe it is something for real. The best is to rely on your own experience and mix it with astrological analysis and prognosis.

Astrology, horoscopes, natal charts, signs compatibility, zodiac personalities and else should never be taken alone and that is where people make a mistake and then blame astrology for not being accurate.

Your personal astrological profile is greatly dependant on your real life experience.

It does not mean that you will get along with someone only because your zodiac signs match. It depends on many other factors, many other celestial factors and many other outer facto9rs, such as your personal, real life background. It all applies to other people, as well.

Say you meet a partner whose zodiac matches yours, by the book.

There are many possibilities things could go wrong between you two!

It is all the same with two diametrically opposite zodiac signs; you two could nourish and grow your relationship into something beautiful, if circumstances are inclined towards promising future of your connection.

Today we will talk about rather interesting connection, between a steady Taurus man and a mysterious Scorpio woman.

Taurus Man

Taurus is a sign ruled by the element of earth. He has to be well grounded; he likes everything that is material, physical, that you can touch.

Taurus men find money and material security the most important thing in life; luxurious lifestyle is their hobby. A Taurus man is not stingy; he would pay a great deal of money to afford himself fine stuff, such as a good, aged wine, expensive and endurable watch, classy branded suits and shoes, cars with proven value and quality.

However, he does not waste money and buy things foolishly. On the other hand, he enjoys luxury and is a bit of an old style charmer. He would, for example, collect antiques, paintings and priced art pieces of all sorts.

He has a great taste and is the most delightful companion for visiting exhibitions, wineries and praised restaurants. A Taurus man is usually raised to be a gentlemen; he is traditional, a bit conservative, classy and with great manners.

A Taurus man treats woman like a lady and he is polite in conversation with everyone. You would rarely see him making a drama over something, yelling at people and being aggressive.

He could be stubborn, though, and would never let others change his mind easily. A Taurus guy is a family man. In younger years, he could have many relationships, but would never thing seriously of a marriage, before he secures a steady income, a home of his own and all that goes along.

Taurus men love comfort and coziness, accompanied by good taste and stylish simplicity. He is gentle and caring in love, a true romantic. A Taurus man needs touch, cuddling and gentleness.

He does not want shallow love and just-for-fun relationship. Once he has secured his future in matters of materiality and finances. He wants a woman who will love him to the fullest and who is ready to commit to their relationship.

A Taurus man is loyal, devoted and a passionate lover. He falls for steady, self-confident, but delicate, ‘girly’ women. You should never suggest your Taurus partner to take a little break of one another or make a pause in relationship.

He goes for all or nothing; you cannot play games with him. He would rather end a relationship, than stay into any form of semi-connection. You could remain a friend with him, but do not try to seduce him again.

These old-fashioned gentlemen take romantic relationships for serious and would try hard to make things work out, if they are really fallen for someone and the situation is, for any reason, difficult and complicated.

He is an excellent and caring lover; sexual life is like an artistic field for a kind and gentle Taurus. It fulfils his romantic nature and he never neglects needs of his partner. He is the most satisfied if he can please his lover.

In Taurus men, stubbornness is usually something positive. Although they could be hard to persuade to change their mind over already established pointes and stances in an argument, their stubbornness is usually related to accomplishing goals.

He will finish everything he has started; a Taurus man is a good organizer, steady in his plans and persistent. That makes him a partner you could always rely on. A potential problem is that he could be very possessive.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio ladies are known for their reputation of mysterious and irresistible seductresses, the sexiest of all zodiac women. A Scorpio woman surely possesses at least a bit of it all; she is magnetic, exotic and usually attractive in a specific, femme fatale way.

It is hard to resist a Scorpio woman who cast an eye on a man. Scorpio woman loves to be in control of everything in her life. She is commonly dark and dangerously beautiful on the outside; inside is a deeply sensual and emotional soul.

Many men are afraid of a Scorpio woman and find it hard to approach to her, especially if she appears indifferent; a sharp, arrogant look of a beautiful Scorpio could crush mountains to the ground and melt icebergs.

However, it could also be her game; Scorpios love manipulating, playing with people’s feelings, flirting and seducing in an awkward way. Scorpio lady is never afraid of doing so; she does not care what anyone would say.

Scorpio woman is tough and fragile, at the same time. She would never let others see her despair, unless it is intended so.

She would wear a mask of toughness and smile through darkness in her eyes. She does not want others to see her weaknesses, because she does not like to perceive herself as a weak person, in any sense. Others’ opinions serve only as a mirror.

Scorpio women are capable of doing things on their own. They are creative, artistic and love to experiment. A Scorpio woman is rarely a team player; if she works in a group, she would find a position that suits her perfectly, not necessarily a leading one.

Most often, however, she would work alone and be free to do what she likes. Scorpio women value freedom, independency and self-development over all.

When a Scorpio woman falls in love (in it could take a lot of affairs, relationships, courting and everything to find a man she believes deserves her full confidence), she loves to the fullest.

She is extremely sensible and emotional, a true lover. Not only Scorpio is sexual and romantic, but also she is also deeply committed and loyal in a relationship. Scorpio women enjoy playing games and flirting, even if they are in a relationship.

However, for a Scorpio woman, it is a natural thing to attract men. She finds it amusing and, in her eyes, it is totally naïve and an innocent habit. That said, her partner has to be a very self-confident man and a tolerate one.

Although strong and independent by nature, Scorpio women seek protection in their partners; they love to be treated like true ladies, to be pleased and taken care of, in every single sense.

If you do not match with her sexually, you can probably forget about anything more with a Scorpio.

Love Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio are a great combination! This is a kind of those relationships that could work really fine and eventually lead to a happy and harmonious marriage.

Earth and water, Taurus and Scorpio fulfill each other’s needs perfectly and complement each other the best way possible. Temperamental Scorpio and well-grounded Taurus are actually what each other of them needs.

Both are deeply emotional and sensual, which is amazing.

These two have a lot in common, even if it does not appear so, in the first place. Actually, they appear completely different, but deep inside they are not.

To start with trust; Scorpios are generally known for trying to handle things on their own and being suspicious to everyone, not because of being insecure, but because of thinking they can do everything the best way.

Taurus is, however, a type of person that easily awakens trust in others, even in Scorpio.

In this combination, Taurus man is exactly what a Scorpio lady needs; a strong, stable and trustworthy personality, with many other qualities that are not in contrast with Scorpio.

Their emotional connection is natural, by all means. Their intimacy and sexual connection even better; they are Venus and mars, both sexual, with an incredible energy.

A Scorpio woman is always a natural, amazing lover, the one that invests all of her emotions into sex life; no matter how many affairs she has, a Scorpio is in it will of her being. There is no such thing as only physical love, no matter how it looks on the outside.

A Taurus man, on the other hand, needs a partner who is emotional, because he is emotional, caring and gentle, as well. If these two click, there is nothing to separate them. Their sexual compatibility is almost one hundred percent.

Scorpios and Taurus share the idea of immortal, eternal love. Their emotional bonds are firm and unbreakable; even if they separate, traces of such deep feelings towards one another will always remain.

Their emotional values are the same, no matter of personal differences in other fields. These two people could get along together very well, when it comes to shared living.

Both are fixed zodiac signs, so they are independent. Both love routine, although Scorpio might need more excitement at occasions.

However, being introvert by nature, a Scorpio woman would not bother if her Taurus does not want to try something or go somewhere; she would simply do it alone.

What is more important, a Taurus would not feel bad about it and he will be proud of his daring Scorpio lady and her independent spirit.

Marriage Compatibility

These two are possibly one of the best zodiac matches, when it comes to marriage and future together.

They are fully committed and devoted to each other; they have full trust into one another, they match at a sexual level, they can talk about everything and share everything and yet, they are perfectly capable of doing things independently.

You would rarely find them arguing or complaining about one another.

Marriage between a Scorpio woman and a Taurus man would probably be harmonious and full of tenderness and time spend together. When it comes to having kids, it is most likely to happen later in marriage, regardless of their age.

Both of them enjoy having full attention of one another, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy.

They would wait, so they can enjoy in one another to the fullest, until they feel the time has come for a next step.


Taurus and Scorpio could be amazing friends, especially having in mind this combination, of a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman.

However, it is very likely there would be some sparkles between them, at some point of their friendship.

It could end up innocently, but, if the attraction is magnetic, it is very likely they would become lovers and partners.

Between a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman there are no things such as platonic love or ‘friends with benefits’ relation.

Cool facts

Well, everything is cool about this couple, when it comes to nature of their connection. The most interesting fact is that they sexually match at 95% and emotionally 99%!

That said, their most favorite shared activity would be their sex life, which they are both ready to explore, enrich and enjoy to the fullest.

Some cool Taurus men are Mark Zuckerberg, George Clooney and David Beckham. Famous Scorpio ladies are Jamie lee Curtis, Julia Roberts and Emma Stone.


This is a combination that has all chances for success.

There is no drama in this coonnection and no turbulence.

However, this relationship could never be characterized as dull and boring; it is almost a perfect match, where both parners trust each other, adore each other and yet, never lose the sense of the importanmce of their own integrity.