Mars in Gemini

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Modern astrology, as we know it today, is relatively a young science. It is not considered a science in common and in official terms, but a pseudo science. It falls under the category of alternative and esoteric paths, although, long ago, it was much appreciated and respected, just as any other science.

Astrology in wider perspective has ancient roots and a very long and colorful history.

There were times astrologers were admired and honored and there were others astrology was denied and believed to be some sort of sorcery and dark magic. However, it was not until recent times it was practiced amongst much wider population, while at the same time considered trickery and just another way of making some money for personal needs.

Nevertheless, we think astrology is a beautiful path of observing the world and trying to understand it. You should be careful about whom you are going to trust, when it comes to interpreting horoscopes and so on. However, there is no guarantee in these matters, since there is no academy for astrologers. You will have to rely on people’s experience and your guts.

There are, of course, people who take astrology most seriously and practice it according to well-established rules and methodology. Astrology is a science, since it features all the elements essential for a scientific approach to have. It is alternative and pseudo, since it is not enlisted amongst official disciplines.

If you are interested in astrology, then you certainly know at least something about horoscope and birth charts. Many people think horoscopes are just those few lines they read about a zodiac sign in a newspaper. Well, they are partially right, but it is only a piece of what astrology can offer.

This short newspaper paragraph is a part of general horoscope, which is delivered for all representatives of the same ruling sign.

Generalized horoscopes are commonly delivered daily, monthly and yearly. We are here interested in more detailed horoscope and that is personalized horoscope. Astrology has many branches and natal astrology deals with personalized horoscopes that are based on your birth chart. Birth or natal chart and horoscope are actually the same thing.

A horoscope is a kind of an astrological lifeline based on your astrological identification card, which is your birth chart. This chart is actually a graphic representation of the sky image, frozen at the moment of your birth.

With such advanced technologies of today, you can get such a chart online in only a few clicks.

While once astrologers were those to both draw and analyze a birth chart, you still need a dedicated expert to interpret it for you. Birth charts are complex and they feature elements you have probably heard of, but are unlikely to interpret.

Let us share secrets of planetary influence over a birth chart. Our planet for today is Mars.

Mars and Horoscope

Planets are essential element featuring a person’s birth chart. According to astrology, the position of planets determines peoples’ destinies, in a way. It has long been known planets definitely affect our lives, including the Sun and the Moon, which re, in astrology, enlisted amongst the other planets we know.

You know how the Sun is important for our life on Earth, you know that Moon creates tides and so on.

Long ago, in times of ancient astrology, planets were associated with powerful deities and today they carry the same ideas those deities represented. Planet Mars is, thus, identified with Ares, the Greek god of war. Mars is one of so-called ‘personal planets’.

They are called personal, because it is believed they determine an individual’s personality traits and character.

Personal planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Mars, just as Venus and Mercury is orbiting around the Sun faster than the rest of the planets in our system. The place Mars takes in your birth chart is very important.

This planet rules over two signs of zodiac, Aries and Scorpio. Regardless of your ruling sign, Mars will definitely shape up your personality.

This is the planet of action, courage, determination, raw energy and strength. Mars is a warrior, a conqueror, a fearless one. This planet determines the way you are going to act and react, in terms of personal development and matters of progress.

Mars is associated with power, ambition, bravery, hard work, persistence and taking initiative.

Mars is associated with animalistic part of a human being, with instincts, impulsiveness, raw eros. It makes one daring, energetic, restless, competitive, aggressive, able and constructive.

The place Mars stands in one’s birth chart determines the area of life he or she invests the most energy and focus into. Mars is a tricky fellow and it is not always associated with positive ideas.

This powerful planet is also responsible for destructive character, foolish and impulsive decisions, impatience, explosive temperament, troubles and even death. It is of vital importance to understand its position in your birth chart, so you can learn how to control, channel and manage the incredible energy it gives you.

Mars in Gemini – General Info

Mars in Gemini means you are a very energetic, restless, impetuous and a resourceful personality. Person with Mars in Gemini is prone to quick mood swings and it is a person who finds it extremely hard to sit still at one place for long. People usually see Mars Gemini people as unsteady and unreliable, because they change opinions often.

However, they do not acre at all; it is their modus operandi. If their stances are firm, their mood is not.

Even if they have well established, stable and strict opinions on the matter, Mars in Gemini makes people nervous and impatient, so they do not leave an impression of stable personalities. People with Mars in Gemini are active and they need constant movement.

They are particularly prone to impulsive reactions and taking risks, even only for fun.

They have distinctive way of communication; Mars Gemini people feel the need to debate and fight over anything and everything. They are competitive and they talk a lot. Mars Gemini could be quite aggressive in an argument. They always want to prove their opinions and ideas as ultimately right. They are very determined to do so and extremely persistent.

Mars Gemini people are very curious, insightful and creative. They have strong imagination and generally a positively progressive view on the world. They could find inspiration anywhere and they are always in search for new challenges and inspiration.

Mars Gemini people are easily motivated, because their attitude is generally positive. They are optimists and Mars in Gemini rarely shows any dark shade.

People with Mars in Gemini are versatile and talented for many things. It is interesting to observe their hobbies, which are usually many in one person.

A Mars Gemini could be a passionate stamp collector, an enthusiastic free climber, a travel blogger, an artist, a researcher, a writer, an entertainer and all that in the same person.New experience and new knowledge are food for their soul.

Mars Gemini are, however, not that thoughtless and careless as they might appear.

They see always to have at least some form of security. They always have a plan B, although they would not mind sharing it with you. Mars Gemini people are attracted to individuals of all sorts. They think positively about people and they feel good in almost anyone’s company, as long as it amuses them.

If they find you boring, they will make an excuse to go away. If you are not exotic and interesting enough in their eyes, they will very soon lose interest in you.

They love experimenting. Mars Gemini would often change partners at younger age. They are changeable and adventurous, so they need all the time in the world to fulfill their adventurous dreams, before they even think of settling down.

Good Traits

Mars in Gemini makes a uniquely jovial personality, one interested in many things, curious about life and its versatility. People with Mars in Gemini are always on the run, open to new experiences and new knowledge.

They are playful and their approach to life is optimistic. They are positive fellows, whose energy could be felt around. They share good vibrations and do not consume others’ bad energy.

They are youthful and energetic; everything seems like a piece of cake for a Mars Gemini. They are no heroes but they are fearless in front of challenges and they eagerly engage with them. They are resourceful and independent. They are, indeed, not reliable, but they also do not expect others to stand for them.

Mars Gemini people are open to new ideas and they rarely miss out good opportunities. They would try anything life has to offer, even at the cost of their own failure. Their optimistic energy is so strong that a failure cannot discourage them easily.

In fact, they always have a spare plan.

People with Gemini n Mars are highly flexible and adaptable and it is refreshing to have them around. In love life, they will always make sure you feel special.

They enjoy making others laugh and, if in good mood, they could share some rather interesting stories and inspire both your imagination and motivation.

Bad Traits

Mars Gemini people are impulsive, unsteady and changeable to the point others do not find them reliable and trustworthy.

They could have difficulties persuading others they ‘really mean it this time’, because many times before they did not hold their promise. They do not break promises out of ill intentions, but because of their inborn recklessness.

They are playful and adventurous, which actually can make them think shallow about other people and their feelings. They can hurt someone simply because they do not care much about them, not because they want to harm anyone. They could also be extremely annoying if trying to win an argument.

In addition, they are nervous and irritable. Their temperament is explosive and they could become very cynical, rude and even aggressive towards another person.

They do not control their feelings very well and do not care to hide them from public. They are prone to inappropriate behavior, because they tend to be irresponsible and childish.

Mars Gemini need more time to decide on settling down, so be ready for playing games. They thing is, they sometimes think their games are harmless and amusing, while others’ could take them seriously.

Mars Gemini people are impatient and it takes time until they realize they could feel much happier if the slow down a bit.

Mars in Gemini Man

Mars in Gemini in men horoscope could be a truly positive aspect. Mars Gemini man usually does not show the extremes characteristic for this aspect in general, so he is not aggressive and too irritable, but sociable, talkative and friendly. He is relaxed and open to all sorts of challenges.

He especially loves to travel and is commonly interested in extreme sports.

He treats people with respect, loves to share his adventures with others, but would also listen to your stories. However, he has that Mars Gemini need to present his experiences as bigger, better, more interesting than others’.

He enjoys boasting around with his stories of tough physical challenges or so.

Mars Gemini man always has some new adventure on his mind and he is not interested into having a settled, cozy family life for long.

However, if he comes upon a lady who would blow his mind away by her courageousness, wittiness and charm, he would commit to the fullest.

Mars in Gemini Woman

Mars in Gemini women signs creates a personality more changeable than the case is with Mars Gemini man. This woman is versatile, interested in many things, outgoing, adventurous and sociable.

She enjoys spending time with friends, exploring the world, researching and learning new things. She loves creating things and being outside.

Like her counterpart, Mars Gemini man, she needs the life of an adventurer and she is very playful. She is charming and courageous person, flirty and restless. Mars Gemini woman needs her love life to be a kind of adventure, something not ‘by the book’.

She also values her independency and cares nor for limits.

Mars Gemini woman is warm and positive, with an energy that inspires and motivates others. She has many friends and is usually very popular. However, her true feelings are reserved for few of her closest ones, usually her family.

She is devoted in love, but do not try to restrain her freedoms and her adventurousness.


Mars in Gemini makes one open to all sorts of challenges and life opportunities. The wild energy of Mars is here turned into curiosity, adventurous spirit and independence.

Mars Gemini people are of changeable and unsteady mood, but that is the way they simply are- they could become irritable, nervous and reckless.

On the other hand, they are optimistic and always on the run. They need activity and adventure in their lives. People with Mars in Gemini are resourceful and cunning; they always have a spare plan if things go wrong.

It is advised to them to slow down a bit and pay deeper attention to things around.