Venus Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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In Greek mythology, Venus is Aphrodite, the goddess of love, art and beauty. From its name comes the name for an aphrodisiac, a means of stimulating sexual desire. Literally, Venus encourages passion and longing.

As she was considered the mistress of Mars, she represents female features mirroring the male characteristics of the warrior god.

The goddess of love Venus plays an essential role in erotic relationships, so her position in the natal chart determines the measure of feelings towards her partner and attachment to children.

Venus – Meaning and Info

Being female, Venus does not act as aggressively as Mars, but attracts.

Therefore, in a man’s natal chart it shows what type of woman is attracted to that person, and in a woman’s natal chart her femininity (while Mars represents the type of man what attracts her).

Venus belongs to the feminine principle and rules primarily the world of love.

Through her influence we get to know ecstasy and joy, delight and passion, and the nature of our sexuality and the way we show our feelings.

People with a strongly and favorably placed Venus are great lovers and have a sense of aesthetics, i.e. beauty, art, music and gastronomy.

Venus rules sensuality and all other earthly pleasures that we can detect with the senses of touch, taste, smell and hearing, which is especially emphasized in the female sign of Taurus. , rather than analyzing their causes.

In addition to the aforementioned traits of affection and sexuality, Venus is also credited with the skills needed to build a successful relationship. In the male sign of Libra – the sign of relationships and togetherness, Venus manages partnerships, meetings, engagements, weddings and unifications of all kinds.

It also talks about everyone else we love outside of a romantic relationship, like close friends or family members.

Venus governs beauty, and its physical action is associated with physical attractiveness and good looks, curves (shows a tendency to gain weight).

Preferences – Artistic gift (music, singing, painting, poetry, theater), good taste, love for pleasures and harmony, intuition, spiritual and mystical aspirations, negligence to develop one’s own intellectual abilities.

Psychic entity – Venus in man is the center of love instincts and all aspirations that lead a human being to his neighbor, it means a loving, seductive and passionate self. In addition to physical love, it also indicates the creation of a connection on a spiritual level.

Respect and feelings are expressed reliably, consistently, physically. Trust, closeness and love for others are experienced through the creation of a life together, the sharing of responsibilities, but also through completely sensual pleasures.

Respect and feelings are expressed through strong, expressive, intellectual communication, and a sense of partnership. Trust, closeness and love for others are experienced through verbal communication, exchange of opinions and mutually pleasant socializing.

The owners of the aspect are more likely to endure troubles if they can indulge themselves in luxury purchases and relax in a beauty salon.

Respect and feelings are expressed timidly, from the depths of the heart, accommodatingly, considerately and compassionately. Trust, closeness and love for others are experienced through emotional proportion on a very tender, emotional level, through the aspiration to merge into a fairytale relationship.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Body beauty, especially in women. Behavior is pleasant, balanced; bring harmony and beauty to the world. With bad aspects – narcissism. Sometimes – aggressiveness (depending on who else is in the 5th house).

Body beauty, especially women. Behavior is pleasant and balanced, brings harmony and beauty to the world, in the underdeveloped – narcissism and narcissism. Sometimes aggressiveness, since the 1st house is Aries.

It also talks about everyone else we love outside of a romantic relationship, like close friends or family members. Venus governs beauty, and its physical action is associated with physical attractiveness and good looks, curves (shows a tendency to gain weight).

Attractiveness, sociability and good looks, but sometimes indicates that you will indulge in excessive enjoyment, which can cause health problems if it is associated with difficult aspects, especially the aspects of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

You are witty and, thanks to your sense of humor, you know how to attract people and influence them, as you are very pleasant, an excellent conversationalist and very sincere. Such people often have dimples on their cheeks or chin, weakness – their weakness. Thanks to your good taste and ability to dress beautifully, people pay attention to you and you can become a famous fashionista.

You are sociable and open, become the soul of any society, and you are probably the most popular person in the company. If Venus is in the 12th house, you may be a little shy, but your need for society usually takes precedence and you become sociable and feel free in the company.

They harmoniously express their personality, are dexterous in society, they know how to please the public, a successful marriage, a good relationship with a partner. Diplomats, peacekeepers. Their serenity infects others. If there are no contradictions, ability in visual arts and music.

You are talented, creative and possibly musical. Your friends, brothers, sisters and children mean a lot to you. And with most of the people around you, you maintain good relations. You are pleasant and friendly, a very nice host who goes out of his way to welcome guests.

Love entertainment and prefer to be entertained rather than work. Strive to make a good impression on people and usually you do it, like everything else in life. All of this can lead to laziness. Often indicates the gift of music, especially if Venus is in the 3rd or 5th house.

Attractiveness, ease and speed of movement, bringing success in sports. If Venus is in the 4th or 10th house, one of the parents may be prone to excessive enjoyment. Make a good impression on others and achieve maximum success in working with people. Usually you win them over with your attractiveness, although you, in general, do not need it, since you yourself attract people like a magnet.

Society is of great importance to you and if Venus does not have difficult aspects, the marriage will be successful and happy. Usually you attract people who want to take care of you, and if this aspect is misused. You can become dependent on others. Creativity, talent for painting and music.

Venus Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The tension of quadrature is hard to ignore. It creates an intolerable desire to achieve success despite the obstacles that the soul has accumulated during incarnations. In reality, this is expressed in a lack of qualities necessary for success, and unexpected obstacles along the lines of the affairs of those houses where the planets are located.

Venus is responsible not only for love, but also for the ease of contact with useful people, the ability to earn money and have fun. In conflict with the Ascendant, which determines professional success, she creates barriers to advancement in the business sphere and does not allow me to improve her personal life.

The native wants to please everyone to a pain in his heart, but resentment, painful sensitivity and weak character causes subconscious hostility in people, despite the beauty, grace and artistry of the aspect bearer. Desperate, he goes to great lengths to get applause and sympathy from the right people.

The main problem of a person with this aspect is dependence on pleasures and the need to increase their dosage. The position of the planet of love will show the area where the need for pleasure is especially great. But when it is impossible to get pleasant bonuses, the native begins to suffer.

Most often this is due to the blockage of creative energy and financial difficulties, so from a young age it is recommended to develop talents in several areas and start not just working, but deducting pension payments, investing money to form a “safety cushion”, because the quadrature turns on unexpectedly.

The owners of the aspect are more likely to endure troubles if they can indulge themselves in luxury purchases and relax in a beauty salon.

The quadrature paradox is manifested in the fact that the native attracts the attention of others, but the interest is short-lived. It is impossible to hold attention for a long time, and with additional negative factors, it even causes irritation. Love and marriage in the square Venus – Ascendant Men and women with this aspect are often dependent on partners.

They are happy that they finally liked the representative of the opposite sex, they strive to keep him, and the breakup is perceived as a tragedy, since winning the heart of another person seems to them an incredible and daunting task. In addition, as they age, after years of marriage, they indulge their needs for pleasure, losing their slimness and freshness, which is not conducive to the crowds of fans.

In adolescence, regardless of gender, the native is preoccupied with his own appearance and always with an inflection point: he adores himself to the point of insanity, resenting those who do not think so, or he seeks to improve his appearance to the ideal, resorting to plastic surgery, dyeing his hair and using decorative cosmetics beyond measure.

Sometimes the carriers of the square do not understand that the discrepancy between the external image and the internal content is the reason for failures in personal life.

However, if Venus is strong, they attract a companion who accepts their shortcomings and cares about them.

They are suitable partners with air Mars and water Venus. Working out the Venus – Ascendant Square Aspect owners, graceful and agile in youth, lose their flexibility over the years, becoming clumsy if they do not develop the ability to dance with regular exercises.

They are shown sports with an aesthetic entourage: figure skating, high vaulting, springboard, rhythmic gymnastics, and athletics and, of course, dancing of any style.


You need to get in touch with your emotionality, emphasize the beneficial sides of your appearance, allow other people to provide help and support in the path of accepting your own personality.

It is not excluded to work with a psychologist and a stylist in order to finally allow yourself to be a beautiful and bright person without pretentiousness and clownery.

In the search for uniqueness and detuning from fictional ideals, jewelry-talismans made of natural stones will be an excellent help.