Pisces Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Modern times impose fast tempo of living and specific rules of behavior; we are all hasty, rushing and in constant stress over numerous duties, responsibilities and, simply, under pressure of tons of information. We need even more information, in order to create our life paths and fulfill our dreams and desires.

Modern technologies, science and social development try to draw a final image of the world we live in and this help us better understand our purpose in this earthly life. However, even advanced approaches that are indeed worth of admiration and respect, cannot explain everything. There are always certain natural phenomena that surprise us.

There are so many coincidences in individual lives that cannot be explained by science or technology. Are they all coincidences?

Well, astrologers would not agree, perhaps. There is another level of understanding the world and that is more spiritual one. Religion, alternative beliefs and all kinds of spiritual ways of thinking try to explain things that science and all our rational knowledge fail to unravel.

Astrology is, in fact, one of the oldest ‘sciences’. It is the marvelous science of the stars. While, in modern terms, astrology is considered a pseudo science, we have to remind ourselves that it was seen as equal to what we call astronomy, back in the day. Many notable astronomers were, as well, astrologers.

Many great leaders of the whole nations would turn to their astrologers for advices on making destiny-changing decisions.

Astrology is based upon the idea of mutual effect between stars and planets. They claim planets in cosmos affect each other. They affect the Earth and all its life. In fact, there are modern researches that proved planetary position at the time of people’s birth affect the professional orientation of an individual!

Therefore, we guess astrologers are right; planets indeed have something to do with our earthly destinies. This could be seen in your personal horoscope, also known as your birth chart. That diagram represents planets in our Solar system, at the time you were born. This diagram is divided into twelve fields of which each one represent an aspect of life.

There is, of course, the aspect of love life. Perhaps you are interested in questions such as when will you meet the love of your life or is someone you fell in love with a suitable person for you.

Astrology would not give you straight and definite answers, but it could definitely tell you something more about your astrological connection with particular person.

This could be done by comparing your horoscopes. Love compatibility is what we are interested in.

However, we will not analyze personal horoscopes, but compatibility of zodiac signs. Zodiac compatibility is very interesting to be analyzed. It could give you precious information your relationship with someone and help you better understand the nature of such a connection.

Pisces Man

In real life, there are poor chances the two of you are ideal representatives of horoscope, because that would mean we should exclude all personal aspects and circumstances and see an individual only as a zodiac representative. Many factors decide on what kind of a person one would become. However, all of us carry some basic traits of the sign we were born under.

This is especially intriguing when it comes to Pisces man. Being the last of the zodiac signs, Pisces possesses parcels of traits of all other zodiac signs.

These traits and characteristics blend into a colorful palette of emotions and make Pisces man mysterious, unique and sometimes difficult to understand. Like all Pisces, he is of a mutable nature, meaning he could be very flexible and very unpredictable.

Pisces man is emotional, kind, generous and caring. He is perhaps less into deep mysteries that drive Pisces ladies and he is closer to the real world. He is deeply compassionate; it is known that Pisces men are characterized by strong empathy.

Many would describe him melancholic. Pisces are not prone to depression, but that is not the same thing.

You are wrong to think Pisces man is unhappy, if he appears distant and even a bit gloomy. He is of dual nature and realms he explores in his mind and life are endless. With one foot, he is there, beside you; with the other, he is in a fantasy, the world of dreams and mysteries.

Pisces men are commonly interested into fantasy genre of books or movies, they love to explore, learn and create.

Pisces man is very handy and he enjoys creating his own world. Pisces man is also a deeply intuitive person. However, he finds it hard to say no, even to those he feels as bad to be in his company. He sees through people very well, but gives a chance to everybody. Pisces man is peaceful, kind, empathic.

He is introverted by nature, but he often feels gloomy if alone. Pisces man loves company, although it is hard for him to express that vortex of emotions inside.

On the outside, Pisces man appears very calm, quiet and pleasant to have around. He is a person you could confess your darkest secrets to and be sure he will keep it.

However, although he could appear open to you, as well, his deepest feelings are always hidden. He needs a channel to express them and he does it wonderfully. Many of notable male poets, artist, writers, visionary people, actors and so on are Pisces.

Pisces men could be genies, inventors, creators of wonderful things. They are highly imaginative, but also capable of turning their dreams into reality.

Materiality is not that important to Pisces man. He does not care where you come from or how rich you are; he perceives you as an emotional being. In love, Pisces man is gentle and very romantic.

Love is an ideal for Pisces man. He could be shy and sensitive, when it comes to love.

He studies the situation before he directly approaches to a woman. He enjoys being in state of amorousness, but it takes time for him to really fall in love and commit to a relationship. He expects fireworks, magic and fantasy from a relationship.

Pisces man is a romantic to the bone! He dreams of an eternal, magical, overwhelming love that outshines all other areas of his life.

Aries woman

Aries people are well known for their ceaseless energy, drive and motivation. Aries woman is all the same.

She is a very active person who cannot still for long. She is reasonable and rational, very good at organizing her own time. She is quite a stubborn one; Aries woman would not give up her cause no matter the cost.

Although Aries is not a flexible sign, this strong-willed lady is ready to endure all the troubles and changes that lead to her ultimate goal. Speaking of which, Aries woman wants stability in life.

All her efforts are oriented towards achieving her goals, which often include a complex of some leading position, enough money and situated family life.

She is fearless and tough; Aries woman does not know the difference between ‘men’ work and ‘ladies’ work. She is a daring personality, usually both physically and mentally strong. Aries woman loves to be in center of attention, because she is a natural born leader.

She is the one who can inspire masses and make people do things they have never imagined doing.

Her positivism, determination and proud posture are remarkable. She is incredibly charismatic, enthusiastic and dynamic. It is not easy to follow her pace. However, Aries woman never wastes her energy foolishly. She is ready to work tough and hard, but not if she sees things pointless. It is very important for her to see a goal.

Once she sets her mind, emotions and efforts towards it, there is nothing to stop her. Aries woman knows with words. These brave ladies are usually excellent speakers. The most suitable professions for an Aries are all related to economy, law, finances in general.

Aries woman is someone who plans things in long term. While she is tactful and organized, that does not save her from acting impulsively.

There is just too much fire in her character; Aries are quick tempered in general. Nevertheless, even her impulsiveness cannot spoil her well-grounded plans and organization. Aries women born in the first decade is more aggressive than their counterparts are.

Many would say Aries woman is aggressive and very direct. Indeed, she is, although she is also a playful one. In love, Aries woman knows what she wants. She needs a strong man, one who can keep pace with her dynamic and energetic nature. He has to share her ultimate life goals.

She tries to find the perfect balance between stability and activity; her man needs to understand this.

Aries woman in a relationship is passionate, but not overly romantic. She is open and straightforward, so she is impressed by men who dare approach her directly. A relationship with Aries woman is somewhat like a competition; she wants to prove she is best in everything.

Do not try to provoke her or play manipulative tricks on an Aries. Aries woman is completely devoted to her partner, loyal and honorable.

Love Compatibility

The first and the last zodiac sign, one Fire, other Water. You probably already have the point.

Fire and Water signs are opposites, especially in this case. Pisces man and Aries woman share almost nothing. Their tempers are different, their emotional self is different and all of their actions, habits and behavior differ.

They could never fully understand one another and this is rarely a successful relationship.

Sensitive and sensing Pisces man initially attracts energetic Aries woman, who needs a calming energy for a time. However, soon they realize they do not fit. Aries can never reach emotional depths of Pisces, nor is she interested in it.

Pisces man, on the other hand, does not understand the fire on the surface, which is typical for Aries. There are differences on every step.

Their attitude, points of view and understanding of the world is completely different. There is not one area of life they see the same. Aries woman is too dynamic for emotional Pisces man, who needs a lot of attention and gentleness.

Pisces man could be a little reckless and inconsistent, while Aries woman loves to keep everything in track and in control.

He is dreamy, unorganized and changeable; she is fixed, responsible and a bit strict. Aries is playful and always on the run, Pisces in more introverted and quiet. There is a chance these differences complement one another, but only if planetary aspects are in favor.

Otherwise, they are only reason to argue and fight. There is another problem, Aries is always ready to argue, Pisces never.

Marriage Compatibility

There are too many differences, so it is not likely Pisces man and Aries woman would go into marriage, but it is, of course, not impossible. Their mutual life requires a lot of patience and compromises. For Pisces, it is not that difficult, because he is understanding and tolerant.

Aries woman can be patient, if she has enough strong goals. They could work it up somehow.

When it comes to intimacy and physical connection, this is a strange combo. Pisces is all about emotions and he does not like to be hurried into anything; he is gentle, spiritual, calm and like everything slow, gradual and soft.

Aries is all about action; she is less emotional, but more passionate.

They could be satisfied learning one from another, but it is more likely they only get tired of trying to synchronize.


It is not very likely a marriage between Pisces man and Aries woman is going to be successful.

However, they always feel some sort of mutual compassion; sensitive Pisces could actually awake the sense of empathy in straightforward Aries.

They are likely to sty friends after a breakup, if it happens so. They will never fully understand one another, but differences remain something to keep them together, paradoxically.

Cool Facts

Pisces man and Aries woman couples are not the ones we would consider a common combination, but there are examples of real life variations of such relationships.

Two of them were only dating, while we have one happy married couple, as well.

Our celebrity couples are Adam Levine and Maria Sharapova, Kyle Mac Lachlan and Lara Flynn Boyle, Freddie Prinze Junior and Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Pisces man and Aries woman are Water and Fire element sign couple, which definitely means their relations are polarized.

While there is poor understanding between them, especially in emotional sense, if planetary aspects are favorable, there is a chance for a long-term relationship and even marriage.

However, this is a conflicted, unusual connection in which a common tongue between partners is rarely found.