North Node in Aquarius

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With your descending lunar knot in confident Leo, you are used to being the center of attention. You are a born king, you live to be a leader.

But secretly you feel clearly how fame and power cannot come close to the nice feeling of belonging to a community. And this is exactly your life’s work: join forces with others instead of giving them orders.

North Node – Meaning

Transits of lunar nodes affect a person somewhat differently than the movements of certain planets. And such indignations can sometimes be quite significant. By and large, there are no trifles in astrology.

Absolutely everything is important, even the smallest changes in the celestial sphere.

And although the lunar nodes are immaterial, and therefore cannot influence a person in the physical plane, they are nevertheless capable of influencing his inner world.

Which ultimately still leads to certain life changes, and in some cases even shocks. That is, to know at least a little about the principles of motion of the lunar nodes will be completely useful.

In astrology there is such a thing as fictitious points. Another name is fictitious or hypothetical planets. They are immaterial and have a more mathematical basis. For example, it can be a point located in the middle between some planets.

It is believed that fictitious points cannot affect the physical world, but they can affect the sphere of feelings and emotions. Most of the points “work” only with the support of some planets.

Their influence on the inner world of a person can be quite strong, therefore, when drawing up a natal chart, it is necessary to take into account along with other factors.

In astrology, the fictitious points associated with the moon are best known. These are the so-called lunar nodes, which are located at the intersection of the moon’s orbit and the ecliptic plane.

Passing through these points, the Moon changes its zodiacal latitude. The north node is ascending. Here the Moon crosses the ecliptic from bottom to top (while the numbers are growing) and goes to the northern latitude.

It is believed that the North Node and the entire northern latitude have a beneficial effect on a person’s horoscope.

The reverse process, that is, the descent of the moon, begins at the South Node. It is more associated with negative influences.

The moon is responsible for the inner state of mind of a person. Its passage through the nodes can radically change the perception of the world from positive to negative, and vice versa.

The interpretation of the lunar nodes is associated with such eternal themes of spiritual cultures as life and death, light and darkness.

At the same time, the North node is associated with development, ascent, progress, growth, that is, with life and light, and the South node is associated with stagnation, decay, descent (with death and darkness).

When the Sun and Moon are simultaneously in a node, an eclipse occurs. If the planets have connected with any of the nodes, then a solar eclipse and a new moon at the node occurs. If the planets stand in transit opposition on the axis of the nodes, then a lunar eclipse occurs.

In astrology, the Setting Moon Node is associated with past experience, as well as with innate talents and abilities. The ascendant is associated with the future. It shows what goals a person can achieve, what knowledge and experience him will receive during his life.

Life consists of interactions – personal, business, family … Knowing the zodiac sign of a partner, you can identify his subconscious attitudes, strengths and weaknesses in interaction with others and build harmonious relationships.

There are no “bad” and “good” combinations of zodiacal signs, and the idea of ​​a half is not to find a similar one, but to find someone who is in many ways a compensation.

So how do you build strong relationships and prolong love for years to come? What if you feel lonely in a relationship? How to find out the secret fantasies of a partner and diversify your sex life? These are the questions we often ask ourselves in a relationship.

Their past lives, and develops the concept of universal brotherhood. Ultimately he has to see himself as part of a much larger cosmic sphere in which his role is to share the burdens of human evolution. You will reach your greatest happiness when you are able to put aside your own needs, putting in its place a new humanitarian attitude towards everything you see around you.

He must forget pride and seek new original horizons, regardless of how eccentric his ideas may seem to others. Through the north node of him he is granted the promise of a unique adventure through which he will be able to make an important contribution to the progress of civilization.

The position of the house in the south node indicates the aspect of life that is too heavy to reconcile with the desire for personal success.

The position of the house of the north node shows how the individual can free himself from the ego chains of his past lives, accepting the mission in favor of humanity for which he is destined to pick up the cross from him.

Aquarius – Meaning

Aquarius is the sign of philanthropy par excellence. They have many aspirations generally related to the common good, very altruistic and a very good friend. On the sexual plane, the Aquarius man enjoys variety. He does not plan but is surprised by the different circumstances of life.

For her part, the man who wants to conquer an Aquarius woman has to be aware that she will need her space and her time. He needs freedom and the best way to seduce her is through the mind.

The Aquarian woman wants a lot of dialogue and communication in her sentimental relationship. She will always be rebellious and transgressive. As much as she outwardly seems that she is very open to new ideas, she is a very stubborn and stubborn sign.

Very ingenious, jealousy is not for this woman, she is looking for a friend in the couple, in addition to passion and love. The relationship should not fall into the routine, the man who wants to conquer it should be able to surprise her. She will defend her individuality to the death.

All these unpleasant signals are markers that for some reason you are not going where you should. Your subconscious mind screams at you: stop! Stop living someone else’s life! Come back to yourself!

By choosing other people’s paths, we can live other people’s lives. How can astrology help here? Lunar nodes and connection with past lives in the arsenal of ancient teachings there is knowledge that returns us the key to understanding our destiny and its possibilities.

It is not without reason that such experts on human souls and problems as psychologists Carl Jung, Richard Tarnish and Stanislav Grove had respect for the “science of the stars”. Among the abundance of methods of self-knowledge, in astrology, the doctrine of the North and South lunar nodes stands apart.

An integral part of the teaching is the understanding of the North lunar node as the goal of our incarnation. This is knowledge that came to us from India. While in the West the continuity in the transmission of astrological knowledge, alas, was interrupted, in the East this did not happen.

Century after century, Vedic brahmaness, astrologers and palmists have accumulated knowledge by observing people and celestial bodies.

In ancient India, they realized the great importance in the fate of every two points in the firmament. They are astronomically the points where the ecliptic and the moon’s orbit intersect.

These were the planets Rahu and Ketu. And now they are called Ascending and Descending, North and South lunar nodes. The idea of ​​the South and North Nodes is inseparable from the idea of ​​reincarnation.

Through the postulation of the reality of the planets Rahu and Ketu and the constant reincarnations of a person, the understanding that the karma of the past dictates and partly explains the presence of certain problems, character traits and aspirations in a person’s present life has also penetrated into Western astrology.

Here, however, it is important to note: there is another position on this issue. Ascending node as a vector of spiritual development The South (Descending) node indicates the most significant and actual spheres of human manifestation in past incarnations.

The position of the Ascending lunar node shows the vector along which a person is to develop in this life. He tells you what qualities are important to develop in yourself.

The position of the North Node in the sign of the Zodiac and the House informs about our mission, destiny.

However, do not jump to the conclusion that the destination is a purely social fulfillment or a career.

This is not always the case. First, not everyone needs to be millionaires, businessmen, deputies or employees of Gazprom. Second, personal development is much more important for happiness than social success. Feelings of happiness, inner satisfaction are an indicator that you are on the right course.

North Node in Aquarius – Meaning and Symbolism

In the previous life you were the king, the best, the great being that illuminated everything and everyone. You were focused on your own ego, on your power, on your magnificent personality.

In this life, without your wanting it, arrogant, proud, vain and intolerant behaviors will emerge. As a child, they will surely have told you that you were the first.

In this life you have as a program to be more humble, more tolerant, more understanding. You have to learn to kill the king within you by making yourself more vassal, more humble, more proletarian. You have to learn to integrate into the group, without hitting the mark.

In the previous life you suffered from the heart, so you have to bear in mind that fat, circulatory atheroma’s, can give you heart conditions. Your back can also bother you a bit in the dorsal area and you can also have weak knees and poor circulation in the legs.

In this article we will figure out what the lunar nodes represent in the natal chart. And will you also learn what it takes to implement the Lunar Nodes program? Lunar nodes in the natal chart are not planets, but fictitious points.

They do not have their physical body in space. Lunar nodes – calculated mathematically. It is with them that we associate such questions: with what have we come into this world, where should we direct our energy in order to fully develop our personality.

The themes of mission and life purpose are those that are directly related to the position of the Moon nodes in our natal chart. We are used to hearing that this is karma that it is destined, and cannot be avoided.

In fact, the Lunar Nodes are strong psychological attitudes with which a person is born. They are also certain life scenarios and programs that he is going through.

And therefore, it is often associated with bad luck, constant bad luck, or vice versa, in some areas, luck is accompanied.

Strong attitudes, which are difficult to influence, it is these things that are associated with the lunar nodes. If in astrology we consider something with the adjective Lunar, then this object has a close relationship with our psyche, the subconscious.

For example, the night luminary Moon is responsible for the unconscious childhood age when the basic patterns of behavior are formed. The moon is responsible for the psyche and emotional response, for how a person feels in society, and how he perceives the world around him.

In fact, the Moon nodes also have a similar moment, they show how a person feels in the world and with what attitudes he came, and what qualities he needs to develop in himself. We also know that the Black Moon, White Moon are also fictitious points, and they affect more on the psychological level.

If there is something in the natal chart with the prefix Lunar, this means that this point or the night star has a strong influence on the subconscious, the emotional background and type of response.

The North Node is also called the Ascending Node, Rahu or Dragon’s Head. The sign in which the North Node stands shows us the qualities of character that we need to develop in ourselves in order to evolve. So that our life is a movement forward, development.

Accordingly, the house in which the Ascending Node stands is the sphere of life that is most difficult to curb, but at the same time, you need to work on its development.

For example, if the Ascending Node is in the sign of Taurus in the 1st house, this means that a person must develop the qualities of Taurus.

Those try to create a solid financial foundation for yourself in life, earn money on your own, be a materialist, and take care not to deny yourself basic things, but be able to buy what you need.

An ascending node in the 1st house indicates that it is important to understand who I am, what I am.

In fact, this will be the most difficult for a person with such a position of the North Node.

South Node, Descending, Ketu or Dragon’s Tail displays those programs that are well known to us.


The owner of the Descending Node in Leo knows his worth and knows how to demonstrate to the public his merits and talents.

Meanwhile, in the current incarnation, such self-centered behavior should be avoided.

An ascending node in Aquarius indicates that the native needs to focus on the people around him, help them understand and accept themselves, and unleash their creative potential.

The subject’s mission is not to isolate himself and his individuality, but to unite with friends and like-minded people in order to achieve common, humane goals.

A native can choose an activity related to people and society: work as a psychologist, sociologist, journalist, writer, etc.

A person may show interest in unusual, rare specialties (inventor, astrologer, space explorer, test pilot, etc.).