Mercury in 2nd House

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Each element of a natal chart tells a part of the story of our life. They make a wonderful astrological complex of meanings and energies a good astrologer could connect and interpret.

Each astrological chart is unique, as each individual life is. Horoscopes are far more than your Sun sign, your ruling sign.

Aspects, houses, planetary and signs interplay revel an amazing pattern of meanings that could help you discover who you are and why your life is the way it is.

Moreover, it could help you find out what your life could possibly be. Astrological readings are not straightforward predictions, but an insight into your potentials, abilities, traits, flaws and advantages and so many more.

Sometimes the stars could tell us what we miss out or take for granted.

Astrology is an amazing path, the ‘science of the stars’, as it name tells; a pseudo science, in modern terminology, though an old and a precious one.

Astrological Houses – Meaning

Houses in astrological charts are twelve fields that represent specific areas of life or, more precise, that reveal our experience in different segments of our lives.

Houses could host more than one planet, but some houses would remain empty.

Each specific combination of aspects, planets in houses or pout of the houses make our astrological chart unique and our destiny one of a kind.

Now, if you have more planets in one house, it means more emphasis in that particular field of life.

Second House in Astrology

The Second House is the field related to property issues, wealth and poverty, gains and losses, everything that we earn and possess.

This house that represents fruits of our own work, everything we have gained by our own efforts. This house is mainly about finances and the way we manage financial matters.

Questions that could be answered through understanding the second House are all related to our abilities to make money and to keep it.

Debts, stability, material stability and income are associated with the second astrological field.

The second House is not exclusively about material values and financial matters, but also about personal systems of value, principles, our attitude towards different sets of values and so on. It is also related to our talents and capabilities in general.

The Second House is a succedent and an Earth house, analog to the steady Taurus.

Succedent houses are associated with resources that are available to us, ruled by fixed signs.

Earth houses are related to our needs and generally with our experience within the physical world. This is a very materialistic house, so to say.

Let us see what happens if we have Mercury in the second field.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Houses

Main astrological functions of the planet Mercury are related to communication and the flow of information. This planet is associated with everything that has to do with intellect.

Speaking, conversation, rhetorical skills, writing and teaching are all related to Mercury.

This planet is associated with learning, an open mind and insatiate curiosity, the thirst for novel information. In addition, Mercury has its downsides that could manifest as a know-it-all syndrome, restlessness, impatience and so on.

This is the planet closest to the Sun and it represents our logical thinking. Mercury provides the Sun, which is the Ego, with very rational and practical information. The Sun needs its help, in order to distinguish raw information from what was made to appear prettier.

Traditionally, Mercury symbolizes a messenger. In Greco Roman mythology, Mercury or Hermes was a messenger of gods, the cleverest of all deities.

There is a catch with our astrological mercury. Our mind travels around our Ego, just as mercury travels around the Sun. mercury is related to our thinking processes and the perception of reality.

If we were not cautious enough, we could get into a trap and start perceiving the world only the way we find it fitting.

This makes a person who rationalizes everything and who takes up a defensive attitude in conversation with others. We could say it makes a person overly logical and rational, thus difficult to deal with.

Of course, Mercurial people present with many positive qualities. They are quick-minded, agile, flexible, young at heart, just as the ancient deity mercury.

There is curiosity within their hear and a great thirst for new information about the world.

This is an enthusiastic planet, so to say. If the individual was able to process tons of information he or she gets through an emphasized Mercurial influence, they will be able to see the world objectively.

Mercury in the Second House – Mercury in 2nd House

Mercury in the second House indicates a person of amazing intellectual capacity, with an encyclopedically inclined and pragmatic mind.

In addition, this person potentially has a great talent of passing down the knowledge to others. They could be amazing teachers and tutors.

Throughout the lifetime, this individual expresses a great love for knowledge and a passion to gain more of it. The aim is to widen the horizons of knowledge.

The secondary goal is to have a practical use of their ability to teach others. Such a position of the planet Mercury typically awakens the interest into the practical aspect of life.

These people are focused on achieving very material, tangible and concrete results. They are very realistic and materialistic individuals. We could say that First House Mercury people would not waste their time on fantasies and imaginary scenarios.

They act here and now, according to laws dictated by reality. They use all of their knowledge for practical causes; typically, they would charge for their service as a teacher.

Most of people with Mercury in the Second House are amazingly persuasive. They are skilful when it comes to conversation and rhetoric; Second House Mercury individual is a sophist at heart.

This person enjoys sharing the vast life experience with other people. By doing so, they teach people the skill of living and managing your life. The purpose of everything they say is clearly practical, not speculative.

These people charge for their knowledge and it usually represents the major source of their income. Knowledge is not free, if you ask a Second House Mercurial.

The main sphere of interest is of a financial nature. Material stability is the goal. All of mental efforts are directed towards achieving very concrete, material and earthly value.

When it comes to money in general, these people are naturally gifted. They know how to gain it and how to manage it.

Moreover, they are self-reliant and independent, when it comes to finances.

Mercury in 2nd House – Financial Satisfaction

This individual is typically very independent, especially when it comes to finances. Second House Mercury person provides for him or herself, by using their knowledge, with great effort and enthusiasm.

These individuals rarely rely on others or ask anyone for help, especially when it comes to material and financial needs. Therefore, they value what they have earned very much.

This makes them particularly resourceful when it comes to money management. They are clever and they spend money wisely. However, they are not stingy or stiff.

They would not waste money excessively or buy too much unnecessary stuff, but they would rather invest into something that could lead to a long-term stability. This does not mean they would never indulge themselves with something they desire.

Typically, they earn for living by using their intellectual capacities. Intellectual types of jobs are their thing. This individual feels at home with any job or task that requires mental effort.

They enjoy solving puzzles. Intellectual challenges are something that drives them. They would enjoy any job that requires of them to use their brain, rather than their physical strength.

Mercury in the Second House – Freedom and Curiosity

These open-minded individuals are characterized by their insatiate curiosity.

They always want to know more about things, which makes them incredibly versatile. They do not fixate on one field of interest, but tend to travel through many of them, acquiring practical knowledge, useful info and more skill.

Their restless and wandering spirit finds satisfaction in actual traveling. Place does not hold them for long.

They enjoy exploring the world and traveling around the globe. Why? Because it would gain them more and more knowledge, more practical experience of the life as it is.

They find it easy to approach people, share opinions, share experiences and so on. They hate being bound to one place, because their mind requires freedom; figuratively and physically. These are passionate travelers.

Second House Mercury people are wanderers, but not of a particularly romantic type. They feel restlessness, because there is always something new to learn, something new to practically experience.

Do not try to cage them. They are ones more difficult to bind. Second House Mercury people are not particularly inclined towards commitment.

Mercury in 2nd House – Unrealistic Goals

There is another side of this restless intellectual. Although their mind is very pragmatic and realistic, their goals sometimes grow to unrealistic heights. A bit of a paradox, isn’t it?

Well, the thing is that they think they could always do it better, when it comes to professional goals.

They are ambitious and eager to learn. However, sometimes it happens that their desire to know surpasses their actual mental capacities.

Their capacities are still much bigger than those of many other people are, but their insatiate lust for knowledge could be even bigger. That is something to pay attention to, if you were a Second House Mercury person.

Other elements in a natal chart would probably affect this thirst for knowledge and the ability to realize your limits. You should slow down a bit and see to set goals in accordance to your current capacities.

Mercury in the second House – Master Negotiator

When it comes to communication and relationships, these individuals are capable of leading perfectly constructive conversations, that is, those that lead to a practical, concrete result.

They are verbally very gifted and skillful, so they do not waste their words on empty talk. They are masters of negotiation and arrangements, which typically leads to fruitful collaborations and successful projects on a professional field.

These people are eloquent, open, direct and generally easygoing. We have mentioned they do not waste words and lead pointless conversations, which could lead to a wrong impression of them being strict and cold. Not at all!

They could be very funny and their company is enjoyable. Small talk could also be purposeful, which is clearly obvious when it comes to the romantic plan.

They are relaxed and very open when it comes to courtship. They appreciate lively, direct and honest talk. They are not romantic seducers from a movie screen, but their charm, honesty and natural sense of humor easily win people over. Their romantic intentions are straightforward.

In love, they could be very gentle, always ready to cheer their partner up and bring a smile on his or her face.

Interestingly, this wandering spirit actually prefers long term and stable relationships.

No, they would not easily decide to commit, as we have said, but once they do, it is serious. They want emotional stability and they really appreciate marital and family values.

In addition, such a position of Mercury could be an indicator of a financial gain through marriage.