Mercury in Taurus

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Astrologers claim planets are one of the major clues to understanding our personality traits, our way of thinking and our emotional profile. We have long known our own planet is a member of one bigger system, the Solar system.

From our point in the universe, we now count ten other important heavenly bodies, beside our Earth. They are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Although Sun and Moon are not actual planets, in terms of science of astronomy, physics and others, they play important roles in our own individual universes, so astrology enlists them with others.

In ancient times, it was believed planets represent deities. Astrology of newer ages accepted such conception, in terms of archetypes. Long ago, only visible planets were ‘accepted’.

However, with our technological advancements and careful observation of the skies, more recently discovered planets were adopted into this circle and they are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In even more recent times the great debate took place and it was all about Pluto.

Scientists argued about whether it is a planet or not. However, in astrology, Pluto is still given the same respect.

Each of these planets plays its specific role in personal horoscopes. The position of particular planet in your birth chart defines your horoscope. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are so called ‘personal planets’.

In astrological terms, they have major influence over peoples’ individual personalities. These planets carry our characteristic traits.

Therefore, it is of a great importance carefully to analyze and interpret accurately their places and relations with other aspects in a person’s natal chart. Birth charts or horoscopes are complex graphic representations of planetary and other aspects positions at the time someone was born. All these aspects affect one’s destiny.

They change positions over time, of course. Each has their own cycles and ‘habits’. However, the place they were at the time you were born actually defines who you are, according to astrology.

Modern research projects proved that it makes sense; similar time of birth proved to be an important factor into choosing career paths, according to some surveys.

To create your birth chart, all an astrologer needs are your time and date and place of birth. He or she would actually recreate an image of the sky at that exact moment and start analyzing what is there to be seen.

Birth charts could reveal many things! They show planets, zodiac signs, areas of life and many more. Each person has a unique chart.

Such charts do not determine the course of events in your life, which is the point where many people get disappointed in astrology and give up further research.

Well, astrology is very helpful, if you approach it seriously. Your birth chart shows potentials you have in your lifeline. Each element in such a chart plays its specific role and affects your destiny, in a way.

Mercury and Horoscope

Mercury is one of those personal planets we have mentioned above. It is a very important astrological element and it is one of the planets orbiting quite fast. This means Mercury does not spend much time in one of zodiac signs in horoscope.

Mercury is associated with Greek god Hermes and its astrological symbol is a simplified image of caduceus. Caduceus is a ‘herald’s staff’, symbol of Hermes.

Planet Mercury is the closest companion of the Sun, it needs one year to travel around the whole zodiac. This planet rules signs of Gemini and Virgo. Astrologically, Mercury is associated with mental, thinking, communicative and rational self.

It represents youthfulness, curiosity and lively spirit. It is strongly associated with all sorts of communication channels.

Mercury symbolizes commerce, verbal communication and everything that has to do with words and with people. It is a planet of connections. Mercury gives one excellence with everything that can be translated into words; the place of Mercury in your birth chart determines the way you understand spoken and written words.

Planet Mercury is called the planet of an open mind. Indeed, it gives one openness, eagerness to learn, to listen and to teach. Mercury opens your mind to new knowledge and helps you develop intellectually.

However, it all depends on your personal horoscope and the exact position of the planet. One thing is sure, Mercury inspires you to search for new knowledge.

However, its position determines what are you about to do with this knowledge. You could try to hide it or you could be eager to share it with others, for example.

Mercury promotes all kinds of social relations, so it is unlikely that a person with accentuated Mercury in its birth chart would be shy or introverted. In further text, we will interpret the meaning of having Mercury in Taurus.

Mercury in Taurus – General Info

Mercury in Taurus offers a stable, well-grounded intellectual self. This combination is a blessing, because calm, tactful and stable quality of Taurus matches well with intellectual, thinking and communicative qualities of Mercury.

Having Mercury in Taurus puts you away from risk of using your words unwisely or without thinking. Taurus grounds incredible communicative powers of Mercury.

Let us find out more about Mercury Taurus people, meaning those who have such an aspect in a natal chart.

Taurus represents firm, stable ground. It has fixed quality and is characterized by patience, careful and slow thinking, the importance of stability, security and routine. Taurus has to be one hundred percent sure before making any decision and step.

Taurus loves coziness and prefers to keep to him or herself, rather than be in a crowd.

Taurus is thinking, calm and not specifically flexible. Although Taurus is not characterized by great openness to new ideas and prefers to stick to already proven paths and ways, here we have curious, communicative Mercury.

Mercurial Taurus never rush into things; he or she would spend hours, if needed, to solve a task, not because they lack intelligence (which is definitely not the case!), but because they do not like to be hurried and they do things with reason and dedication.

There is no place for quick, fast, now and risky in the world of a Mercury Taurus, no matter what is the ruling sign.

People with such an aspect never agree to new approaches or accept new ideas instantly, before they have carefully studied them from all possible angles. Do not push their impressive limits of tolerance and try to hurry them into something.

That just won’t work. Taurus’ natural stable quality and inflexibility do not let playful, youthful Mercury to dominate.

Your Mercury has to visit in Taurus for long enough actually to make you accept new circumstances, changes and fresh ideas. However, once it happens, Mercurial Taurus accepts these to the fullest.

This astrological combo makes Mercurial Taurus ones people who never regret their decisions.

Unlike other Mercurial combinations, Mercury Taurus is not very talkative, but definitely knows with words.

That said, you could imagine a Mercury Taurus to be a successful writer, columnist, author, researcher and many more. These individuals choose written words over spoken and they are masters of making the use of this skill.

Mercurial Taurus are practical thinkers. They never lose themselves in fantasies and imagination, but with ideas that are applicable in reality.

Good Traits

Since Mercury is the planet of thinking, reason and communication, in fixed Taurus it turns into a practical and realistic way of thinking, which is good and useful.

Mercury in Taurus makes you a person of bright, productive and practical intellect. Mercury Taurus people do not waste time on dreams, but see to apply their ideas in real life.

Since not very open to experimenting, they rarely make mistakes and everything they do is productive. Mercury in Taurus gives one the ability accurately to evaluate situations they face, because they do not rush, they analyze every detail and make decisions after they make sure everything is checked out.

They are methodical and systematical. Although some would call them ‘slow’, it is actually an advantage.

Where others act foolishly and in haste, Mercury Taurus acts wisely and calmly. They are reliable people, ones whom you can always turn to in bad times. Mercury Taurus does not talk much, but he or she listens with full attention.

They could offer precious advices about finances, food, art. They like creating things and are typically very handy. They are practical, purposeful and persistent.

Bad Traits

Bad traits of having Mercury in Taurus are actually all the good traits brought to their extremes. Mercurial Taurus personalities could be too obsessed with checking everything out, so that it becomes unbearable to others.

They would not act without a plan and sometimes life does not have plans; you cannot organize the whole world according to your vision.

Since oriented towards practical and productive thinking, Mercury Taurus could become focused solely to material success and career.

They could become insensitive and do not care much about other people’s feelings. They are extremely cautious, especially about their own money and possessions.

The most negative traits that could develop in persons with Mercury in Taurus are greed, materialism and egoism, usually closely related to material wealth.

The lack of enthusiasm, inflexibility and inability to open to new ideas are also risks of Mercury in Taurus ‘gone bad’. They could be quite suspicious and stubborn.

Mercury in Taurus Man

Mercury in Taurus in men signs gives them motivation to express themselves very clear.

They are not particularly talkative, but what they say is always well measured and thoughtful. They are excellent listeners, relaxed and calm. They are dedicated to their job; they search for stability and a comfortable lifestyle. They could be career obsessed, but not necessarily.

Men with Mercury in Taurus are persistent, loyal and focused. Youthful Mercury never clouds their inborn fixed quality, given by earthly Taurus.

On the contrary, it grounds their opinions and ideas, offering intellectual validation. Mercury Taurus men are honest, proud and tactful. They hate being pushed into doing something and they rely only on their own judgment.

Distinctive feature of mercurial Taurus men is their sense of style. They are classy, true gentlemen. Their motto is ‘less is more’. Strange, for a money seeking Taurus aspect. However, they like it all settled.

Mercury Taurus man is at risk for becoming spoiled, greedy and overindulging himself with luxuries. However, such mercurial Taurus has to have other aspect that would push him into such a scenario.

He is overall a stable personality. Not very emotional, but one you can rely on. Mercury in Taurus offers qualities of a devoted husband, loyal friend and a father to look up to. He is protective of what he holds dear.

Mercurial Taurus makes him a balanced personality, who is usually capable of harmonizing the life of pleasure with the work.

Mercury in Taurus Woman

Mercury Taurus ladies have delicate senses and are more open to new things than their male counterparts are. In women, Mercurial Taurus acts as a stimulating agent and inspires new ways of thinking.

However, Mercurial Taurus women still do not feel pleasant when being hurried into something.

They like to do things at their own pace. It makes them excellent at organizing and controlling things on a small plan.

Mercurial Taurus women are good at organizing things and they enjoy creating their own environment. It is very important for a Mercury Taurus woman to have a steady income. She does not like to be told what to do, so she would feel best running her own business. Unlike with Mercury in Taurus in men signs, here the communication is accentuated.

This combination makes a lady an excellent speaker, the one others enjoy listening to. Her words are carefully chosen and well measured.

Mercury Taurus woman could become a very good teacher or, perhaps, a radio personality or a journalist.

She is not an attention seeker and is a very polite and pleasant person. She knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.


This astrological combination is crowned with calmness, thoughtfulness and patience. Mercury in Taurus is perhaps one of the most stable and grounded Mercury aspects. It has many qualities and could be quite a promising point in your birth chart.

Mercury Taurus are purposeful and practical people, who do not waste time and words on impractical solutions.

They do lack enthusiasm and courage to try new things; they are not much into experimenting.

However, their methodical ways, calmness, tactfulness, the capability of keeping things in order and cautiousness make them reliable people who know what to do with their life. They are rational and systematical people.

For our final thoughts, let us say something about mercury in Taurus and love.

These people search for stability in all areas of life, including love life. They enjoy old-fashioned flirtation, bouquets of roses, romantic dinner and a cozy, cuddled evenings with their chosen one.