Part of Fortune in Capricorn

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The highest “manifestation of the element earth. The ruler is Saturn. Capricorns are a very powerful sign. Theorists. They understand well the essence of things and people, they can easily give instructions on how and what needs to be done – although they will not do it themselves. They understand the processes and how everything in the world works.

Very strong mentally and physically. Slightly slow. Patient, hardy, obligatory. Have a strong influence on other people.

For Capricorns, progress comes gradually. With a seeming external frivolity, they have a very stable character.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

A person here achieves the greatest happiness by observing how his life takes on a certain structure and form.

This person has many aspirations and hopes, but remains unsatisfied until the steps necessary to bring them into effect have been formulated and put in place.

He strives all the time to be in touch with the ultimate goal and knows that the best way to live life is to spend it creating something that will outlive him. He seeks to overcome the limitations placed on him in his youth.

Organizer, strategist, leader, elder – the keeper of traditions and laws. Perfectly knows how to calculate the main and the secondary, build a hierarchy of values. He clearly knows his place in the social structure and in critical situations can sacrifice himself in order to preserve it.

Knows how to obey superiors and manage subordinates. Dry, unemotional, sometimes hot-tempered, but reliable and responsible. A sense of duty is above all.

He seeks to have complete information about everything related to his activities, and, perhaps not without reason, believes that in order to obtain it, it is necessary to climb the steps of the social ladder. By the end of a career, he often finds himself on the upper steps.

Emotional dryness does not allow him, like Cancer, to subtly feel a partner, therefore he builds his relationships with others “according to the rules”, in accordance with generally accepted, in his opinion, norms.

He even looks after his beloved formally, and exactly as is customary in his environment, in accordance with the existing rules and customs. Difficulty changing his views, habits and behavior, during drastic changes in society, he may feel uncomfortable.

Note that Capricorn is the highest sign of the zodiacal circle. Capricorn radically raises the question of the purpose of existence. He is stable and inactive, but if events occur under his influence, then they are necessarily serious, capable of changing the whole life.

Everything on Earth has its own purpose. But if a thing appears that has no purpose, then it is destined to be destroyed or consigned to oblivion. And for all people, Capricorn is the goal of life – this is cardinal. “I will grow up and want to be the one,” says the child, so if he does not become someone according to his dream, he will be an unhappy person.

Capricorn – Meaning

The compatibility of men and women of the Sun sign Capricorn with other signs of the zodiac can only be considered for additional detailing of the relationship.

The compatibility of zodiac signs does not play an important role in love, friendship, or work. Date of birth compatibility is much more important in assessing relationships for any zodiac signs.

Capricorns are ambitious, aspiring, staunch, hardy and tenacious people in achieving their goal. They are capable of a great concentration of consciousness, they can do long-term monotonous work if they feel a positive result from it.

Such people have an exceptional talent to fit into the hierarchy, to the chosen circles, to enjoy social benefits.

For them, the whole world is a hierarchy, where everyone must know exactly their place and fulfill their duties in accordance with laws and regulations. But these people are not decisive. They only do what they are good at and what fits into their habits.

They clearly set boundaries in relationships with other people. You can’t buy them with flattery. They are formalists and pedants. In life, they are cold and they do not need emotional attachments. But, if you find weak points, then such a person can be tied to himself and he will need contact.

Advantages in character – law-abidingness and conservatism. They love to organize everything, they cannot stand unpredictability, abrupt changes, and violations of the rules.

For such people, the past is very important – the experience of their own and others, even from authoritative books.

Characterized by selflessness, the ability to overcome difficulties and heroic work. Perseverance and ambition, practicality, planning your life for many years to come, clear memory and clarity of mind, as well as a sense of duty, responsibility and honesty in work are expressed.

Negative traits with severe damage to the Sun are manifested in the inability to make decisions, in unfounded fears and fears. Internal pessimism and depression are characteristic (but hold on to people).

Excessive severity, authoritarianism, domineering, arrogance, stinginess, pride and deceit of plans, overstated requests, and claims for privileges are also possible. By their behavior in groups they bring despondency and inhibition, dryness and coldness, look for a victim and use it for their own selfish personal goals.

Others see you as a mature, serious, calm, reasonable, and emotionally detached person. You don’t like tearful sentimentality and will not flaunt your feelings, especially positive ones. You always like to look balanced, keep yourself in control and hate the manifestations of weakness, vulnerability.

Capricorns are characterized by ambition and persistence in achieving their goals. Slightly selfish, cannot be controlled by others. They do not want to be content with little; strive for power. Always and in everything they “have a plan.”

Economical, prudent, thoughtful. Always concerned about how to make the world a better place. They are calculating, businesslike, practical people. They stand firmly on the ground.

Physical characteristics: no special bodily marks, features; may be painful and weak in childhood. They develop gradually, for representatives of other signs it may seem that they are slow. Thick, thick hair, long nose and deep-set eyes.

They can sometimes put pressure on people, however, this does not prevent people from trusting them. Great organizers. They endure a lot, love an honest, sincere and reliable relationship. They are hardworking.

All their life they accumulate knowledge in order to confirm their “qualifications” – first of all, to themselves. Capricorns often have a late marriage. But they are good husbands, wives, mothers and fathers.

People who have the sun in Capricorn are practical, work slowly and sometimes lazy, have organizational skills. They strive for accumulation in life. Capricorn is ruled by Shane (Saturn), therefore, in the lives of these people, everything happens more slowly than in others, with a delay. As a rule, success comes to them in the second half of their lives.

Capricorns are selfish, do not like control, they can work hard and hard. They are moderate in their demands, ascetic, pessimistic and inclined towards philosophy.

They can be dishonest, heartless, stingy and stubborn, capable of deceit and cunning if they need it to achieve their goals. Capricorns tend to empathize with people below them on the social ladder. They are cautious, friendly and have a good sense of humor. They are creative people, calm and melancholic.

A person who has the Moon in Capricorn may outwardly be ruthless and rude, however, he loves people and cares about those in need. Capricorns are creative people, good organizers, and great performers. They can be calculating, confident, cold, and dispassionate.

They are humble and romantic at heart. Their life is a constant struggle, they lack energy and strength. They are usually fickle, but they have a good heart.

This article gives a classic description of the qualities inherent in people born under the sign of Capricorn.

However, how clearly these qualities are manifested in each specific person can only be determined by analyzing the individual horoscope.

Part of Fortune in Capricorn – Meaning and Symbolism

A person is able to develop an inner strength that will allow him to see that his life is in his own hands and is a product of his own production. He does not want everything to necessarily come easily, as he feels that the superficial, fleeting nature of most experiences, objects and even relationships distracts from the big goal that he has planned.

He also needs to know that he can make a valuable contribution to society. The Cancer Piece of Impartial Consciousness allows that person to experience the full range of emotional energy.

As with all positions in which polarity allows a person to increase the emotional experience, the need to remain impartial is emphasized here.

The balance that a person can achieve is vital to the proper use of energy. It is important to note that all earth signs are balanced by water signs. Dry land is not fertile. Nothing useful for humans will grow on such soil.

It is possible that valuable minerals can be found in such places, but the wealth they represent is usually used to obtain the products of the rich, fertile land.

On the other hand, submerged land is also useless until the water drains away and the earth is somewhat dry.

Capricorn energy pushes forward to complete projects, and Cancer energy experiences emotional enthusiasm from the birth of the sources.

In order for the Part of Fortune to work in its best possible way, it is necessary to master and control emotions.

This is probably the most difficult task for any person. Whatever one feels can actually act as a deterrent to what one really wants to do. Childhood insecurities, fears, and self-doubts need to be set aside so that the person can develop a perspective that allows them to see that their work in life is more important than themselves.

When a person can do this, he will develop a new identity through which he will become the “quality and quantity” of all that he is able to produce. Part of the Unbiased Consciousness in Cancer gives a deep understanding of the need for a good start or foundation for any project.

Nothing will be successful if the first step or idea is not properly cared for, nourished, and directed. Part of the Impartial Consciousness in Cancer allows a person with the Part of Fortune in Capricorn to conceive, give birth and nourish something that will grow to maturity and, of course, have a life of its own.

This position of the Part of Fortune postpones happiness until a later age.

This allows you to develop true maturity, as a person must overcome huge obstacles that require strength, skill and a lot of hard work.

Through a Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Cancer, a person should learn that negative emotions actually drain his physical energy, preventing him from achieving the sense of progress that he needs to be supported. He is very sensitive to the needs of others and is especially vulnerable on an emotional level.


Capricorn is a sign of great depth. At the heart of his actions is always some kind of plan, a road along which a well-defined sense of purpose leads to the chosen destination.

Even detours are somehow included in this plan.

For this person, there can be no vague abstractions or generalizations, since, in essence, a life reward (happiness) comes from constant confidence in one’s destiny.

The “pot of gold” at the end of this rainbow is achieved after years of effort in a man-made course.

He knows that this achievement will not come through luck or luck, but rather through his well-directed efforts and sense of intrinsic worth.

Everything achieved is a symbol of internal development, which is the “pot of gold”.