Moon in Taurus

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Astrological analyses could lead us to great discoveries about who we really are. This is perhaps the question that troubles all of us; some of us more, others less. Nevertheless, it is in the core of the humankind to ask such questions.

Since very old and ancient times, we have been tried to answer such questions. They are still unanswered, but we never lose hope.

Astrology is one of the oldest civilized ways of looking into our destiny. It is very old; Western astrology originates from times as old as thousands of years BC.

Although modern world does not take it ‘seriously’, meaning it is called a pseudo science and not a ‘real’ one, astrology should be respected. It has a long history of use and it is still practiced worldwide.

Astrology is a complex (pseudo) science, consisting of different branches. We are mostly interested in natal astrology and personalized horoscopes. However, astrological analyses could be applied to whole countries, even the Earth as it is.

Most of people would like to know what the stars have in store for them and their closest ones.

That said, we come to birth charts. Birth charts are basic for personalized horoscopes. They are graphic schemes, representing the sky, at the time one person was born. You only need to provide your astrologer with your date, time and place of birth. In this digitalized era, you can easily get one by an online calculator.

However, it takes deeper analysis, if you want to see what your birth chart is really about. There are many elements and specific features that make one birth chart unique. At the end of the day, the true realization of your star-written destiny is upon you.

You should learn what your potentials and possibilities are, as based on your birth chart, and take the best of it in your reality.

These potentials are seen in various aspects and in all relations of elements in one’s birth chart. The most important ones are planets.

The places they stand in your birth chart give you specific characteristics; some of those are deeply personal, others describe your relations with the world around you, some tell about your fortune, of opportunities and else.

Personal Planets – The Luminaries

Personal planets are responsible for who you are as a person, in astrological terms, as reflected on your real life. Personal planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Now, the Sun and the Moon are not technically and astronomically planets, but astrology counts them as ones.

In old days, there were only planets that could be seen with the naked eye, enlisted as heavenly bodies of importance for astrological interpretations.

This means all planets of the Solar system, to Saturn, including Saturn. The Luminaries, the brightest of these heavenly bodies, are the Sun and the Moon. Being bright and ever present, always easily visible, these twp have always been considered the most important and the most personal ones, in a way.

Personal planets change zodiac signs often, since their cosmic travels are faster, in comparison with others.

This means they spend less time in one place and so they have more individual impact than other planets. For example, Neptune spends more than a decade in one zodiac sign, so it affects people more globally; it affects whole generations.

Planets such as Jupiter and Saturn are so called ‘social planets’, because they are also associated with one’s position in wider society and affect generations of people.

Personal planets affect an individual. The place they occupy in your natal chart gives you unique personality traits and else. The Sun and the Moon are determining. The Sun is your active nature, your goal, your ruling sings; it is a definition of your visible person, to say so.

The Moon is everything needed for that person to become; it represents your inner voice, sub-consciousness, emotions.

Luminaries are very important if you want to get to know yourself better and you ask an expert to have your birth chart done. By analyzing positions of the Sun and the Moon in a natal chart, one could tell more about you as a person. This could help you discover your hidden potentials, skills and talents.

It could help you better to understand your behavior and actions, your thoughts and emotions.

Moon and Horoscope

Now, let us turn to one of the Luminaries in particular, the Moon. Moon is associated with the element of Water, its nature is feminine, cold and wet and it rules over the one of the most mysterious zodiac sign, the Cancer. The place of Moon’s exaltation is in Taurus and this is going to be the story about Moon in Taurus.

Let us first learn more about the Moon itself and its role in a horoscope.

The better the Moon is positioned in a birth chart, the happier the life is. Moon stands for your inner voice, for intuition, imagination, sub-consciousness, communication and general ability of connecting with people.

The Moon is complementary with the Sun; we could say they represent two sides, dependant of one another. Both are important.

In comparison with the Sun that reflects your fixed nature, symbolizes stability and essence, the core of your being, the Moon is ever-changeable, turbulent and closely related to one’s emotional nature. This is why people with strong Moon, such as Cancer people, are deeply emotional and sensitive, but also moody and melancholic at times.

The best scenario is to have the Sun and the Moon in a natal chart matching; this means you have almost perfect balance between your reason and your emotions.

If the Sun and the Moon match one another, meaning they are in the same place, one maintains good balance between seen and unseen, conscious and sub-conscious, needs and desires, reality and imagination. If aspects are disharmonious, there is a great risk of complete imbalance between these.

However, the most probable scenario is usually something in between.

To understand the position of the Moon in one’s natal chart is of vital importance in creating a horoscope. It determines the way we react at people and events that happen around us. This knowledge help us understand what are flaws are, what we lack and what is it that we should work on, in order to go through life more smoothly.

To understand the astrological Moon’s influence, leads to more balanced and quality life.

Moon in Taurus – General Info

What brings Moon in Taurus, Moon at the place of its exaltation? Moon in Taurus in a natal chart usually describes a creative personality that sees to find a good opportunity everywhere and that is capable of turning the humblest detail into genuine piece of art.

Moon Taurus are true artists of life. They are much like alchemists; they turn nothing into something.

For a Moon Taurus, life is a large, endless canvas, painted with various colors, in all shades. In these individuals, love for everything living, material and natural is very strong. These people are commonly very attached to nature and they can find a lot of inspiration there.

They are capable of fully enjoying all gifts of the Mother Earth; they feel spring greenery, enjoy sound of a forest stream, love blossoming gardens, deep woods, majestic mountains and so on.

Their senses are incredible. They feel everything and want to try everything. They are the first to taste the freshly baked cake or drink an exotic new drink. It is already known Taurus are great gourmands, but Moon Taurus are even more like that.

They are also great aesthetes and they have an eye for art. They are particularly attracted by art that represents natural beauty.

Moon Taurus people are generally calm, steady, good at their work, which they do with love. Enjoying the fruits of their own work is the greatest pleasure for a Moon Taurus. They especially enjoy spending money, but that they have earned themselves.

They seek for comfort, security and stability in life. They are usually well situated and they successfully maintain their status.

These people are true hedonists. They particularly enjoy food with an accent on sweets. They eat slowly, enjoying every single layer of the taste. This hedonistic nature, combined with especially delicate sense, make them masters in the art of love.

Taurus is the place of Moon’s exaltation, so this makes one a kind, caring, protective, compassionate and warm personality.

People with Moon in Taurus are usually very family oriented and their parental instincts are very strong. They treat people they love with much devotion and kindness. Since Moon in Taurus is exalted, it could happen these people become oversensitive, but usually not in a bad way.

This only makes them great philanthropists, people who feel others and who are easy to love.

Good Traits

Objectively speaking, there are more good than bad sides for Moon in Taurus. These people love routine, like good organization, but are neither tense about it nor obsessed with it.

They listen to their body, mind and heart, slowly and with patience. They are thoughtful; they do not make hasty and foolish decisions. They are capable of seeing and feeling things much deeper than others are.

This makes them true masters in the art of life. They value things around them and see to find a place they feel comfortable at. They are systematical and tactful, realistic ones. Moon Taurus people set reachable goals, but of good standards. It is very important to them to find a profession in which they could express their creativity and diligence and be decently paid for it.

They know with money and they love to spend it. However, they would rarely make risky investments, take credits or something like that. They are cautious and reasonable, but not too stingy or strict.

On emotional side, these people are very warm, loving, caring, in need for affection and closeness. They need someone they can always rely on and build a cozy home with.

Bad Traits

As we have said, there are not too many bad traits for Moon Taurus people, but there are some, of course. The worst is, perhaps, their generally slow pace. While it is good, in the most scenarios, it could make them problems last more than it is necessary; they could be very passive and inactive when it comes to problem solving.

Sometimes they even expect the situation resolve on its own.

They are not very open to changes of any sort. Once they have set up their pace and their routine, it is unlikely they would change it.

Even the hedonist inside them is not that adventurous. In the long run, it brings them gradual success, but it could also cost them some rather good opportunities.

They could also feel lost if something out of their power dramatically changes and affects their life.

Moon in Taurus Man

Moon Taurus man is a person of great taste, diligent and thoughtful. He does not rush in making decisions; he is calm and calming.

He is a person who enjoys building up his own world, but it does not stay closed. He is willing to open the doors to his warm world to people he appreciates. He does not talk much, but when he does, be sure he really thinks so.

Man with Moon in Taurus is classy, polite, tactful and self-confident. He is usually physically strong, but very gentle and kind towards people in general. His heart is ready to give love and to receive it.

He searches for a lady to please all of his sense, to understands him, to supports him and be both his friend and a lover.

Moon in Taurus Woman

Moon Taurus women have extremely strong maternal instinct that reflects on all areas of their lives.

They are family oriented and seek for stability in life. These women treat everyone as if they are their own kids. They always have some sort of protective and nurturing attitude, which could be very charming.

A Moon Taurus lady is a true friend, a caring mother, a supportive partner.

She is patient, as her male counterpart is, and she is more satisfied by slow but steady progress than with risky decisions and challenges in general. She likes to have a plan sticks to it, no matter what. She seeks for a partner who would fulfill her need for closeness, both physically and mentally.

For example, long distance relationship would never do in Moon Taurus women.


Moon in Taurus is fairly a good astrological combination to have in a natal chart. Its manifestation, of course, depends on aspects and other factors.

Moon in Taurus moulds up a personality that is kind, loving, passionate and warm towards people.

Sometimes they cannot find good words to express their feelings, but others usually feel it. They are systematical, calm, patient and non-risky.