Mercury in 1st House

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Astrological charts represent a treasury of information. They are complex, featuring many fine details that could tell us about our personality and destiny.

What we read in natal charts is not a prediction, but something of a guideline. The image we see on a chart, the astrological diagram of planetary positions, is, indeed, fixed.

It is unique, as our celestial fingerprint. However, this diagram offers us deep insight into our given potentials.

Knowing your potential carries you half way ahead those who know nothing about it.

Astrological chart could point out your weakness and your greatest qualities in a way that would help you get a bigger picture on who you are and where you stand within the world.

Each element of a natal chart is a story of its own, but you should always keep in mind it was only a part of a miraculous puzzle making your destiny.

Astrological Houses – Meaning

Astrological houses are sections within the astrological chart. Each chart features twelve houses and there are different methods of calculating them. These fields represent specific areas of life.

Each area of life has certain potentials and the planets found within them, as well as planetary aspects and other elements would affect the field and the manifestation of our potentials. Houses could host more planets, but they could also be empty.

Houses with many planets would, of course, be very dynamic and active, so to say.

However, empty ones would not remain silent; you have to look for the ruler of house and its position, in order to see how a particular area of life would manifest its potential in your case.

Houses are different in nature and they could be divided in more than one way. We could divide them into angular, succedent and cadent houses.

Angular houses are associated with current activity, with what we do and decide at the moment. These houses are associated with cardinal zodiac signs, so astrologers also call them cardinal houses.

Succedent houses are associated with fixed zodiac signs and so their quality is also of a fixed nature. They are related to resources that are available to us.

Cadent house, ruled by mutable signs, represents every thought that precedes the action.

First House in Astrology

The First House represents the field of our basic characteristics and predispositions we have in life. It is the most important and defining field in astrological charts, The First House is related to our birth, our physical constitution and our temperament.

Our further growth and development depend on the complexity of aspects within the natal chart; those related to the first field, for a great part. The First House is known as the house of life.

This field is related to our vitality, strength of the character, our attitude towards life. When a person has more planets inside the first filed, it typically indicates a very self-centered personality.

Such people are usually very self-confident, fierce, temperamental, ambitious, enthusiastic and ready to follow their dreams. They are natural born leaders and initiators. Their aura is very positive and their attitude optimistic.

People with an emphasis on the First House are charismatic and capable of motivating others, since they have loads of positive energy. They appear fearless and unbreakable.

This house is an angular one and angular houses are associated with activities in the current moment.

This is also a Fire element house, which has to do with identity. The sign analog to this field is Aries.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Houses

Mercury is the planet of communication, information, speech, learning, education, teaching, writing and generally everything that has to do with observation, gathering information, sharing and exchanging information.

These could be very positive functions, though Mercury, just as all other planets, could present with some negative functions, such as restlessness, impatience, nervousness, hyperactivity, too rational attitude, bragging about intellectual abilities and such.

Mercury represents an interactive and live archive of information stored within our mind. The main function is the thinking activity, related to expanding our views and knowledge, gaining experience.

Mercury is associated with reason and logic. It is responsible for efficiency, practicality and speed in finding solutions, resolving tasks and making decisions.

People who have a strong Mercurial influence are typically brilliant spokespersons and quick thinkers.

In some people, those Mercurial thoughts develop to their highest degree, being innovative, original, ingenious, abstract and fascinating, while in other people they turn into boring repetition of what the person has read somewhere, heard elsewhere and so on. In both cases, individuals are likely to be very talkative, although the influence of Mercury could translate into the written word, as well.

Mercury is fascinated by the world all around; this is a planet of youthful enthusiasm, eagerness and love for life. It is the planet of movement, motion, flexibility and good adaptation to various circumstances.

The task of Mercury in one’s natal chart is to feed the Sun with novel information, without making the reality look prettier than it was.

The Sun is our Ego and it requires direct, straightforward and honest info about the world.

Mercury in the First House – Mercury in 1st House

Mercury in the First House usually indicates above average intellectual abilities and rhetorical skill.

People with such a location of the planet Mercury value education and the process of learning. They want to prove to everyone that through a passionate desire for acquiring more knowledge and perfecting your skills, one could get to high quality education and a successful professional career.

Enthusiasm, curiosity and persistence are crucial to maintain this drive for knowledge.

People with Mercury in the First House are youthful, lively and very enthusiastic, especially when it comes to activities that include mental efforts and intellectual capabilities.

These individuals are flexible and they easily adjust to new circumstances. Novel situations rarely find them surprised.

They do not have to be prepared, they are spontaneous and naturally efficient in finding the best and the quickest solution to a problem, if there was one.

These people usually have a great sense of humor and they enjoy entertaining other people. They are talkative and friendly, very likeable people. Others enjoy their company, because of their liveliness, positivity and youthful spirit.

First House Mercury people really enjoy talking; they would eagerly retell their latest experiences and new things they have just learned to people who find themselves around them at the time.

Mercury in the First House indicates a person who knows everything about everyone and everything. These people are all about information, latest news, and latest events. They are typically in a good mood, most of the time, smiling and fresh.

When you talk with a First House Mercury individual, his or her youthful, eager and lively spirit could be easily felt and it has a positive effect on others.

Mercury in 1st House – Quick Minded and Ambitious

People with Mercury in the First House are individuals with a strong Ego. They typically put themselves into the first plan and they enjoy being the center of attention. However, they are not malevolent.

Although they are focused on their personal interests, they would never step over the interests of other people. They typically think through opportunities and possibilities and they ways of using those the best way possible.

They appear to be opportunistic, although that is not always the case. These people are very resourceful and clever. They tend to keep the situation under control, but they are not obsessive and stiff as some other signs would be in terms of control.

They are initiators; they could be amazing leaders and organizers. What is more important is that they never feel any pressure about taking up these roles.

These people are incredibly quick minded, open minded, dynamic and resourceful. First House Mercury people are probably the best intellectually equipped to act in unpredictable and critical situations, out of all.

They act in the moment, here and now. They never panic and waste time on complaining.

They just act; their quick and practical mind brings forward efficient solutions in a matter of seconds.

First House Mercury people characterize by an incredibly optimistic spirit. They could be very competitive and ambitious in life. Their strength of will is unbreakable, their spirit unshakeable.

These people set up their goals and act straight towards them, without being shaken by what happens along the way. They are capable of turning all kinds of distractions into their advantage, learning and experiencing life.

Mercury in the First House – Sharp and Direct

These people are very temperamental and restless. Their style of conversation is very direct; these people would always tell what they really think about this or that, regardless of how raw or hurtful it may sound.

Most of people appreciate them for being straightforward and honest.

You should never suspect words that come out from a First House Mercury person; he or she thinks exactly what they have told you.

However, their temperament, enthusiasm and directness have another side. These people could be very impatient, especially when it comes to conversation. They are impulsive and affective, which is something each First House mercury individual has to work on.

Such a behavior could hurt others, although without any intention. Moreover, it could engage them with unnecessary conflicts and problems.

People with Mercury in the First House could take up a very rude and aggressive attitude towards the people they do not know closer or it may appear that way to those people.

First House Mercury people spare no one their criticism and judging, which could be painful. In such situations, people see them difficult to deal with, arrogant, impulsive and rude.

It is true that these individuals could be very stubborn in defending their opinions, very offensive in doing so.

However, these people generally have a great potential of achieving amazing things in different areas of life, exactly thanks to their communication skills, if they would only learn how to polish it, just a little bit.

Mercury in 1st House – A Lesson on Diplomacy

What should First House Mercury people do, in order to take the best out of their amazing intellectual and rhetorical potential? Well, not much, in fact. They should see to be more subtle, when situation requires so.

In other words, they have to learn to recognize a situation that requires more subtle and diplomatic approach. Other factors in a natal chart could lead to this naturally.

These people should learn how to present their ideas, opinions and also their emotions in a more diplomatic style, without putting themselves above the rest, without being too critical of others.

The willingness to take up a different, more elegant conversation approach, to say, would get them to their goals in a spectacular way.

These individuals have to learn to listen to others, instead of sharing their own convictions, experiences and else, without letting the other side to speak up.

In addition, they should learn to accept and admit their mistakes. Their stubbornness and a strong Ego prevent them from doing so, because they are, indeed, a know-it-all type of people.

They would rarely admit that they were misinformed or that they did not know something. This process of acceptance is not an easy thing for all First House Mercury people.

However, the sooner they realize the importance of it, the better they will be in improving their given qualities.