Libra Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Long before we have named the first constellations, we have been turning to stars and skies, in search for answers. Mysteries of that immeasurable vastness above, decorated with all those sparkling spots have never ceased to intrigue us.

Despite all of our efforts, theories, projects and all the modern technological equipment, we still have poor understanding of the universe we inhabit. We have learned many things, true, but still fail to explain many more.

Stars, planets and constellations tell us about direction and many more practical things. We have figured out how to measure distance between our Earth and other planets and we keep dreaming about going out there, far away, somewhere in future.

Astronomy is surely an inspiring and complex science and it has been valued since ancient times.

Once upon a time, astronomy and astrology were the same field; astrologers or astronomers were figures of great importance. Many of old theories about cosmos were some sort of a mixture between today’s astronomy and astrology, which is not considered a ‘real’ science.

Astrology is focused on more imaginary, abstract and spiritual aspects of stars and skies.

Astrology claims that destinies of whole populations, living life, even objects or abstract entities, such as a country or a state, are all written in the stars. Astrology can predict events of great importance, whole periods of good fortune or bad luck in an individual’s life, for example.

All that is needed for such striking predictions is a person’s birth chart.

It is a diagram that represents a circle divided into twelve areas; each of these stands for specific aspect of a person’s life. Today, with all our IT progress, you can get one online, in a matter of seconds. To create a natal chart, an astrologer or even an online calculator, requires your date of birth, hour and minutes of your birth and the place.

Such data is perfectly enough. However, you need an astrologer with a lot of expertise in the field to interpret your birth chart correctly. Moreover, information you get should be carefully incorporated in what you know about yourself to the day. Your personal experience, point of view and every single detail matter.

We are sure you know what is your zodiac sign and, perhaps, your ascendant. Each sign carries specific characteristics and is greatly important in understanding your horoscope, which is, actually, a birth chart analysis we have talked about.

Say you would also like to know if the person you are dating is good for you. You are restless about figuring out if you two could be happy together. Let us move on to that.

Libra Man

Compatibility of zodiac signs is what we are here about. Okay, you would like to know if the person is right for you. The most detailed answers you can get by comparing your birth charts. However, knowing your zodiac signs and the nature of their relationship is a useful guideline.

All signs of zodiac could date, of course, but not all couples have the same sort of potential for a harmonious relationship.

Everything is possible; there are many factors determining the two people’s connection. Nevertheless, zodiac signs can tell a lot. Here we match Libra man and Pisces woman, to see how well they fare together. Are they a dream couple or this relationship is doomed? Well, let us find out more about each one of them.

Libra man is whom we talk about first. He is, by all means, a charming and lovable personality. Libra man is probably, one of the friendliest and the most easygoing zodiac gentlemen. Libra man is a philanthropist and a very sociable person. He is communicative and open.

His attitude towards life is positive and he would always choose a peaceful way of dealing with problems.

Libra man does not like to argue and he usually tries to calm things down, if others are arguing. He is intelligent, thoughtful and capable of handling stressful situations with ease. It is very unlikely you would see any Libra making drama and scandal over things. Libra man is a diplomat and commonly acts as a mediator.

His social skills are fantastic and he is loved by people.

However, Libra man does not seek attention. He could feel a bit uncomfortable if he has to speak in front of larger audience, for instance. While he is typically non-aggressive and relaxed, Libra man is intolerant of injustice. He seeks justice for anyone whose rights are violated in any way, be it a quarrel between friends or something much bigger.

He is kind, generous and relaxed personality, a friends you could always turn to and talk to. Libra man does not complain about his own problems, but he is not too proud to ask for help, if needed. He could be a bit too laid back, in fact. It happens that he misses out good opportunities, just because he has taken things for granted.

However, Libra man knows his flaws and he would work them up, so next time he could be more successful. Libra man enjoys doing creative things and he feels comfortable in all sorts of environments. He is a good team player, but he tends to have his own space. Libra man is flexible and modest in demands, at least in terms of materiality.

He is fine with having enough comfortable and steady life and he is not particularly handy with money. He is not very organized and it happens that he has spent all of his money, before the next month’s salary.

Nevertheless, he does not make drama over it and has the sense of responsibility. He will work hard, if needed and will not complain.

Most of the time he chooses the easier way and he does not stress himself about a grandiose career or so. His friends love him! There is always something to talk about with Libra man or you could both just hang out in silence. He feels other’s emotions and knows exactly what and when to say. Libra man is positive and very charming; he easily attracts the opposite sex.

Libra man would approach to the lady with a style of a true gentleman, but he does not mind if a woman approaches first. He enjoys being seduced and he loves to flirt. While generally open and easygoing, Libra man could be annoyingly indecisive when it comes to relationships.

Libra loves deeply and faithfully, so he needs time to figure out if you are what he really wants from a woman.

Pisces Woman

Mysterious, calm and peaceful, Pisces woman is one of the more enigmatic representatives of zodiac. She is gentle and often lost in her thoughts. Pisces is a sign of dual energy, changeable and mystical, because no one could ever really know either man or woman born under this sign.

On one side, Pisces woman appears shy and introvert; however, she possesses incredible inner strength and drive for romantic adventure.

However, Pisces travels more in her fantasies than in reality. Her power of imagination is immeasurable! Pisces woman is a romantic and a dreamer. She is not as phlegmatic as she appears on the outside.

On the contrary, Pisces woman has her goals and would try to find a way to accomplish it. However, she does it all in silence and on her own.

For Pisces woman, life is a never-ending game. She is flexible and adaptable, like water. She carefully observes the world and the people around. She can see through others clearly and has a lot of understanding of the world.

She is compassionate and kind towards others; Pisces woman is a friend who would always be there to listen to you and offer comfort, if needed.

She is sensing and sensitive and everything opposite of the aggressive. Pisces women are less likely to give up their cause, compared to Pisces men, which is a great advantage. If things go wrong, this intuitive lady would retreat, but only to regain her strengths or to invent another, safer and better way.

On the outside, Pisces woman might sometimes appear distant and cold, but she is in fact deeply emotional and soft.

Her dual personality confuses others and even she could get lost between her own thoughts and emotions. It does happen that she is stuck between two extremes and she does not know what she feels or thinks.

Such confusing phases require of Pisces lady to retreat for a time and let the destiny does what it should be done. Pisces woman is stylish, elegant and has a sense of politeness and lady like behavior.

She appears beautiful and very feminine; others are often impressed by how simple and astounding she could appear. Pisces woman is loyal and supportive, but not reliable in mundane things. In love, she is deeply devoted to her partner.

She needs a kind man, the one whom she would feel safe with and who brings smile to her face.

Love Compatibility

This is a strange and a complicated combination. While, at first, it appears as if these two have a lot in common, even if they belong to different group of signs, being an Air and a Water element sign, there are some crucial differences. They are of amorous nature, they enjoy dreaming and fantasizing about an ideal fairytale love life, but they are hesitant actually to start a relationship.

Both enjoy love game and seduction, but that is exactly where things could go wrong. Pisces woman is, to say, too sensitive and emotional for also compassionate and caring Libra man. He is more about fun and, if he is not deeply in love, flirting is simply what he does. It could send wrong signals to Pisces woman.

Her intuition is usually precise, but, when clouded by that consuming amorousness, it fails and Pisces woman loses her head.

It could happen early on, while these two are dating or simply hanging out together. If they were clear about being in love with one another, emotions would get balanced. However, there are other problems. After some time, Pisces could start feeling neglected, because she needs a constant attention from her partner.

Libra man loves her, but after some time, it is something that should be considered; in a relationship, he remains warm and loving, but there are no more small surprises and signs of affection, because the relationship is something that is taken for granted.

There would be no cheating or else, but Libra simply thinks, okay, that’s it and it is perfectly fine and turns to other things, while Pisces feels lonely. This is a relationship that is emotionally complicated, but they could be okay with it, if Pisces is less sensitive and find other aspects of this relationship to fill in the emptiness.

Fortunately, they trust one another, so there are poor chances jealousy would spoil their relationship. Both of them are compassionate and loyal and share similar interests. Both are familiar with humanitarian thinking and helping the humanity.

Both Libra man and Pisces woman are interested in art, nature and everything that is pleasant, calming and that has not be done in a rush. They enjoy spending days walking in nature, visiting museums or simply staying home, reading, painting, decorating their home or else of the similar sort.

Marriage Compatibility

This connection greatly varies depending on favorable aspects of ruling planets in their personal horoscopes.

If there is a lot of disharmony, this connection can become too perplexed, too confusing and exhausting emotionally. If not, there is a potential for a harmonious relationship.

Married life of Libra man and Pisces woman is calm, without much turbulence, either because there is no reason for it or because no one wants to speak about problems.

In the first case, everything is fine; in the second, things could fall apart, after a long period of tolerating accumulated stress.

If things are fine, this marriage is enjoyable, pleasant, full of happy times and without obsessing with materiality.

This is one of the rare couples where there is no argument over distributing money. They both prefer coziness to piles of gold.


It is an unlikely connection, in terms of friendship. If there are no love sparkles between the, it is unlikely they would even talk.

However, if they meet through certain shared interests and activities they could become close acquaintances and work together for the same goal.

There is rarely tension between the two or any sort of argument.

Cool Facts

To name a few, here are famous Libra man/Pisces woman couples: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Paul Simon and Edie Brickell, Christopher and Dana Reeve.

Libra man and Pisces woman could develop a sweet and harmonious connection, if aspects in their personal horoscopes are favorable.


This strange and emotionally interesting, but complicated combination could last. There are many good sides of this relationship, such as lack of jealousy and distrustfulness.

Both are selfless, kind and tolerant, loyal and emotional.

However, their perception of their emotional selves is different and hardly understood by one another.

It is something they should focus on, if they are determined in making this connection stable.