Moon in Virgo

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We all want to know if our life path is going to be paved with golden cobles or with thorns; we all want to know if we are meant to be happily married, to have family of our own, to be loved and cared for.

At least, every one of us asks such questions from time to time, especially in crisis, in times of making big decisions and changes. We ask these out of pure curiosity or out of our insecurity about the future.

It is in our nature to wonder and to wander. There are never straightforward answers, visible paths and instant solutions, of course. For a great part, this uncertainty is what makes our lives vibrant, exciting and dynamic.

Although there are times when we desire to know everything, it is impossible. However, people have always been trying to find answers. They search for answer is, perhaps, the essence of our lives as thinking beings.

Numerous paths try to come up to these answers. Astrology is one of them. Astrology is a pseudo science, established on serious and complex set of rules, principles and methodology.

In old times, it was much more appreciated and all great figures of power would always consult their astrologers on serious matters that decide the future of the whole population, country, army or nation.

In fact, it was in later times that astrology became common amongst people in general. In old era, astrology was identified with astronomy and many great scholars of the past were astrologers, amongst other things they did. There were historical times in which astrology was banned and considered an evil dark, work.

Western astrology is only one of astrological paths in the world. It is based upon the knowledge of Solar system and it has been in use for long. Western modern astrology counts all known planets of the Solar system, with the Sun and the Moon and additional heavenly bodies, such as the planetoid Chiron.

Most of the people are interested in one particular branch of astrology and that is natal astrology.

Natal astrology deals with an individual’s destiny, as written in the skies, meaning it studies the position of planets as they were at the time the person in question was born.

This is all represented in a birth chart, which is basically something like your heavenly identification card. It shows the image of the sky exactly as it was at the precise date, time, longitude and latitude of your birth.

Personal Planets – The Luminaries

Now, this personalized chart shows many things. One of the most important are planets; actually, they are essence of your birth chart. Planets in a natal chart are distributed over the Zodiac circle, placed in houses and matching signs. They make unique relations amongst one another and with other elements in a chart. This makes a complex image that is unique for each person.

However, unique is the way this chart is going to manifest in reality. This is where you join in.

An astrologer would tell you where your planets stand and what does it astrologically mean, but you are the one to use the information. Planetary position reveals your potentials and that of your astrological destiny in total, but it depends on you what will actually happen.

Birth chart is a basis of your astrological destiny. Planets in a birth chart reveal many important things about who you are, as a person and as a part of the collective. They describe the way you react to things around, of what nature you are, how you deal with things in life, what are your advantages and disadvantages and beyond.

The most important are so called ‘personal planets’. They are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and they are, to say so, your defining planets. Places they occupy in a natal chart define the person as an individual with all its qualities.

It is very important to see in which houses they are, in which signs and what aspects they create.

The two of these personal planets are the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. They are not planets, technically; the Sun being a star and the Moon being a satellite. However, astrology counts them as planets and also the most important ones.

The Sun is your active self, your Ego, you as you are in reality, you as seen around. The Sun is of masculine nature, warm, fiery and stable.

The Moon, of which we are going to talk more, is the layer behind the first one. It is your inner voice, sub-conscious mind, emotional self; the Moon is feminine, wet and cold. The two of the Luminaries cannot be without one another, as seen in astrological analyses.

They are, in the most simplified way, your reason and your emotions, combined and complementary.

Moon and Horoscope

The Moon has always fascinated us, in every sense possible. If we are to focus on astrology and related disciplines and paths, we have to mention that there are astrological systems that base upon the Moon’s journey through the universe, not that of the Sun.

There are lunar systems of measuring time, lunar astrology and more.

All of this leads us to conclusion that the Moon has always been playing an important role in our lives; symbolical, actual and spiritual one. We know that the Moon is closely related to the ‘behavior’ of waters on the Earth.

Symbolically, the Moon is wet and associated with the element of Water. In astrology, it rules over the sign of Cancer, which is a Water element sign.

The Water, as an element is associated with emotions, because waters are flowing, ever changing, transforming, deep, powerful and mysterious, all at the same time. The Moon in astrology represents one’s emotional, sensing, feeling self. The Moon is about impressions that constitute as beings.

It is related to the idea of past, which is why the Moon is also associated with nostalgia, melancholy, remembrance.

The Moon is associated with femininity and motherhood; it is the planet of feminine energy, the planet of mothers and women in general. In a birth chart, it represents a feminine aspect. In men horoscopes, it usually represents the mother or a wife of the man in question. It represents his nature, as well as.

The Moon is associated with mood swings, instability, turbulence, childish and youthful spirit.

The place the Moon sits in your birth chart is of vital importance, because it defines you as an emotional being. It determines the way you react to impressions that come from the world around. The Moon is associated with communication on some special level, not the open communication with which Mercury is identified.

The Moon is more about connections you create with the world and the people around you.

Let us now discover what it means to have the Moon in Virgo in your birth chart.

Moon in Virgo – General Info

The Moon in Virgo indicates a personality with a strong need of analyzing and rationalizing their emotions. Virgo is known to be a perfectionist, very logical and rational sign, while the Moon is all about emotions. These people rarely surrender to their passions and do not make impulsive decisions, based solely on what their heart tells them to do.

Every single decision in life of a Moon Virgo has to be carefully thought out. The reason and emotions should be in balance and harmony, as Moon Virgos see these concepts; emotions should be explained by intelligence. It is not an easy thing to do.

If emotions remain unanalyzed, unsorted, undefined by ratio, the soul of this person rejects them as something undesirable, something flawed, incomplete and so less important.

Moon Virgos want perfection; they want everything to be perfectly analyzed.

They feel at best only if they have a rational explanation for every sensation they experience. They are at great risk to start suspecting everything and becoming extremely skeptical. They do not believe anything could be based solely on emotions. They are cautious, tactful, systematical and analytical in every area of life.

People with the Moon in Virgo create their life in harmony with their own well-established logical principles. Their minds are objective and their thinking and communicating nature argumentative.

These people are known for very high intelligence, rational perception of the reality, creativity and practicality. They are always up to find new efficient way of sorting out things in their life.

They do tend to suppress their emotional self and do not express emotions openly. They commonly appear distant, cold and reserved and they indeed are introverted. They do not act instinctively, but they check out everything according to already established principles and their experience. They have great tendencies towards accomplishing real, material and concrete results in any sphere.

Moon Virgos have difficulties in opening up to people in general. They are not particularly gentle and romantic and situations such as innocent flirting and games of seduction confuse them, because there are no rules. People who are interested in them often get the wrong impression of someone completely indifferent to them.

Many Moon Virgos are at bad reputation of being calculated and cold in love. The truth is, they are perfectionists on every field. They do not make compromises, but they want the perfect one; the one they deem perfect in their eyes. They need firm emotional base in a relationship.

Once they have found it, they would become completely and fully devoted to their partner, home and family.

Good Traits

Moon Virgos are highly intelligent individuals who are capable of achieving a good balance between their logic and emotional self.

They are open to education and to perfecting talents, skills and knowledge they posses. They are determined and focused on their goals and good planners. They are usually successful, because they are methodical, tactful and well organized people. They have concrete, rational and logical goals in life.

These people are oriented towards details and analyses.

They are efficient, workaholic and dedicated to their mission, whatever it might be. They are steady and stable characters, not prone to impulsive, instinctive reactions and mood swings. They are usually the voice of reason in a debate. Moon Virgos carefully choose words and do not talk much.

They have high standards; Moon Virgos would not be satisfied with less. They are capable of waiting for the right thing to come, while working on it at the same time. They are responsible, serious people who always have good arguments for everything they stand for.

Moon Virgos are not very warm and romantic, but they are committed and loyal in a relationship.

Moon Virgos take good care of themselves, do not like mess and do not get lost in illusions and dreams.

They are very down to earth, but at the same time, not insanely modest. They have their high goals, but they think rationally about achieving them. They do not only think, but also act, systematically, thoughtfully and with patience and dedication.

Bad Traits

Moon Virgos have hard times in expressing their emotions, especially romantic ones. Their ratio rules over their emotional self.

This makes them appear distant and cold in other people’s eyes, even if they are very interested in someone.

They lack warmness and kindness in approach and they often simply appear indifferent and uninterested.

Commonly they are at lost with how to change the impression they leave.

Moon in Virgo Man

Man with the Moon in Virgo is tactful, systematical and usually focused on his job.

Romance can wait, because of his idealism when it comes to finding a perfect woman.

In male horoscope, the Moon in Virgo can also represent a strict, demanding and cold motherly figure.

This man probably lacked mother’s warmth in his early life, but not out of any bad intentions, exactly the opposite.

Moon in Virgo Woman

Moon Virgo woman is strict, responsible, oriented towards self-development, especially on intellectual level.

She is always tidy and well organized; her schedule is well sorted and full. She is honest, loyal and reliable personality.

Moon Virgo woman is very self disciplined and guided by her own principles, in all areas of life, including love.


People with the Moon in Virgo are known to be cold and reserved. It is because they really suppress their emotional nature, usually unconsciously.

They are more ruled by reason than emotions. They tend to explain every emotion and sensation by pure intelligence and reason. They usually find arguments for everything; if they do not, they reject an emotion as inappropriate.

These people are self-disciplined and dutiful.

Although usually of high opinion of themselves, they are at risk of losing motivation and self-confidence.

If the Moon creates bad aspects with other planets, the balance they have found between logic and emotions is shaken. If they cannot find firm ground in reason and logic, they start feeling lost, hopeless and everything they do seem pointless.

However, their highly intellectual mind would most likely come to an argument quickly and return them into balance.