Chiron in Cancer

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Astrological Chiron is associated with mythical Chiron, the wise centaur from Ancient Greek mythology. In order better to understand the meaning of Chiron in astrology, we share with you the myth of Chiron.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is, perhaps, one of the finest mythological characters.

The astrological planetoid of the same name is only lately discovered and it is said that it has great impact in astrological analyses in general and in personal horoscope.

Who was Chiron, in myths? Chiron was a great friend of humankind, kind and wise, unlike many of his kin. Centaurs were notorious creatures, as a whole; they were wild, rude, undisciplined and unbecoming overall. There were some golden exceptions, like Chiron and some other characters. How Chiron was different and why was it so?

He was a child of the Oceanid Philyra and one of the mightiest titans, Cronos, born from their secret affair. According to the legend, Cronos was in love with Philyra, so, in order to make love with her, he transformed into a horse. He wanted to escape his jealous wife, Rhea. From this strange relationship of a horse and a nymph, Chiron the centaur was born.

Seeing what an awkward creature he is, Philyra rejected him and was so desperate that she could not stand being herself anymore. She was eventually turned into a linden tree. Chiron was abandoned from his parents, so the mark of suffering was on him since early on.

However, the mighty Apollo has seen his potential value, so he took Chiron under his care and tutorship. He taught Chiron to be wise and good; Chiron became masterful in the art of healing and a character of great knowledge.

Chiron dedicated his life to teaching and healing others; he was, perhaps, grateful for staying alive anyway. From his mythical example, we could learn many things and this is exactly why Chiron is so important in astrology. Amongst Chiron’s students were some of the most notable names of Greek mythology.

The wise centaur was a great friend to Heracles, who happened to be the one responsible for the end of Chiron’s immortal life. According to the myth, Heracles wounded Chiron with an arrow, poisoned by the venomous blood of the creature Hydra, whom Heracles defeated and killed. This happened by an accident, during a fight between Heracles and wild centaurs at Peloponnesus.

Heracles did his best to try to save Chiron from great pain he was suffering, but he was helpless. The wise healer himself could not too much to heal himself, ironically. In agony and pain, Chiron has one last noble deed. He asked Hades if he could enter his underworld kingdom, as a mortal, by giving up his immortality in change of Prometheus, the great sufferer on Caucasus.

Chiron’s last wish was granted, so he became a mortal, relieved of the great agony, while Heracles freed Prometheus, one of the greatest heroes and the protector of humankind. Here ends the myth of the centaur Chiron.

We could see how noble character he was, despite of misery that came upon his destiny. As an astrological entity, Chiron can teach us many things.

Chiron and Horoscope

While the centaur Chiron is ancient, old astrologers of the far past were not familiar with the planetoid Chiron. In fact, this heavenly body was discovered in the second half of the previous century and named after the mythical centaur.

Just like other astrological bodies, Chiron carries the idea of the mythical being as an archetype.

Astronomers enlist Chiron amongst asteroids and comets; we call it planetoid. Its physical characteristics are still unclear and it is so small that it cannot even be counted as a dwarf planet. However, this little one matters a lot in astrological terms. Chiron’s path is long and it travels between Saturn and Uranus.

It takes fifty-one year for this planetoid to travel around the Sun and it stays at the same place in Zodiac circle for more than a decade.

Chiron affects us in similar way as Saturn, but its touch is, in a way, more refined. Chiron in a natal chart represents the place where we are the most fragile and vulnerable. In an individual birth chart, Chiron emphasizes our greatest weakness.

However, the point is not only to suffer, but to try to get the best out our fragility and to turn it into our strength.

Chiron represents inevitable pain and suffering that are part of each human being’s life. Without pain, there is no healing; without suffering, there is no true joy of relief. Moreover, Chiron helps us realize where our weaknesses lie, but also where could we build up our strength from. It is easy to strengthen something that is already strong.

Now, to turn your fragility into your advantage, that is a challenge. This is why Chiron’s astrological influence is often compared to that of Saturn. Chiron is, however, less aggressive, in a way.

It brings us suffering, true, but it inspires us to search for ways to change it for better. It is hard to deal with such things and one has to have a noble heart in order not to become bitter.

Chiron wants us to grow noble and good, despite of challenges of our destiny. It takes time and patience to understand its influence and actually use it for good. Chiron is also associated with healing others, with teaching and with wisdom in general.

People with strong Chiron are often capable of healing others, but have many difficulties in healing themselves, just as the mythical centaur.

It is important to look for Chiron in your natal chart and to see where it stands and what aspects it creates. The place it stands in a natal chart is the place of your greatest vulnerability. Chiron definitely marks something you should work on.

On a global plan, Chiron represents the suffering of all of us, as a total. It also tries to awaken the idea on how to transform our age’s weaknesses.

Chiron in Cancer – General Info

Today we talk about Chiron in Cancer. We will try to figure out how this combination affects an individual, what kind of people are those with Chiron in Cancer. Chiron in Cancer or in the fourth house is associated with family and family relations. It means that family is the weakest point in life of people with this combination in their natal chart.

It is very interesting to think about this, since Chiron the centaur has also suffered family relations issues. We could say it was his Achilles’ heel, but he definitely changed it for better.

There is a great risk for people whose greatest weakness comes from their family. Family is an integral part of our lives and, in a way, it is predisposed to be something we are all sensitive about it. Chiron in Cancer doubles this sensitivity.

It is very possible that people with Chiron in Cancer have or they had some kind of family problems. It is in the nature of their native. Either they were somehow hurt and disappointed or their family relations were (or they are) in any way inadequate. This means that there is probably a constant tension within the family or that conflicting relations marked the native’s youth.

However, it does not necessary mean that family relations are the actual source of this person’s constant discomfort and vulnerability related to family; it could easily happen that the native is in conflict deep within. For the reason of his or hers astrological nature, this person cannot perceive their own family very well.

These people have difficulties in understanding of what the family, as a concept and an idea, actually is.

This means that even if family relations are normal, from the most objective point of view, the person may feel tensed, as if something is expected of him or her, as if he or she does not contribute to their family the way they see it fitting, especially in emotional terms.

On the other hand, Chiron in Cancer marks actual family problems. In the most cases, problems are associated with unclear relations with the father.

The figure of mother should not be neglected, because it often happens that here she plays an important role in development of ambition of the person in question or she actively engages with her child’s career and life in general.

The difference is that in a male horoscope, Chiron in Cancer represents motherly figure and vice versa. However, the outcome is the same.

Good Traits

People with Chiron in Cancer are very attached to family. They are extremely intuitive people and they often feel what their loved ones feel, even if they are miles away. We could even say they have the sixth sense only for their family and their closest ones.

To put aside the fear of abandonment, if a person with Chiron in Cancer decides to commit to another person, be sure he or she would love you unconditionally.

These people feel at their best if the take the role of a guardian and a protector.

They will do everything for their partner or for their family. They would do they best they can so their own family, especially their children, do not suffer pains they have suffered. They offer their loved ones a warm, cozy home, full of true devotion. They teach their young ones always to be there for people they care for.

These individuals are creative and imaginative and they are inclined towards investing all of their passion into something that is genuinely their own.

For example, they could translate all of their emotions into art.

This way they let go of the fear of eventual disappointment or they heal the wounds they already have. The greatest creations often come out of the greatest suffering, and the suffering related to family is paramount.

Bad Traits

One of the greatest problems these people face is idealization of their partner. The thing is, they search in their lover the perfect figure that should compensate the emptiness they feel in their life, which is definitely related to their relation with one of their parents or the lack of it.

They often fall in love with hardly reachable people; not that we think anyone real is actually unreachable, but these natives shot really high.

They search for an ideal partner, someone divine in their eyes. The other option is that they become extremely closely attached to their lover, which is bad, because they tend to lose themselves in such a relationship.

The pain of breakup and loss is much greater in these natives than in other people.

Regardless of if the person’s attitude towards the parent in question is marked by idealization or by contempt. If they have lost their one of their parents early on, for any reason, they are inclined towards idealization; if they were abandoned, they are inclined towards disappointment and contempt.

Anyway, they are too attached to this parental figure.

This makes them vulnerable and sensitive. They are extremely afraid of commitment, because they are afraid of the loss, in the first place.

They could get extremely hard to reach and to open up their heart to others. They suffer on the inside and are very hesitant when it comes to entering a relationship.

It can be reflected on other types of relations with people, not only romantic, but this is where the vulnerability hits them the most.

Chiron in Cancer Lesson

Chiron in Cancer points out that your greatest weakness is your family. Reasons could be many, but this is usually related to lack of parental love and guidance. These people should find the way to channel their pain and transform it.

When it comes to family, no one is indifferent, no matter how hard we try.

Chiron in Cancer wants to help you not to make the same mistake your parents did or, if circumstances are different (if you have lost a parent), to value the family you have.

Chiron in Cancer wants to help you find the firm ground within your own family and not to waste your time worrying about negative possibilities. Just be there for your dear ones and accept their love. To not reject people, because you fear you could be hurt.

Try to be more real, when it comes to love life; see your partner as another human being, not as a figure of worship.


Chiron in Cancer wants to share with you precious words of wisdom.

It says that the richest person is the one that is capable of committing to another person, without losing a piece of his or her own soul. It is interesting to note that people with Chiron in Cancer often decide to follow one path or another.

The first ones have big families with many children of their own, while others have none.

Both of them decide on the option, because they want to save others the suffering they have endured. Both options are the choice and you should do what your heart tells you.