Spiritual Meaning of Squirrel

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The scientific name of the squirrel is ‘skiuros’, which means something like ‘shadow tail’ and is derived from the bushy tail with which it is said to be able to provide shade for itself. Squirrel skins were also very popular for centuries.

In Nordic mythology, the red squirrel Ratatöskr lives in the branches of the world tree Yggdrasil: It has the ability to jump back and forth between the different worlds with ease.

Like all red animals, Ratatöskr was dedicated to Thor, the god of thunder. With the Celts, however, the squirrel was associated with the earth and fertility goddess Mebd because of its reddish color.

Everyone has certain power animals that give them strength and help in certain situations. They are often with us throughout our lives.

However, there are also power animals that accompany and protect us only in certain phases of life.

These are the three key words that best symbolize the quality of the squirrel spirit animal.

On the one hand, squirrels are daring free climbers in high treetops, on the other hand, they also set up food depots for the hard time of winter.

Squirrels are excellent climbers. Their life takes place almost entirely in the lofty heights of trees. And because of their low weight, squirrels can also climb to the very tip of the branch.

The squirrel spirit animal encourages us to flexibly and skillfully entrust ourselves to the waters of life and not always head first against resistance.

Squirrels whiz from branch to branch at breakneck speed, and their tails keep their balance like a kind of balancing pole during these acrobatic climbing activities.

The power animal squirrel asks us to take a close look at which areas of our life are balanced – or whether we sometimes have to restore balance first.

A special characteristic of the squirrel is to create many depots with food supplies before winter.

In contrast to other rodents, they do not eat winter fat and are active for one to two hours even in winter to get food from one of their depots.

The squirrel spirit animal shows us that projects that have been cherished for a long time are now being given the necessary form so that we can successfully harvest the fruits of our labor in the not too distant future.

When the nimble squirrel steps into our lives, we learn to integrate more balance, flexibility and foresight into our lives. Old patterns of action that have proven to be unsuitable are then often discarded.

Spiritual Meaning of Squirrel – Meaning

When you pull a spirit animal and the squirrel appears, it announces that you can crack even the toughest shell.

The skillful forest dweller follows the tracks of the soul and opens up ways to mobilize their own strength and use it in a targeted manner.

The squirrel spirit animal is a lovable soul mate in times of upheaval, symbolizing ideas, notions and hopes.

In shamanism, power animals are of central importance as spiritual guardians of the soul. They are allies, advisers, and protectors who mirror the aspects of the inner world.

According to Nordic mythology, the squirrel Ratatösk lived in the world tree Yggdrasil. It had the ability to wander back and forth between the earthly world and the otherworld.

In South America and Japan, the red-brown rodents represent fertility. The squirrel spirit animal is assigned to the elements earth, air and fire. It jumps from one dimension to the other and, as a nimble animal messenger, carries messages from different worlds.

When you draw the squirrel as a power animal card, the energy connects with the female emotional levels.

The cute squirrel asks for opening and arouses our curiosity. The animal spirit indicates to be active and to interact with our environment.

At the same time, we need time to withdraw for personal self-reflection. The power animal meaning implies that we should defend our living space without forgetting the environment and fellow human beings.

If you encounter the squirrel power animal card, it strengthens the ability to exchange and warns of disputes. But cracking hard nuts is one of the easiest exercises for the perky rodent, so you will solve tricky matters gallantly.

Your trusting and refreshingly happy side comes to the fore through the power animal squirrel. It kindles the strength of your heart and gives you charm with which you gain the confidence of your fellow men in no time.

As a shamanic power animal, the squirrel brings courage for the path of life and wants to tell us that there is no reason for self-doubt. Open your heart to the little things, shine the world with your joy and trust your actions.

An animal spirit is always subjective and means something different for each individual. Soul animals and their properties are categorized in books and power animal lexicons.

If you want to find your power animal, a drawn power animal card gives you a better understanding of your emotional world. If you encounter a certain animal while pulling the power animal, it is about the connection to your inner strength.

It is also about better understanding feelings and thoughts in certain situations.

Power animal cards and power animal oracles are well suited for experimentation. Would you like to find your personal power animal and get to know it better? You will receive in-depth firsthand power animal advice from experienced advisors with shamanic-spiritual knowledge.

Shamanic practitioners establish a connection with the spiritual animal kingdom by using various techniques and methods. Would you like to learn more about the squirrel spirit animal, its qualities and healing meaning?

Then a shaman can convey information on fundamental topics in contact with the animal spirit. The helper squirrel has an archetypal power that strengthens humans on various levels. On a shamanic journey you can feel this power and connect with it.

The power animal squirrel accompanies you spontaneously on your power animal journey or meets you after the journey in life.

In order to get acquainted with the spirit of the squirrel spirit animal, it is particularly helpful if you study its behavior in nature.

Spiritual Meaning of Squirrel – Symbolism

Just as there are places of power (in Spain, for example), each person has a totem or power animal linked to him, which helps us overcome difficult moments and with which we feel identified.

One of the most powerful is the squirrel animal totem, and spiritually it appears when something new is going to present itself in our life.

In fact, it is often presented to help you release that burden from the past and accumulated stress and worry.

One meaning of the squirrel as a power animal is that you can easily remove that weight in order to open up to the future. Find out below what the squirrel means!

If you have ever dreamed of this animal and want to discover what the squirrel means as a power animal, we will show you throughout this article.

First of all, the squirrel is undoubtedly one of the most unruly and playful animals, and for this reason it is so admired by various civilizations and cultures.

Therefore, one meaning of the squirrel as a power animal is to take life with a better humor and in a more fun way, without so much tension and seriousness.

But remember, when the squirrel animal totem appears in our lives, it can indicate that a change is coming and we must be cautious.

However, it could also indicate that perhaps we ourselves should consider this change, since it will be the ideal time to do so.

In this way, another meaning of the squirrel as a power animal is to be preventive and propose a change.

On the other hand, the squirrel animal totem also helps to put some order in your life, as well as to act more self-reliant.

In this sense, it can indicate that you may be going through a phase in which you behave in a carefree and unconscious way. If this is your case and you feel that your time is running out without realizing it, the squirrel could help you.

However, the squirrel has another message that is even more profound and important for our lives: find balance and not focus on carelessness. Do you know that a squirrel only finds 10% of the food that it hides and buries?

And thanks to this, new trees are born every year in the forests.

Therefore, the squirrels will have much more food in the future, a clear message that everything happens for something, although at first we do not understand why.

We must also emphasize that the squirrel is a very social animal, so it can also help you communicate better with the people around you.

In addition, it teaches us to take life with more fun and optimism.

Finally, if you feel that you have lost the illusion and joy in your life, don’t worry, the squirrel animal totem will help you regain them.

Squirrels, in general, are usually brown or gray but, although they are difficult to find, there are also black ones. Black squirrels, like panthers, are a subtype of gray squirrels, and their color is due to an excess of melanin.

In fact, only one in ten is black, although it is believed that there were many more before American colonization occurred.

Thus, it is an unusual specimen that has a number of advantages compared to other squirrels. For example, thanks to their color they can be better camouflaged in their surroundings, especially in dark forests. They are also capable of absorbing more sunlight, keeping them warmer, and therefore will not have the urge to eat as much.

If you meet or dream of a black squirrel, or you think it could be your power animal, you should know that the spiritual black squirrel animal totem is very special and will help you face everything that is to come more effectively than a squirrel common.

Sometimes, we tend to think that our totem is a specific animal just because we feel identified with it, although we do not know why. We may have that feeling since we were kids.

In fact, you might be surprised when you discover how many things you have in common with that animal.

For example, if you identify with the squirrel or it is your totem, it is quite likely that you have the following characteristics:

Foresight: Squirrels are also very far-sighted. As we have mentioned before, they tend to store food for the harshest times of winter. So a person with the squirrel animal totem will tend to be more cautious in different situations in her life.

Very social: Another meaning of the squirrel as a power animal is sociability, so you will tend to be a much more sociable individual.

On the contrary, there is also the possibility that you have trouble relating, which would be another reason why this animal is with you.

Cheerful and optimistic: like a squirrel, it is likely that you too are a very funny and smiling person, because you you take life in a more relaxed way.

On the other hand, if you have problems in this aspect, as we have said in the previous point, the squirrel will be in your life to help solve it.

You are looking for balance: you may be a person who tries to have balance in his life to live as stable and happy as possible.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take life with humor.

Now you know what meaning the squirrel has if it appears in your life or you think it can be your spiritual totem, so take advantage of all the good that this animal can bring to your life.


The squirrel is one of the most playful animals there is, so it is an animal highly admired by different cultures and civilizations.

This is why one of the squirrel’s messages is to take life with more fun, without so much seriousness and tension.

However, when the squirrel appears in our lives it is because a change is coming in our day to day and invites us to be warned or to realize that perhaps we should be the ones who consider the idea of ​​changing something, because it is the ideal moment for it.

In general, being preventive is another of the squirrel’s great messages.

On the other hand, the squirrel also helps you to put a little order in your life and to do things with much more self-sufficiency.

If the squirrel appears for this reason, you may be going through a stage where you do things in a carefree and somewhat unconscious way.

If you are scattered and feel that time is on you without knowing how, the squirrel could be a good help for you.