Saturn in 12th House

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The destiny of the world has been written in the stars, according to astrology. Our lives are wonderful, unique and original pieces of a wonderfully patterned cosmic image.

Astrological systems from all around the world connect our individual lives with the Universe and it laws.

Astrology as we know it originates from the ancient past. Its roots seize back to prehistoric times, according to various studies.

What could this ‘science of the starts’ tell about our days on earth? Astrological readings could offer some precious answers.

Many people think it is all about the horoscope sign, but that is not true. Each element in an astrological reading has to be studied very carefully.

Moreover, each element of a natal chart makes a part of a complex and unique pattern of an individual’s destiny.

The Meaning of Astrological Houses

You have certainly heard about astrological houses, as one of the most important constitutive part of an astrological chart, crucial to astrological readings.

Houses are segments you could see in a natal chart; each segment represents an area of life or, to be more precise, the experience of a particular field of life. There were twelve houses, analog to twelve zodiac signs.

Houses could be divided into three groups: the angular, the succedent and the cadent. We could also associate them with four elements, so we have Fire, Earth, Air and Water Houses.

Today we are going to talk about the last of the astrological houses, the mysterious Twelfth House. We shall see how the great malefic Saturn manifests its energy when inside this astrological field.

The Twelfth House in Astrology – 12th House in Astrology

The Twelfth House is an intriguing one. It is the last of the astrological fields and the last of so-called evil houses. The twelfth field is associated with the mystical, hidden, secretive and covert. It has to do with loneliness, solitude, isolation and with hidden enemies.

This field also has to do with the realm of dreams and imagination, with intuition, spirituality, spiritual growth, the past and visions.

This astrological field is also known as the house of self-deception and self-destruction.

It is associated with losses, with lost things, with poverty, outcomes, and debts. It is associated with dark and isolated places, such as monasteries, but also hospitals or prisons.

Its nature appears to be similar with Saturn, the planet we are to talk about later on. It is analog to Pisces sign, being one of the cadent houses and a Water house.

The Twelfth House is also associated with formation of idealistic goals, with artistic talent or interests, with a metaphysical point of view, with imagination and spiritual transcendence.

This house also has to do with previous incarnations and the concept of karma. Interpreting the twelfth field, we touch many questions related to a native’s karma.

This house also has to do with our hidden weaknesses, but also with our hidden strengths. Complicated romantic relationships could be understood through this house. It is also associated with secret love affairs.

Of course, the actual experience related to this field would depend on the planets and aspects involved.

Saturn in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Houses

Saturn was one of the major Roman deities, the counterpart of Cronus in Greek mythology. Ancient Greeks and Romans treated this deity in a different way.

Greeks did not like him very much, since, according to the myth, Cronus devoured his children, in fear of being overthrown, which is how he himself got his throne (he has overthrown his father Uranus).

However, Cronus has faced the same destiny, overthrown by his son, the mighty Zeus.

Romans appreciated Saturn very much. He was the deity associated with agriculture and abundance. According to Roman tradition, Saturn has taught people how to work the soil, how to grow wine, other plants and grain. They represented Saturn as an older man with a sickle in his hand. The rule of Saturn was considered the golden age of humanity.

In astrology, Saturn is closer to Greek mythology. Saturn is the greatest and the most dangerous malefic; figuratively speaking, the heaviest of all astrological planets.

Saturn is popularly known as the ‘planet of suffering’, as it is associated with all the hard times we face, with misery, desperation, sorrow, struggle, difficulty, limitations, illness, poverty and despair.

Traditionally associated with concepts of form and structure, Saturn represents boundaries and limits. With Saturn, the soul is trapped inside the physical body. Thus, Saturn represents the elderly, the old age, illness.

Saturn is associated with karma, with all of our ancestors, with burdens of the past, with chronic illness, with narrow views. Saturn wants to limit and to control everything.

No one actually likes this planet, because Saturn is tutor very difficult to get along with. However, Saturn plays a vital role in everyone’s life.

Although its lessons are typically painful, severe, hard to comprehend, let alone to accept as necessary, they are needed. Without Saturn’s influence, we would not know what responsibility, order and organization were.

Saturn offers a lesson on patience, loyalty, tradition and structure. It helps us preserve things that are to be preserved. It awakens our sense of responsibility and discipline.

Although the mechanism by which it works is not a pleasant one, it is not meant to be avoided in total.

Well, no one could really do that. We have to understand the purpose of a Saturn’s lesson, in order to accept it and use into our advantage.

Saturn in the Twelfth House – Saturn in 12th House

Saturn in the Twelfth House generally leads to isolation, short-term or a longer-term, depending on the situation. It makes you feel the need to step away from the world, burdened by all kinds of things, in order to find some peace within.

People who have Saturn in the Twelfth House tend to deal with others’ problems, trying to resolve them, regardless of actually willing to do so or not. Some of them deeply identify with those who suffer.

They cannot ‘defend’ themselves from others’ suffering; such a deep compassion is burdening and overwhelming, so these people often appear unhappy, sad and are prone to depressive mood.

Such is the burden of trying to resolve everyone’s problems, usually neglecting personal issues that require some work. In fact, others’ issues become your own, with Saturn in the Twelfth House. These people worry too much.

Saturn in the Twelfth House is tightly associated with the sense of regret and repentance, which are not the same. The former is likely to take place more frequently. The sense of guilt follows people with Saturn in the Twelfth House throughout life.

They often feel guilty for things they are not guilty about. They are under attack of false accusations and imposed guilt; they are very sensitive to it and take it personally.

If Saturn in the Twelfth House was in an unfavorable position, with challenging aspects, it indicates fears and phobias, usually originating from early childhood days. These are typically related to the fear of loss or surrendering to emotions.

Fears such as that of paranormal activities, fear of the dark, claustrophobia and similar phobias are common in these people.

With Twelfth House Saturn in heavy aspects, people often face troubles and problems related to their partner’s job and/or health. They are also very worried about their children’s health, afraid of losing children.

Very likely, they have an ancestor who was in prison, a concentration camp or anything of the sort.

However, depending on the sign matching Saturn, its nature in the Twelfth House is being further modified.

Depending on aspects and position in the sign, Saturn in the twelfth field could manifest in other ways than these. Twelfth House Saturn people could become individuals of the incredibly strong spiritual energy, strong willed and focused, very dedicated and loyal. They are patient and ready to work hard towards their ideals, until the end of their days.

These people have no problem with waiting. They have a good focus and personal integrity; they would not give up their causes easily, guided by their ideals. They tend to take up a very stoic life philosophy.

There are certain health issues they are susceptible to, though. Their eyesight could be poor, vision problems are common, as well as inherited rheumatic disorders and poor teeth health.

Saturn in the Twelfth House – Imprisoned by Guilt

Saturn in the Twelfth House indicates a person who is always ready to help their closest ones in trouble, although he or she often takes up more burden than necessary.

If their Saturn was in challenging aspects, it indicates an overwhelming sense of loneliness and insecurity about relations with other people.

That is, perhaps, one of the reasons why they want to help everyone and why they burden themselves with other’s problems.

This person is torn from within by the constant sense of guilt that is difficult to explain, since many times they feel guilty without any apparent reason. This is another reason why they turn to others and try to resolve their problems.

It seems as if they always seek a way to repent, even if there is no actual reason for them to feel sinful or guilty. They would rarely admit their sense of guilt to others, though.

They do not tell others that they feel guilty or lonely; they help others, instead. They tend to be very enigmatic, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

They are not easy to win over and they keep their walls high and impenetrable. They are afraid of loss and of emotional breakdown, since they already suffer from exhausting emotionality.

There is another reason for avoiding commitment and closeness. They are very insecure, if their Saturn was in challenging aspects. If that was the case, these people suffer from low self-esteem. They do not think they deserve to be happy; they find themselves unworthy.

Feeling so burdened by the sense of guilt and unworthiness, they find it easier to reject a romantic proposal.

Others may find them distant and cold, because of that. The truth is that they actually feel very lonely, insecure, depressed and trapped from the inside.

They shut all the doors, retreat and suffer in silence. They are very introverted people, but even so, they do not actually deal with their emotions; they suppress them, instead.

Saturn in 12th House – A Dedicated Scholar

There is always the other side of the coin. Well, people tend to blame the malefic Saturn for all their misfortunes, negativity and troubles in life. True, Saturn is not an easygoing companion. Neither the Twelfth House was a particularly lovely playground.

However, if Saturn inside the Twelfth House were in favorable aspects, the native’s experience would be quite different.

With good aspects, Saturn in the twelfth field becomes an indicator of wisdom, profoundness of the mind, deep knowledge, and distinctive level of intelligence, dedication and patience.

Metaphysical subjects commonly occupy people with Saturn in the Twelfth House. They enjoy researching, reading, fathering knowledge. They study systematically and very patiently.

Harmonious aspects of Saturn inside the twelfth field indicate deep emotions towards the partner. An individual with Saturn in the Twelfth House has deep feelings towards the loved one.

These people are dedicated, loyal and fully committed when in love. We have said they do not commit easily, if Saturn was in challenging aspects.

They never rush, even if the situation was different. They want a stable and a deep relationship, so they do not get romantically engaged just for fun.

In addition, they could be very charming, because they are one of a kind. Highly individualistic, very intelligent, well educated, with a profound knowledge about not so common themes, they make for a good and inspiring company.

They are pleasant to talk to and you could always learn from them. It is very likely that they were interested into arts or that they are artists themselves.

Saturn in the Twelfth House – Synastry

Saturn in the Twelfth House synastry overlay indicates a very deep emotional connection between partners.

With such a position of Saturn, one of the partners possibly suffers from fears and phobias. One could also feel very insecure and lonely in the relationship.

This synastry overlay requires mutual adjustment to the cosmic energy, in order to help things develop in a natural way.

Saturn in 12th House – Transit

Saturn in the Twelfth House makes for a mysterious and a deep transit. The Twelfth House is a mysterious field in itself. It turns seconds into hours, minutes into days and days into years.

Saturn is the planet that represents control and the structure. When it transits the Twelfth House, it gets in touch with the spiritual world, but also feels at risk of disappointment and of change. Saturn does not like changes, but continuous order.

The Twelfth House indicates loss of control, so Saturn’s transit over this field is not associated with pleasant period. Throughout this transit period, we could face with the failure of our plans, with bad material situation, loss of job or whatsoever.

This transit manifests as a period of desperation and emptiness. It indicates losing the sense of pleasure and joy.

When Saturn takes place in the Twelfth House, all the pleasure ceases. Traditionally, no one wants to enter this field of misery and sorrow (although, it must be said, the Twelfth House does not bring negativity alone).

Traditionally, the twelfth field symbolizes places no one likes, such as prisons or hospitals; the places deprived of earthly pleasures.

The Twelfth House is also home of our Ego and overcoming the self. During Saturn’s transit over this field, we may enter darker corners of our self, in order to avoid outer enemies. It is a period of isolation, forced or chosen; most likely a mixture of both.

During the time of our ‘imprisonment’ and self-isolation, we may get in touch with the spiritual sphere.

The universal law of the Twelfth House Saturn transit is suffering as the one and the only path to light. Per aspera ad astra, as the Latin proverb says. We have to suffer, in order to reach the spiritual truth.

Saturn in the Twelfth House leads to a change of tides, in an energetic, physical and material sense. We have to lose something, in order to enter the next chapter, the new cycle.