Neptune Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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In interpreting the North Node, the aspects it receives from the planets in the natal chart must also be taken into account. Each of these aspects indicates or describes the type of step that is taken towards development.

A planet conjunct the North Node always seems to be taking a first step. Surely for this reason in traditional Astrology he was related to Jupiter, for this positive and open attitude towards new experiences.

In any case, whatever planet is in conjunction is a capacity that starts from zero.

Neptune – Meaning and Info

These rules are guidelines and the only notable exception to the above rule is Saturn transits. In the same way, he radically rejects intangible values, which he treasured yesterday some of his beliefs, abilities, habits.

Complete silence, the father explained, is a cross on which a person must crucify himself with all passions and lusts.

It would be good for such a person to either not marry at all, or a maximum of 1.

By checking any aspects of the Progressive Moon occurring at the same time based on the exact time of birth, you can figure out how to soften or strengthen the connection with the nodes.

The meaning of the transit aspects is examined in the chapter Alphabet together with the meanings of the planets and points of the predictive work.

From the north points to those principles that lead to progress and development, the south is the use of the old baggage of knowledge and experience.

I chose you to explain to people the inner and spiritual meaning of the scriptures. This is very different in perception from the first way, but both represent possibilities.

In Aquarius, the Sun is exiled since Aquarius is in opposition to Leo, which it rules.

At the same time, let’s not forget about Pluto, Lilith and Proserpine, clearing space from everything obsolete for everything new.

Upon awakening, he predicted the day of his death, in response to a question from an English friend, he solemnly testified to the truth of everything that he wrote, and died, accepting.

This is our path of self-stabilization, it gives us a solid support, the core of our life.

Following logic, the Black Moon should be associated with this electrical energy, the dark energy of the Cosmos, and its functions should reflect the principled positions of the theological Spirit. Alan also had such a connection within two degrees.

Finally, the famous filmmaker Roman Polanski has this exact connection at home. On this day, Martin Luther King was in the New York quarter of Harlem and signed autographs on copies of his first, just published book, Pilgrimage to Freedom.

And, quite likely, slave labor and a humiliating position awaited him in the last years of his life. The image of Mary is associated with this picture precisely with her betrothal, in accordance with the fact that simultaneously with the conjunction of the Moon.

The Moon is included by the square of the directional Lot of Love and Marriage! Eris synthesizes the complete image of a person, his virtual hologram, which manifests itself in reality and is perceived at the level of other holograms.

He must transcend the physically possessive relationship of his past incarnations and nurture with equal fervor the new selfless relationship he is now. Your interest in solving riddles allows you to evolve beyond the limitations of the Descending Node.

Social processes lead to the manifestation of individual vices. I don’t see anything particularly difficult and easy either. You are protected from people who are acting against you, from secret enemies.

The individual must learn to develop and create what is truly meaningful to him, clearly understanding that what is acquired through dishonest means is very difficult to preserve.

Retrograde Pluto gives a deep transforming ability, it does everything even more carefully and thoroughly, and in the lower octave and on the external plane it is rougher and more unceremonious.

If the Moon represents the principle of adaptive perception at the biological level, then Venus at the social level. In the past, you could be a fan, a sectarian, a spiritual person.

It turned out that this issue also has a resonance with the planets and a connection with the past. Akrux is a powerful occult star of extraordinary spirituality, self-sacrifice, as a result of which wisdom and understanding come to a person.

The movement of Neptune around the house can overwhelm the psyche with a mass of intrapsychic images, depriving a person of the ability to adequately perceive reality, but it can also

North Node – Meaning and Info

There are people who try to help others, to be kind and open. They respond to every problem, are not indifferent to homeless animals, try not to conflict, are ready to give in once again.

It would seem that they are the personification of all the rules and commandments of modern esotericism from the series: be kind and the world will hear you. But in reality everything is exactly the opposite.

The more these people try to turn to the universe with a kind and understanding smile, the more the world turns away from them. Yes, today we are talking about the man of Neptune, whose world is like a soap opera: it is not clear where the beginning and end are, but epic.

If a Neptune man does not realize his energy, Neptune turns life into dry dullness. Problems and accusations are pouring out of a cornucopia. It is as if a person becomes a sponge that involuntarily absorbs all the dirt and negativity.

Neptune’s man is always a powerful guide. They have an unreal gift of infection. Or they will infect others with their charisma, talents, and thoughts. Either negative, problems.

It depends on what the Neptune man is filled with. If there are many constructive, strong, realized people in his life, then the Neptunian himself will begin to follow them and pull others along with him to the heights of success. He will have strength, resources, new talents will open up.

Often these are close friends, acquaintances, and even wives or husbands. For example, he listens to smart business advice from someone who has never been in business and has worked for a lifetime.

Therefore, on the person of Neptune, those who themselves have not realized anything in life are often played out.

But the Neptunian cannot understand this. It seems to him that if another person devalues ​​him, shows disrespect, then this is actually care, help. This illusion can last for years, turning a person into nothing.

Neptune Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

A planet that makes a semi sextile to the Node collects information, it may be that it is not very selective or it looks further inside if what it learns or is told has to do with it.

A planet in sextile is willing to solve problems by looking for the right moment to take that first step. A planet in quadrature accumulates energy and then uses it through the will in that first step.

A trine planet has active senses and is a good observer of opportunities, so it takes the first step. A planet in quincunx takes many things into account and evaluates the situation carefully, especially the difficult or new ones, before taking the first step.

And finally, a planet in opposition to the North Node and therefore in conjunction with the South Node, has accumulated a lot of experience and is already developed.

In traditional Astrology the South Node is associated with Saturn, because it preserves and protects what it has already achieved.

However, a planet in this situation has to put itself at the service of others.

This person goes to the people he considers appropriate, who share his ideals and help them to achieve those ideals. He can put a lot of effort and tenacity.

With Saturn set to the Node he transmits his personal ethics in a serious and orderly way. He has a facility for memorizing important events or data, which makes it easier to understand what his values ​​are based on.

On the other hand, Saturn helps her to leave the 5th house behind and become more selective in relationships.

As it is a new ability, it does not impose its ethics on others or is intolerant. She is willing to renew the friendship and continue to see it in a constructive way.


If there are many negative personalities in the world of Neptune’s people who humiliate, devalue the results, criticize, spread rot, and look down on them – then the Neptunian will very quickly slide to the bottom of the swamp and will still infect others with this.

But it would seem that everything is simple: negative people must be removed, and that’s the end of it.

But in the universe of the Neptunian, everything is not so simple.

A Neptune man always needs a role model to strive for. This is normal. This is the nature of Neptune.

In plus, this idol can be a successful person, a teacher, a success story.

On the negative side, a Neptune man often puts people above himself who are not, do not deserve it.

Especially those who criticize him, devalue him, show disrespect.