Mercury Square Pluto Synastry

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Comparative astrology is a specific branch of the greatly inspiring ‘science of the stars’ that specifically analyzes relationships between people, based on their astrological profiles, as seen in natal charts.

Synastry in astrology refers exactly to analyses of the two birth charts in relation to one another. Therefore, synastry is inseparable from natal astrology.

In order fully to understand how two people would interact, on an astrological level, an astrologer would first have to analyze the two natal charts separately. In other words, he or she would have to get to know each one, so that the connection could be seen clearly.

Both natal astrology and synastry are tremendously inspiring and insightful disciplines, to say, in astrology as a whole.

In general, comparative astrology could involve as many chart as you want, but the most common practice is an analysis of the two charts compatibility. More precisely, it is usually about the romantic type of a relationship.

The important thing to mention is, of course, that synastry is not something set in the stone. It should make you to think through the relationship.

What is The Synastry About?

It could tell about the potential relationship or one that you are already in. The synastry itself tells about potentials, about strengths and weaknesses of one particular connection.

This is why you have first to have an insight into both charts.

When analyzing separate charts, one should focus on several important segments. It is very important to focus on questions such as expectations from love life and conceptions and perceptions of it.

An astrologer would look into each of the person’s involved tendencies regarding relationships.

The level and the type of sympathy, their ideas about family, marriage and such, their way of expressing affection, their goals regarding the romantic life and more. Of course, all other elements play a role in such an in depth analysis.

Once the charts are observed from the point of astrological compatibility, in synastry, one could see where the two people are the closest, what they have in common and what would be the weaknesses of their relationship.

In case of people who are, for example, married, this insight could help in understanding why certain things do not work well and what should perhaps be worked on.

The synastry would of course give you an insight into what should be encouraged in your connection, what are the good sides and why exactly are you two attracted by one another.

Aspects make the picture complex and each should be carefully observed. Today we are to talk about an uneasy one, Mercury square Pluto synastry aspect.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – The Importance in Synastry

Before we move onto concrete subject, let us quickly run through the mythological and astrological meanings of the planets in this aspect. Understanding their roles would help us better understand the nature of the connection they create in synastry.

Mercury is one of the personal planets and plays an important role in both natal charts and synastry. It is the planet of communication.

In antiquity, Mercury was the messenger god, the god of travel, trade, communication, commerce and all related. He was the deity of youth, but he was also carrying the souls of the dead to Hades. Mercury is the Roman counterpart to the Greek god Hermes.

In astrology, Mercury is associated with communications skills, verbal expression in any form, conversation, commerce, thinking and practical mind.

Mercury is not about an in depth study, but about practical solutions. It is associated with quick mind, effectiveness, movement, activity, travel. It is an essential element in a natal chart responsible for creating connections in social life.

Mercury is very important when it comes to colleagueship, partnerships, friendships and so many more.

If Mercury was in good aspects in relation to other planets and favorably positioned, the person would have no problem in efficiently expressing their mind. In short, it means the individual would not experience any problem in communication.

The medium, which would suit him or her the best, would depend on other elements in the chart.

If the aspects were bad, it is very likely that the person would experience communication problem; he or she would have the feeling that it is impossible to express what they think by words.

One could be shy and too closed for the outer world, or the person would be very reckless and thoughtless in communication.

Now when we have this in mind, we easily see why Mercury would be of much importance to look at in synastry.

Pluto in Mythology and Astrology – The Importance in Synastry

Let us look into this distant and mysterious planet, before we see how it interacts with Mercury in synastry. Pluto is associated with the deity of death, Hades in Greek mythology and his Roman counterpart, Pluto, after which the planet was named.

Pluto is associated with the underworld, the realm to which the souls go after the physical body dies.

Therefore, Pluto is veiled with mystery; it represents everything we cannot see or touch. Pluto symbolizes that transition, the transformation of the energy.

Although associated with the gloomy realm of the dead, the god Pluto or Hades was never considered an evil deity. He was associated with mercy and justice, as well.

However, the ancients feared him, since the death of the body was something inevitable. However, Pluto represents that circle of energy, transformative energy.

It is associated with mysteries, with power as well, as it is the higher octave of the planet Mars.

Pluto rules the zodiac sign of Scorpio. In synastry, one would say aspects with Pluto are not very welcome, as it is considered the planet that turns the connections into fixation, obsession, something that could be destructive.

Square Aspect in Astrology – Synastry

The square aspect is not a favorable one. The square represents limitations and restriction of energies. This aspect does not allow the energy fully to present with its positive vibes.

Two planets in square aspect are tense; their connection is heavy. The square represents stagnation, strict division, contrasts, pressure and tension.

Each square found in astrological charts is based on tremendously strong energy that is not very useful. It could cause confrontations and outbursts over again. It is associated with enmity, conflicts, arguing, tense relationships, stagnating, suppressed energies.

The square usually makes it very difficult to find a compromise and balance.

The field of life that is affected by the square aspect should be the one to take care about, to be cautious within and to search for balance and harmony within, as much as it is possible.

The purpose of this aspect is to awaken the tolerance. It is the aspect of self-examination and fitting into the life. If you do not pay attention, its negativities will overpower.

Synastry in Astrology

We have already talked about the comparative astrology, so let us go through some basics of synastry in brief. The term synastry comes from the Greek prefix syn, which stands for the interconnection, and astron, which means ‘a star’.

Astrologers claim we all have great potentials to find and to develop a harmonious relationship with another person.

However, the first step is to find the balance within. Once we are in peace within our own selves, we would be capable to form a balanced and stable relationship with another person.

Human lives, destinies and personalities are all very different and very complex.

The awareness about heaviness of the aspect does not mean you should never start a relationship unless you have reached the perfect balance from within. That is an ideal situation; relationships also help us grow, explore our inner world and that of the people we are connected to.

Synastry would help you have a better insight into the nature of one relationship and thus help you better understand the other person, but also to learn more about yourself. It tells about potentials of one particular relationship and gives you clues on how to deal with it.

Mercury Square Pluto in Synastry

Mercury forming a challenging aspect with Pluto is, well, a challenging connection and not exactly one to wish for. Mercury square Pluto is a heavy connection, as it brings in constant tension, especially on the level of the intellectual.

The two persons with this aspect in synastry would often quarrel and the communication between them would become unbearable at times.

This aspect makes a relationship a mind battlefield. The extremely communicative Mercury challenges the other one, proposing new opinions, ideas, and questions.

While the other one would be intrigued by it and would very likely think through it, it is not something that would go smoothly.

It could turn into a constant competition on an intellectual level, which could be tense, overpowering and exhausting.

So much tension could drive you away from other aspects of the relationship and turn it into rivalry, instead of romance. If you are a Mercury one, this aspect might become too heavy on you.

Mercury loves to talk, but does not like to think deep; not in a negative way, but simply Mercury is the planet of communication and not of philosophical debates.

On the other hand, deep and mysterious Pluto would dive deep, hooked on Mercury’s need to communicate. At times, this could be burdening to Mercury.

Pluto may be distant and mysterious, but it is a power planet. He or she might insist on their deep insights and impose the ideas he or she finds meaningful and significant.

Mercury and Pluto – Challenges

Mercury and Pluto are very different planets and a challenging aspect like restrictive, dividing square makes the differences obvious and threatening.

Therefore, we should work on building up the tolerance; although square is not much in favor with compromises, this is what you should try to do. It is a challenge, but tries to be more tolerant towards each other.

There is a great disharmony within this particular aspect. Pluto might affect generally lighter Mercury in a burdening, tense way. Pluto might insist to know all Mercury’s secrets and to put much pressure on Mercury.

Pluto is, in this regard, considered a stronger one and he or she would probably try to control Mercury and especially Mercury’s communication.

This would cause quarrels, arguments, offensive words, nervousness, pressure, aggressiveness. If we talk strictly about a romantic relationship, this aspect would possibly cause distrustfulness, suspicion and searching for guilt evidences.

Compulsive behaviors are common with this aspect. In synastry, Mercury square Pluto might lead to fear and loss of control.

This sounds pretty discouraging, but we would like to remind you that there are other aspects to look into.

Depending on the whole image, you would see if this difficult aspect would be something that you cannot overcome.

Of course, this greatly depends on separate natal charts and the types of personalities involved with the relationship.