Peacock – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Peacock is a gorgeous example of how nature can make living life beautiful and breathtaking!

This exotic, colorful bird is commonly described as one of the most beautiful species in the world.

Peacock have always attracted our attention by their eye-catching appearance; their lavish and showy tails, their remarkable royal blue feathers, gracious necks and faces have always been a subject of adoration and admiration.

The very first association that comes to people’s minds mentioning peacocks is a parade, a show, a display and spotlight.

Since old times peacocks have been considered ultimate symbol of attention, luxury, display of wealth and richness. Some would go so far and call a peacock real smug.

Other symbolic and spiritual qualities of peacocks are commonly overlooked.

However, peacocks symbolize much more than vane beauty and shallow, but glittery display.

Peacocks also represent noble values, honor, immortality, spirituality and vitality. They are an amazing example of how wonderful and rich our world is, in nature.

We commonly fail to see how much natural beauty is there around us; peacocks are one of the most reliable exemplars. In symbolical and spiritual sense, there is much more about peacocks that we forget or do not take into consideration, being blown away by their majestic appearance.

These beauties are considered symbolical manifestations of solar energy, the aspect that is directly associated with concepts of good health, strength and vitality. Those are essential bases for prosperity, glory, fame and success.

Peacocks are present in various religious, spiritual and traditional concepts and beliefs throughout the world and history of civilization.

Peacock cultural significance

Over the course of history and in various mythological and religious systems, peacocks have been seen symbols of nobility, sacredness and divine protection.

This magnificent bird is mentioned in some of the greatest systems of belief.

In Buddhist tradition, peacocks are symbols of the highest knowledge and wisdom. Far East Buddhists associate peacocks with the goddess Kwan Yin, the one that represents the two concepts mentioned, wisdom and knowledge.

Interesting pattern of peacock tail, feathers in shape of eyes, have always considered intriguing and they are believed to represent the idea of all-seeing eyes.

For this reason, peacocks are also associated with meditation, awareness, consciousness and observance. On the other hand, Hindu tradition worships peacocks as symbols of joy, happiness and prosperity.

Hindu tradition associates peacocks with the goddess Lakshmi, the one that promotes joy on earth, abundance, well-being, patience and charm.

In both Greek and Roman mythology, peacocks were linked to the supreme goddesses, Greek Hera and Roman Juno. For Greeks and Romans, round patterns on peacock tales were believed to represent a starry sky.

It is interesting to note that Christianity sees peacocks symbols of salvation and a force that is all-seeing; actually, Christian religion believes peacocks’ patterned tails represent Christ’s eyes that have power of seeing everything.

It was also believed that a peacock’s meat could not rot, so no wonder this magnificent birds was identified with the idea of longevity, infinity and immortality.

Peacock symbolism

Peacocks symbolize many things, mostly positive ones. We can say a peacock symbolizes integrity and self-confidence. This amazing creature is a constant reminder for us to be brave, to be proud of who we are and do not get discouraged easily by others’ judgment.

Maybe others really do not like what we do and how we do that, but it is their problem. Many times false judgment comes from purse greed and jealousy.

However, we should always ask ourselves if there is at least a little true within. That said, peacocks represent also the negative side of power, strength, strong will, self-confidence and pride.

They symbolize the need of an individual to be the first in everything, to be seen and admired, worshiped and adored.

However, sometimes it is only pure vanity. Peacocks, with their relaxed pace and showing off, also symbolize vanity, beauty that is only outside, greed and arrogance. Nevertheless, peacock symbolism is positive, for the greatest part.

This magnificent bird represents uniqueness, the capability to accept yourself the way you are and show all of your colors to the world.

It says: “Look at me, I am what I am, like me or not”. Peacocks are strangely beautiful creatures; they symbolically represent the courage that is needed freely to express everything you are.

Although a peacock is a common metaphor for a braggart person, for innocent arrogance and narcissism, this animal actually stands for an open heart, for freedom of thoughts and for unrestrained emotions.

A male peacock would show off his majestic tail when he wants to impress a female and win her over. That is a symbol of romance, love, passion and sexuality. Peacocks, thus, also stand for sensuality and emotions.

They represent positive energy and optimism. If you think it is easy to be famous and easily recognizable, think twice.

Although they appear to look relaxed and calm, peacocks symbolize the burden of glory.

They represent all the strength needed to carry on with a smile, even when something bothers you, because you know your appearance would affect many others.

In addition, if you have ever heard a peacock’s call, you have to admit it is not one the prettiest sounds to hear. Symbolically, it means that under smiling face and beautiful looks, there are flaws.

However, one has to manage their flows the best he or she can. That is one of the symbolic lessons we can learn from peacock spirit.

Peacock in dreams

Even in dreams, these amazing birds call us to open up our hearts and our minds, to speak freely about our desires and emotions, to be proud of who we are. In dreams, a peacock symbolizes good fortune, luxury, wealth, prosperity and glory.

If a woman dreams about a peacock, it could mean she is about to meet a wealthy and attractive, successful man.

Depending on details of a dream, peacocks symbolize many other things.

For example, a dream about peacocks could make us wonder whom should we trust; there could be people around you that only pretend wishing you well, while, instead, they are pleasant and kind only because they are finding a way to spoil your plans and break your success.

You should not trust everyone. Be more cautious and observant, especially at your workplace.

Peacock feathers, those eye-shaped, are a good sign. Dream about these beautiful and strange feathers suggest new horizons will open to us.

This dream is a dream of insight, of discovering who you are. This dream suggest you should open your eyes and your heart and better observe the situation you found yourself in and you will see new perspectives and new opportunities.

Peacock totem and spiritual powers

As a totem animal, Peacock offers many valuable lessons. It teaches you the most essential thing in life, to be proud of all of what you are and what you have done.

Peacock totem want you to value everything you have done by yourself, in the first place, but also to be thankful for those who helped you.

There is a risk of being too self-obsessed and reckless, if you are a Peacock person, so you should learn to control the need always to have everything for yourself. Peacock personalities are extremely charismatic, usually very stylish, artistic and creative. They do not mind being the center of attention; actually, they love it and enjoy it.

Those individuals are sometimes eccentric, beautiful in a strange way, talkative and friendly.

However, they can be annoying, because sometimes they completely overlook others and talk only about themselves. They have very strong sense of self-importance, which is both good and bad for them.

If you are a Peacock person, you should probably be less self-oriented and a bit more compassionate.

Peacock people are generally kind, polite and generous, but they sometimes fail to see how others feel, even if they have told them.

On the other hand, they have an incredibly positive aura and others can literally feel their irresistible charisma and their drive for life. Peacock people are not bothered by failure, because their spirits are always high.

They literally refuse to be taken down and they resist misery and misfortune by keeping smile on their face and their motivation even over the toughest periods. Sometimes they do fake it, but it is an effective defense mechanism.

Peacock people probably have the best way of dealing with bad things; they fight on with a smile and an open heart.

These individuals are sometimes arrogant, irritant and too-proud of themselves, but they are not selfish or mean to others. They are perfectly capable of being on their own, but they drive their energy from an outer source; they love to be praised and talked about.

Peacock people have many qualities and they are not afraid to show them off.

These individuals enjoy traveling to exotic destinations; they love experiencing new things and, generally, are attracted to the idea of luxurious lifestyle.

However, they are impressively creative, so they can make a great and interesting life for themselves without many material resources. They are usually dedicated to their health and their looks.

Other people sometimes see them shallow and materialistic, but that is not true. Peacock people are aware of that, but they do not care. These people are sociable and fun to have around. In spite of all their bragging and self-importance, they are caring, loving, and loyal.

They care about their family, partners and best friends very much and would always see to provide the best for them.

They do not find it hard to help others and rarely ask others for additional support. On the other hand, even if they were indeed a bit arrogant, they would always ask for help, if the situation requires that.

Overall, Peacock people are very open and direct, so you can only love it or not. They always speak up their mind and hate to be silenced.

Peacock people are proud of whom they are and they would never let others go over them.

They keep to their desires, plans and goals and work on them with full dedication. If things go wrong, they will invent the other way; they are capable of building completely new roads just for themselves and their dearest ones.