Midheaven in Leo

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Midheaven in Leo usually indicates a very expressive creative spirit and one’s need creatively to express themselves through their profession.

Leo Midheaven needs to be recognized, respected and glorified.

The planet that rules this Midheaven is the golden Sun, the brightest of stars.

Let us find out more about the Midheaven and the Tenth house, before we pass on to the detailed analysis of the Midheaven in Leo.

Midheaven – Medium Coeli meaning

Medium Coeli or the Midheaven represents the highest point on the ecliptic in an astrological natal chart, while the opposite point is Immum Coeli or the Lower Midheaven. Medium and Immum Coeli are actually the angels observed in a natal chart; there are two more important angles, Ascendant and Descendant.

Although less commonly talked about, they are essential to understand, if you are interested in deeper and more detailed analysis of your astrological destiny.

Midheaven is related to the Tenth house of the Zodiac and is considered one of the most important elements to understand in a personalized natal chart. That is because Midheaven and the Tenth house are specifically related to personal professional success and career.

Medium Coeli affects one’s career choice and the attitude towards professional development in general.

It is not solely related to what you think about your (potential) career and occupation, but also to how people see you in the professional sense. The house Ten is about your ambitions, but, more importantly, about your potentials in professional sense.

Medium Coeli could direct you towards certain career choices, by revealing what hidden potentials and talents you posses.

Medium Coeli is also about opportunities in life, in professional sense; it is about your capability to choose the right moment to act, to organize your life goals and to stick to your professional plans. It greatly depends on other factors in a personalized natal chart. The Tenth house plays a major role in there.

It is very important to look out for the planets matching your tenth house and see how they fit, what relations and aspects they create. The position of the planet that rules the Midheaven, as well as the native zodiac sign of a person in question are also of vital importance.

The opposite point, the Lower Midheaven or Immum Coeli represents one’s attitude towards home and family.

Just as everything in the universe seems to be inclined towards achieving final and unshakable balance, which is, so far, at least, impossible, our astrological charts are inclined towards the idea of balance. Each one of us, regardless of how troublesome our natal charts might be, sees to find ways to create the balance or to restore it.

So do the Midheaven and the Lower Midheaven; we all feel at our best once we find the position at least near to an equilibrium between our professional, self-development goals and our emotional, family related side.

The need to keep integrity of our own, but not to lose the sense of being a part of the humanity on both minor and major plan could be represented as a balance between these two.

Let us find out more about the Tenth house, which is identified with the Midheaven in the most of astrological systems. It is of great importance to know what each element of the birth chart is related to.

If you are particularly interested in career goals and professional success, look for your MC and your Tenth house. See which zodiac sign and planets they match.

The Tenth house and Medium Coeli

Since the Midheaven is actually the top point on the ecliptic in the Tenth house, it is very important to understand what this astrological field is related to. The Tenth house represents work, profession, career choices, professional status and one’s attitude and approach to anything and everything related to business and the professional area of life.

Each one of us has their own unique path to success. Not everyone’s professional success is measured by the same criteria, although there are several commonly shared characteristics.

Financial and social status tendencies, ambition, motivation and everything else is different in each individual. The Tenth house and the Midheaven have much to do with that.

There are marvelous real life examples of people who have achieved great success and fame by overcoming obstacles and problems impossible to go through for many others. Some other people could never progress and succeed, due to their own complicated characters, regardless of having good and favorable starting point.

There are also people to whom everything was easy; those we commonly refer to as born under a lucky star. These are ones in a million. However, the starting point does not decide one’s faith nor is it one’s intellectual capacity nor even their genius and talent. There have always been incredibly gifted people who live poorly and miserably. The success depends on many things.

Talking about the Tenth house and the Midheaven, of vital importance is to emphasize the fact that these do not definitely decide of you are going to be a successful person or not. It is of minor importance to have favorable aspects related to Medium Coeli and the tenth house, if you do not properly use the advantages given. It is always up to you.

Nevertheless, understanding your Tenth house and Midheaven can help you realize what potentials you have; there are always things we are unaware of. The analysis of the Tenth house could point out which direction one could possibly take, when it comes to career and professional development.

Those who have recognized their potentials and used the right opportunity are the ones to succeed.

The elements found in the Tenth house could indicate what things one could do, in order to develop and grow, in terms of professional self-development. The Tenth house could direct you towards doing things that appear minor and unimportant, but that could actually be the deciding actions, in terms of success.

On the other side, the tenth house could indicate possible problems and difficulties; the ones that could be avoided are important o know, so you do not waste your energy and lose focus.

The Tenth house, as the one that is considered extremely important in a personalized chart, decides one’s status, public recognition, social position and acknowledgments of one’s successes.

Midheaven in Leo – Superstars

People who have the Midheaven in Leo have a dignified and royal-like attitude that inspires great respect in others. They are mostly laid back and relaxed, but solely their presence speaks about the authority.

If they have favorable aspects in their birth charts, Leo Midheaven individuals usually have no bigger problems in balancing their professional, family and love life.

Leo Midheaven individuals are typically self-oriented; one might easily say they are egocentric.

They want attention and enjoy doing things that could be seen, recognized and glorified. They are amazingly creative people and natural born leaders. Leo Midheaven is a leader, not a follower. They are prone to drama, scandal and general extravagance.

Leo on the top of the tenth house accentuates the importance of integrity, Ego, self-confidence, self-importance, creativity and talents, competition, powerful social position and the stage.

The very idea of all of these concepts greatly motivates Midheaven Leos to work on their talents and reach some degree of public recognition. Completely regardless of personal career choices, for Midheaven Leos the very idea of fame is attractive, inspiring and motivating.

These people are honorable and they would not go over dead bodies to reach their goals.

They are positive and focused on their goals, although tend to be royal-like lazy at times. They sometimes believe everything should just come to them, because they are born to be someone important. However, they are persistent in their goals; they are brave, openhearted and very courageous.

These are people of the golden aura, noble and respectful. Others often look up to them and respect their authority. People seem to be enchanted by their spirit and they would gladly follow them. Leo Midheaven have great potential in all sorts of creative business and those related to public sphere.

They have to be recognized. We could say Midheaven Leos are born to be superstars.

Some excellent career choices for Midheaven Leos could be any in the area of entertainment; singing and acting, in the first place. They have charisma to win others’ attention and love.

Leo Midheaven people long for being applauded for their performance, even adored and worshiped. They feel very comfortable when in the spotlight; it is where they feel natural.

They could be influential and inspiring leaders in other professions and they would always add their final creative touch to the cause they support. They are stars in any profession they choose and they would never be satisfied with any low position.

Reputation and status play major importance in deciding the career path and molding up their ambition.

They are indeed very ambitious and competitive. Midheaven Leos care and care not about others’ opinions, at the same time. They are very proud of themselves and self-confident, so they do not get offended or hurt easily.

On the other hand, the public meaning is very important to them; they feed on their followers’ support.

Leo Midheaven are well fitted to do many things and they are adaptable and competent, even if they feel a bit insecure about what they are doing. They do not like their weaknesses to be seen and they tend to retreat if feeling bad.

This could be a brilliant move in some situations; in others, it could cost them good opportunities.

Positive Sides

Definitely, the most positive side of having the Midheaven in Leo is the incredible amount of self-confidence these people possess. It is also a great advantage to be likable and loved by others, which is very common with Midheaven Leos.

These people are noble, openhearted and generous characters. They are born to be stars.

It is interesting to see how it reflects in lives of those Midheaven Leos who have not achieved global recognition.

If their other aspects are favorable, these people feel good about themselves, even if there is no grandiose career. They could be satisfied with achieving less, but it has to be something others praise them for. It is never something they would do only behind closed doors. They have a gift of inspiring others, as well.

Midheaven Leos stick to their dreams and goals. They know persistence is important. They all feel as if they are born for great things. They are also talented for recognizing what would be the most fi8tting to say or do at the moment and to astound the audience. They are capable of being cool headed in crisis and they could take control over the situation.

Their attitude in crisis is: “I can handle it. Let me do it.”

They commonly achieve good professional and social position and feel proud about it. They do not complain about inconveniences, but glorify the good sides of their work.

What is extremely important is that Midheaven Leos, as competitive and ambitious as they are, they are also fair players. There is certain ‘knighthood’ vibe in their character.

Negative Sides

Negative sides of Midheaven in Leo are, of course, drama, unbearable arrogance and narcissism and dictatorship. They tend to become spoiled and too demanding, expecting that everyone and everything revolve around them.

Midheaven Leos could be real divas that grab attention by making some drama, if there is nothing else they could come up to.

They could become too demanding, terrorizing others with their impossible diva requests.

Midheaven Leos could make others feel less important. It usually does not come out of ill intentions, but because of self-preoccupation.

Leo Midheaven ones tend totally to ignore others needs and to neglect them, simply because they strongly believe the world is made for them to shine.

They could develop overly arrogant attitude towards anyone who is by any criteria on a ‘lower’ ladder.


Medium Coeli in Leo is a magnificent combination. If you have it, you are born to be a star.

Many notable actors and actresses, singers and influential public personalities have the Midheaven in Leo. With the Midheaven in Leo, you have been offered many great talents, but it is up to you to use them well.

They key is to learn how to use your potentials so that you inspire others, as well; it is never solely about your personal success isolated. Leo Midheaven strives for reputation and glory, but, in order to earn the reputation, you definitely have to contribute to others’ needs.

Midheaven in Leo spreads incredibly positive energy around. These people have it inside and they emit it around. It is very likely that they start building up their career path from a young age.

They are persistent, likable, charismatic, generally of a relaxed pace and attitude, born to leave a mark on the world.

Entertainment and politics could be major fields they could achieve great success.