Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign reveals our conscious content, while the moon sign describes our inner being and our subconscious content.

We show the traits of our sun to most people, while we usually keep our moon traits hidden, or share them with people we consider very close.

People who are born with sun in Scorpio and moon in Taurus have a personality which is a combination of water and earth element. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars, while Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus.

The combination of these signs and planets make a confident and stable person, but also a person who is not prone to changes.

They are usually art lovers, often having artistic skills themselves.

They are very creative and if they don’t choose some creative job, they usually have some creative hobbies, such as taking art classes, amateur photography, etc.

These people are often fascinated by beautiful things and people.

They are usually good looking and attractive. They visit art galleries and art exhibitions, do some creative crafts, buy artworks, etc.

These people are very creative and love to be surrounded by beautiful things. Their house is a favorite place where they enjoy spending their free time.

They also enjoy decorating it and buying things to make it more beautiful. People often admire their decorating taste and skills.

Taurus gives these people stability and confidence and their sun in Scorpio makes them intuitive and a good judge of character.

These people think well before taking action or making decisions because they want to prevent eventual mistakes.

They are trustworthy and make sure they keep their word. They don’t like liars and dishonesty, and these traits could be enough for them to end their relationship with someone.

They also don’t tolerate unjust people and actions, and fight against them as much as they can.

These people have almost supernatural abilities to read people’s minds. They are not easy to trick or lie to because they see through people’s intentions with ease.

Lying to them or trying to somehow deceive them in some other way is a direct attack on their ego. They cannot believe that someone could underestimate their abilities so much.

These people are often interested in secretive matters and often have some paranormal abilities, healing powers, heightened intuition, etc.

They often have an interest in the occult and secret knowledge, and in some cases, these people practice these skills.

The ones with healing powers or other psychic gifts often use these gifts to help others and improve their lives.

These people often have a “sweet tooth” and love food in general. Their biggest weakness is sweets, and they often end up gaining weight because they eat too much sweet or food in general.

They usually enjoy cooking, and love preparing food for other people, but also for themselves as well.

These people are not very sociable. They are selective of the company they hang out with, and that company is usually made of their close friends and family members.

Their preferred place for meeting people is their home, and they often invite their friends there.

They are good hosts, and people love being in their company and in the comfort of their homes.

They love life’s pleasures, and love to enjoy them. These people love quality items, and enjoy spending money to buy them. They love to pamper themselves and take pleasure in getting beauty treatments, massages, going to spas, and doing other relaxing activities.

They know how to enjoy good things, food, drinks, and other beauties life can offer.

These people could be prone to stubbornness and reluctance to change their mind and beliefs about something. They can be a bit egocentric and self-centered and be consumed only with their matters, forgetting about others.

These situations are not common because in general, these people have a caring and nurturing nature, and especially worry about the people who are close to them.

In general, these people have an excellent personal style, and usually dress elegantly. They have the talent to make the most of all their qualities, and often turn people’s heads because of the way they look.

These people are usually ambitious and believe that honest and hard work should be well-paid. They are diligent workers, and they don’t give up until the job is done. They are responsible and usually organized. They make sure their tasks are performed on time.

These people could sometimes be bad tempered, and it is not advisable to mess with them.

That usually happens when they have sun and moon in bad aspects. Some of them could also be prone to outbursts of anger and violence. They can be dangerous opponents.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus:

– reliable, decisive, confident, romantic, passionate, organized, prefer formal relationships, commitment types, trustworthy, honest, self-controlled, faithful, artistic, creative, diligent, hard workers, determined, punctual, good parents, psychic gifts, healing powers, heightened intuition, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus:

– stubborn, having a problem making changes, prone to anger outbursts and violence, etc. 

‘Scorpio’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with Scorpio sun and Taurus moon are romantic and passionate at the same time.

They have a traditional outlook on relationships and prefer to formalize them by getting engaged or married, as soon as they get to know their partners well.

These people have self-control and are able to stop themselves from rushing into relationships before knowing their partners well.

They take their time to spot the red flags if there are any, and only then make their decision whether to enter a relationship or marriage or not.

They are dependable and devoted partners. They are also faithful and won’t tolerate betrayal from their partners.

They consider it a great deal breaker and proof of their partner’s lack of love and respect for them. They usually end the relationship if they discover their partner’s/spouse’s infidelity.

They also don’t tolerate lies and deceit. If their partner or spouse tries to lie to them or deceive them in some other way, they certainly won’t tolerate that.

They consider that a great insult and a sign of disrespect, and they cannot be with someone they cannot trust.

These people love taking care of their beloved. They enjoy preparing food for them and making sure they are happy and satisfied.

They enjoy spending time alone with their partners/spouses, and they usually do it in the comfort of their home. Their partner should be someone who is a home type also.

They don’t have anything against going out, and love to do it, but they feel best when they are at home.

Their partner should also be good looking and have artistic skills or at least love art or has a talent for beauty. They love to share their interests with their partner.

They need a partner or spouse who has a balanced and stable personality, someone who is reliable, dependable, and well-organized.

These people make good partners and spouses. They are reliable and responsible, and perform all the relationship duties in time.

They have good organizing skills, and can be suitable to undertake that role in the relationship.

They don’t allow anyone manipulating them, and don’t fall for emotional blackmail of any kind.

Their partners should be people with strong morality, reliable and trustworthy. They need to be able to trust their partners or spouses and that is one of the main traits they should possess.

These people usually love children and desire to have a family of their own. They are kind and tender parents, who know how to discipline their children in a mild but decisive manner.

Their children must perform their duties, but are also given the freedom to develop and grow as individuals, without being pressured from their parents.

They are very passionate and love physical pleasure, which is why their partner needs to have these traits as well.

If they feel lack of physical satisfaction, it is likely that they won’t be satisfied in their relationship or marriage.

They are often magnetically attractive and have a lot of potential suitors.

Best Match For ‘Scorpio’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon

The best match for a Scorpio with moon in Taurus is another earth or water sign, preferably with some Scorpio influence in their chart.

Scorpio is the best choice of all water signs.

Air and fire signs are not a good match in general, unless they have some earth or water element in their charts, and some Scorpio influence as well.


People with sun in Scorpio sun and Taurus moon are kind and warm-hearted people. They are eager to help others, but won’t allow being manipulated by them.

These people desire to be respected for the things they do, and have a strong attitude about most things.

They are decisive and take their time to discover all the details before making final decisions regarding important matters.

They are good looking and usually artistically talented. They are creative and love beauty, especially the beauty that surrounds them.

They are talented for decorating and beautifying their home, which is a trait others envy them on.

They love their homes and spending time there, and their partners should have similar preferences.

These people are loyal and devoted partners. They are faithful and expect the same attitude from their partners. Infidelity is a great deal-breaker and almost a sure reason for a breakup.

They cannot tolerate being lied to or deceived because they base all their relationships on trust, and they can’t have a relationship with someone they don’t trust.

These people desire confident and reliable partners who are able to support them and the longevity of the relationship.

They are commitment types and it is important for them to be in an exclusive relationship and married, but only after they have taken the time to get to know their partners/future spouses well. They make good parents.