Leo Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Destinies of all people are written in the stars, if we are to believe astrology.

This old practice dates from ancient times, millennia of years ago.

Western astrology is as old as our civilization, if we were to take it loosely. It comes from ancient Persia and was spread throughout Europe by Greeks and Romans.

There are other great astrological systems around the world, as well. To mention a few, such are Chinese and Vedic astrology.

According to this pseudo science, as astrology is labeled in modern day, planetary positions greatly affect individual people’s lives.

Natal charts reveal the exact position of each planet of the Solar system at the time a person was born.

Each of these planets has a role to play. The first to think of are the Sun and the moon, the Luminaries.

Sun Sign

The first of ‘personal planets’ is the brightest of the stars, the Sun.  Personal planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

They are responsible for one’s most personal traits, temperament and character.

Each of these plays a different role, but each contributes to essential form of one’s personality. The Sun is the core of it. It is your personal strength, attitude and will for life.

The Sun dominates your horoscope, making you the person that you are. It determines your native sign; this is why people commonly identify the whole horoscope with their naïve sign solely, neglecting all other elements.

The Sun represents one’s Ego, self-awareness, temperament and character. It is related to your ambitions, goals, your idea of success and achievement.

It represents the element of Fire, thus symbolizing the burning flame within your soul. It is a principle of creation; in ancient times, many creation myths included the element of the Sun.

The Sun was also commonly represented as a divine entity, a god or a goddess. The Sun represents vitality and life on a bigger plan.

Therefore, in a natal chart, it is about your own energy, drive, motivation and creativity.

The Sun is a masculine principle, steady and positive. It shines upon your life, helping you follow your destiny and achieve your maximum.

Of course, one’s Sun sign is under the influence of other planets and aspects in the horoscope.

The Sun sign alone has characteristics of its own. Let us learn more about the Sun in Leo.

Sun in Leo

The mighty Sun governs the sign of glorious Leo. It means it feels good at this point. It is a natural and favorable position for the Sun, helping its energy flows free and unrestrained.

Leos are positive, generous, knightly and noble people. They are proud and authoritative, born to lead and not to follow.

Leos feel good in high places and they would work hard to get there. They enjoy challenges and rivalry.

Ideal Leos are openhearted, warm, generous and gallant. They always play fair. Honor is very important to them. They care about their reputation a great deal.

Leos are capable to shine out and smile, even if all of their plans fall apart. They are incredibly strong and not easily discouraged.

They would lick their wounds in solitude and rise again, more beautiful and stronger than ever. Leos are masters of their own life and they never take the advantage of others.

These people have good opinion of themselves and you cannot easily offend them or hurt them.

They could feel a bit surprised if the do not get enough attention, because they truly believe they deserve every piece of attention. They feel comfortable and self-confident in front of people. They inspire, lead and motivate others with ease.

Leos are creative people, with optimistic view on life. They are hardworking, when needed, but relaxed, even lazy, if there is no need for any particular action. Well, they act as lions.

They are also very parental and protective.

A passionate, knightly Leo would boldly protect their kin. Leo women are particularly known to be protective and brave mothers.

Moon Sign

The Moon shines with a different kind of light, the one of the night, mysterious and subtle.

The Moon is important as the Sun is, if seen as a natal chart element. They Moon is what lies beyond our consciousness. It is our intuition and inner guidance.

The Moon defines us as beings made out of emotions and impressions.

One’s Moon sign defines the way this person is going to react to various people he or she meets in life and to different circumstances and situations.

Since the Moon is a Water element planet, its energy is flowing and unsteady.

This makes us flexible and adaptable. There is also something about spiritual travelling. The Moon is a romantic traveler.

It takes us through time and places beyond material world. It rules our dreams and memories.

The Moon can return us to our past and even give us a glance into the future, perhaps. The Moon has always been associated with clairvoyance and all sorts of mysterious powers.

It rules the sign of Cancer and greatly affects other two of the Water element signs.

Moon in Gemini

Moon Gemini people are playful, lively and always on the run. They are childishly restless and curious. They are eager to experience new things, even if it is dangerous and risky.

The Moon itself is of changeable nature; Gemini is known as playful, restless and communicative sign.

These people need constant exchange with people.

They are outgoing, extroverted and talkative. Verbal exchange satisfies their emotional needs. They are not particularly compassionate and empathic, because they frequently change interests and places, not forming deep connections with people.

However, connections matter a lot for a Gemini Moon. These people always wonder what is west of the West and east of the East.

They are consumed by anything intriguing, eccentric, unique and exotic. They are impulsive and thoughtless at times.

They have amazing capability of adapting to various situations and of recovery. They do not waste time crying over spilt milk. They talk, they do and experience the world.

Sometimes they talk more than they do, the other times they do everything at the same time. They are capable of multitasking and are versatile.

Gemini Moon has many interests in life. It is hard to keep his or hers attention for long.

They get excited quickly, but they could lose their interest the same way around. They are amorous, enthusiastic and joyful.

Being inactive or staying for too long at one place makes them nervous. Their emotional being feeds through communication and exchange.

Leo Sun Gemini Moon Personality

Leo Sun Gemini Moon are easygoing people with a good story to tell and some scars and trophies to support their ornate monologue.

They enjoy storytelling, especially if they are the main character. They enjoy attention they get.

Their communications skills and verbal expression are haunting, magnetic and amazing.

They are curious about the world, less foolish than Gemini, but pompous as Leos.

They are extroverted, approachable and overall benevolent people. They never think badly of others, simply because they tend to be self-centered.

They are not discouraged even if they do not get attention they want; because their playful, changeable Gemini pops up with another exciting idea and makes them forget about it.

These people are supportive of their friends and dear ones, although you have to draw their attention, so that they could de-focus from their own story.

Once you get their full attention, they will listen and give you original opinion or an advice, if needed. They like to make people feel relaxed and comfortable around them.

Typical Leos royal and sometimes arrogant attitude is soften by friendly, adventurous Gemini. These people are lively, easily making you laugh.

Their charisma is irresistible. Even if they exaggerate in their speech, everyone would forgive them, because they are really the spirit of any company. They will be there for you in critical situations.

Good Traits

Leo Sun Gemini Moon are good friends. They are sociable, communicative and overall relaxed.

They are openhearted and generous. Their positivity is felt around and people never feel down in their company.

Although they tend to get all the attention for themselves, they have a talent of doing so in a way that others do not feel less important.

Bad Traits

IF aspects make their basic traits emphasized, Leo Sun Gemini Moon ones can become too criticizing and dramatic.

They tend to make drama over minor issues or to exaggerate everything so that they can get the spotlight.

It also happens that they act before they think; impulsiveness is sometimes a great disadvantage to these ones.

Leo Sun Gemini Moon in Love and Marriage

Since Leo Sun Gemini Moon are all about exchange and communication, they enjoy sharing everything with their lover or a married partner.

However, they have expectations. They love to please, but expect to be treated the same way.

They are generous, passionate and they would always see to make their lover feel special and happy.

They are playful lovers, in need for excitement and dynamics in a relationship.

Best Match for Leo Sun Gemini Moon

The best partner for a Leo Sun Gemini Moon is a person who is enthusiastic about life the same way he or she is, but probably more down-to earth, subtler in speech, but with a strong personality.

They need someone calming, someone who would bring balance into their own story.

They need a person who can keep them excited, but slow down their impulses.


Leo Sun Gemini Moon are lively personalities, a bit of braggarts, but with a true good story behind it.

They are supportive and good friends, people of generous hearts. They are communicative and they enjoy sharing.

They have strong feelings for their closest ones and they enjoy making them laugh and feel relaxed. Leo Sun Gemini Moon are courageous and optimistic people.

They recover easily from any failure and quickly come up with new creative plans and ideas.