Mercury Trine Neptune Synastry

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Astrology could possibly be the oldest known science. People are right being reluctant to call it a science, since, in our age, astrology is not considered an acknowledged, official science.

Astronomy, on the other hand, is. However, in older days, astronomy and astrology were equally treated. In fact, they were not separated at all.

Taken as a pseudo science, astrology seems to be very popular nowadays. Globalization and, of course, inevitability of the internet made astrology easily accessible, just as many other things.

Online astrological charts, readings, interpretations and explanations, such as our article, for example, are accessible virtually to anyone connected to the internet.

You could type your basic info and get a full natal chart report, for example. It could be e generic report, but also thoroughly examined and analyzed one, by a professional astrologer.

Although astrology is an alternative path, yes, on could be a real expert in the field. The question of astrology’s status has been debated ever since.

Let us look back into to past, for a little while. It would help us understand the immensity of this mysterious ‘science’ and its value. Roots of astrology could even be traced into prehistoric times.

Prehistoric humans would use sky as a map, carefully observing constellations and celestial phenomena. Sunsets and sunrises, moon phases and season, it has been important to us since far, far past.

By naming certain celestial objects, such as stars and planets, constellations and so on, humans have been developing a more intimate relationship with the universe. Deities associated with certain planets, for instance, are a good example of this type of closeness.

People have always been aware those far away spheres somehow affect our life here.

Western modern astrology is associated with ancient Persia, although it must be said that the first horoscope is associated with Babylon and that all great civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia had a profound interest in astrology.

Moreover, astrological systems have developed in other regions, such as Tibet, India, China and Japan, for example.

Although these systems are different, they all have the same thing in common and it makes the core of each of these systems; it is the belief in relation and a connection between human world and that of the heavens above our heads.

Astrology is also in close relation to their disciplines; you are very likely familiar with that of the Chinese medicine and astrology.

Natal Astrology and Astrology of Relations

Since we are going to talk about astrological relationships, it is of the essential importance first to introduce you to natal astrology. Natal astrology is the base of further interpretations, such as astrological compatibility.

In order to understand how compatible tow persons were, we have to see how compatible their natal charts were.

For this reason, the astrologer would first interpret each natal chart. To make things clear, we here are talking about romantic compatibility. Therefore, the astrologer takes each chart alone and reads it.

This is an important step, because each natal chart affects the relationship, even before you put them into synastry and read the report.

While reading individuals’ natal charts, the astrologer would learn about their tendencies regarding romantic relationships, in the first place. The astrologer would focus on each partner’s tendencies towards long or short relationships, marriage, family, children et cetera.

Natal charts would show if the person was interested into serious relationship, at this point, or not.

The level of compassion, empathy, kindness, gentleness, and openness in expressing romantic feelings…these are all elements that would be of precious value. These do not determine the outlook of a relationship, as other elements must be involved.

The next step is actual synastry, the comparison of the two natal charts.

Synastry Report and Romantic Compatibility

Comparing natal chart, the astrologer could read the relationship, so to say. However, this synastry report offers insights into potentials of a relationship.

It means that it does not definitely state whether the relationship is going to fall apart or not. Synastry would present the nature of the connection, the energy flowing between partners.

Synastry is a complex insight into many elements that constitute a relationship. It focuses on aspects, which is what we will be talking more about. What could a synastry offer?

It offers a treasury of valuable information you may not so directly see in reality. It helps you realize why you get along with someone and why not.

For couples, it could be precious. It will point out your qualities as a couple, your downsides and your advantages. You could, in fact, work on your relationship by having an insight into your synastry.

Of course, you could do it without synastry, but we daresay this insight would make it easier.

Sometimes people would do synastry in order to decide whether even to start dating someone.

Synastry Report and Astrological Aspects

Synastry compares two lovers’ charts (or those of potential ones) and analyzes aspects they create amongst themselves. Aspects are contacts between planets; energetic contacts. As each planet has its own nature and its own energy, aspects could manifest in different ways.

There were five basic – major – aspects. They are the conjunction, the opposition, the square, the trine and the sextile.

These aspects are usually divided into two groups, which could be quite misleading. The thing is that people tend to see aspects as black and white, good or bad.

However, since each aspect makes a contact, it is something we could in fact consider desirable. Well, a relationship is all made up of contacts.

The complexity of contacts is what makes a relationship unique and interesting, in its own way. Therefore, we should better be treating aspects as challenging or flowing, in order better to understand their effects over a synastry.

Today we deal with the most pleasant of aspects, the flowing and beneficial trine.

Trine Aspect in Synastry

The trine is the most positive of all aspects. It is a pleasant distance between planets and it allows for free energetic exchange between them. Trines are aspects that require minimal personal effort in order to present at their best.

The trine stimulates energies of the planets to manifest their best qualities.

Naturally, when in synastry, it means that there would be a naturally pleasant atmosphere; partners would understand one another well, in the field of life affected by the trine.

Trines are in favor with positive energy and harmony. Trines are desirable, both in individual charts and in synastry or any other type of reading.

Some astrologers claim that trines have the nature of the planet Jupiter, the planet considered the most benefic of all planet. Jupiter is a fortune-bringer, the planet of luck, optimism and expansion.

We could say that trines have such an overall effect over a relationship. They are easy and in favor with positive outcomes of a connection.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, which explains why this little planet unites matter, spirit and soul into one. Mercury represents communication, information, logical mind, and cleverness, everything we do and say in our daily life.

Mercury is associated with youthfulness, with children and primary education. Mercury represents communication in the widest sense possible.

This planet is associated with the ancient messenger god, Mercury in Roman or Hermes in Greek.

Mercury was the one to carry souls of the deceased to the underworld, the one to protect and guide travelers, inventors and explorers. Mercury was the god of merchandise and transport, but also of thievery and trickery.

The clever youthful Mercury was depicted as an athletic young make with wings on his sandals and his helmet.

In astrology, Mercury is one of the personal planets. It represents our communications skills, especially verbal expression, be it spoken or written.

This planet is important in synastry and the aspects it creates would tell much about the exchange of information and emotions between partners.

Mercury in favorable aspects would always contribute to mutual understanding and tolerance, because it would make things clear and help partners resolve any problems through efficient and not forceful communication and by using logic.

In bad aspects, it would be the other way around.

Neptune in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Neptune, the far blue giant is the planet of illusions, mystery, dreams, fancies and imaginary realm. Neptune is a tricky astrological agent, as it could be soothing and healing, but also poisonous.

With Neptune, the soul wants to escape boundaries of the material. Neptune often leads us beyond limitations of our material existence.

This planet makes us explore elusive, invisible realms, in search for perfection, in search for the divine. Neptune represents hope, dream, faith, everything sub conscious and elusive.

Neptune rules Pisces, the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, often lost in realms beyond the visible and tangible world we inhabit. Sometimes, Neptune makes us reject reality.

Neptune is thus associated with creativity, art, poetry, visualization, but also with healers and spiritual people. Neptune awakens our intuitive self, our inner being and our imagination.

This is one of the transcendental planets, the category well fitting its elusive nature. We shall see how blue Neptune corresponds with its distant fellow Mercury.

Mercury Trine Neptune Synastry – Creative Harmony

Trines are the most favorable of all aspects, so expect loads of flowing and beautiful energy with this aspect. Everything abstract, creative and inspirational is easy here.

Mercury and Neptune in a trine aspect awaken the best in you two, concerning the poetic, artistic, spiritual and imaginative.

At the first sight, it appears as there could be no understanding between these so different planets.

However, the trine makes them perfectly compatible! Thanks to the favorable aspect, Mercury, logical, direct and clever, easily understands all the fancies, visions and abstract inspirations of Neptune.

It comes naturally and it only inspires Mercury and makes it want to know more about it, as Mercury loves new information.

On the other side, Mercury’s energy affects Neptune partner in the most beneficial and pleasant way. Thanks to Mercury, Neptune finds perfect words to express their own fantasies and also to make some of them come true.

These two communicate well and their connection is light, inspirational, moving. Neptune easily adapts to Mercury’s natural rhythm and the two function in perfect harmony.

Mercury Trine Neptune Synastry – A Dream Come True

This is a typical positive connection between more logical and a more abstract individual; these differences become compatible and complementary with a positive flowing aspect such as trine.

The compatibility is intuitive and instinctive; there is no need of any effort. It all comes without additional force.

Mercury is able to provide structure and form to Neptune’s elusive ideas, which results in fantastic mutual achievements.

Even if the two were not in a romantic relationship, this aspect makes for a perfect creative and executive team. In love life, this would be an enormous plus, as you to enjoy spending time with one another, never getting bored or under pressure.

Neptune’s fantastic ideas could become reality thanks to Mercury’s skillfulness and logic, which also encourages Mercury and makes them feel good.

The most beautiful example of a mutually inspiring relationship is Mercury trine Neptune. They do so creatively and support one another in making their dreams come true.

These two could easily adapt to one another’s lifestyle and compromises come naturally.

If there were aspects that add even more to the romantic and carnal connection between the two of you, your relationship is likely to be a dream come true.