Taurus in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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The characteristic of the zodiac sign directly depends on many essential factors that determine the presence of key features of its character and life potential.

To maximize the picture of the inner world of each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, astrology uses the method of assessing the horoscope, which includes an analysis of each significant factor and identifying typical features within the sign.

Taurus – Meaning

The planet ruler of Taurus is Venus. She is a source of fun, joy, love for people, so she tends to endow her “wards” with symptoms of vanity and craving for pleasure.

In the horoscope, the position of Venus is of great importance. It is both favorable and unfavorable. Taurus, born under the influence of the currents of auspicious Venus, are endowed with artistry, elegance, graceful simplicity, friendliness, magical charm, natural kindness and compassion.

When Venus is adversely influenced, the born individuals become “unhappy” and suffer through life. All positive qualities take on a perverse appearance and are endowed with excessive passions.

People born during the reign of Venus very clearly bear the signs of this planet, therefore it is possible to give an approximate description of their external image: the face is usually round, pinkish or ruddy; eyes are bright, playful, kind and cheerful.

The physique is usually large, often full, the voice is pleasant soft, and the hair is lush. These people are elegant, charming, and beautiful.

Taurus is the favorite of the company, enjoys constant success in society, he is loved and respected. He is a pleasant conversationalist, knows how to listen.

People of this sign love everything beautiful, appreciate creativity and graceful things. Often they are fond of painting, music, poetry. Main character traits: love, friendliness, a sense of beauty.

Venus often endows Taurus with inferiority complexes, neuroses and erotic excesses. Jealousy is often present in his character, and not only for a partner, but also for parents and friends. Extravagance is based on a craving for pleasures, which, when dissatisfied, are replaced by food.

Venus also spreads its influence on the internal organs of Taurus, as well as on the endocrine system and hormones.

Therefore, this sign may suffer from ailments of the kidneys, liver and other digestive organs, venous diseases, sexual disorders and diseases.

The moon is the fastest moving celestial body. It can lead to instability in romantic relationships. The feminine energy of the Moon shows the need for emotional support and care. The moon reflects the light of the sun and therefore a person is drawn into a relationship, and he does not like to be lonely.

In astrology, all 12 signs of the zodiac are grouped into four trigons (elements), each of which corresponds to 3 signs. The earth, the element to which Taurus belongs, is the basis of everything that is indestructible and permanent. She is responsible for stability, rigor, responsibility, rationalism.

Each element has its own type of temperament, which indicates the predominance of certain vital “juices” in the human body. It is believed that lymph (other Greek “phlegm”) dominates the earth element in a person, and makes him a calm, unhurried phlegmatic.

Taurus’ temperament is strong and calm, his nervous processes are unhurried, and therefore he is distinguished by balanced decisions and prudence. The phlegmatic person has a fairly definite goal and confidently moves towards them. Outwardly, he is stingy with the manifestation of emotions and sentimentality.

The phlegmatic person often shows enviable perseverance in work, is productive and balanced. It is quite difficult to piss him off.

Taurus belongs to the southern (lower) hemisphere. In this regard, the dominant career in a person’s life, public recognition, success in business, travel are determined.

The eastern (right) hemisphere defines a person who goes into the world with open thoughts, having a greater influence on society than it has on him. This hemisphere of inborn leaders and entrepreneurs who take responsibility for themselves.

7th House – Info

The Seventh House governs marriage, business partnerships, and any contractual agreement between two people or organizations.

The seventh house is located opposite the first house of the personality, it is to some extent a mirror of our me, this, first of all, characterizes our relations in marriage and interaction with business partners.

The first house is who we are, the seventh house is who everyone else is to us. He talks about our attitude towards everyone with whom we meet and with whom we communicate.

You can get full information about the first house here. It is only through our relationships with the people who surround us and complement our personalities that we can feel truly whole and live life to the fullest.

The Seventh House is responsible for relationships with business partners, close business partners can become an important part of our life, and closer relationships can develop between us.

This is completely normal and does not imply any sexual connotation or attraction. It is only natural that two people spend long hours together begin to feel connected at a higher level.

Everything related to marriage is regulated by this house. Your feelings of attraction to the opposite sex, desire to marry, passion for your partner, jealousy and possessiveness. In astrology, marriage is not necessarily associated with the wedding ceremony and the legalization of the relationship.

Someone may be astrologically married even if the wedding does not take place, but the relationship between people is closely related.

The seventh house is also associated with problems and lack of interest in carnal pleasure, diseases of the reproductive system, problems of impotence and childbirth. It also shows whether we can divorce and remarry.

The more signs and planets you have in the 7th house, the more demanding you are of your partner, from these planets you can assume about the nature of the partner you choose.

With the Sun located in the 7th house, you feel the need to constantly have a partner, and it is difficult for you to do without someone nearby. It indicates the need to shine through the other person. Loneliness is killing you, and therefore, if a marriage or relationship ends, you are not alone for long.

This is a very strong indicator of marriage, the self-esteem of such people is directly related to their partner. Such people are looking for a strong partner to feel protected and supported.

They have such a strong need to be in a relationship that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for their partner. They change very easily in order to please your partner and meet the requirements that he makes. Such an arrangement of the Sun speaks of good luck in business relationships.

The moon is the fastest moving celestial body. It can lead to instability in romantic relationships. The feminine energy of the Moon shows the need for emotional support and care. The moon reflects the light of the sun and therefore a person is drawn into a relationship, and he does not like to be lonely.

But at the same time, a person can often change partners and start new relationships, it can be difficult for him to maintain a long-term relationship and there is a possibility of several marriages.

To create a family, such people choose partners with vivid maternal or paternal qualities. In a business relationship, you need to control your needs to depend on other people, as well as your propensity to change partners.

The presence of Mercury in the 7th house strongly affects all areas for which the house of relationships is responsible. It is the planet of communication and provides the intellectual foundation for all kinds of partnerships.

When choosing a partner for a romantic relationship, his intellect will be the main thing for you, and his appearance fades into the background. Communication in marriage may be more important to you than sex and other areas of family life.

Mercury may also indicate that you may have to choose between two people or you will have two marriages. In business relationships, your love of conversation and discussion will always come to your aid. You always have arguments to defend your point of view and find a compromise.

Taurus in 7th House – Meaning and Info

What, nevertheless, a beautiful Sign – Taurus! No matter where he ends up, nothing bad can be said about him J. Well, maybe only if the 6th house cusp is in Taurus and then list Taurus’s diseases. But otherwise…!

Not a sign, but a gift (this is me without irony), of course it is important here that Venus did not spoil the matter with her position in the Sign, house or aspects. Well, so that in the house it there was no malicious character.

Taurus greatly strengthens marriage. A person with DSC in Taurus, of course, will not run to the registry office without a good reason, and in this sense, there may be some delays in marriage.

But these are not the delays that arise against the Native’s will, it is just important for him to take into account all the main points so as not to regret his own choice in the future.

He is afraid to rush. At best, he approaches this issue very thoroughly, thinks over and calculates everything, at worst, he simply “blunts”, is afraid to change something, which often annoys his lovers. Perhaps this inertia is one of the main disadvantages of Taurus.

Speaking about the qualities that we expect from our partners, you need to understand that DCS is a “mirror” of the ASC, we choose partners that “complement” ourselves. It is not in vain to say that a person is looking for a SECOND HALF.

Those. Choosing a partner for himself, a person tries through him to “get” some qualities, or to consolidate those that already exist.

With the DCS in Taurus, the ACS will be Scorpio. We talked about the fact that the Scorpios are quite jealous, seriously focused on themselves, on the strength and reliability of everything connected with them. In this sense, the DSC in Taurus says that, being jealous, the Taurus chooses a faithful and reliable partner (this is what a person wants to receive from the outside world).

Being very sensual – a partner who can share the love of bodily pleasure and the joy of physical possession. Being oriented towards the material, the same Partner is chosen – very practical, well accumulating all sorts of attributes of material well-being.

For those who see in the world there are many dangerous and unreliable partners – a partner who can be reliable and at the same time a warm and well-fed rear.

By the way, more often than not, people with DSC in Taurus want to love their partner. Taurus is often accused of material orientation (which is true, of course), but this does not mean that a person will choose someone who is richer. No, emotional attachment, bodily compatibility play no less, and perhaps even a greater role here.

Another question is that, most likely, a person, without realizing it, weeds out many applicants even at the stage of primary selection, simply not considering the “orphan” and “poor” from the position of matrimonial value.

But from those who have passed this primary qualification (each Sign has it, well, of course, it has its own for everyone), he will certainly choose a loved one and a comfortable one.

Speaking about comfort, which is important in marriage to the owners of the 7th house in Taurus, we of course mean by this not only the convenience of the material world, but also the comfort of the emotional state.

It is important for the native that the partner does not rock the boat of family life, does not arrange dramas, and is calm about his emotional difficulties (ASC is in Scorpio).


Fixed or in another way Permanent cross determines the potential strength of the signs belonging to it.

The permanent cross endows Taurus with stable, stable traits, characterizing him as a constant, unshakable person, able to bring the work started to the end, to be true to his principles.

In the event of an attack, Taurus can give a brilliant rebuff, because he does not accept attempts on his views and beliefs.