Moon in Leo

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Astrology offers answers to many questions, if you ask proper questions and learn how to interpret astrological answers. An astrologer has a complex task to do while analyzing a birth chart. Astrology is complex and consists of many branches.

There are also different types of horoscopes. You are probably interested in what astrology can tell about your own life and of those people you hold dear and care for.

Let us make a brief introduction into how astrology actually works, before we move onto specific elements of astrological analyses. Since you are here, you probably want to know what awaits you in the future. You may also want to understand why some things in your life happen the way they are. This is what most people are interested in, of course.

If you want to find answers to such questions, you should have your birth chart done and interpreted. You can easily have your birth chart delivered online, so you could look at it and search for valuable information.

Pay attention to dominant signs, the place of your ruling sign and you ascendant, aspects between planets and more.

See how planets in your natal chart are organized; the loneliest planet, the one that creates the least aspects, is the strongest one, so see where it stands.  Your birth chart represents yourself as an individual of specific temperament character, personal traits. It says about your reactive nature, your perception and your comprehension of the things around you.

It determines the way you make connections with the world and the people around. In a birth chart, one’s dreams, fantasies, desires, real needs, capacities, potentials, talents and else are all hidden within.

A natal chart represents one’s capability to take action and responsibility for his or hers life. See what elements are the most prominent in your horoscope and what houses are dominant.

Well-studied natal chart is the basis for all further analyses. Many people use simple online calculators to have their birth charts done, but they lack the knowledge or understanding of astrology, as a (pseudo) science to interpret it accurately. It is the best if you can get your birth chart analyzed by an astrologer. He or she would know exactly what to look for.

Finally, there are no straightforward answers. Astrological analyses reveal all the hidden potentials there, they indicate possible course of events and so on.

There are many different forms of horoscopes, including horoscopes of past events, progressive horoscopes, daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, amongst others. Each one has its purpose.

Personal Planets – The Luminaries

We will stick to basic interpretations of a natal chart, because it is the ground for everything else you might be interested in. Okay, one of the most important elements to look in your birth chart are planets. Planetary movement affects our destinies and life, according to astrology.

Planets carry special energies and special meanings; their positions at the time a person was born shape up that person as an individual.

In astrology, planets are the Sun, the Moon and all planets of the Solar system, from Mercury to Pluto. In ancient times, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were not known to the astrologers of the day. In Western astrology, planets are considered the most important element that determines one’s astrological destiny and the personality of a person whose chart is being analyzed.

Planets are what give the meaning to a natal chart. They take certain positions, move through the Zodiac circle, change astrological houses, form aspects and else. Some planets move faster, some take years and years to travel around the Sun. Western astrology is solar, just to remind you.

Those ‘fast moving’ planets change positions often, which is why they are called ‘personal planets’.

It means their position at the time of one’s birth will give characteristic traits to this person as an individual, while other planets, that move slower, will affect more people at once, whole generations of people.

We are particularly interested into bright ones, The Luminaries, which are the Sun and the Moon. They are the first two of the ‘personal planets’. Others are Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The Luminaries in a natal chart are like two inseparable sides of one personality. The Sun is a star that plays an important role in each individual natal chart. It gives life to all living things on Earth and thus it represents your active life energy. It determines your ruling sign in the chart.

If you have the Sun in Leo, then you are a Leo, to put it simply. The Sun feeds your Ego; it motivates you, makes you take action and enlightens your nature and your character.

The Moon is also very important and we will talk more about it. In brief, the Moon is associated with mood, emotional self, instincts and feminine aspect. Depending on its position in your natal chart or phases of the Moon in there, you could notice how your mood changes.

Let us now find out more about the Moon as it is in personalized horoscopes.

Moon and Horoscope

The Moon is our precious inner voice that mysteriously guides us towards the realization and manifestation of our personality. It is the hidden side of the coin. The Moon represents our inner self, emotional self, our instinctive forces, our imagination, our reactive nature and everything related to our sub-consciousness.

The Luminaries, the Sun and Moon, are the reason and the emotion combined.

This is the reason why it is particularly important to know and understand the place Moon occupies in your natal chart. It determines the way you perceive, feel and experience the world around. The Moon is related to impression, rather than to expression.

The Moon is associated with the figure of the mother, fertility, femininity in general, with wet and cold places, with water and change. The Moon’s nature is changeable and turbulent.

The position of the Moon is of vital importance in understanding one’s horoscope. In some astrological approaches, it is the one that carries the destiny, not the Sun. The better the Moon is positioned, the life is more balanced, fulfilled and happier.

However, in most of individual horoscopes, the Moon has mixed influences, which means it favors some aspects of life over others.

It is, of course, important to know the sign in which it is placed, which planets are connected with it and in which phase it was at the time you were born. Understanding the Moon in a natal chart helps us understand the very essence of our own soul.

Our impressions shape us our destiny, just as our reactions to impressions.

Moon in Leo – General Info

What happens if you have the Moon in Leo? How would this affect your life and your personality? The Moon in Leo could be really amazing.

It indicates a personality that is highly optimistic, spirited, extroverted and ambitious. It is a combination that victorious type of a person, meaning these people are very charismatic, natural born leaders and people who generally astound others only by their presence.

Moon Leos are people who laugh loudly and spread good vibrations everywhere around. They are generous, open hearted and brave. Moon Leos are bold, temperamental and tend to be particularly melodramatic.

However, they are likeable, glamorous and generally funny and positive to have around. Moon Leos are pompous, but they usually have credits for that.

There is no way you would easily miss a Moon Leo, a person that literally shines around. Their characteristic is their bright, wide smile everyone gets enchanted by. These people believe the positive attitude, no matter the circumstances, is what is vital for good life. They go through the hardest of challenges with the smile on their faces.

People with the Moon in Leo are distinctively open, straightforward and direct in their intentions.

They are open and approachable in communication and they rarely leave a bad impression. They are also spontaneous in communication and their style is both laid back and pompous, at the same time. They are friendly and sociable and very protective and caring of everything the hold valuable and dear.

Moon Leos are never afraid to speak up their mind and they like to impose their opinion. They are authoritative and commanding; they enjoy giving orders and they do put themselves above others in a specific way.

It means they do not do so because they want to make others feel less valuable and important, but because they truly believe they are born to be honored, praised, even worshiped.

Their Ego is tremendous and they tend to be theatrical. Moon Leos openly show their emotions and this tendency to melodrama is easily visible. However, behind this spectacle, these people are nurturing and very passionate.

They invest themselves to the fullest, if they care. They see themselves as guardians, they are loyal, devoted and of true lion’s heart.

Moon Leos are oriented towards the idea of well-situated family life. They want the best for themselves and for their dear ones. They enjoy being in charge, organizing things and building up their financial security. They could be very creative and once they set up their mind onto something, it is hard to stop them.

Moon Leos do not avoid hard work if it brings them reputation and comfort and security and safety for everything they care about.

They would often put their family in the first plan and completely dedicate to protecting their family name and providing the best for their family members. They are highly motivated when it comes to new ideas and plans for the future.  They feel powerful if they have great financial resources; their attitude is royal-like.

Good Traits

The positivity Moon Leos express is their best and essential trait. These people are brave, just, honorable and so positive that their golden aura can be felt miles around. They are generous, warm-hearted people who would not hesitate if you ask them for help.

These people possess strong Ego, which makes them stay true to their principles and their goals.

Moon Leos are direct people, so you should never expect them try to play games or tricks with you. Honor and loyalty are very important to Moon Leos. They would not break promises and they would always pay their debts. Moon Leos are charismatic people you can rely on, if they are your friends.

However, they would never put anyone else before their own family.

When it comes to love, their golden aura shines. Moon Leos are very self-confident and they would gallantly and very directly show they care for someone. Moreover, they are irresistible.

They like to be admired and enjoy taking breaths around, but, in true, they are loyal only to the person they choose. A Moon Leo does not cheat; he or she makes their loved one feel divine.

Bad Traits

Of course, such a strong character has its bad sides; it is always like that with personalities with strong Ego, which is also the case with bold and passionate Moon Leos. First, their melodramatic performance could really get out of track.

They tend to make drama over unimportant matters, only to attract attention. They feed with it.

They could also become too authoritative and commanding, not letting the other one ever to speak their mind. This could particularly reflect in family, marriage and in a relationship.

They could be too controlling and to put too much pressure on their partner, their kids or someone else who is very close to them.

Moon in Leo Man

Moon Leo men are brave and glorious kings. Their attitude is godlike and they enjoy being in the center of attention.

They are perfectly capable of building up their own world and their reputation. They seek for strong, almost equally powerful and influential women. They like to be seen and spoken of.

Moon Leo men have a character of guardians; they care much about their friends and family and would do anything to protect them.

Moon in Leo Woman

Moon Leo women are quite much like their male counterparts. These women are strong, ambitious and glamorous.

They are genuine motherly figures, like lionesses. Their kids and family are always the first in their mind.

Moon Leo women also like to be appreciated and adored; they enjoy the spotlight.

They are commonly role models to other women. Moon Leo lady acts like a queen, in any situation given. She is irresistibly charming.


People with the Moon in Leo are golden individuals of so strong positive aura others can easily feel.

They are generous, ambitious, glamorous and always with a wide smile on their place. You could never miss them out; they are usually the loudest one in a company.

Moon Leos are natural born leaders and if aspects in one’s birth chart are in favor with their Moon in Leo, such a person could become a figure of great charisma, the one who inspires and motivates others, not only commands them.