Pluto in 11th House

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Natal charts are divided into twelve fields, otherwise known as houses. Now, these houses represent different segments of an individual’s life and they do not have to be equal in size.

Since the earth was round, the sunlight falls unevenly over its surface, making the diagram uniquely divided. The diagram itself, meaning the natal chart, represents the sky, the planetary distribution at the time of an individual’s birth.

Houses represent areas of life and our experiences related to specific fields of life would depend on the planets and signs associated with them.

The planets would take place inside the houses (or not, since we could have empty houses) and play the roles described by the signs they match. Since this could sound a bit perplexing, let us give you an analogy.

The houses could be understood as the theatre stage or a movie setting, as you wish, the planets are actors and signs represent their roles.

Each combination would affect the chart and the native’s overall experience of life, just as a particular character’s script would affect the whole plot. Sounds interesting?

Well, let us learn about one particular combination, planet Pluto acting in the Eleventh House.

Eleventh House in Astrology

The Eleventh House is an auspicious field, considering it is largely about successes of many kinds.

This field is related to our dreams and wishes and, as such, it could tell if we were going to live our dreams or not. In a way, we could associate it with the field that comes before, the Tenth House, which was that of success, with a focus on professional success. Now, the Eleventh House is something beyond.

It is about the maintenance of our successes, but also of further, future, and desired growth. Besides, there was another reason why would many astrologers consider it one of the most important and auspicious houses.

The Eleventh House is associated with money and with large amounts of money. It tells about whether you were capable to obtain significant amounts of money or not.

This house is also associated with rewards, pensions, earnings of different sorts. This beneficial field could also be considered the house of gain, not only because it is literally associated with gaining financial reward, earning through work, earning and getting significant pension or whatsoever.

It is also about the love you receive from people, so it includes both tangible and intangible gains. It could point out some pretty amazing things.

The Eleventh House helps you notice and seize opportunities and it has much to do with social circles and your attitude towards it. It tells about unions, alliances, cooperation, organization and all social circles you mingle around and that were in some connection to your career.

This house also tells about circumstances over which you do not have much control over.

Well, the eleventh field is quite a social one, so it has other people involved, meaning that the self is not in focus here and on a good side.

This is primarily and above all else, many would agree, the house of friendship. In this regard, the Eleventh House tells about the type of friends we choose to have by our side, but also about ourselves as friends, which depends greatly of the sign the field matches, the planets inside or ruling.

The Humanitarian House

The Eleventh House is greatly about our humanitarian nature and humanitarian interests. It tells about how ded8icated and loyal we were, what kind of attitude we have towards people who are in need of help and support.

Often people who feel good helping others have many planets in the Ninth House. They are great philanthropists, humanitarians and altruists.

The eleventh field reveals our humanitarian side and it also indicates people we could expect support and help from, if we were the ones in need.

In general, nature of the Eleventh House is that of the planet Uranus, so it requires an incredible openness towards new circumstances and conditions, but also the readiness of the native to selflessly offer help and support.

The position of the ruler of the Eleventh House would indicate the place in which the native could express the best of him or herself, the greatest creativity and originality.

It also tells about the native as a part of the society, the degree to which the native fits in and in what way. In general, it indicates good relations, humanitarian activities, social organizing and such.

The Eleventh House tells about what we have accomplished and what we dream of and also what could we further gain from what we have already achieved. This is the house associated with neighborhood, but also with older brothers and sisters and our relations with them.

The Eleventh House is house of hope and an optimistic field, since it is generally of a mild and benevolent nature.

This astrological field is identified with the concept of social responsibility and the connection is clearly visible in the concepts of humanitarian activity and social circles and organizing.

This is the house of Aquarius, an Air house and a succedent one. Some authors would call it the house of social relations. In the following paragraphs, we will see how Pluto affects the Eleventh House.

Pluto in Mythology

In ancient Roman mythology, Pluto was the god of death. He was not an evil god, although people would not exactly worship death gods, as expected.

However, Pluto was also associated with the concept of wealth, as he ruled the depth of the earth, where many riches lie hidden from our mortal eyes. Pluto’s Greek counterpart was, as you probably know, Hades.

Hades and Pluto share two dominant myths, that of the overthrowing of Cronus/Saturn and sharing of the rule over the world between three brothers and the myth of the abduction of Persephone.

Although not the same in character, Pluto and Hades were the same figure. In general, Pluto was considered strict, fair and just, although people were afraid of the lord of the realm of the dead.

Pluto in Astrology – Planets in Houses

Pluto is the planet many associate with mystical powers and magical properties. This planet is believed to possess the incredible potential for destruction, but also for healing and regeneration.

As a planet of powerfully destructive energy and as a collective planet, Pluto is considered ‘responsible’ for wars, catastrophes, cataclysms and tragedies of a big scale.

It is also associated with dark and obscure places, such as graveyards, tunnels, caves, basements, abandoned and gloomy structures and else.

On the other hand and on a psychological level, this is the planet of regeneration, of the inner transformation and a path to enlightenment.

Pluto represents our deepest and darkest, lowest impulses, the animalistic self, the carnal desire and lust, possessiveness, jealousy, obsessions and fixations, the need to own and to dominate. Pluto is, well, the ruler of Scorpio.

Pluto is associated with dangerous people, with terrorists and criminals, with mafia, with mages and sorcerers, with secret societies and dark business and interests of all sorts.

However, it is also the planet of those who fight against the darkness or were, at least, meant to do so, such as police, detectives, and investigators.

It is also the plant associated with spies, with political power, with wealth and influential positions. Pluto rules resources that give one power.

The Planet of Transformation

This planet has a potential both to destroy and to renew; Pluto has transformative, very powerful energy. It forces you to break the bonds with old things, in order to be reborn.

Pluto leads to separation, in order to grow; death and life, interwoven, that is Pluto.

People who have an emphasized Pluto would often experience loss, in order to gain something.

On a deep, psychological level, it means that you should face your demons and let them go. You feel that you have to overcome them, but to be honest, no one likes facing them. Pluto would make you do.

As you resist, Pluto’s energy becomes turbulent and destructive and it affects other areas of life of the native. However, once you accept the problematic and face it, Pluto would actually help you get over it.

The feeling would be that of awakening, of rebirth; such is the regenerative power of Pluto. It would make you struggle, but only to grow, to transform and become stronger, in fact.

People who are influenced by Pluto often feel as if they were somehow different from others. The truth is that they go through this transformative process and could reach areas others cannot.

They are often highly intuitive; they have a tendency to control things. Depending on your natal chart, Pluto’s energy would make its way.

Pluto represents the evolution of the soul, in a way, although transformative processes needed for such a growth would often be traumatic for the native, though not fruitless. Pluto could take everything away from you, to prove you that you can and that you will grow without it.

In addition, Pluto often awakens interest into the esoteric, magical, mysterious and obscure. People influenced by Pluto are commonly interested into the afterlife, the occult, the paranormal and else.

Everything Pluto itself represents could be a subject they would dwell upon, research and investigate. Pluto is the planet of magnetic energy and of hidden powers.

Pluto in the Eleventh House – Pluto in 11th House

Pluto in the Eleventh House breed hostility towards groups of people; membership in a group is not their idea of socializing. They do not like organizations, societies, clubs or whatever other type of social gathering.

If the native with Pluto in the Eleventh House was a member of a group, be sure there are deeply personal reasons behind it. They would join the group for the sake of their personal development, personal transformation and healing.

It could also happen that they have an idea about the social change and the transformation of the society overall. For these reasons, they might join to an organization, though not particularly happy about the sole fact of joining.

These natives are greatly affected by the environment, in terms of changes and adaptation. Many things that were beyond their control would force them to change and adjust.

Many times, it would happen that the circumstances find them completely unprepared and unwilling. The transformative effects often start from the outside for these natives; they come from their environment. This is something to be particularly cautious about.

Pluto wants you to transform and grow and the eleventh field makes the ground for the transformation, which is the society, the environment, the people around etc.

However, this is kind of a test for the native. He or she may feel as if the circumstances require their immediate change. The native may feel as if they have to listen to others and change according to their dreams, will and needs.

That is not the case and the trick is to make a clear distinction between what you truly, deeply wish and what others desire or even expect.

Pluto in 11th House – The Voice of Change

People with Pluto in the Eleventh House need to listen to their inner voice and then to incorporate it into how they feel about the circumstances gives, expectations of others, their own ideas of the society and so on.

These natives are likely to experience problems related to groups gathered around a specific subject or interest.

People with Pluto in the Eleventh House could be involved with politics. Such people hate sitting aside and letting the group make decisions that seem unfitting, especially if they have an idea on how to do things better. However, the activity would depend on the overall personality of the native.

If the native does not have firmly established system of values, ideals and beliefs, others could easily manipulate his or her power and use it for their own causes.

However, once the native becomes sure of the own ideals, such a person could become an influential figure, a leader and a herald of social change.

These people need their voice to be heard; they could be great visionary leaders. They do have great potentials to succeed and influence other.

However, with Pluto in the Eleventh House, the range of the success would ultimately depend on choices that you make, your willingness or unwillingness to participate or not. In any case, you have a strong potential.