Mars in Cancer

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Could stars answer questions about our destiny? Are secrets of our lives written in the skies above, waiting for us to decipher and interpret such mystical inscriptions?

For ages and ages of human history and civilization, we have been looking into the skies above our heads, wondering what kind of secrets they hide. People have always believed there must be something magical up there.

Even the latest and the most advanced technologies of our day cannot unravel all the mysteries of the universe. Today, we can measure great distances and observe heavenly bodies, millennia of light years distant from our home. We can see and take photos of far away planets, wondering if there are some other living beings out there.

However, no official discipline interprets the direct influence of planets upon individual people’s lives. Astrology is a very old science; actually, in modern terms, a pseudo science. This ancient ‘science of stars’ survived for many ages; it has been in use since thousands of years ago.

However, astrology as we know it today is of more recent origin.

It has become popular around sixties of the previous century. Its past is rich and full of controversies, though. According to historical and archaeological data, roots of Western astrology seize back to Ancient Persia. At the similar time, other types of astrology developed in other parts of the world. They are all valuable and worth of mentioning.

The most widely known astrological systems are Chinese and Vedic. Common people usually associate astrology with horoscopes, although this interesting discipline has many branches.

Horoscopes, as you perhaps think about them, are related to natal astrology, which is only one of astrological branches. Natal astrology is actually personalized astrology.

It determines an individual’s horoscope based upon that person’s date and time of birth and place. Horoscope is an insight into your life in total, to put it simply. Your horoscope is impossible without a birth chart, so these two are commonly identified.

Birth chart represents a graphic image of a particular moment in time that is the time of your birth. Every birth chart is unique and what it offers is specific. Contrary to popular belief, your horoscope is not written in stone and your birth chart does not give exact events, dates and all else.

It does not predict your future in common terms; it tells you about possibilities in life, meant only for you. It explains your character and personality traits, it points out your weaknesses and your qualities. Everything else is up to you.

This is why two people, born at the same time, at the same place, will never have the same life and destiny.

Mars and Horoscope

This astrological story is already becoming interesting, don’t you agree? Now we will spice it up with some starry dust. Jokes aside, we will talk about planets, Mars in particular. Planets are a constitutive element of each person’s birth chart.

This ‘image of the sky’ represents the exact place of each planet of our system at the time of your birth.

Astrology claims planets play a major role in determining someone’s astrological lifeline. We have long known planets and heavenly bodies definitely affect our own planet Earth, but we still are not quite sure how they affect an individual’s life.

Astrologers believe and they are certain about it that planets shape up our personality in correspondence with other important elements of an astrological analysis.

Mars is one of the most important planets, in astrological terms, although each one has its time and place. Mars is one of ‘personal planets’ that are responsible for your personality profile, character and temperament.

Other personal planets are Mercury, Venus, the Sun and the Moon. We will remind you that astrologers count the latter two as planets, although, technically, they are not.

So we come to Mars. Mars is a troublesome planet, to say so. It has always been associated with war, strength, bravery, fight, aggression, victory, ambition and energy.

Mars is associated with deities of war, such as the Greek god Ares. Mars is a driving force; the place it occupies in your birth chart is what you invest the most of your personal energy into.

Mars represents your active strength and energy, the way you fight for your goals and ideals, your attitude towards people, especially when it comes to conflicts. On a sentimental plan, Mars is associated with rivalry; on a social plan, it is associated with concurrence.

Mars represents competitive and daring spirit. Mars is all focused towards conquest, dominance and victory.

However, it greatly depends on where it stands in your birth chart. Mars’ energy is associated with negative ideas, such as difficulties, unwanted challenges, misery and death. It could also make a person become insensitive, cruel and merciless.

Mars is always associated with authority and fierceness. Once Mars matches your ruling sign, it means it is a favorable time for you to take action.

Mars in Cancer – General Info

What happens when fiery, aggressive and fearless Mars meets tender, sensitive and sensible Cancer?

In zodiac, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio; Cancer is distant from its nature. However, this is an aspect with much potential, although this is not particularly a good place for this planet.

Since Cancer is known to be the sign of emotions and intuition, Mars in Cancer means that a person invests much energy exclusively into their emotional being.

That said, it is easy to assume Mars Cancer people could find it difficult to control their emotions, because they might be very strong. Mars in Cancer is considered to be in a descending position, which is not particularly good for its energy.

If you are fortunate enough, with other favorable aspects, it could be balanced. A Mars Cancer personality fights an inner battle.

Mars Cancer is always at the crossroads between what he or she wants to do and what is possible to be done. If other aspects are favorable to Mars, its determined energy would prevail, so there would be not many doubts and paradoxes.

However, Mars in Cancer indicates a too sensitive, overly emotional personality, who makes decisions driven by their strong feelings.

They are prone to great disappointments and despair if things do not go according to their plans. Mars gives them strong energy for action, but Cancer gives them rich imagination, which could lead to irrational goals.

Once their expectations meet reality, they fall deeply into despair. It comes, of course, from their general sensitivity and emotional richness accompanied by vulnerability.

Fortunately, Mars Cancer people are very intuitive, so their intuition is the only one, but strong prevention from failure and disappointment. Their need to defend themselves from self-disappointment also shows up in their need to prove themselves in the eyes of others.

They are, however, not enough self-confident and they find it hard to open up to other people.

It ends up with other people not knowing what they could expect from a Mars Cancer or confused by their allegedly spontaneous behavior. Mars Cancer have great emotional depth and a lot of emotional strength, but all of it contrasted to great sensitivity and vulnerability.

They tend to take things personally and are nervous, offensive and irritable people.

There are some rather bright sides of this combination. If other aspects are favorable, Mars in Cancer make one enthusiastic and loving. These people devote to their loved ones to the fullest; they are compassionate and understanding, caring and kind people.

They are sensual, romantic lovers. They love what they do; they have to love it, otherwise they would never decide on particular profession or else.

Good Traits

If aspects are in favor, Mars in Cancer creates a story of love, sensibility and intuition. People with Mars in Cancer are capable of making deep and strong connection with their loved ones, especially with their partners.

They connect with their chosen on all levels, including physical, spiritual and intellectual. They are also flexible and ready to make compromises.

Mars Cancers are people built of emotions and emotions are their driving force. However, in Mars Cancer, feelings that prevail are love, care, compassion, gracefulness, forgiveness. In this case, Mars does not show its aggressive, raging and impetuous side.

Mars in Cancer is intuitive and organized. Here, Mars does not act foolishly or too risky. These people usually channel their energy efficiently, when it comes to career and professional development.

They always choose a job they love and here, their emotional energy helps a great deal.

They usually do things with ease and passion. They are generally kind and noble people, who rarely seek for an argument and have more diplomatic approach than you might expect from a militant Mars.

As we have said, this position would make Mars a bit less fiery and impatient, which has its good sides.

Bad Traits

Energies of Mars and Cancer are contrasting and this is not a natural position for Mars. It is logical to assume such a combination has its negative ides and we have already mentioned the most important ones.

Mars in Cancer brings an inner conflict, between expectations and reality, between what you dream to do and what you actually can do.

Mars in Cancer could make you surrender solely to your emotions and to neglect your common sense. If aspects are bad, it could lead to disastrous decisions and great disappointments. Mars Cancer people are sensitive to personal failure and they hardly deal with it.

They need more time emotionally to heal than others do. Mars Cancer tend to victimize others, just as they do for themselves. It could be really hard to deal with.

They are moody and nervous people, because of their confusion between their own expectations and their actions. They are extremely prone to self-disappointment, after which comes self-victimizing and despair.

Mars in Cancer Man

Men with Mars in Cancer are kind, loving and loyal. They are sensitive, but they possess certain kind of strength many other men do not. There are some rather inspirational figures amongst notable men with Mars in Cancer, such as Albert Camus and Keanu Reeves.

Mars Cancer men are noble and caring; they act on their intuition and emotions.

They could be very passionate about things they do. Mars Cancer men are organized, neat and tidy and they do not like mess. Their compassionate side makes them great team workers and they are commonly engaged with some humanitarian work.

They are at risk of becoming too emotionally engaged with their work, however.

Mars Cancer men are gentle lovers, who need someone that would satisfy both their physical and spiritual desires.

They are sensitive about their ego, so it is the best advice not to make jokes on them. They could take it too personally and get offended.

Mars in Cancer Woman

Women with Mars in Cancer possess incredible feminine energy. They are generous, kind and caring about humanity. They are sensitive and sensible. Mars Cancer woman understands people; she is a kind of friend who will always be there to comfort you.

She is a loyal friend, a loving girlfriend or a wife, a caring daughter and supportive mother.

Mars Cancer woman is not that sensitive in terms of her ego as her male counterpart, but she really does not like you to mess with her plans and tell her that it could probably be better to do things differently.

In fact, she has probably spent hours and hours re-questioning her expectations, plans and actions, so this could only make her angry.

She is the most efficient if surrounded by people with similar goals and interests. It is also important that people understand her delicate, emotionally fragile side, especially in love. She needs to be pampered and treated with affection and dedication.


Mars in Cancer is not the best of birth chart aspects, but it has its charms. If other aspects are in favor, it could be balanced and useful one, as well.

Mars in Cancer drives energy from your emotional part or the other way; you drive most of your strength from your emotional self. It is both a good and a bad thing.

The best thing is that, if Mars in Cancer co9rresponds well with other aspects, it could make you a being of intuitive love, meaning you do everything in your life with devotion and you are determined to find/do things you love.

The bad sides of having Mars in Cancer are hypersensitivity, offensiveness and confusion between expectations and reality.

Overall, Mars in Cancer is in a declining position, which makes it less aggressive and authoritative. While Mars’ characteristics are conquest and dominance, Cancers’ are submission and compassion.

If the two are balanced, it could be rather good aspect, but it takes many other favorable aspects to make it in reality.