Part of Fortune in Aquarius

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Everyone has one such position in their horoscope and of course, for us this place of the Moon is very important, and when we say the place of the Moon we mean the place of Fortune as the place of the essence of our Moon.

There are two types of Fortune and the formula for its birth. One is that Fortuna, if we are born by day, is calculated as the distance between the Sun and the Moon projected by the Ascendant, while if we are born at night, when the Moon dominates, we see how long it takes from the Moon to the Sun, how much the light that exists when it is night – the night ruler, the Moon needs to reach the Sun and we project that from the Ascendant.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

If nets has a point of Fortune in the 1st house, it means that he was born at the moment of conjunction of lights, regardless of whether it was a day or night birth.

Here we have one indication that all the energy of the parents is put on the natus itself, although his personal Moon is not seen at the moment he is born. He is the one who will create the whole Moon, he was given the opportunity to start the whole creation from him. If it is well placed to the natus it is as if happiness has been given.

If we are talking about Fortuna which is tied to the 2nd house, of course we can say that a person has the opportunity to be happy through some financial gain, through the materialization of desires, through the realization of various things.

If this is not set up well, then we will see that a person can constantly have a cramp about whether he will be able to acquire or whether he is valuable enough.

If Fortuna is in the 3rd house, the whole thing is that a person can be lucky through learning. Her path of happiness is the path of discovery, the path of knowledge, the path that gives us the opportunity to experience the right reward through ease of contact and communication, through the diversity of life, through the art of words, through the art of writing, everything that would give us full happiness goes through that part.

If Fortuna is in the 4th house, it is certain that we already have an interesting situation, because in a good number of cases, at least according to the natural zodiac, this means that a person was born with the square of the Sun and Moon and that means that sometimes parents are not related are different.

Fortune’s position in the 4th house is largely related to the experience of happiness that tends to be found in early childhood, in a period that we had a long time ago and that binds us to the family, to some origin.

If Fortuna is tied to the 5th house, of course the person is given to be successful in what she loves most, as if her parents had already created her with a trine of lights and she was given to go one way she may have walked in a previous life or who loved and it used to be a path of art, a path of play, a path of ease, because the 5th house is a house of ease.

The fifth house in itself is the house of Fortune, it is the house of happiness and the person with this here has the experience that he can easily experience happiness through what he loves through art, through children, through love, through every kind of entertainment.

If Fortuna is in the 6th house, surely the potential happiness here goes through one perfection, through one work, through something that the person likes to do and finds himself there. Happiness is great here when a person can do something to someone, when he can help or when he can be useful to someone, only if Fortuna is good there.

Of course, if Fortuna is not good here, those things know to be missing and a person does not like to be so much at the service and starts to complain that he should be at the service of someone and therefore he is not satisfied with his life.

If Fortuna is in the 7th house, natus was born on the opposition of light and when we have this one condition there is the most direct place that tells us that our happiness is in a relationship, that our happiness is left in a relationship with another person and our happiness depends entirely on toga.

Aquarius – Meaning

No one is able to tell Aquarius how to live, because from an early age they are broad in knowledge, and even at a young age they are able to identify the weak link in the chain of future events.

Most likely, the typical Aquarius would prefer to see himself as an autonomous and independent person, rather than sink into the abyss of other people’s doubts.

Communication is the strong point of Aquarius, they are perceived as a sociable and pleasant interlocutor with whom it is not boring to spend time.

Uranus, your ruler, is harsh and exciting in nature and tends to fill the life of Aquarius with a lot of surprises.

People born under the zodiac sign Aquarius are contradictory personalities.

On the one hand, they always value what is available, on the other, they are open to new things and are not afraid of experiments. They like to go against public opinion, although they are ready to listen to people whose authority they recognize.

Among their friends, they are often reputed to be originals: unusual things arouse their sincere interest, they choose non-standard hobbies, and even choose a wardrobe based on their own, sometimes bizarre, taste.

Sometimes being close to Aquarius is difficult: he is so unpredictable that an unprepared person may seem erratic, overly fussy and disorganized.

This impression is deceiving: despite all the internal contradictions, Aquarians usually know what they want and go to their goal.

Another question is that this goal may seem incomprehensible and strange to the layman.

Emotions and impressions born under the zodiac sign Aquarius are valued much higher than material values, and they can spend all their savings on an exciting trip or a thing they like.

However, in order to have fun, Aquarius does not have to have something behind his soul: he knows how to see the beautiful. Interesting and bright in the most ordinary things.

The children’s spontaneity of Aquarius sometimes bothers their loved ones, who have to shoulder their daily worries on themselves, however, Aquarius are ready to thank those with sincere affection, and also teach them to look at the surrounding reality easily and cheerfully.

Zodiac sign Aquarius easily converges with people. And although they really enjoy being close to those to whom they have long been attached (and Aquarius keep their attachments all their lives), they just as easily meet new people. They are happy to give others a piece of their magical world, which is why communication with them turns into a kind of “holiday every day.”

The creative nature of Aquarius helps them generate ideas at an unprecedented speed. They are used to thinking in artistic images, so they can easily clothe their fantasies and dreams in a form that is understandable to those around them.

Quite often, Aquarians are gifted in one way or another: music, dancing, drawing, applied art give them the opportunity to open up.

This should be taken into account by the parents of little Aquarius: if you send the child to study in a circle corresponding to his interests in time, his talents will have the opportunity to reveal themselves as much as possible.

In their studies, careers and relationships, Aquarius is often hindered by their incoherence and isolation from reality.

They are constantly late, postponing important matters until the last moment, forgetting to call, write, and come. Keeping a planner and constant self-control will help to cope with this.

Aquarians easily switch attention to things that seem more interesting to them at the moment, without thinking about the consequences.

Part of Fortune in Aquarius – Meaning and Symbolism

Here a person experiences his greatest happiness, moving with the energies of awareness and enlightenment. Free from the shackles created by society, unlimited by predictable expectations, he is able to experience everything that exists outside the established society. He seeks to know everything: about people, the world and the universe.

He wants to know how so many apparently different aspects of life manage to fit together. The purpose of the Parsa of Fortune in Aquarius is a sense of lack of containment.

His happiness comes from the understanding that things can be different, but one should not be better or worse than the other. Thanks to this position, he can remain free from the consequences of sentencing.

He is fair and impartial by nature. Because of this impartial interpretation of the world, he experiences all the joy associated with freedom. Since he is impartial and not too involved in the personal principles of others, the world gives him the freedom to explore self-awakening. He should never follow the path of others.

The direction of his compass is always determined by new ideas that stimulate the ingenuity and originality of his outlook on life. He often seeks solitude in order to get away from the demands of traditional society, since his joy is not based on human laws or restrictions, but on the impulse of cosmic forces that pull a person to his highest abilities.

He knows that there is a place for such things in the world, but he also knows that the world is in a state of decline due to the misuse and abuse of such things. He is served as a beacon of love for truth and the highest principles of Leo.

There is little in the world that can strike a person with the Pars of Fortune in Aquarius, since there is enough room in his mind to accept the possibility of any event. He lives in the future, exploring and uncovering what humanity sees as the most distant possibilities. He is truly free in spirit: liberal in ideas and unconventional in positions.

The power to do this comes from the same Leo energy. It is the power of Leo that allows a person to fight the desire for power, since the vision was directed both inward and outward.

As soon as this person recognizes himself as “different” and agrees that his desires and ideas are unique and even prophetic in their essence, he will begin to discover the reality to which his soul aspired.

He learns that his mind is free to explore consciousness – the consciousness that will ultimately free humanity from the shackles of its collective ego. The joy of this “pot of gold” is not only for the person himself, but for everyone.


This person’s satisfaction comes from the absence of any personal concern about the direction in which the society is heading. He knows about a better future based on a far-reaching vision of truth.

Therefore, the problems of the present can leave him relatively indifferent. He knows that they will be resolved in the best possible way.

So there is no need to worry. Since Leo’s energy is based on ego satisfaction through leadership and authority, and Aquarius’s energy is about avoiding ego traps, this person will find great happiness without fear or shame in their isolation and non-conformist attitudes.