Chiron in Sagittarius

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Chiron is an icy astronomical body circling around the Sun. Chiron was first believed to be an asteroid, and it was later discovered that it has both the traits of an asteroid and a comet. That is why it was later categorized as a hybrid-centaur. The name centaur was from the ancient Greek mythical creatures centaurs, which were half human (men) half horses.

In ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was considered the best of all the centaurs. He was the most knowledgeable, wise and righteous. He was also considered to have a nurturing and caring nature.

Chiron was an orphan who was adopted by the ancient Greek god Apollo, the god of art, music, poetry, archery, prophesy, healing, etc. Chiron’s parents were the nymph Phylira and the Titan god Cronus. Cronus disguised himself as a horse and approached Phylira.

The two had a son, Chiron, whom his mother had abandoned when she saw how he looks (like all other centaurs, Chiron was half men-half horse). Apollo, his foster father, taught him of all the gifts he knew.

Chiron was very well-mannered and kind. He was a successful healer and a teacher who thought many important ancient Greek mythical heroes and characters. Other centaurs were wild, lustful, violent, rude, and often drunk. Chiron was also different from other centaurs in his physical appearance.

He only had his back legs of a horse, and his front legs were human. He was also depicted in clothes most of the times, while the other centaurs were always depicted naked.

All this had an intention to present Chiron in a different light from other centaurs, and demonstrate that he was much better from them. Unfortunately, this once immortal being wasn’t able to save his life and heal himself, as he healed others. Because of that, the astrological Chiron is often called “the wounded healer”.

Chiron’s placement in our natal chart indicates weak spots in our lives and our character. Chiron’s sign and the house placement describe the areas where we feel wounded, weak, and insecure; these are usually the areas where we feel lack of confidence, and we experience failures of our actions.

In these areas it seems as if nothing we do is enough. No amount of effort is enough to achieve success and we keep experiencing failure after failure. That pushes us to keep trying to succeed, even though every new disappointment makes us feel worse.

These issues usually come from some bad past experiences, often from our childhood, but sometimes these wounds have roots deep in our past, in some of our previous lives. We carry these wounds with us into our new incarnation to confront them and heal.

There is always some lesson to be learned with Chiron and we need to make sure we have learned it so we don’t make the same mistakes again and experience hurt all over again.

The nature of the wound we have is described by the sign Chiron is placed in and the aspects Chiron is making with the planets in the natal chart. These placements also give us clues as to how the wound can be healed.

Chiron takes around 49 years to finish its circle around the signs of the Zodiac, which means that it spends years transiting one sign. Chiron’s placement in a sign has an influence on generations of people. When we want to determine how it influences a certain individual, we should consult its house placement, the aspects it makes, and its sign.

These can describe the areas where a person feels out of their league and feels as if they are not good enough or capable enough to achieve their desired results.

Chiron points out the areas where we feel a lack of self-worth, self-love, confidence, self-respect, lack of appreciation, inadequacy, inability, insecurity, etc.

People are usually reluctant to admit they possess these feelings, and they tend to reject the fact that they are present, or ignore them pretending that everything is alright, even though they subconsciously feel that they have significant issues in their personality they need to confront and deal with.

This refusal to admit having a problem only makes them continue putting in action which has no result and only creates more disappointment.

These people need to be aware that only by confronting the issues they have they could experience healing which will set them free of their boundaries. Also, they need to be aware that the problems lie within their own personality and not in some outside circumstances or people. When they realize that, they usually begin looking for answers within and they realize that they were the problem all along.

We need to expose ourselves to our weaknesses and admit we have them. That is the hardest part because our ego is in our way. Usually a lot of time needs to pass and we need to experience a lot of disappointments to get to that stage of being able to accept who we are, that we have insecurities, that we are not capable enough and so on.

For some people this process lasts for years, and for some it takes decades to become aware of the mistakes they were making and start taking actions toward change. Unfortunately, for some people this realization never comes and they spend their entire lives in an endless circle of try and error, and these people are destined to confront their wounds in another life on this planet.

For those, fortunate enough to come to this realization during their lifetime, their life changes after realizing the mistakes they were making. Often they are healed immediately after that realization, but for most of them this moment marks the beginning of that process.

Strangely enough, these people are often more than capable in helping others overcome their issues and insecurities, but when it comes to them, it seems as though they don’t have the answers even though they experience the exact thing.

The reason for that is that they need to go through all these experiences and come to the realization that they have some issues on their own, without anyone’s help. Each individual takes a different amount of time to come to such a realization.

It depends on the person’s ability, to be honest to oneself and have the courage to admit that they are not perfect. People with strong egos have the biggest problem in doing so.

Chiron’s influence makes us exaggerate in the areas where its influence is felt. In these areas we usually feel as we are not good enough, or that we will never be successful, we put way too much effort, or we have the need to prove our value to others.

When we overcome the insecurities and issues we have, we won’t have the need to overcompensate and exaggerate in our actions, nor will we have the need to prove our worth to others.

People will also begin changing their behavior towards us and things will fall into place. The most important thing is to overcome our ego and the shame we feel for not being perfect. Everything after that is easy.

Chiron in Sagittarius Man

Men with Chiron in Sagittarius often have an uncontrollable urge to be free and don’t allow anyone to jeopardize their freedom.

This need often causes issues in relationships with other people, especially their romantic partners.

These men see threats to their freedom even when there are none. They need to discover the root of such an attitude and try to become more relaxed and not considering every relationship as a threat to their independence and freedom.

When they realize they have an issue they should begin looking for situations where this behavior is most visible and start working towards changing their attitude and behavior.

Chiron in Sagittarius Woman

Women with Chiron in Sagittarius can be prone to feelings of depression and hopelessness.

They might feel as if their life has ended and they want to die because there’s nothing left for them to do on this earth. they might feel that way about existence in general, believing that nothing in this Universe has any meaning.

These women can often experience situations where they have lost all hope and faith that things will change, which can lead them to serious negative emotional and psychic conditions, often feelings of depression or even worse emotional states.

The reasons for these feelings often come from some past devastating emotional experience which has left them without purpose in life.

The events which led to this state can be different and usually come from this lifetime, but in some cases they could be some past life experiences which shape this women’s character and overall attitude towards life.

For these women to be healed, they must first become aware of their negativity and the need to change. Then they should try to discover the root to their emotional state and try to confront it and let go of those feelings.

This is the path of their complete healing and recovery. 

Good Traits

People with Chiron in Sagittarius have a talent to find solutions to people who have lost hope in life and in their future happiness.

They instinctively know what to say to make them feel better or to push them into action to resolve the issues they have.

Bad Traits

Unfortunately, people with Chiron in Sagittarius often experience issues with hopelessness and loss of faith in life in future themselves, but they cannot find the solutions to getting out of these situations easily. 

Chiron in Sagittarius – General Info

Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, philosophers, deep thinking, teaching, higher knowledge and wisdom, studies, spirituality, spiritual knowledge, and spiritual development, education, traveling and travelers, distant communication, foreigners, foreign countries, foreign cultures, explorers, adventures, religion, prophets, priests, humanitarianism and humanitarians, etc.

People with Chiron in the sign of Sagittarius often have issues with matters related to the sign of Sagittarius. Their wound is usually related to their sense of meaning and their beliefs.

For example, these people often experience feelings that everything in their lives and the world in general has no meaning, that life, in general, is pointless.

These people have usually lost faith in god or some higher power as well as guidance in their lives. They often experience fears of ending their lives without ever finding the truth about the Universe and our existence on this planet.

People with Chiron in Sagittarius might be in constant pursuit of these universal truths, but their quests are usually accompanied by doubts and fears of the futility of their search.

The reasons for these feelings and fears are usually found within them. These people have possibly lost focus in their lives; possibly they have experienced some major disappointments related to some important areas of their lives and now everything seems meaningless to them.

The way out of this situation is to get out of the self-imposed depression and find a new meaning in their lives which won’t be related to people and things, but will strictly focus on them. They should feel good about themselves and simply being alive, and shouldn’t allow any outer circumstances to interfere with their happiness and a sense of purpose.

In some cases, Chiron in Sagittarius manifests as a fear of loss of freedom, or not having any boundaries in life. Sagittarius is a sign which rules freedom and adventure. People influenced by this sign are freedom loving, adventurous people who don’t let anyone jeopardize their freedom.

If Chiron is in this sign, it might manifest as an obsessive need to fight for your freedom, even in situations where there isn’t any reason to believe that your freedom has been jeopardized. These people might have the urge to behave very unpredictably, without respect to any social conventions and what is called acceptable behavior.

The reasons for this behavior could be some hurtful past experience, where these people were under the severe restriction of their behavior and even their freedom of action, and in worst cases, freedom of movement.

Due to such circumstances, these people have an uncontrollable desire not to be restricted by anything and anyone.

Freedom is a normal human need, but with these people their need for freedom is extreme and jeopardizes their relationships with people and life in general. They need to discover and confront the issues which brought this desire inside them, and be able to relax release the obsession with their freedom.

Sometimes, these people could be prone to extreme risks and adventures, and other types with this placement could fear any kind of adventure. Always the solution lies in first discovering the reasons for these feelings and then taking action to deal with them.


Chiron in Sagittarius people are often obsessed with their freedom and independence and do anything to protect them.

They can also suffer from feelings of lost hope and positive outlook on their future. They need to look within to find the roots of these issues. When they discover the reasons and come to terms with them, they could begin discovering a way to resolve the issues they have.