North Node in Libra

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Irresistible charm and grace were bestowed upon those born under the sign Libra, coupled with a desire for popularity and recognition by others.

The friendly and charming Libra are up to date and enterprising. But they usually need other people for their activities, as they do not like to continue what they have started on their own.

The sociable Libra have a very special need for partnership in order to find real fulfillment.

Marriage and partnership are paramount to Libra people. Those born under the sign Libra have the ability to approach “others” with ease.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

Those who have this node are usually people with an easy self-assertion. Dynamic, determined, who have worked hard (and in several lives) on their self-confidence, courage and action.

However this can make them somewhat individualistic and selfish.

His Martian need (Mars) to assert himself many times loses track of the needs and entity of the other (consciously or unconsciously).

Therefore, the North Node in Libra comes to use all its generative talent and trust in the service of interests that go beyond its own. Use your talents but considering the needs of the other.

Partnerships, close friends and friends are areas in which you will have many learning experiences on this topic. It is very possible that he presents marked problems in the bonds due to a perceived “selfishness” of the other, who is actually mirroring this quality in himself.

Through these links, they will also find and resize the borders of their own autonomy, because although individualism is not in principle negative, when this native does not synchronize his wishes with the wishes of the other, he brings destruction to long-term collective projects. … Thus generating destruction for their relationships.

In this way, these natives often generate ruptures in different relationships on a frequent basis due to their selfish and reactive tendencies.

In principle, and given their autonomy, they may perceive that the other is not necessary for them, but over time they may realize that their projects and desires only reach a certain point if they do not have the cooperation of the other.

The individualistic tendency, and the imprint of other lives that has taught him about his own capacity, lead him to face situations without considering the other … however, it is not easy…

It is important that this native recognizes his role and participation in what is happening to correct internally.

The North Node in Libra can have such a strong sense of self that they tend to separate themselves from what happens to them (“I” and “what happens” have no apparent relationship), without taking responsibility for their contribution.

Additionally, it is important that, when making alliances, you learn to give, deliver, cooperate and give selflessly. It is also important that you learn to negotiate, dialogue, listen to both sides of a situation, and avoid taking extreme sides and acting rashly.

North Node in Libra is aimed at making its contribution through teamwork and cooperation. It is recommended that you operate from the awareness that the good of the other is not contrary to the personal good, if it is possible to dialogue, negotiate and yield in favor of the common good and unity.

Before learning to work with this model, the natives of this node can experience very frustrating situations (and repeatedly) when seeing others obtain and receive those things that they would like for themselves (and that they have repeatedly tried to obtain and without success).

In fact, what you get that is precious to you may be taken away from you, until you learn to share voluntarily. They have an innate ability to deliver their energy to make others’ wishes come true, and through that path of surrender, they can learn the bliss of selflessly helping others.

To conclude, it is worth clarifying that the “disinterested” surrender necessarily implies the search for the well-being of the other, even if one’s own is not geared.

This clarification is important, since these natives can pretend to be generous, when deep down they give for all the secondary gains that the self receives from this apparent surrender (recognition, acceptance, feeling of greatness).

As soon as they really activate their flow of energy, confidence and certainty for the benefit of the group, not only in the apparent and beyond their personal desires, they achieve some levels of stability and satisfaction in work and personal projects.

Libra – Meaning and Symbolism

With Libra people, the intellect is strongly emphasized, so they are always actively looking for knowledge, new ideas and spiritual stimulation. They have a special gift for analyzing all social events in their environment.

Libra people are reluctant to make decisions because they use every opportunity to find a satisfying solution for everyone.

The Libra scores with their charm, their excellent manners and their diplomatic skills. Scales are indispensable in any negotiation that involves the perception of different points of view.

She has a fine sense of harmony, which is noticeable both on an artistic level and in dealing with other people. She is a master at making contacts successfully, which can be used very helpful in freelance activities.

Those born under the zodiac sign Libra are very receptive to compliments and flattery, which they do not skimp on their loved ones.

Flirting is part of the Libra people’s purpose in life, even if they are in a relationship. Libra people find it difficult to say “no”, they want to please everyone and, above all, avoid unpleasant things.

Those born under the zodiac sign Libra believe that being in love will last forever, even if they live part of it in their imagination. You have a strong sense of togetherness and harmony.

The Libra child is usually very balanced and in tune with himself. It needs security and warmth, only then can it develop its qualities.

In order to maintain harmony, Libra children give in quickly and avoid decisions. They perfectly understand how to make off with friendly comments. The Libra child enjoys expensive toys and clothes from an early age.

Libra children are very generous and naturally share with their playmates, but are very disappointed when others do not act like this. Learning to formulate demands and make decisions is important in the development of a Libra child.

Libra people are not as resilient as they appear. You should therefore take care of your body and not overwork. Additionally, it is important that, when making alliances, you learn to give, deliver, cooperate and give selflessly.

It is also important that you learn to negotiate, dialogue, listen to both sides of a situation, and avoid taking extreme sides and acting rashly.

People born under the zodiac sign Libra should also pay attention to small signs of discomfort and take them seriously. They are very susceptible to illnesses like the flu, but respond to treatments faster than other zodiac signs.

If the Libra is not feeling well, they will let everyone around them know. She may not be complacent, but it does her good when she is looked after and cared for, which is what she demands.

It is said that Libra have all fairy worlds, all fantasies, dreams, illusions, and all magic and that they have a sensitivity that does not belong to this world. This is exactly how people who have the southern knot in Libra lived in the world of fairy tales, dreams. Your feelings have become overemphasized, a person who is often dependent on others.

In most cases, reality was alien to them because they cheated on themselves consciously or unconsciously. They haven’t made it in their lives, either because of their excessive sensitivity and naiveté, or because of their “heads in the clouds”.

As a result, these people have been abandoned, injured, humiliated, and increasingly insecure and withdrawn, with constant ridicule. These people could be thieves or people who have hidden their identities from others, including people who have been exposed to alcohol and drug addiction.

In good aspects there could be healers, so if the South Node is now dealing with Mercury from the third house – bioenergetics etc.

Now these people have to learn to look at life realistically, to deal with chaos, especially emotional disturbances. You need to understand who can and cannot be trusted and develop logic and analysis.

Does any of you have this position? Do you dream of strange situations in which you feel like you are leading a different life at another time? Especially when South Node is on the 12th?

In my opinion, you are indeed very gifted with the extra-sensory perception, the accumulated experience that you have in your subconscious, and when you become aware of it you can use it to help others, provided of course, and the knots are tightly set and well thought out. Sun.

North Node in Libra – Meaning and Symbolism

In your past lives you had to be strong and brave. You had to do alone what most people do with help. As a result, in the present incarnation your tendency is to go it alone.

The least positive part of these nodes is the difficulty in negotiating or staying in a relationship (personal or business) when a disagreement arises. You can end relationships in a somewhat unpredictable way and then end up regretting it.

You must observe if you are overly challenging, uncooperative, and too competitive. If you spend too much time angry and even if you have more accidents than most. That means that you are in excess in the energy of your south node.

People who have these nodes find it uncomfortable to have to consult their decisions, to have to have the opinion of a partner or the couple and that is just the learning for this life. As in past lives there was an excess of risk and loneliness, in this case be prudent, always consider various options and cooperate.

It is also uncomfortable for these people to have to wait and understand that each person has their own deadlines and hers has their own times.

If the partner is too slow to take steps in the relationship or if everything at work is deadlines that you feel are blocking your goals, they are probably signs that you are not making room for Libra energy in your life.

The gift of these nodes is the ability to be independent and not be afraid of loneliness, unless there is a lot of air energy in your birth chart. You are an entrepreneur by nature and you are not afraid to be the first to do something.

If you manage to remain spontaneous and balance your taste for novelty, always looking to have a new project or try new activities with your partner, you will have a lot to win.

The qualities to learn are balance, aesthetic taste, patience, the ability to work in a team, negotiation skills, the search for peace and harmony in your environment.

If you usually meet people who are very slow, who are indecisive or who feel that they commit little to their goals, such as that they lack “blood” surely these people are acting as a mirror, reflecting the part of you that you reject.

Until you give your Libra part space in your life, you will continue to express it externally through that type of person who drives you out of your boxes.

The north and south nodes of the moon in our astral chart speak of those situations that we come to resolve in this life, but that come from other pasts, that is why they are known as the nodes of karma.

Today we will explore the North Node in Libra, which speaks of people who have great energy and dynamism but have a hard time finding balance and diplomacy.

People with North Node in Libra have the mission of developing and establishing interpersonal relationships that go beyond their own interest and benefit.

These individuals are usually clear about how to work individually and competitively (thanks to the south node in Libra) but they must understand that in life teamwork and the distribution of tasks and burdens can take them even further.

This position can present conflicting people, who like power and action, so some balance, diplomacy and tact do them good to be able to create and maintain those relationships that will help them grow.

The North Node individual in Libra can become a great mediator and negotiator, he knows deep down what is good for the group and he gains the trust of those around him to execute his vision.

Taking a break is also something that these people must learn to do, their life is so focused on doing that reflecting, and thinking and planning are left on the bedside table.

This node must learn to listen, connect and think about others, only then will it be fully realized and will find that the world is not the battlefield that it imagined.


This person could have been a warrior in previous lives and could have been known to lead a fight, a skirmish, and if not then he was certainly a great fighter in life. She was very combative and in this ecstasy she could easily go to extremes and injure or even kill someone.

A quick backup. She was very persistent and dynamic and had a strong need to prove and express a purely masculine principle. She was self-centered, stubborn, impulsive, supernatural, explosive, and slightly offensive.

Now she has to follow the path of the north node in Libra, learn equality, negotiate, cooperate, and find a compromise. He must be a diplomat and develop patience and calm.

Libra also represents marriage, so the marriage experience is very important to these people, an area in which they will strive to manifest.

The essential thing is that this person should try to find harmony and harmony both within themselves and in partnerships.