Midheaven in Taurus

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The Midheaven, or shortly called the MC, or in its old name Medium Coeli, literally means “the middle of the sky”. Besides the Ascendant, the Midheaven is the most important angle in our natal chart.

This angle and the tenth house which begins with the Midheaven represent our status in society, our career and reputation, as well as our goals and aims in life. It also represents our life mission and the purpose we have. The IC, or the Imum Coeli, which means “the bottom of the sky”, stands on the opposite side of this axis, in line with the north and south.

The general difference between these two points is that the Midheaven describes our public personality and the way we are being perceived by the public and the people who don’t know us privately, while the IC describes our private personality and the way we are being perceived by the people who know us very well.

While the MC describes the way we behave in public, the IC describes the way we behave when we are alone or in the presence of the people who are closest to us.

The IC point and the fourth house, describe the way we think, feel, and behave in the moments when we are alone and there’s no one watching us. They also describe our behavior in the presence of our dearest and closest, family and friends, people who know us best.

They symbolize our feelings and activities when we are at home, in our bed, or in our room, our apartment, when we do things we don’t want no one to know about, when we have thoughts we don’t want to share with anyone, not even the people who we care about very much, etc.

These areas of our natal chart also represent our family, the people we live with, and up to a point, our best friends. This house describes the most intimate and private area of our lives, where not many people are allowed in.

The Midheaven on the other side reveals our behavior in public. The sign on the MC reveals how people perceive you at work, when you talk something in public, as well as your managerial and organizational skills. This sign reveals how you desire to be perceived by others. This point reveals your professional and career goals, but also your personal and spiritual goals.

Most people are fascinated by the traits of the sign which is on their Midheaven. This sign often describes the career they will choose, their life path, and the reputation they will desire to establish for themselves.

It will also describe the most likely reactions these people will have during stressful situations. It usually coincides with the profession they choose to make a living.

The MC/IC axis also describes our parents. The Midheaven usually symbolizes our mother while the IC symbolizes our father, but for some people it might be reversed.

These two angles of the natal chart are related to the period of growing up and our childhood, especially the authority figures which were present in our lives during that time, like our parents, grandparents, teachers, or community leaders we look up to, etc.

All these individuals had an important role in shaping our personality and building our values.

The Midheaven also indicates our achievements which other people can see. It is the highest point above the horizon at the moment of our birth, as well as the highest point in our natal chart.

To make a natal chart, and determine all the angles and house cusps we need to have the exact time of the person’s birth, that is, their time, date, and place of birth.

We should never forget that the MC and the IC are an inseparable part of our personality. We are a combination of the person who appears publically and privately and they both represent our real selves.

Midheaven in Taurus Man

Men with Midheaven in Taurus love the security which a stable and prosperous career could bring them. These men don’t hesitate to put in as much effort is needed to ensure financial security for their future.

They love the good things in life and know that they could only afford them if they have enough cash; that is why their choice of career is often focused on well-paid professions. They desire a job where their income constantly increases and they see the tangible results of their efforts.

These men can have a rigid attitude and beliefs about their career which can have bad consequences in the long run. They are not adaptable and they refuse to make changes, which keeps them in a status quo instead of moving forward.

These traits are very detrimental to the overall success of their career and they need to learn to be more flexible if they want to grow their career further.

They are persistent, confident, constant, stable, and hard workers. These men don’t give up on their goals easily. Challenges don’t discourage them. When they put their mind on something they don’t give up until they accomplish it.

Midheaven in Taurus Woman

Women with Midheaven in Taurus are often talented artists, musicians, actresses, architects, and in general talented at creating beauty.

They also know to recognize and appreciate beauty, and that is one of the main reasons why they choose careers and professions in the field of making objects which others will enjoy.

There is a variety of such objects, such as beautiful buildings, jewelry pieces, artworks, music, sculptures, etc.

One of the main issues these women have in relations to their work and career is their rigidity and refusing to make changes and/or adapt to them. They prefer the status quo, which is only keeping them stagnant and preventing them from making progress in their career and bringing it to a higher level.

These women (like men with this placement) need to be able to follow the trends and the changing demands of their potential customers, especially if they are in some kind of service business or if they manufacture and sell some goods.

They cannot be stuck in the way things were done before if now everyone is doing them differently and their clients have changed their preferences. Their rigid attitude and refusing to change their ways of doing things can be a path to a disaster.

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Midheaven in Taurus: stable, constant, reliable, artistic, talented, beauty lovers and creators, love security, financially stable, hard workers, persistent, determined, confident, love pleasures, don’t give up easily, courageous, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Midheaven in Taurus: rigid, refusing to adapt, refusing changes, materialistic, inflexible, dominant, controlling, manipulative, uncooperative, etc. 

Midheaven in Taurus – General Info

People with Midheaven in Taurus often have direct, relaxed, consistent, simple, and down to earth personalities. They often choose careers and professions in the areas ruled by the sign of Taurus, and their public behavior often reflects the Taurus qualities.

The sign of Taurus rules  art, actors, actresses, architecture, art dealers, art stores, artists, commercial artists, banks and bankers, beauty and beautiful objects, possessions, investments, cash, culture, cultural centers, dancers and dancing, farms, farming, finance, financial affairs, financiers, jewelry, jewelers, leather, leather manufacturers, money, money lenders, money changers, music, musicians, pianos, pianists, precious stones, profit, sculpture, sculptors, shoes, shoe manufacturers, singers, singing, stubbornness, treasures, voice, wealth, etc.

These people need some luxury in their life. They strive towards a higher status and desire to provide enough money to be able to enjoy in the pleasure life can provide.

They are not hesitant to put in as much effort as possible to achieve that. They need to have comfort in life, especially when it comes to food and their home conditions.

They often choose careers and professions somehow related to beauty and pleasures. They often turn their talents, especially artistic ones into their profession. These people are often successful actors and actresses, musicians, artists, manufacturers of luxury goods, architects, jewelers, etc.

They are also good with money, and are often found in the financial sectors, as bankers, investors, and financiers. These people appear stable and confident, and are hard workers.

In their home they will most likely express Scorpio qualities. They can appear secretive and easy to understand. They are certainly very emotional and passionate.

They often fight for power with the people they share their home with because of their controlling and often manipulative nature. They don’t hesitate to use these skills if they have to. They can sometimes be aggressive and sarcastic if things don’t go their way.

Regardless of that, these people are very attached to their families and they know that they can rely on this person to do whatever it takes for them.

People with Scorpio on their IC, which is their fourth house cusp, often have childhood traumas. Many of them were growing up in an unhealthy environment, full of abuse, manipulation, betrayal, parents who suffered from some kind of addiction, such as drugs or alcohol, etc.

For many of these people the relationships within their closest family weren’t good and they were forced to detach themselves and suppress their emotions. In some cases, the coldness and the control issues came only from one family member while the other continued to express emotions and affection towards this person.

With Taurus on the Midheaven, these people need to have a sense of direction in their career.

They also need to feel secure and desire a job which will provide them with the security they strive for. They are often talented at spotting good business chances and they act quickly so they won’t pass by them.

These people know that it takes effort to be successful and they don’t have a problem with that.

When they make a decision about a certain goal or a career they want to pursue, they put in all their efforts into achieving that goal. They don’t give up until their goals are reached.

These people are persistent. They don’t get easily discouraged by challenges and difficulties along the way; they inspire them to move forward. They trust in their abilities and potential to be successful and nothing that others might say could get them off that track.

These people are very consistent and they don’t like changes, especially when they are imposed on them by others.

They love to be in charge of things, and they are good organizers and good bosses. They can be very possessive and can become a bit dominant over their employees.

These people need to earn enough money and acquire enough material possessions to be able to relax and have the lifestyle they desire. They love beauty and love to create it as well as to possess it.

In some cases, these people can have rigid beliefs and attitude and they can be hard to cooperate with. They often choose a career where they can be their own boss because they don’t like taking orders.

One thing which can cause them problems and cause stagnation of their career is their tendency to avoid changes at any cost. That can make them spend a lot of time doing something they don’t feel good about.

They might do a job which doesn’t satisfy them and lack the courage and initiative to change it because they don’t like to take risks. They need to learn to overcome that fear and trust their intuition and feelings about an unsatisfactory job.


People with Midheaven in Taurus are stable, confident, reliable, and focused on creating financial and material security through their work and career. These people need to establish a secure financial base to be able to support their desired lifestyle and enjoy the pleasures of life.

They can be very rigid in their beliefs and attitude and refuse to change their mind about important matters regarding their professional success. Refusing to make changes and adapt to them can be detrimental to their career progress and overall professional success.

They need to work on their attitude and become more flexible in accepting changes which are serving their highest good.

These people love beauty and are very talented in creating it. Because of that, they often chose a career where they can express their creative and artistic abilities.