Sun Sextile North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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A person with a strong Sun “shines” brightly and is noticeable to those around him, he is usually perceived as an authority and imitated, and they want to be like him.

At best, a sunny person is generous, generous, he is a really bright person who brings warmth and joy to others, he is a generator of ideas and a translator of initiatives, an excellent leader and mentor.

But in the negative version, when a person misuses solar energies, he becomes selfish, instead of giving energy to others, he concentrates the sunlight exclusively on his ego, which inflates and exaggerates immensely.

Sun – Meaning and Info

Such a person is very arrogant and looks at others from the bottom up, he is also able to subdue people with a weaker Sun, but unlike a person with a harmonious Sun, he uses these energies for self-affirmation. He loves gross flattery and does not tolerate disagreement with him.

“Whoever disagrees with me is a fool or an enemy” – this is the principle of such a person. Sign of exaltation of the Sun (where it manifests its power) sign of Aries. Indeed, many Aries are proactive and strive for leadership.

They may lack the perseverance to shine as brightly and steadily as solar Leos do, but they also have a lot of ambition and aspirations for ego realization.

In the sign of Taurus, the Sun acquires the traits of practicality and perseverance. Solar Taurus are the most hardworking, stubborn and persistent among all the signs of the zodiac.

Here the Sun gives great vitality and the ability to survive under any conditions thanks to patience and calmness. The Gemini Sun is colored by the features of Mercury. Here it gives mobility, curiosity and changeability.

Solar Gemini are always in search of something: the necessary information, contacts or impressions, they are spinning all their lives like squirrels in a wheel, and they only dream of peace. Immobility and lack of fresh thoughts and impressions are like death for them.

The sun in Cancer is under the influence of the Moon, which gives solar energy, in fact, melancholy and sensitivity to the energy of other people, which is not characteristic of it.

Solar Cancers are quite secretive and deeply immersed in the inner world of people, they are focused on family values ​​and tied to their own corner (piece of land, homeland, home).

The sign of the abode of the Sun is Leo, therefore people who have the Sun in Leo clearly demonstrate to us the above characteristics.

Among the representatives of this sign, one can find both true donors, completely and without reserve giving themselves to the service of the cause or people, and arrogant egoists, forcing others to serve themselves and essentially parasitizing on their popularity.

Sun in Virgo loves to detail and analyze everything, as well as to put things in order wherever it does not find it.

Actually, most of the life of many solar Virgins consists of this. In an effort to put things in order everywhere, it is difficult for them to stop, therefore workaholic is not the rarest quality of such people.

The sign of the Sun’s fall is the opposite sign of Aries on the zodiacal axis, the sign of Libra.

The Libra’s difficulty lies in the lack of solar characteristics: initiative, ambition, self-confidence.

Therefore, representatives of this solar sign are often too dependent on their social circle, adjust to the environment and are insecure.

The sun in Scorpio is very vulnerable emotionally. On the one hand, Solar Scorpions are very persistent in achieving the goal that they need, and are ready to give their lives to win.

On the other hand, they are also very sensitive to any negative emotions, and depression is not the rarest guest in their life. In fact, solar Scorpios lack a positive outlook on life and detachment that makes it easier to relate to what is happening.

Sun in Sagittarius Solar Sagittarius is an adventurer and dreamer. It is difficult for him, like the solar Gemini, to sit in one place, but, unlike Gemini, Sagittarius is aimed at distant targets and distant lands.

Many of the Sagittarius tirelessly seek happiness somewhere in the distance, constantly travel, and they are attracted to where they have not yet been.

The sun in Capricorn reminds us of the planet Saturn – restrained, harsh and even ascetic. A lot of Capricorns are ready to go to hardships and limitations to achieve their goals, to which they go slowly and systematically, sometimes even all their lives.

This is precisely their concept of ambition. Is it surprising that in this way they often achieve a lot, be it an administrative position or a solid bank account?

Sun in Aquarius The sign of the expulsion of the Sun (that is, the sign where the solar characteristics are least pronounced) is Aquarius. In Aquarius, the Sun loses its guiding value.

This does not mean at all that solar Aquarians cannot be leaders. It’s just that, unlike solar Lions, a collective type of personality prevails, where the principle of the Sun – “I am” – is not expressed, and there is no need for it.

North Node – Meaning and Info

Fictitious points do not exist physically, but astronomically. Astrology believes that they have no power over the physical world, since they are incorporeal.

They influence our emotions, pushing and provoking us, but most of them on their own, without the participation of the planets, cannot create significant events.

Nevertheless, the influence of fictitious points on our inner world is so important that they cannot be discounted when predicting transits.

The two most popular dummy points in astrology are associated with the Moon. These are the Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu in Indian astrology) and the Black Moon (or Lilith). Lunar Nodes are the intersection points of the Moon’s orbit and the plane of the ecliptic.

Passing these points of the Zodiac, the Moon changes its zodiac latitude. At the point of the North Node (Rahu, the Head of the Dragon, the Ascending Node), the Moon crosses the ecliptic from bottom to top, that is, “grows in numbers”, moving to the northern latitude.

Traditionally, the entire northern latitude and especially the point of transition to it were considered favorable. The reverse crossing takes place at the South Node (Ketu, Dragon Tail, and Incoming Node). The point of transition to the lower hemisphere, on the contrary, was generally assessed negatively.

The moon is responsible for the “sublunary world” in general and for the general course of things. Its passage through the Nodes seems to change the color, the harmony of the world (major-minor).

Astrological interpretation of the Lunar Nodes is rooted in the primordial, ancient opposition of life and death, light and darkness, top and bottom.

The North Node describes the processes of growth, progress, development, evolution (light, top, major), and the South Node of descent, involution, degradation and stagnation (darkness, bottom, minor).

At the moment when both the Sun and the Moon are connected in the sky with any Node, an eclipse occurs, a spectacular celestial phenomenon.

When the Sun and the Moon are connected to any of the Nodes, a solar eclipse (new moon at the Node), and with a transit opposition of the Sun and the Moon (full moon) on the axis of the Nodes, a lunar eclipse.

Sun Sextile North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The sun in astrology is most clearly manifested in the sign of the lion, where it is in the monastery. This luminary gives talents and creativity, and their easy disclosure.

People who have a pronounced Sun like to be in the spotlight, shine, strive to be admired, try to occupy a leadership position.

They usually repeat the word “I” often, they are prone to theatrical effects, and they are able to act to attract attention to themselves. They know how to charge others with positive energy.

In the sign of Aries, the Sun is in exaltation, here its qualities are manifested more sharply than in a lion (in a lion the luminary is more harmonious). Individualism reaches maximalist, a screaming desire to assert itself appears.

In exile, the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius, in the fall in the sign of Libra. People of these signs have difficulties in the open manifestation of solar qualities. They say that they have the sunlight hidden inside.

They may have high authority, but it is difficult for them to make an obvious flashy self-promotion, this is not their method, they have difficulty in publicly manifesting deep feelings and emotions. If they try to act on the lion’s side, they usually look ridiculous.

Like any other planet, the Sun in astrology has its positive and negative qualities.

Negative qualities are manifested when the luminary is damaged by negative aspects.

Under the influence of the positive Sun, people manifest such qualities as nobility, honor, generosity, the desire for patronage, leadership.

Individuals with an evil luminary have a tendency to tinsel, the transformation of communication into a booth, the desire to draw attention to themselves by any means.

Such people are vain, proud, and arrogant, strive for power over others.


The affected Sun in the horoscope gives blows to the personality, self-esteem of a person, is responsible for physical damage to the face.

At the same time, personal problems appear, a person experiences difficulties in self-realization, complexes, self-doubt appear, all kinds of psychological obstacles appear. Very often there are difficulties in communicating with people of a superior position.

If the Sun has positive aspects, then the individual easily realizes his creative abilities, quickly asserts himself, all kinds of achievements are easily given to him.