Juno in Virgo

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Juno is the third discovered asteroid. It was discovered in 1804, and like the others previously discovered asteroids, it was considered a planet.

Juno is named after the ancient Roman goddess of marriage, childbirth, and woman sexuality. She was also the protector of the Roman people and the wife of the supreme Roman god, Jupiter.

Juno was a wife to admire because she was a devoted and loyal wife to her husband, although he was unfaithful to her and had numerous affairs, and she knew about them.

In astrology she symbolizes long-term commitments, marriages, compromise, commitment, loyalty, devotion, betrayal, cheating, infidelity, relationships which need balancing, etc. The house and sign where Juno is placed point out to the areas where we need to balance something.

Juno exhibits the energy of Libra and Scorpio, as well as Venus and Pluto. Juno’s placement in our natal chart indicates where our potential is to grow and prosper. It shows us how to make the most of our connections with others, especially in our romantic relationships.

This asteroid indicates in which areas we desire to be respected and appreciated.

The asteroid Juno is mostly related to relationship issues, usually long-term commitments and marriages. It symbolizes marriage unions and reveals how our ideal mate and long-term partner should look like and our subconscious needs in our ideal mate.

Juno’s aspects with the planets or Juno of a person we feel attracted to can point out to a more serious commitment with this person and even marriage. Juno often has a prominent role in intertwined aspects between the planets of soulmates.

People who end up in long-term commitments and marriages usually have Juno in aspects with each other’s planets.

Juno often describes the nature of our long-term relationships and marriages and our desire how we want them to be.

Juno’s sign and house placement, as well as the aspects it is making with the rest of our natal chart describe our ideal mate. It gives us the clue about the traits of our perfect partner, the ones we are usually not consciously aware of.

One of the significant reasons for that is that we instinctively tend to choose our partners based on our emotional and physical needs, which are ruled by Venus and Mars. Our needs in a long-term relationship are best described by the position of Juno in our charts.

A relationship based only on physical attraction and love doesn’t have much ground to be stable and lasting. The reason is that for marriage and lasting unions two people need to make a lot of compromises.

They need to be supportive of each other and their needs, as well as to have mutual understanding and patience for each other’s flaws.

Juno reveals the type of partner we would be most satisfied to be involved with, in a lasting union.

This is the kind of person we could imagine ourselves spending our lives with. That person will be someone who will accept us regardless of all our flaws and won’t be willing to change us in any way.

They will love us exactly as we are, and we will feel the same way about them. Juno fills the other needs we have in our ideal mate beside the need to love and be loved, and be physically satisfied with the person we are with.

Juno has some other meanings as well. The goddess Juno was loyal and devoted to her husband, but at a great price. She was disappointed, insecure, and lacked confidence.

Juno in our charts points out the areas of our life where we tend to feel insecure and lack confidence.

It indicates the situations and circumstances in relation to our relationships which are able to raise our suspicion and jeopardize our feeling of security. Juno reveals the things and situations which could make us jealous.

It also indicates the things and issues which represent deal-breakers in our relationships, as well as the things we are prepared to tolerate in a relationship, even though we are aware that are not good for us and can be detrimental for the relationship as well.

The asteroid Juno also indicates how patient we are and able to wait for the right relationship opportunities. It is very important to study Juno’s placement in our natal chart with attention.

Juno can give us all the clues to making the right relationship choices. We only need to follow its advice and it is likely that we won’t be making any relationship mistakes in the future.

All the people we are attracted to won’t make our ideal partners. Attraction can easily blind us into ignoring the red flags about a person.

That is why we should always consciously check out the person through Juno’s standards and discover whether they have the traits described by Juno in our chart.

The reason we should do that is the fact that Juno is helping us discern between infatuation and genuine love, support, harmony, and longevity.

When we get used to using Juno when making relationship choices, recognizing and choosing the right partner becomes very easy.

Juno in Virgo Man

Men with Juno in Virgo desire a woman who is organized, reliable, responsible, hard-working, and precise.

They want a woman they can rely on, and freely trust the organization of their lives to her.

These men often seek perfection in their relationships and often attract women who have the same trait. Their ideal woman is capable of taking care of her business, is independent, and able to provide for herself and her needs and obligations.

In some cases, these men end up working together with their partners in a joint business.

They can be prone to attracting partners who are overly critical, judgmental, and demanding, or they could behave in such a manner in their relationships.

The woman they choose to be with, in a long-term committed relationship or marriage should have high standards about everything in her life, especially in relations to her relationships with men.

This is a woman, who has a high opinion of herself and values herself greatly. She often tells this man what to do, and corrects him if he is wrong, but that is something he subconsciously desires his woman to do.

Juno in Virgo Woman

Women with Juno in Virgo are often attracted to Virgo type of men.

They desire a man who is well-organized, responsible, confident, well-mannered, serious, reliable, hard-worker and a good provider for his needs as well as the needs of the ones who are dependent on him.

These women can be prone to attracting relationships where they or their partners criticize the other partner’s actions and behavior.

It is usually their partners who exhibit such behavior. In many cases, these women need a man who is reliable and able to give them advice when they are wrong, because they often lack organizational and planning skills which they compensate through their men.

They subconsciously seek for someone they could rely on to help them with the things they are not good at. 

Good Traits

The good traits of Juno in Virgo: organized, reliable, responsible, dependable, well-mannered, hard-working, serious, perfectionists, precise, etc. 

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Juno in Virgo: critical, judgmental, overly detailed and precise, nagging, perfectionists, overly demanding, worried, etc. 

Juno in Virgo – General Info

People with Juno in Virgo often attract partners with a need to correct them in some way and make them perfect.

These people are prone to attract people who are perfectionists as their partners.

They also can be prone to seek perfection in their love relationships. Their ideal partners are not afraid of hard work and putting in an effort to achieve their goals.

These people often end up working together with their spouses or long-term partners.

In some cases, they can have overly demanding requests from their partners and can be prone to criticizing their partners if they don’t behave the way they expect them to.

These people can be judgmental and have their own set of rules as to how a relationship should look like and how the partners should behave. They can also attract a partner who behaves in such a manner.

Their ideal partner has high standards about their relationship partner and long-term commitments just as they do.

Even if they don’t want to admit it, they desire a partner who will be precise and organized and will remind them if they forget to do something, tell them how to do stuff, reproach them for something they did or didn’t do, and so on.

These people desire a partner who will be involved in their lives and care about them.

They want a loyal partner, and they will act the same. They need security in their relationship and a partner who is reliable and responsible. They want someone who can tell them they are wrong and give them the right advice.

If they are not the most reliable person, they want their partner to be able to get them back on the right track.

People with Juno in Virgo need a partner who is a very organized person and has the will and desire to organize their life together.

In some cases, this position of Juno indicates a partner who is overly critical, nagging, worried, detailed, judgmental, etc. or they could be prone to acting in this manner in their relationships. 


People with Juno in Virgo are attracted to partners who are organized, dependable, reliable, and stable.

They often lack these traits and they compensate them through a partner who has them.

These people often don’t mind their partner telling them what to do or showing the way some things are done.

In some cases, they tend to be the ones who act in such a manner in their relationships.

If Juno is badly placed in their natal charts, they could be prone to attracting relationships where there is a lot of judgmental behavior and criticism between the partners.

They could end up with a partner who is overly critical and prone to nagging.