Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you are a Pisces man and you wish to discover how compatible you are with an Aquarius woman, or you are an Aquarius woman interested in a Pisces man, you found the right page to determine how good the two of you are for each other.

Social profiles and the content they provide about a person are usually not sufficient, so we need some additional source of information.

Astrology can be of great value in such situations. Astrology analysis is a very good means to determine someone’s personality, as well as to determine your compatibility with another person. Astrology can be very precise if you use precise data.

Namely, to make someone’s natal chart, you need their exact time of birth as well the date and place of their birth. A person’s natal chart gives precise information about someone’s character, preferences, and to some extent, their potential to succeed in life.

Besides using someone’s natal chart to get a picture of their personality, you can also use it to determine whether the two of you are compatible or not. For that, you will need your birth chart as well.

By comparing the planetary positions in both charts, you will be able to determine the mutual aspects your planets are making. The meaning of these aspects describes the nature of your relationship and your compatibility with that person.

Predominately negative aspects indicate conflicts and disagreements. This relationship is not likely to start and if it does, it is not likely to last.

Mostly positive aspects between your planets are good news, indicating the good potential of the relationship between you two and its longevity.

If you don’t have the birth data needed for the natal charts, you can still use astrology for personality and compatibility analysis, and you only need to know their horoscope sign. Horoscope signs all have general characteristics which are shared among people born under the same horoscope sign.

By comparing the characteristics of your signs, you will discover some general information about your compatibility with this person, and their horoscope sign will give you a lot of information about their personality as well.

In this text, we will try to determine the basic compatibility of a Pisces man and an Aquarius woman by comparing the traits of their signs.

Pisces Man

The Pisces man is very emotional and can be deeply attached to the woman he loves.

If betrayed or somehow disappointed in love, these men can suffer for years, refusing to let go of the woman who has hurt them and forget about her, at the same time refusing to commit to another woman who deserves their love and commitment, thus continuing the suffering and spreading it to others.

These men are easily hurt, although they might not appear that way on the outside.

They usually don’t show that they are hurt, masking these feelings with cynicism, and harsh words. They don’t want anyone to know the inner state of their emotions, and they put on a façade of happiness and contentment to full everyone.

These men can be committed to one woman exclusively, but many of them have the need to experience variety in love, and often end up dating more than one woman at once, or frequently changing partners.

Because of their romantic nature and natural desire to be in love, they often misinterpret physical attraction and other things with love, which makes them continue their quest for love once they realize that the person they are with is not “the one” they are looking for.

When they do find that woman they are longing for, they are able to blend themselves with her completely. They often have a desire to merge their souls with the woman they love.

When they are in love, they are loyal and devoted partners. They usually don’t have a strong personality and they seek for a woman who has the power and dominance for both. They are good parents, often too compliant to the desires of their children.

Some Pisces men are good with money and know how to earn and keep it. Other types are not as good, and they are prone to spending it thoughtlessly. Some are even prone to gambling and wasting it on useless things.

These men are usually very creative, and can have an unusual career. Some of them, who give in to their lower impulses can be completely unambitious and end up not using the abilities they possess.

They are usually rebellious and desire to follow their own rules. Such an attitude often creates problems and obstacles in their lives.

Sometimes these men get attached to the wrong woman, and that can be a very disappointing experience for them. Their emotions and desire for a complete merger with another person can be overwhelming for some women, and they are often not aware of that fact.

When they are in love they can be so consumed with their feelings, that they don’t notice that the other person is not as overwhelmed and excited as they are.

Many women and men who are not as emotional can find the Pisces depth of emotions and attachment frightening.

These men often lack confidence and willpower. If they are hurt, they usually find it very difficult to get over these feelings.

They often reach for additional means to relieve their pain, such as alcohol and drugs, which can lead them to addictions and eventually ruin their lives. Pisces men (and Pisces women) are prone to avoiding their problems and forgetting about them with artificial substances.

They need to work on building their will and self-esteem and finding a way to confront and deal with difficult situations in life instead of ignoring them and putting them under the rug, imagining that they will somehow disappear.

These men can be very secretive, and some of them can even lead double lives. They can have psychic abilities and are often able to intuitively sense what others are thinking and feeling. These men often have the ability to foresee the future, and often use these abilities to help other people. Neptune, their ruling planet is responsible for these unique gifts these men (and Pisces women as well) possess.

They have a unique ability to say as little possible about themselves while discovering everything they want about the other person. These men don’t like to reveal much about their privacy, even when it comes to the people who are really close to them.

They have their inner world and not many people are allowed to enter. There are things these men never talk to anyone about.

Their ruling planet, Neptune, often gives these men a need to hide the truth, and makes them perfect liars and concealers of facts. They are so skillful, that they usually go by unnoticed.

For some Pisces men who are not monogamous in nature, this trait is very helpful because it enables them to be in multiple relationships at the same time without being discovered.

It is very difficult to get to know a Pisces person and even their best friends and loved ones sometimes don’t get that chance ever. Something always remains unknown about these people and others simply need to accept that fact.

These men are not easy to relax in the company of people they don’t know, although on the outside they might appear relaxed. They can have many acquaintances, but they usually don’t have many friends.

Their need for secrecy and keeping things private and to themselves is often the main reason for that.

Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is an unusual being. She is not a typical woman, although she can be quite feminine, usually when there are some influences of other signs in her natal chart. Uranus, the ruling planet of the sign of Aquarius, is responsible for their unique personality.

These women can often appear masculine and interested in matters which most women don’t know much about and have no interest in knowing.

Just like the Aquarius men, these women are often interested in areas like technology, IT, electronics, extreme sports and activities, and in general all things out of the ordinary.

These women often have eccentric means of demonstrating their individuality. They usually express it through their clothes or dramatic hairstyles. These women often cover their bodies in tattoos as a means to express how different they are from others, especially other women.

For these women individuality and uniqueness are very important. They follow their impulses and rarely copy other people. They often have a rebellious nature and incline towards opposing authority and doing things their own way. Their behavior often causes them troubles in life, usually during their young age.

Sometimes their eccentricities go to an extreme and sometimes ruin their lives.

In most cases though, these women use their individuality creatively, and they do make a difference in this world. Aquarius people are humanitarians in nature, and they enjoy helping other people and living beings in general.

They are often involved in helping achieve some humanitarian goal, and they are often a part of institutions which fight for human rights and/or rights of other beings on this planet.

Aquarius women are usually very intelligent and have a great amount of knowledge on different subjects. They are also very creative. Their abilities often help them create things that will be of benefit to many people. They often put in their personal touch in everything they do. They desire to be recognized for their uniqueness.

Like Aquarius men, these women have an adventurous nature and are prone to taking risks and getting involved in different extreme activities and sports. These women love traveling and often have some unusual hobbies.

They are very sociable and enjoy being surrounded by people, although they do need times of solitude and separation from others so they can be alone with their thoughts. That is when they are at the peak of their creativity and inventing new things.

These women are passionate and as in everything else, they can have some extreme tastes when it comes to men they like. Their man needs to exhibit the quality of uniqueness so they could notice him. He also needs to be a bit weird, just as they are.

They seek for a man with a prominent individuality and independent nature. They love their freedom and they don’t easily give up on it. Their man will need to respect their opinion and treat them as equal. They can’t stand dominance and authority of any kind, and their man is not excluded.

Aquarius women make good mothers, although they can be overly complaisant to their kids.

They try to develop their individuality by letting them do things they desire as much as they can.

Love Compatibility

A Pisces man and an Aquarius woman are not very compatible.

The only way the relationship between these two can work is when the Pisces man is not very much in love with the Aquarius woman. Only then is he able to be ok with her need for her space and freedom.

This relationship can work out best if it is an open kind, where both of them will have the freedom to be with other people as well.

This kind of relationship is possible with these two because they both have an open mind about exploring and experiencing new things.

If he begins smothering her with her emotions she will begin to suffocate and desire to leave the relationship which will eventually happen.

These two have many similarities, and if they are able to make compromises about the issues which exist between them their relationship can actually work.  

Marriage Compatibility

If these two marry, it could mean that they have already discovered a way to overcome their differences.

Their marriage could also be a result of an infatuation on both sides which ends once they realize their differences.

If he is in love with her and begins suffocating her with his possessiveness and asking her to spend all available time with him, that could be very annoying and make her want to escape.

As long as these two allow each other space, this marriage could work, providing they have other bonding elements between them.


Pisces man and an Aquarius woman can be good friends.

They are both unusual in their own way and that attracts them towards each other. They often share similar interests, and are both very creative.

These two are often involved in some creative projects together.

Cool Facts

Both the Pisces man and the Aquarius woman have kind hearts and are ready to help anyone in need.

These two are often involved in some kind of humanitarian work, and often meet through sharing a common cause of helping others. 


The relationship between a Pisces man and an Aquarius woman is not very common, but it can work out if these two are willing to compromise.

If they let each other space to grow individually, they will both enjoy the growth they achieve as a couple.