Pisces Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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How can you tell if horoscope gives accurate information or not? To be completely honest, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Horoscope is something you choose to believe or not, just like anything else.

However, there are things you cannot always explain by logic, reason and science. Your horoscope could reveal things about your life that might astound you.

Horoscope is an essential part of astrology. Astrology is a complex science or, to be precise, a pseudo science. It tries hard to give precious explanations of things inexplicable by logic. Both scientists and those from alternative fields agree skies, stars, and planets greatly affect overall life and existence on our own planet.

Astrology deals with what astronomy and other sciences cannot explain. It deals with influence planetary movement and constellations have on each individual’s life.

Some claim horoscopes, which are essential to get an insight into how planets affect someone’s destiny, can be delivered not only for people, but also for animals, plants, even objects or whole entities, such as nations or countries.

Most of common people are simply interested in personal horoscopes. Some people think reading horoscope is amusing, but that it has no ground in reality; they usually do not dig deep, but read funny descriptions of zodiac profiles or short articles on daily horoscopes. Others are more serious in their willingness actually to understand the horoscope.

No matter what group you find yourself in, you are certainly interested in some part of astrology. Have you had your birth chart done?

Birth chart is actually what you also know as horoscope. Precisely, it is your date, time and place of birth that determine the appearance of your horoscope. Everyone’s chart looks differently.

Such data help an expert recreate the image of the skies in that moment. You may wonder why people who were born on the same day, at the same time, even in the same town have different destinies. Well, information in personal horoscope are not written in stone. They are guidelines; in fact, they represent possibilities and potentials.

When it comes to one of the most important aspect of life and it is your love life, horoscope could give you precious information. It could even tell you about your current relationship and tell about potentials of such a connection. By comparing two birth charts, an astrologer sees what favorable aspects in such a match are and what bad ones are.

Before comparing birth charts, which is not an easy process, it is, perhaps, useful to know how your zodiac signs correspond. Zodiac signs are also one very important part of astrological interpretations, if not the most important one.

Each zodiac signs is characterized by certain type of energy, temper, behavior and more. Each one of us carries some of the traits that are typical for an ideal zodiac representative.

Pisces Man

Here we come to zodiac compatibility in practice. Our today’s relationship is the one between Pisces man and cancer woman. It is always interesting to interpret all those fine levels of connection between signs that belong to the same elemental group; in this case, we have two Water signs.

Let us learn more about each one of these incredible personalities and see in which direction their love story is going to develop.

Pisces man is the first one we will present today, before we move onto analysis of astrological connection between this incredible person and Cancer woman. Pisces man is someone you would admire for his benevolence, love for humanity, deepness of emotional self, generosity, kindness, pacifist nature and incredible level of tolerance and empathy.

However, like all other zodiac signs, he also has his flaws, which are insecurity and impudence. There are so many misconceptions of a typical Pisces man. His nature is dual, which explains them all.

Pisces man might appear cold, reserved and distant, while, in reality, he is deeply emotional, empathic and sensitive.

He is distant, because he dwells in two realms all the time. One is his kingdom of dreams and emotions, the other is the real world both he and you see and experience. Pisces man is one of the most mysterious zodiac men.

You never know for certain what he feels about anything, even about you. However, be sure he sees into your soul.

Pisces man is imaginative and intuitive person, who values emotional and mental richness above material success and glory. Pisces man is not ambitious and he cares not about being recognized in public.

However, his talents and gifts often amaze others. Pisces man loves creating things by his own hands; he just enjoys the process of creation.

He has an eye for aesthetics, he has original ideas and he puts all of his feelings into what he is creating. No wonder some of the very popular artists among men are born under the sign of Pisces. Pisces man is of a changeable character; his temperament is unpredictable, like a restless mountain stream.

His thoughts and feelings are deep as an ocean.

He is ultimate Water element sign and it shows through his adaptability and flexibility, but also moodiness and changeability, as well. Pisces man is optimistic and his intuition guides him through life. He rarely makes some long-term plans and does not bother with too much organization. In fact, he could be very lazy if he feels so.

The lack of enthusiasm could cost him precious opportunities in life, but it is not likely he would fall into despair over it. Pisces man could get depressive, but that is just one of his many stages and phases of emotional self.

Pisces man is always benevolent towards others and avoids conflicts.

He tries to treat everyone with kindness and understanding. He is capable of forgiving and is definitely not a vengeful person. When it comes to love aspect of life, Pisces man seeks for ‘the right one’.

Even if he has been abandoned and hurt more than once, he would not give up in search for his fairytale princess.

Cancer Woman

She is sensitive, caring and kind towards everyone. Cancer woman is a person who is ultimately benevolent and who will always try to see better side of anyone’s personality. She is a great aesthete and someone who can appreciate everything made by human hands.

Cancer woman is interested in working with people; she often chooses humanitarian sphere profession.

Cancer woman often seeks for motivation and inspiration in other people. Cancer woman is quiet, moody and changeable, due to her zodiac nature, determined by her ruling element Water and the Moon. People usually do not consider Cancer lady mysterious, but she is actually someone you will find very hard to recognize.

Cancer woman could change her attitude quickly. Her emotions are deep, but they can be wild. She is like a beautiful, long river, calm and quiet, as well as wild and passionate. It all depends on her mood and many things could affect her mood.

Cancer woman is sensitive when it comes to her own needs, but she is also sensitive to needs of others.

She always thinks about other people’s feelings. Cancer woman is peaceful and would rarely start any argument. Nevertheless, that does not mean she is helpless when it comes defending her causes. Cancer woman is intuitive thinker and she is aware of her qualities as well as of her flaws.

She would let you do what you want as long as it does not harm her on anyone else.

Her instincts tell her whether someone is to be trusted or not; she is not a judging person, but would always listen to her intuition and stay away from those she deems troublesome.

Cancer woman does not care much about materiality. On the other hand, she is rational and carefully organizes her finances. She is not a spendthrift and she would take good opportunities, even if the job were not from her field of interest.

However, she will nurture her talents and dreams through hobbies and spare time, if not through work. Like all Water signs, she is flexible and adaptable. Cancer woman in love is like a princess from a fairytale. She is emotionally sensitive, so her man must treat her kindly and with devotion.

She is so sensitive that one could hurt her unintentionally, by just saying something at the wrong moment. Ideal partner for Cancer lady is passionate, romantic man who would win her by lots of romantic gestures, sweet talk, but also with persistence and determination. She needs time to open up and start trusting a man.

Cancer woman does not like to be hurried into a relationship. She is suspicious and very cautious, especially if she has already had a bad experience. It takes ages for a cancer to recover from an emotional disappointment, so you have to be very patient with her.

In turn, when she finally feels free enough to commit to you, she will give you all of her heart.

Love Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer are both Water element signs, meaning they share many similarities. Unlike Scorpio, which is the third in Water element group, Pisces and Cancer are more ‘watery’, to say so. They are very sensitive, deeply emotional and changeable.

Their feelings reach depths of the oceans and they can both get lost in dreams and thoughts. Connection between Pisces man and Cancer woman has deep, psychological character.

In fact, between these two there is a possibility of platonic, spiritual love. They feel one another without saying a word, even without touch. Everything that is happening around is accented by their delicate senses.

They are indeed two very similar characters. Both Pisces man and Cancer woman care more about their spiritual, emotional and mental plan than that of material values.

This is, perhaps, the most spiritual connection between two signs and it is smooth, natural, like a peaceful, calm river. They enjoy the first stage of their love game, full of innocent flirting, kind gestures, shy glances and more.

Their intimate life is harmonious, delicate, gentle; actually, they are hesitant when it comes to that, having in mind their sensitive emotional part.

They have many interests in common and find it easy to get along with one another. There are rarely any arguments between these two. The only risk is unfavorable planetary aspect, which might over stimulate their delicate senses and emotions.

Super sensitivity in these two might find their relationship too fragile and prone to mutation of initial values they based their relationship upon.

Marriage Compatibility

Pisces man and Cancer woman could have really pleasant and harmonious marriage.

They base their relationship upon trust, friendship and understanding. They naturally feel one another, so there are rarely misunderstandings between them. They are not obsessed with money and material values, but they see always to have enough for a comfortable life.

They are one of rare couples who almost never argue about money, daily business and one another’s habits. They know each one deserves their own time and space and speak without words. They do not plan too far into future and are happy with what they have.

These two develop so strong connection that the loss of a partner is unbearable. They are a kind of couple that stays together for life.

These two delicate, generous and lovely people become loving and deeply caring parents, who raise their children to have empathy and understanding for others and for the world they live in.


Just as they can become partners for life, if there is no romantic aspect in this connection, Pisces man and Cancer woman are likely to be lifelong friends.

There are numerous interests and themes that connect them and they always feel relaxed and safe in one another’s company.

What is very important is that one understands moodiness of the other, which other people often misunderstand and find annoying.

Cool Facts

Pisces man and Cancer woman make truly a curious combination.

Here are three of celebrity Pisces man/Cancer woman couples that illustrate different sides of this astrological match.

Here they are: Chopin and George Sand, James Taylor and Carly Simon, Johnny cash and June Carter Cash, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.


Two Water element signs get along very well.

In this case, they develop deep psychological and emotional connection; this relationship is more spiritual and platonic than physical and material.

These two are satisfied with such a relationship. They are one of those people who do not need a word to understand what the other one is abou

This is a magical connection, very peaceful and serene one.