Pisces in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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Which signs do Pisces get along best with? Because he has a pronounced empathy that transcends interpersonal boundaries, Pisces can agree with anyone if he puts in enough effort

On the other hand, it is not easy to live with her because of her extreme sensitivity and the drama that surrounds her.

For optimal connection, she needs a partner capable of nurturing her serenity and dealing with her enigmatic mood swings.

Pisces – Meaning and Info

A great solution are the sober earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, who are able to align with the subtle Pisces and help them keep both feet on the ground.

Taurus will satisfy Pisces’ need for a firm foothold and relieve her of anxiety. Capricorn will at first feel a strong physical affection for Pisces, while she will like his reliability and diligence.

According to some astrologers, the water-earth combination is ideal because, symbolically, water floods the earth, from which fruits then sprout.

Members of the other two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, will also make Pisces happy.

Both combinations are known for spontaneously intertwining sexual passion and love so that their intimate encounters are marked by deep emotions.

Cancer is probably the best pair for Pisces because they both have the same emotional vulnerability.

Thanks to this, Cancer is easier to understand and suffer from fish whimsy than a stricter and more quarrelsome Scorpio.

What do other Pisces look like? At first glance, this relationship should work because they will both understand what motivates and bothers the other. It is likely that Pisces will have an affinity for the virtues it possesses, tenderness, mercy and creativity.

The seventh house is the house of partnership (kalatra-bhava). In the male horoscope, he denotes the wife, and in the female horoscope, the husband.

This is the main indicator of marriage and relationships with members of the opposite sex. Located opposite the ascendant, which symbolizes our “I”, the seventh house represents our opposite or complement – the collective image of the “other”.

The seventh house is the house of love and passion. The planets that fall into it acquire a pronounced sexual connotation.

However, the seventh house is characterized not so much by romantic hobbies (which are best judged by the fifth house), but rather strong and long-term personal ties.

The seventh house denotes partnership in the most general sense of the word and not only on a personal but also on an impersonal level.

As an indicator of the relationship between self and other, the seventh house is associated with our social consciousness and the ability to influence people. It can indicate political power or domination over other people, especially if pests are in it – Saturn or Mars.

The same evil planets can cause the owner of the horoscope to worry in the field of sexual relations. In general, any planets in the seventh house, even beneficial ones, do not contribute to harmony in personal relationships.

Mercury here makes the relationship too short or superficial. Mars generates conflicts, although it gives the owner of the horoscope personal power over people. Saturn indicates separation, alienation and selfishness, but also gives a person power.

The sun means inequality in relationships: one of the partners will dominate the other or subordinate him to his will.

Venus strengthens the attraction between partners, but it can generate too strong desires. And even Jupiter is unsafe here: under his influence, a person becomes unrestrained and tends to impose his society on people.

7th House – Meaning and Info

Moon in the VII house: good standing for men, (+) – the wife will be his reflection – emotional harmony in marriage. For women, the husband will be capricious and feminine. Characterized by the ebb and flow of social life under the influence of the environment.

The ability to solve all controversial social problems. Emotional openness and sincerity are put on display, bribing people with this, although sincerity can be imaginary, artificial.

They marry for the sake of emotion and home. Often marriage is at the insistence of relatives, as they are highly influenced by others. They are looking for a mother or father in a partner. Public transactions. You really need other people for emotional support and have a large “family” of friends who care for you and treat you like a relative.

Women are of particular importance in your life; your relationship with them greatly affects your sense of security and happiness. You can be extremely dependent and insecure if you don’t have a close partner.

The fight against selfishness should be waged alone. This person will be inexorably drawn to battles, even when the moon is defeated, when the very thought of them can instill great fear in him.

When the Moon is not entirely harmonious, the subconscious thought guiding a person is simple: the enemy wants to deprive me of everything necessary for life: food, shelter, and generally protection from the outside world.

At the same time, the habit (and often the need), which has arisen from childhood, to fight for oneself, for one’s piece of bread (with a not heavily affected Moon – bread and butter) can temper a person, harden and close his heart.

especially for the feminine principle, and to force, in essence, all his life to fight with the image of the mother in his subconscious, which gives bad relationships and conflicts in general with women, and with his wife and daughters in particular.

In the female horoscope, this position, with the tense aspects of the Moon, gives bitterness to one’s own feminine and maternal principle, coldness in partnership and marriage.

With a harmonious Moon, all this is relaxed, there is an instinctive ability to adapt, smooth out aggression and even get a certain profit: an affectionate calf sucks two queens.

Working out here is difficult: an open internal enemy is your own “ego”, programs of consumption and protection, with which you need to find a balance for a long time and carefully, adjusting the size of your egoism, the level of consumption and self-love exactly in accordance with your evolutionary level, otherwise they quickly grow.

And the life attitude of a person becomes approximately the following: “The world is obliged to feed, pamper and delight me, and those who do not do this are enemies and are subject to death through being eaten.”

With partners, a person, as a rule, is gentle, caring, in general, shows a mother figure or, conversely, looks for her in a partner, in front of whom he plays the role of a small vulnerable child in need of food and protection.

And this is somehow strange, given how practical, thoughtful and rational this very Virgo on the Ascendant is usually perceived.

Of course, it is simply impossible to find a REAL person with such characteristics. They often fall in love with unavailable people – married, troubled, people from another culture, with whom marriage is not possible or extremely unlikely. In this case, you always want to ask – WHY? …

And then, at some point, I realized that many of them do not need REAL relationships – they need feelings from relationships, experiences, emotions. They need feelings and some throwing, as it were, the expectation of a relationship, often becomes more interesting than the relationship itself.

That is, in fact, a person who has Virgo on the ASC and who cannot afford to be impractical needs a partner who compensates for her need for Neptune (weakness, groundless pity and feelings) and Venus (again, in feelings and affections).

Pisces in 7th House – Meaning and Info

Like the third house of the horoscope, the ninth, is rarely a reason for self-consultation. His topics arise when the consultation is about moving, or choosing a place of education for grown-up children. But in general, as a rule, it goes as a side.

Even with the same move, we do not rate the 9th house as the main one, because the move is not the 9th house. Moving is still the 4th house. Yes, if we go far in search of new prospects – then in connection with the 9th.

If the move is forced or significantly reduces your social activity – then from the 12th. Well, for short distances, as you know, the 4th, together with the third.

House 9 appears to be moving abroad. In fact, it is rather a move to a different mentality, a different linguistic and legal environment, into a radically different way of life.

You can move, for example, from Kazakhstan to Georgia – and this will be the 9th house (even under the Soviet Union). Or from Uzbekistan to the Baltics. Or in modern Russia – from Krasnodar to Anadyr. This will all be a move around the 9th house (unless, of course, the 12th house intervenes).

In addition, the 9th house is responsible for relocations associated with the expansion of opportunities, an increase in potencies (from a village near Barnaul to Moscow – why not the 9th house?).

But, at the same time, despite the fact that according to the connection of the 9th house with the 4th in the natal chart, we assess the potential for moving, we do not focus on its condition in order to make a judgment about the expediency of moving to a specific area. In order to determine how things will develop in the place where Native moved.

It is not true, having seen the completed 9th house, to tell the Client that he will definitely move and there, “beyond three seas, three lands,” he will find his happiness.

A really good, strong 9th house can speak of happiness and good luck abroad, but not when abroad becomes a permanent place of residence (for this, I repeat once again – we are considering a relocation map).

9 home is a foreign country when you go somewhere, and this place continues to remain foreign for you.

At the same time, I repeat, CONNECTION 4 with the 9th, indicates the POSSIBILITY of moving far away.

As for the 9th house in terms of a foreign one, here in general everything is foreign. If you have a completed 9th house, you may be interested in foreign cultures.

By the way, again, it is not at all necessary that it will be the culture of another country; it may just be a different culture that is not native to you.

For example, living in Kazakhstan, being Russian, Native can get carried away by Kazakh culture. Or a person from an Orthodox family finds himself in Islam, etc.

Having a completed 9th house, a Native can realize his interest in a foreign language, in the study of foreign languages.

A person can get carried away with distant countries, and strive to travel a lot, but at the same time, a filled 9th house DOES NOT guarantee the native the POSSIBILITY to travel a lot, he can only lose at the level of aspirations (after all, in order to travel, you also need money, unless of course the native is not a fan hitchhiking).

The owner of the horoscope can read a lot of foreign literature, listen to foreign radio (as it was during the Soviet Union, for example). A person may know more about the sights and history of distant cities, which he has never been to, more than the inhabitants of these cities or the guides who lead excursions around them.

That is, a completed 9th house may indicate an interest in foreign and distant, but it is not at all necessary that this interest will be realized outside.

At the same time, naturally, we need to analyze the connections of houses. If the 9th house is associated with the 10th, or even with the 1st, then the theme of the 9th house can manifest itself in a career.

And here it can be like something foreign, say – a translator, a flight attendant, or a seller of foreign goods.

So any other topic – pedagogy, jurisprudence, religious direction, medical practice, etc. Or even, it can serve as an indication of the type “what I studied for, so I work.”


One of the most important topics of the 9th house is higher education. And here is also an interesting thing.

First, a person with a dedicated 9 house can be realized in the field of higher education. Or not necessarily the highest, but necessarily expanding the worldview – philosophy, theology, astrology, foreign languages.

It will be natural for a native to have an interest in the topic of education, study a lot, develop, get several higher educations, etc.

Based on the connection of the 9th house with higher education, many sources advise when choosing a profession to proceed from the instructions of the 9th house.

Of course, everyone has their own understanding of this issue, everyone has their own vision, but I, my Clients and listeners, DO NOT recommend choosing a profession on topic 9 at home.