Moon in Gemini

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Some of the most notable scholars and scientists of the past were astrologers. Figures such as Claudius Ptolemy and Johannes Kepler, in the first place.

Throughout the history of civilization, there have been different astrological paths, in different parts of the world. There still are. We talk in terms of Western astrology, which originates from old Persia. It came to the West as spread by Greeks and Romans.

Although many would object to calling astrology a ‘science’, this ancient discipline has all elements as any official scientific approach. Astrology is not only for fun or, at least, it is not meant to be. Astrological interpretations are widely (miss) used, so it is quite common that people suspect its truthfulness.

Moreover, astrology really deals with things we cannot explain to the detail.

While astronomy studies planets and stars and else in the cosmos and contributes greatly to our knowledge about the vast place we call universe and live in, it does not answer to any question regarding an individual human being’s life.

Official sciences tell us how planetary movement and all other things that take place in the universe affect humankind as a whole, our own planet Erath, the living life on it and so on.

However, none of these tells how planetary movement affects you, as a person. Astrology claims it does and to a great point. Astrology deals with matters that are more abstract; it could tell us how planetary movement affect us as a whole and as individual but on a deeper, higher and definitely more personal level. Astrology claims that what happens in heavens above affects our destinies.

That said, we come to natal astrology, which what most of you are interested in. people are usually interested to know what could happen to them in the future or seek for explanations of strange situations in their life or they want to know if there is any ‘higher’ reason for something not functioning and vice versa.

Although astrology cannot give you exact answers, it would offer you precious guidelines.

Natal astrology is based on the analysis of birth charts. You have probably heard about those. Birth or natal charts are simply a graphic image of the sky, taken at one particular moment in time. This moment is your birthday.

Just to mention that astrological analyses could be applied not only to individual people’s lives, but also to whole countries, nations, even globally.

Personal Planets – The Luminaries

What do planets have to do with natal astrology, the bright ones, in particular? Learning about astrological planets is the first step into understanding how astrology works. Planets are a very important element of a natal chart. Their positions are what shape up your astrological destiny.

In Western, modern astrology, there are ten planets, divided into three groups.

In old astrology, in ancient times, planets further from Saturn were not known, because they could not be seen with the naked eye. That is why Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called ‘modern planets’. There are five ‘personal planets’, two ‘social planets’ and three ‘transpersonal planets’.

We will not go into detail with all of them, because today we are interested in two of the first group.

These are the Luminaries, the bright ones and they are, of course, the Sun and the Moon. Why are these called planets, you might ask, when they are not ones? Well, in astrology, all of them are classified as planets. Luminaries are the first and the most important two of the ‘personal planets’ group.

They determine your most intimate and personal traits, shape up your character, your temperament and else.

While the Sun represents your goals, ambition, your active energy, your ruling zodiac sign, the Moon stands for everything that is under the surface, your emotions, sub-consciousness, your relations with the world. It is as if the Sun is the fulfillment and the Moon is the road to it.

Let us just remind you that the place the Sun occupies is the place of the zodiac sign you were born under.

These two planets are very important to search out for in a natal chart. Their position greatly determines who you are as a person and how you relate to other people and the world you live in.

These two planets give you your characteristic traits, temperament, shape up your attitude and else.

In a way, they describe your nature and it is very good to know about that.

Moon and Horoscope

Now we will speak more about the Moon, this mysterious bright heavenly object we see each night. Moon has always been associated with mystery, femininity, emotions, calmness and serenity, but also with changeability, turbulence and phlegmatic character.

What does it represent in a horoscope? How does the Moon affect your natal chart?

It greatly depends on where it stands in your chart, but here are some of the basic associations about the Moon, as an astrological planet. Moon is the second most important personal planet. It is primarily associated with feminine energy, motherhood, fertility, home, family and emotions. It rules the sign of Cancer.

Moon affects the way we relate to other people in our life, it represents our communication with people in terms of making connections. Moon in a natal chart represents our inner source of information, our deep, inner voice that should never be silenced and neglected.

The Moon keeps focus on our emotional being; it is an astrological embodiment of our emotional self.

The Moon is associated with our sub-consciousness; it is our guiding star. The whispering of the Moon should be taken seriously; without listening to it, there is no emotional growth and development.

Without Moon’s influence, there is no true joy, there is no laughter, there are no tears, of joy or of sadness; there is just an empty shell, which is terrifying. To feel means to be alive.

The position that Moon stands in your natal chart determines the way you handle your emotions and your reason, for a great part. Although many would say that these two do not go together, they are very wrong.

Of course, they do, but it is a difficult task to balance them. Depending on Moon’s position, the task is either easier or harder.

Moon in Gemini – General Info

What about the Moon in Gemini? The Moon in Gemini indicates a fresh, playful, positive personality, a person that is dynamic and enchanting to others. This person is extremely communicative, talkative, friendly and sociable.

Moon Gemini people are easily loved, they are welcome in any group of people and admired, because they bring laughter, joy and excitement.

It is true that their energy could be too dynamic and active for people characterized by very calm nature, but Moon Gemini do not press them; they are just at lost with why others cannot have their own enthusiasm for life.

These people like to engage in all sorts of debates and value live conversation above all. They are witty, smart and the always make good fun.

These people are quickminded, always ready for some action. They are restless, maybe a bit childish and very curious. They are very resourceful, imaginative and they like to be informed about everything. They often know all the latest gossip, but also interesting and striking information about many subjects. They have distinctive need for constant change. One place never holds them.

They love to travel, to meet other culture and share their experience with various people. They are very open in communication about everything and have no problem in saying what they feel and think about something. They are energetic in communication and it also reflects on their style of flirting.

That said, Moon Gemini are very creative when it comes to flirt and seduction.

People with this astrological combination are in constant need for something exciting. They hate staying in, not experiencing things. If they do so, they feel as if they are missing something. There is a completely new world out there to be seen and felt.

However, Moon Gemini lose interest very quickly and need to change their source of inspiration and motivation.

Moon Gemini are easily bored with things. If they do not go very deep into things, but everything stays at the level of their initial obsession and fascination, they actually do not get so deeply attached. It saves them from disappointment and pain and helps them move on.

On the other hand, it prevents them from making any strong bonds. They are not known as very reliable and loyal ones.

Good Traits

Good sides of the Moon in Gemini are many. People with this kind of Moon in their birth chart are so positive, energetic and charismatic that they easily win hearts of other people and feel great around people in general.

They are joyful, light as a breeze, swift as a forest stream. They always have interesting stories to tell, they are highly extroverted and they like sharing. They do not think badly about people.

Moon Gemini are open in communication and direct in their intentions. They are intelligent and curious ones, very flexible when it comes to changes, very open to changes and capable of easily healing from any misfortune that comes upon their way. Moon Gemini are simply enchanting!

They are benevolent; they would never see to hurt others intentionally. They are courageous and in need for exotic colors in their life.

Moon in Gemini creates a highly flexible and resourceful personality, who does not mind sudden changes of planes. This makes them extremely capable of taking care for themselves, but also for the people they care for. They would always find a plan B.

If there is no plan B, there are all other letters of the alphabet. They are never easily intimidated or discouraged.

Bad Traits

Bad sides of Moon Gemini people are quite logical to presume. It is their restlessness, impatience, recklessness and childish attitude. They are easily bored and they simply cast away what does not occupy their attention anymore.

The problem is, they could be very insensitive when it comes to that, simply because they cannot understand other people function differently.

They could be very inconsistent in their intentions; they change opinions as it fits them, without thinking of consequences. This particularly badly reflects on their love life. We have already mentioned these people are of extremely amorous nature.

This means they always seek for a romantic adventure and they could easily hurt people, by leaving them without explanation.

Moon Gemini are particularly associated with affairs and adultery, which comes from their nature. It is not as if they would cheat on their partner out of the need to hurt him or her, but out of their desire to try something else, different, exotic.

They see it fine and they often think they can get away with it. It is similar in other types of relations with people, when it comes to Moon Gemini. They are definitely not the most reliable ones.

Moon in Gemini Man

What is Moon Gemini man like? He is like an overgrown boy, when it comes to his playful, careless nature. This does not mean he is unserious about his business or career, but his attitude towards life is really flexible and adventurous.

He cannot sit still and he would always find a way to travel, to change places and to try new things in life.

He searches for a partner that is alike him. He needs a woman of similar interests and taste, because only this way a relationship could function.

Moon in Gemini in a man’s horoscope could also represent a libertarian mother or another female figure that has always supported her son’s talents, dreams, desires and nurtured his adventurous spirit.

Moon in Gemini Woman

Women with Moon in Gemini are versatile and quick minded. They are charming and playful; they always make the atmosphere pleasant and full of laughter. They simply shine1 Moon Gemini woman is very likely to be engaged with the work that requires a lot of traveling and a flexible schedule.

Like her counterpart, she does not like routine and staying at one place.

She is the lover of life; there is nothing to stop her from trying to experience everything the life has to offer.

In love, she is flirty, playful and direct. It takes time for her to settle down with a man and start a family.

She needs a partner who would go to the end of the world with her, only to see what lies beyond the edge.


Moon Gemini needs excitement. Without it, these people feel dull and bored. They never hide their enthusiasm over something they find interesting.

If they are in love, they will make the world to see it. If they are fascinated by something, it is still the same.

The only problem is that they could act very impulsively, foolishly, without any thinking about possible consequences.