North Node in Capricorn

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With the descending lunar knot in soulful Cancer, you like to lean against your fellow human beings, but also blame them for when you are not doing so well.

The ascending lunar knot in the strong Capricorn wants to get you to free yourself from your self-inflicted immaturity and to take responsibility yourself.

Leave the victim role and take your life into your own hands!

North Node – Meaning

Astronomically, Lunar Nodes are the points of intersection of the Moon’s orbit with the Ecliptic, or the path along which the Sun moves relative to the stars.

These are really unique knots linking together the two main cosmic principles – the solar and the lunar.

The sun is often associated with a monad, a spark of God, a kind of spiritual center of the human being that travels, reincarnating, from life to life, accumulating some experience in each life.

And the Moon can be compared with a material, mortal shell, built of terrestrial matter and playing the role of a temporary abode of the monad – the Sun in this particular life.

They are so demanding that they prefer to stay alone before starting a relationship with someone who does not meet their expectations. They generally fall in love and marry older and older people.

The largest number of singles is in the sign of Capricorn.

In Indian mythology, there is a story about a demon (rakshasa) cut into two parts. The upper part was named Rahu, meaning the dragon’s head, and the lower part was called Ketu (dragon’s tail).

The upper part corresponds to the direction towards the North Pole of the Earth, therefore it is also called the North (Ascending) node.

The node located on the opposite side is called the South (Downstream) node. In astrology, these points are indicators of karmic accumulations and spiritual potential. They describe the mission of the person and the destination he aspires to in the current incarnation.

We can say that the Lunar Nodes symbolize the lunar-solar process or the path along which a person takes possession of the circumstances of the Moon and approaches the goal of the Sun.

The line (axis) of the lunar nodes in the horoscope can be compared with the river of life along which each of us floats.

Southern Descending Lunar Node and its Significance Man begins his journey on Earth not from scratch or from a clean slate.

Before his actual incarnation, he passed a certain part of the path and gained experience, which expresses the Descending (South) lunar node.

This experience can be bitter or positive. In any case, a person feels some areas of life more or less mastered, and it is easy for him to do what he is familiar with and is good at.

Meanwhile, contact with the themes of the Descending Node and life within its framework is stagnation and movement in the opposite direction.

It is necessary to make sure that the experience of past achievements turns into a solid base for future conquests and advancement in life. The past cannot be completely rejected, but one must go forward without looking back all the time.

The North, Ascending lunar node and its meaning The Ascending (North) lunar node just shows the most necessary and correct direction of movement in the boat of life.

The future can be frightening with its uncertainty, and there is a constant lack of knowledge.

The movement towards the goal is often fraught with errors and misses, and sometimes the peaks seem unattainable.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to move in the direction of the Ascending Node.

Capricorn– Meaning

In general, they are hard-working, responsible and willing people to persist whatever it takes to achieve their goal; they are also very reliable and have a high dose of patience and resistance to advance towards their objectives; in this sense, his capacity for management is astonishing.

On the other hand, they do not tolerate dishonesty or discipline.

Capricorn treasures knowledge through experience … He is the wise man who recognizes and values ​​what is necessary from what is not, what persists from what perishes, reality and its representation.

When it comes to love, relationships sometimes cost her, especially with the opposite sex; it takes a lot of dedication. Although once they fall in love, they are usually very faithful and somewhat jealous people. Capricorn’s reluctance stems from his thinking; for the goat, safe sex is the best sex.

This sign is ruled by Saturn, a planet that is related to responsibility, caution, foresight, the search for security. Ambitious and very persistent to achieve his purposes. Generally the first half of life is a bit shy and the second half of life is gaining in confidence.

In the realm of love, the men and women of this sign live love in a more intellectual than emotional way. They are very conventional. They have deep and stable feelings and tend to fall in love with people who are in good social and economic position. They do not usually express their feelings until they are sure that the other party deserves them.

They are so demanding that they prefer to stay alone before starting a relationship with someone who does not meet their expectations. They generally fall in love and marry older and older people. The largest number of singles is in the sign of Capricorn.

The Capricorn man measures risk, the woman who wants to conquer him must never lie to him, on the contrary, she must show him that he is a trustworthy person. If she manages to convince him, she will be able to penetrate that ice shield characteristic of Capricorns.

He is seduced by a confident woman who manages his finances well. If he observes that the woman he is dating has debts and her credit cards are through the roof, he will probably flee scared.

Sometimes they are misinterpreted. If a woman likes her they will try to impress her, although her shyness may make them appear awkward when they really want to be nice.

He will strive sexually to satisfy the woman because it is a competitive situation for him. Capricorn likes to win and likes to always win.

A woman who is difficult will drive him crazy, who resists his seduction. If he has to fight for her, he values ​​her much more. It is a reserved and not very demonstrative sign. He feels more than he shows. He likes displays of affection and a woman who gives them security.

The Capricorn man takes all areas of life seriously and especially love. If they start a relationship, for them it is a serious relationship with a view to a future together.

Very demanding on an emotional level, he studies his partner a lot and will take all the time in the world to make a decision.

On her side, the Capricorn woman is practical, both in her purposes and in her ambitions. She is persistent and persevering and achieves what she wants thanks to her spirit of sacrifice.

She is a woman with a hidden romantic nature, she is much more sensitive than people think but she takes her time to evaluate the man she approaches. Her times are longer than other women.

They seek long-term relationships. When it does open up, it tends to be passionate. Sexually very intense after passing that stage of an exhaustive evaluation. Loyal in nature, she is often a great match for her partner.

Although at first she is cold and distant, when she falls in love she becomes passionate and intense.

They are so demanding that they prefer to stay alone before starting a relationship with someone who does not meet their expectations. They generally fall in love and marry older and older people. The largest number of singles is in the sign of Capricorn.

Defects of the people of this sign: they are serious, sad, pessimistic, boring and routine. They have a hard time being spontaneous.

Physical characteristics of Capricorn people: very strong, massive and muscular, with a tendency to be overweight. Fine hair and deep voice, small eyes and warm gaze. Big head.

North Node in Capricorn– Meaning and Symbolism

In your previous life were you, a “housewife” or else your personality was built linked to the family, the house, the home, your town, your loved ones. She occupied her time in living love for her family. She did not leave the house.

She took refuge among her own and did not dare to progress in the world of work. She has you, therefore Karma family. This is why her current family, her home, her parents and her siblings will weigh decisively in her decisions. She can be seen as a prisoner of them.

Her family won’t let her live or she doesn’t know how to get rid of them. In the early part of his life he is likely to be afraid of him to get away from his safe family bosom and embark on the adventure of life.

In his previous life, he had problems in the stomach, in the gallbladder and if she was a woman, in the breasts, therefore these organs should not leave him neglected. And he also had osteoarthritis in bones.

In this life, the spirit tells him that he has to learn to go out towards the social, professional and labor conquest, that he has you that generate ambition, prestige, and labor conquest. To be something or someone without his family.

He will have you, a conflict between being the lover of each or being a worker. If he is at home, he will feel the need to be at work, but if he is spending a lot of time at work, he will take time away from home and leave home helpless.

This individual is learning to reach maturity. In past incarnations he had a tendency to view life through rose-colored glasses, seeing only what he wanted to see, being totally convinced that everything else did not exist.

Now there is still much of this “child” in the south node of him in Cancer. He is so used to traversing his former lives on crutches, coping with his dependencies while looking for canes to lean on, that his current life is the result of the remnants of his escapist habits as a child, which now prevents him from continuing his life increase.

At its core, it is about the eternal child who wishes at all costs to maintain his role as the focus of the parents’ attention. When it comes to solving problems, he would prefer that his parents take care of it.

All the people he meets, whether they be friends, business associates or spouse, automatically become the symbolic father destined to collect the fragments of his misery and protect him from the heaven that he has created and that now seems to crumble over. His head. He himself creates his uselessness if those close to him provide the slightest hint of obtaining love and affection.

He is constantly practicing the task of becoming an adult, although he never seems willing or ready to fully transition. Somehow he still has the feeling that, before taking that step, he needs to keep practicing. Everything he does in this life is based on his soul’s memories of past life feelings, which continue to be shocked at the slightest of rejections.

Many of the people with these nodes are strongly involved in the business of their country. They personalize the government because, for them, he continues to be part of their own cancer family in a broad sense.

They love hearing the trials and tribulations of others. Although they themselves are not at all quick to solve problems, they have a tendency to keep it all within themselves. As the weight of the problems increases, they seem to mature, in spite of themselves, as if they are accumulating one layer on another.

The most difficult karmic problem of the south node in Cancer is learning to let go. The individual carries with him such strong internal fears of losing or forgetting something that he spends all his time making extra efforts aimed at retaining everything that he has ever gone through. As such, it becomes the “psychic garbage can” of the past.

He constantly thinks of his present in terms of what he would have had to do several years … or lifetimes earlier. He can often be seen re-gazing at old photographs, hoping to shape his future out of the fragments of his past.

Sometimes she is an extremely exhausting person who uses everything that is done for her as a springboard to ask for more and more.


Lunar nodes should not be considered separately from other elements of the horoscope. They can strengthen or emphasize the general meaning and message inherent in the birth chart.

A comprehensive study of the lunar nodes and the fundamental astrological factors will help to better understand life patterns and the fate of a person, since in this case it is possible to draw parallels between the current existence of a native with his past and future.

Analysis of the position of the Moon nodes is very important in the study and solution of karmic issues and problems.

The sign of the zodiac in which the Descending Node falls will indicate the usual style of behavior and lifestyle of the native, which are rooted in past incarnations.

The ascending lunar node, the astrological house in which it falls, and its sign will prompt the direction in which a person needs to develop in the current life.

Understanding the vector of its development will give the native the opportunity to get rid of the problems of the past and fully realize the creative and spiritual potential inherent in him by nature and fate.