Libra Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When we want to find out more about some person nowadays, we reach for their social profiles (providing they have them) and look at their statuses, pictures, and other available content.

That often happens when we like someone and we don’t know that person well.

Another source of information about a person is astrology. By doing a comparison chart between your natal chart and the natal chart of the person you are interested in, you can find out a lot about your compatibility and the possibility of a harmonious relationship with this individual.

You will also realize the potential issues which could arise in that relationship. For such an analysis, you need to have the precise birth data for the person you are interested in as well as your own.

Since we usually don’t have the exact data of the person’s birth (their exact date and time of birth, as well as the place of birth), we can refer to other available information, and that is their horoscope sign.

By doing a comparison of the traits of each person’s horoscope sign we can also find out about their compatibility and the potential issues which could arise between them. Each horoscope sign has distinctive traits and people born under the same sign share most of these traits.

In the text below, we will make a comparison of traits between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman, to determine whether these two make good partners.

Libra Man

The Libra man is a man who strives towards peace and balance in his life. he doesn’t like conflicts and tries to settle things down in a civilized manner. He is also very thoughtful and considerate of other people’s feelings and tries to avoid hurting others in every possible way.

He often exaggerates in his attempts to please others and make them happy, that he forgets about himself and his needs. These men are often used by others because of their kindness which is on the verge of naivety.

They are often naïve in their beliefs that all people are good and have good intentions.

These men are usually good looking and many of them have a prominent facial beauty. They are very attractive to women and they often have a lot of options. These men are usually not promiscuous in nature, and are not very sexual and passionate beings, but often end up changing partners because they have the possibility to do so.

When they find a partner they want to be in a committed relationship with, they are usually faithful and devoted and don’t allow temptations of that sort interfere with their relationship.

The problem with these men is often their indecisiveness which often appears as a weakness in their character.

They take a lot of time deciding upon the most irrelevant matters, and they have a difficulty making a final decision about something as well. They usually measure all the details of a situation and try to perceive all the possible outcomes, and weigh the pros and the cons before making a decision.

Unfortunately, even when they make a decision, it often happens that they change their mind or torment themselves wondering if they made the right decision or not.

These traits are often the reason for missing many important chances in life, especially regarding their future, goals and desires. These men often give up on some dreams before making any effort to fulfill them, simply because they have doubts and fears about the possibility of accomplishing them.

Many of them doubt their abilities to succeed and they often seek outside comfort and support to encourage them to move forward towards their dreams.

Their indecisiveness often makes them unable to decide whether they want to be with some girl or not and that often causes the girl to take the initiative and pressure him into committing to her. These men often don’t consider that as a bad move because they need a boost to take action.

The women who act in this manner are usually the ones who have great confidence and powerful personalities. These women know what they want and they are not afraid to take it.

In some cases, Libra men can be the ones who are aware of their desire to be with a certain person, and they can be persistent in their attempts to win her over. They have a mild approach and they don’t pressure anything, and that way make the girl get used to their presence and slowly relax and open up.

These men are tender and kind in nature. They love hugging and kissing their girl, and the tenderness part is what they prefer to passion. There are Libra men who are also very passionate, but they usually have a strong Scorpio influence (like Scorpio ascendant), or a strong fire sign influence.

They love beauty in different forms, and are often creative and artistic. These men have many talents, but the lack of ambition often causes them to be wasted. He needs to be pushed into pursuing his dreams; otherwise, they will remain only dreams.

Libra men don’t like aggressive and loud people. They strive towards peaceful coexistence with everyone. But their tame nature and their adaptability enable them to get along with different people. These men often end up in a relationship and marriage with women who have stronger personalities than theirs.

Their women are good at organizing things and have entrepreneurial nature, and that is something these men lack. They usually compensate for their inadequacies and such unions can be very long-standing.

They are good husbands and fathers. They need to be told and reminded what to do, but they do their choirs accurately.

These men never provoke fights and they actually calm down fires, and are an excellent choice for a woman who is temperamental because they calm them down.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are true power women. They are determined and not afraid to take action.

Many of these women are fearless and they go after their goals without hesitation. When they set their minds into something, not much can stop them from achieving their desires.

These women are usually very direct and open about their opinion.

They don’t pay much attention to whether they will hurt someone’s feelings or not. They respect people who share similar traits, and can take the truth, regardless of how it is.

These women have a great appreciation of honesty and truth, and appreciate when others tell them the truth and are honest about their opinion and feelings they have about them.

Scorpio women are very realistic and they don’t sugar-coat anything. Things are truly black and white for these women. They either like you or they don’t. If you can’t take that amount of honesty, you are welcome to leave. They don’t know any other way to behave.

These women are very good at organizing things and people, and possess leadership qualities. They are often ambitious and manage to obtain managerial positions with ease. D

espite their brutal honesty and directness, these women are loved and respected by others.

People admire their proud and powerful personalities and look up to them. People often seek protection and support from these women because they make them feel secure and ensure them that everything will be alright when times are difficult.

Scorpio women often have some otherworldly qualities. They often have psychic gifts and they appear to be able to read other people’s minds. These women do have a natural gift for psychology and reading people’s characters, but they also often possess supernatural gifts.

They also have interest in hidden knowledge and pseudosciences. They often don’t talk about these interests to people they don’t know well not to risk being misinterpreted of considered weird for no reason.

These women are very passionate and love physical pleasure. They enjoy sex and seek enduring partners. A Scorpio woman with an unsatisfying sex life is a not a happy person because she denies the satisfaction of an important part of her personality and needs.

Because of their personal strength, they often desire an equally strong or stronger man by their side, but the reality is that they usually end up with someone who is weaker than them.

The reason is often their dominant nature and the need to be the leader in all situations. Men who have an equal amount of personal power certainly wouldn’t allow them to be as dominant as they would like to be. That is the reason why typical Scorpio women end up with men who don’t possess the qualities they think they desire.

In fact, the truth is that in such combinations every side receives what they need.

The weaker men subconsciously choose stronger women because they crave their support, and the stronger women subconsciously seek weaker men because of their need for dominance, organization and leadership. Both these types believe that they desire a complete opposite, while in reality they get exactly what they need.

Scorpio women are very capable of organizing their lives and lives of others perfectly. They manage to make everything function properly, in their private as well as their professional life. They are often ambitious and love to be successful career women, but they also have the need to prove themselves as mothers and wives.

Needless to say is that they perform all these roles with perfection. 

Love Compatibility

Although at first it seems as though a Libra man and a Scorpio woman don’t make a good match, in reality it is completely opposite. These two often end up being together to their mutual satisfaction.

In this relationship the Libra man could feel like being pressured by this sometimes aggressive and dominant lady and the Scorpio woman might feel shocked about the fact that she has chosen to be with a man who can’t make up his mind about anything, but at the end of the day they realize that they actually complement each other.

He has the need to be organized and she has the need to organize. He is one of the rare men who can tolerate her big mouth and her insensitivity to other people’s feelings.

His mild nature and desire to find balance and peace in every situation helps her calm down and not be as aggressive and conflicted as she can be.

In turn, he will feel calm and secure having her support in many endeavors he only dreamed of making before her. This relationship has the potential of being a lasting one and turn into a marriage. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman is actually a good idea. If they are true representatives of their signs, these two have traits which complement each other’s personalities.

In this marriage, the Scorpio woman is usually the lead organizer, while the Libra man usually follows her guidance.

These two help each other improve their negativities and that is one of the main benefits of this marriage. They make a good parenting couple as well, where she will be the authority and he will be the “all forgiving” father.

All in all, this marriage is usually a lasting one, unless there are some negative influences which can cause conflicts and irreconcilable differences. 


A friendship relationship between these two is not a common occurrence, but it can be very good and useful union.

She can be a source of comfort and support to this creative and talented man to pursue his dreams and goals, while he can be the soothing and calming influence for her fiery temper.

If they find each other, they could last a long time.

Cool Facts

Although very powerful and dominant, a Scorpio woman is a good psychologist and will be wise and sensitive enough not to jeopardize her man’s masculinity with her power.

Though she will usually be the leader of the family, she will never allow her man to feel less of a man because of that and will always try to present as if it was all his work (unless she has some negative aspects in her chart in which case she might enjoy in humiliating his weaknesses, but that is an extreme situation). 


A relationship between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman might be a lasting one, where both sides will benefit because of this partnership.

Although entirely different, these two have many traits which can help them become better people, which is one of the main purposes of every relationship.