Vesta in Virgo

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The discovery of the asteroid Vesta happened in 1807. Vesta was the fourth asteroid discovered after Ceres, which was the first one.

Vesta is the second heaviest asteroid and has on its surface two huge craters which are a result of mass collisions which happened billions of years earlier. The debris from these collisions fell on Earth as meteorites.

The name of this asteroid comes from the Roman goddess of home, family, as well as fertility. Vesta was also the protector of Rome and well-respected deity for the Romans. She had a temple dedicated to her which was placed in the Roman forum.

The Romans had a holiday dedicated to this goddess, named Vestalia.

Vesta was known for the sacred fire which burned in her temple without seizing. That fire was very important for the Roman people because they believed that it protected them from any harm. The priestesses of Vesta, the Vestal virgins were in charge of taking care of the fire and making sure it continued to burn.

The Vestals who performed their duties badly, were beaten or in another way severely punished.

The Vestals were virgins, chosen from young girls of the age of six to ten years, which needed to accept to remain virgins in the next 30 years. It was a big sacrifice, but also a great honor to be chosen in that position.

The Vestals performed rituals to make sure the harvest is good as well as to enhance fertility in women.

In an astrological meaning, Vesta symbolizes the manner in which we choose to handle the issues we encounter at work, the sacrifices we make for someone or something, our devotion to someone or something, our integrity, as well as the problems we have because of abstaining from intimacy and personal relationships or fearing them.

Vesta’s position in a sign and house of the natal chart points out the areas we need to focus on. Vesta indicates the people, things, and situations we should consider getting rid of from our lives because they don’t serve our highest purpose.

This asteroid also indicates the way we handle our passion, our urges and physical needs. It shows whether we decide to openly express them or suppress them.

The sign and house where Vesta is placed in our natal chart indicate the areas where we choose to focus our energy.

These areas might also be the ones where we feel inhibited or restricted for some reason or areas where we lack action and initiative. Vesta shows us the areas and situations where we need to make some sacrifices for our own good.

It also shows when we need to sacrifice something for a cause or some person in our life.

The asteroid Vesta also demonstrates our devotion to a cause, a person, a project, a belief, etc. It also points out the areas in our life where we have some issues or we have a tendency to ignore the issues we have. It also shows the issues we try to hide from others purposefully.

These are usually very important areas of our lives and we can’t seem to find satisfaction in regards to them.

This asteroid also provides us with the endurance to maintain our focus on the goals we have and achieve them and it also helps us overcome the issues we experience along the way.

Vesta is the ruler of integrity, modesty, virtues, chastity, virginity, sacrifice, control, suppression of our needs, endurance, devotion, purity, etc. 

Vesta in Virgo Man

Men with Vesta in Virgo are usually very responsible, reliable, and often tend to suppress their desires and needs.

The main reason is their inability to relax and forget about the duties for a second. These men are usually not very passionate.

They are detailed and focused on performing their duties flawlessly. They can be very judgmental and prone to criticizing others based on their criteria of good and bad.

People might get annoyed by their attitude and begin avoiding them.

These men are perfectionists in everything they do, which is a trait which could irritate the people who work or live with them.

Vesta in Virgo Woman

Women with Vesta in Virgo are precise, detailed, organized, and love doing things on time and flawlessly.

These are traits they share with men born with this Vesta placement. These women are very responsible and everyone can rely on their sense of duty, especially their coworkers.

They might be too harsh towards themselves and others, expecting perfect result in every action they or someone else performs.

Their perfectionism and tendency to criticize and judge others might cause them great problems in relationships with other people, especially in their romantic relationships.

These women often don’t enjoy physical intimacy and might do it to please their partners or out of a sense of duty. 

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Vesta in Virgo: organized, reliable, responsible, detailed, flawless, hard workers, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Vesta in Virgo: critical, perfectionists, judgmental, demanding, not very passionate, workaholics, not able to relax, etc. 

Vesta in Virgo – General Info

Vesta placed in the sign of Virgo makes people born with this placement focused on their work.

These people are usually perfectionists who strive to make everything working out in excellent order.

They can be very critical which causes issues in relationships with others, especially in their romantic relationships.

These people also tend to be workaholics, which also represents an issue to maintaining a stable committed relationship because these people don’t have enough time to devote themselves to that relationship.

These people are usually not very passionate and can consider physical intimacy as a way to please their partners or as their duty, rather than their pleasure.

These people can become obsessed with other people’s negative traits (or something they perceive as negative). They are very detailed, reliable and tend to perform their duties without any flaws.

These people often have a need to serve others.

They are serious and love to perform their duties. They don’t hesitate to put the necessary efforts into achieving their goals. They have a hard time relaxing and enjoying life.

They are also prone to suppressing their needs and desires for the sake of fulfilling some duty.


People with Vesta in Virgo are hard workers, very responsible and reliable.

They are detailed and precise, but they can become obsessed with perfection which can irritate other people.

They can be prone to judging and criticizing others which causes problems in their relationships with other people. They tend to perform their duties immaculately.