Mercury Opposite Pluto Synastry

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Astrology is probably the oldest ‘science’ on earth. Long before the first civilized societies, humans would look up into the sky and search for some answers.

At first, those were probably only some practical answers, survival guide. They would follow stars and constellations for the purpose of navigation, during their nomadic movements and hunt.

Humans have been followed the stars ever since and it is, indeed, such a romantic way of looking into astrology. In ancient days of some of the oldest and the mightiest civilizations of the old world, astrology was praised and even awed.

People have always known that there must be some connection between those sparkling stars and our own world.

Astrological systems have developed in ancient Sumer, Babylon, Egypt and elsewhere. Ancient Greeks and Romans have also taken profound interest in astrology. Western astrology is associated with ancient Persia.

Other systems have developed in China and Japan, on Tibet and in India. Each of these is magnificent, complex and distinctive from one another.

Nevertheless, all great astrological systems have one thing in common. They all believe in a mysterious connection between human world and that wondrous space we see above our heads.

In old ages, astrology and astronomy were taken equated; in early modern era, astrology was dismissed. Astronomy became the official science.

Astrology has remained an alternative. Even though this old discipline has gone through all kinds of periods regarding its position within societies of the world, it still lives on.

In fact, in the era of global communication, astrology is fully accessible to all. You could get a natal chart report by opening another tab just while reading this article.

Modern astrology seems to move closer to official sciences, as contemporary trends show great interest into the alternative, as a whole.

Alternative medicine, for example, seems to be in focus nowadays, along with conventional western medicine. It seems that spirituality and science are moving closer to one another.

Astrology perhaps plays its part within this modern revival of ancient practices. Well, many people would write their horoscope sign as some kind of personal mark, as an introduction, in fact. Does this make any sense?

Well, your zodiac sign is only a part of your natal chart, though it certainly plays a role in shaping up your personality.

Natal Astrology and Synastry Reading

That said, let us explain what natal chart represents and why would it be important for a synastry report. Natal chart is a frozen image of the Solar system.

It represents the distribution of the planets at the time you were born.

This image of the sky would affect and shape up your destiny, as astrology claims our destinies were written in the stars.

Planets have their nature and their energies; each represents certain concepts, ideas and relates to specific areas of our lives. Their interplay in a natal chart would make you a person you are today. However, it is more complicated than that.

This sounds as if you could simply lie down and watch as the roll of your faith unfolds itself.

Well, it would not work without your engagement; it would, in fact, but then you would definitely not use your potentials the way you could. This is important for synastry or any other compatibility report.

Synastry compares charts of different people in order to find out how compatible they were. Thus, the astrologer has to know about each person’s natal chart.

Synastry Reading and Compatibility

The astrologer would analyze each chart and focus on specific elements.

Since we are talking about romantic compatibility between two individuals, the focus would be on each individual’s tendencies regarding relationships, commitment, romance, compassion, passion et cetera.

The astrologer would see if there were some major differences in their views on life and else.

Synastry report would show how compatible those people were. It could, for example, show up as poor compatibility and discourage you. This is the case with online compatibility calculators presenting results as percentage of compatibility.

You need a full and detailed report, such as synastry. Synastry would explain why you were compatible or not.

That said, synastry does not predict the outcome of your connection.

It points out the weakest points of your mutual life, the happiest circumstances and so on. It helps you better to understand a field of life, which does not function well, and it even leads to better solutions. It points out some rather beautiful points you are perhaps not so well aware of.

Synastry and Astrological Aspects

The most of the synastry is about astrological aspects. Each aspect is a contact. People are often wrong to think that seeing ‘negative’s aspects would make their relationship fail.

The truth is that there were no ‘bad’ and ‘good’ aspects, although some could be problematic and rather challenging.

Each aspect makes a contact and contacts are needed in a relationship. Right?

There were five major aspects, of which the two were heavy, two were flowing and one could be both. Each relationship would most likely present as a combination of different aspects.

This unique mixture is what makes a relationship unique. Furthermore, your engagement regarding the aspects is what makes a relationship develops into a certain direction. It all depends on you.

Synastry could be precious guideline for any relationship. Synastry analyzes aspects point by point and thus gives you an insight into certain shared values, differences and many more.

It is a palette that represents all elements that constitute one relationship. Isolated aspects do not define a relationship, which is what you should always bear in minds.

Opposition Aspect in Synastry

That said, let us talk exactly about the most notorious of all aspects, the opposition. Some people tend to freak up if seeing too many oppositions in their synastry reports.

Well, it could appear a bit discouraging, since oppositions mean – opposition, trouble, conflict.

However, the potential of an opposition could sometimes used for good. That is not always the case, but it depends on other aspects and elements.

Oppositions represent a troublesome contact with colliding energies. This aspect reminds of a moral fable about two stubborn goats on a bridge.

Well, the manifestation of one opposition in synastry would depend on the planets involved and of the whole image of the synastry. We shall learn more about it on our example of Mercury opposite Pluto.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

The messenger of gods, Mercury or Hermes, was usually depicted as a handsome, athletic young man, wearing winged sandals and helmet.

Mercury was considered the most agile and skillful of all gods and also the cleverest.

He was the protector of inventors, travelers, adventurers and explorers, but also of thieves and tricksters. In short, he protected all the clever ones, so to say.

Mercury in astrology represents communication and information, in the first place, which corresponds with attributes to the god Mercury.

Mercury represents youth, children, primary and basic education, practical knowledge, crafts. Mercury helps us efficiently finish everyday tasks and take care of mundane issues.

This planet represents our logic and reason. Mercury plays important role in any type of a relationship, including a romantic one, of course. Communication is one of the cornerstones of a pleasant and harmonious relationship.

The way you are going to express your emotions and thoughts towards one another would greatly depend on aspects involving Mercury.

Pluto in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Pluto represents power, mystery, obsession and possession. This planet is associated with deep connections, with invisible bonds and with great power.

In a relationship, Pluto could play a very significant role, depending on aspects involving this planet. These roles would usually have to do with power, domination and transformation.

Pluto or Hades was the god of the underworlds, in ancient pantheons. He was not much loved by people, for obvious reasons, but he was not hated.

Greeks would refrain from saying Hades’ name aloud; they would rather use descriptive names, so not to invoke the spirit of death. However, Hades’ gloomy kingdom was considered inevitable.

This powerful inevitability resides in Pluto as an astrological planet. This distant and mysterious ruler of the Scorpio sign has to do with might and domination.

Pluto pulls strings from the shadows, one might say. Pluto wants to transform everything to suit its own taste. Pluto in heavy aspects could bring in many problems.

Mercury Opposite Pluto Synastry – Overpowering Darkness

When Mercury opposes the other planet, it is very likely that there would be some communication problems.

Well, Mercury is all logic and reason, quick and effective in putting their thoughts and feelings into words. Pluto, in the other hand, could be a tough one at that.

Pluto is deep and dark, so the person would not speak up so directly and openly; Pluto loves mysteries and has a tendency to go much deeper (and darker than the other one. Pluto is very likely to project their own emotions and thoughts onto Mercury.

In fact, this relationship could end up with Mercury simply speaking up what mighty Pluto feels and thinks. Mercury expresses emotions Pluto was essentially unwilling to express aloud.

This especially applies to feelings that Pluto (and possibly the other one) might see awkward and somehow a taboo.

Mercury Opposite Pluto – A Ray of Light

Mercury becomes a channel for Pluto’s emotions. This is not a good direction, since Mercury then ends up obsessing themselves with Pluto’s own issues.

Pluto’s influence is strong and it could really bring Mercury down, as it loses its own cheerful and youthful spirit and forgets about their own needs. This connection requires additional agents that would brighten up the day.

Dark Pluto would easily drown Mercury into their world of mysterious indirect emotions and thoughts.

There is hope that Mercury be strengthen by some other elements from individual chart and somehow manage not to take up Pluto’s issues as their own burden.

Pluto could help Mercury bring out deeper feelings, while Mercury could help Pluto not to drown themselves into the void and take Mercury down with them.