Pisces Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The compatibility between two individuals can be determined by using astrology.

Astrology analysis can give very accurate information about the potential of a relationship between you and another person, and the preciseness of the information depends on the type of analysis you are using.

The most precise analysis is one done by using the natal charts for both yourself and the person you’re interested in. To make a natal chart, you will need the exact time of birth, date and place of birth for you both.

This analysis is done by comparing the planetary placements in each other’s natal chart, and determining the aspects your planets are creating.

The nature of the planetary aspects determines the nature of the relationship between you and that person.

If your planets are creating mostly positive aspects, the relationship between you two is bound to be stable and lasting, while if the aspects are mostly negative, the relationship between you two is not likely to be a harmonious and lasting one. Instead, it is likely to be filled with conflicts and disagreements.

Another use of a person’s natal chart is to determine their personality traits. Their planetary placements in signs and houses of the natal charts, as well as the meanings of the aspects their planets make can give you a lot of insight about them.

If you don’t have the data to make your natal charts, you can still use astrology to determine your compatibility as well as to discover some of the individual’s personality traits.

Horoscope signs have some general traits, and people born under the same sign share most of these traits.

A person’s horoscope sign can tell you a lot about that person, but you can also compare the traits of your horoscope signs to determine the compatibility between you two.

In this text, we are comparing the traits of a Pisces man and a Libra woman to see their compatibility.

Pisces Man

Pisces is a water sign, and that gives these men a lot of emotionality and eagerness for love and affection. Although they are very emotional, it is not easy to determine that by observing them. They often appear disinterested and you can’t determine whether they like you or not.

These men often hide their emotions, usually out of fear of getting hurt. They also tend to carry around past hurtful memories, and that can last for years preventing them from relaxing and committing to another person who loves them and deserves that.

Pisces men often have a secretive nature. They don’t like sharing their privacy with others, even the ones who are close to them. They often have the need to hide things about their life and tell lies to protect their interests as well.

Neptune, the ruler of their signs is a planet which rules secrets, illusions, deceptions, lies, etc.

This planet is one of the main causes for these traits. These men can also be prone to deceptions and very good at hiding the truth and lying. It is not easy to discover their deceptions, and they often get away with them.

Some of Pisces men are able to live multiple lives, which means they can be with more than one women at the same time without them knowing about that. They are able to create illusions that everything is alright and they don’t have a problem lying to their partners.

Not all Pisces men are like that, of course, but most of them have a talent for hiding the truth without getting caught. Even when these men get caught cheating, they are able to get away with that using their charm. These men are very charming and sweet and women enjoy their company.

Pisces men become different personalities when they fall in love. They can be prone to cheating and dating multiple women before the right woman comes. When that happens, most Pisces men change.

When this man falls in love, he often gets overwhelmed with emotions and begins smothering the girl with his presence and affection. For a woman who is not used to such expressions of emotions, it is not easy to get used to this man’s emotionality.

When he is in love with someone, this man has the desire to merge with that person, both physically and mentally, and spend all his time with them.

If he doesn’t receive an adequate emotional response from that woman, the Pisces man gets disappointed and often drifts into depression and worse, turns to some other means to relieve the pain, such as drugs or alcohol.

Their impulsiveness and emotionality often put them into quick emotional attachments with the wrong women and they inevitably get hurt. When a woman feels the same way about him, and responds emotionally to his outbursts of emotions, he is the happiest he can be and is capable of doing anything for that woman.

Pisces is a sign which is more than other signs prone to addictions and ignoring their problems. That is another trait from Neptune, who rules addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.

Pisces men (and women also) have a strong tendency to avoid confronting their issues and instead of ignoring them and putting them under the rug, hoping that they will miraculously disappear. That often puts them into addictions which only help them ignore their problems.

One of their main duties in life is to build their confidence and learn how to confront their problems and stop avoiding them.

Pisces men are usually good and have luck in earning money, but many of them don’t have a gift of keeping it. These men are often prone to recklessly spending money and making bad financial decisions, thus jeopardizing themselves and their families. The other type of Pisces men is very good at handling money and knows how to keep it and wisely invest it.

These men often don’t have prominent willpower and confident personalities.

They often need to rely on their partner’s support and encouragement to pursue their goals. They have a lot of talents and abilities but the lack of ambition they often suffer from is often the cause of not using their potential as much as they should.

They often desire a strong and organized woman by their side to help them organize their life and stop wasting their time on the wrong things. They usually don’t have a problem to let their woman lead the way, although some Pisces men who have some additional influence of other confident signs, could be quite capable of being the leading force in their relationships.

Pisces men look for a strong emotional response from a woman. If they don’t get it they grow cold and begin retreating.

They are good as parents, but often very complaisant to their kids. 

Libra Woman

Libra women are usually very stylish and often very beautiful. These women appreciate beauty and love to be surrounded by it. They are kind and sweet souls and enjoy pleasing people. One of the main reasons for these traits is their ruling planet, Venus. Venus rules beauty and kindness.

These women are usually very well-mannered and polite, but that is not a learned behavior, it is just how they are. They enjoy making others happy. They also love all forms of beauty, whether it is physical or it is in the form of arts, nature, etc.

Libra women are usually very creative and artistic, and often find a way to express themselves creatively. These women are often musically gifted or they have a talent for painting or other ways of creative expression.

These women have complaisant characters and that often causes people to take advantage of them. Their need for making people satisfied often causes them to have problems refusing someone even though they don’t feel like doing something.

One of the main lessons Libra people need to learn is to say “no”.

When they finally begin doing that they will feel more satisfied with themselves and fewer people could try to take advantage of their kindness. They will also gain more respect with other people.

Unfortunately, people don’t always appreciate other people’s kindness and often take it for granted.

When they learn how to protect themselves by simply refusing to fulfill other people’s wishes, they will prevent people with bad intentions to use them.

The sign of Libra rules justice and equality. These women (and Libra men also) are often fighting for the rights of the people who have been treated unfairly. These women can be very honest and strict when it comes to defending rights.

They pay attention not to hurt other people’s feelings and they watch their behavior and actions towards others. They often try so much to please others that they end up disappointed realizing that it is impossible to make everyone pleased.

At the end they are the ones feeling unsatisfied and realize that they need to change their attitude towards others and take care of themselves as well as pay attention to others.

Because of their prominent need to defend what is right and equality for all people, they often choose to be in the legal profession, where their desire for helping others can be fulfilled. They often choose some creative professions as well.

Libra women are usually very feminine. They express their femininity through their personal style and through their attitude. They have a gift to make the most of their physical looks and accentuate their attributes. People often admire them for their impeccable style.

Another issue with these women can be their indecisiveness and hesitance to make a final decision about some matter. It doesn’t have to be an important matter; these women have problems making the simplest of decisions.

One of the main reasons for their indecisiveness is their fear of making the wrong decision and the consequences of that decision. They often rethink their decisions and change them if that is possible.

They are also known to ask people for advice and encouragement which in many cases cause even more confusion about the decision they need to make.

These women desire to have a strong and confident man by their side to help them overcome these issues.

They prefer men with peaceful and calm personalities because they cannot stand quarrels and imbalance. They love nightlife and prefer going out than staying at home; that’s why they prefer active men, who are always in action. 

Love Compatibility

The typical Pisces man and Libra woman are not a compatible match. The main reason is their characters.

They are both not very confident and they need a stronger partner to support them use their full potential.

They could get along well when it comes to the emotional part of the relationship but when reality strikes, they will both realize that neither of them has the strength to maintain the relationship.

If they have some other compatible influences in their natal charts, the situation could be different and they could get the maximum of the relationship. 

Marriage Compatibility

The Pisces man and the Libra woman can maintain their marriage only in case there are some other influences in their natal charts which give them more decisiveness and confidence.

Otherwise, they will both struggle in deciding who will be the leading force in this union, and usually the results won’t be satisfying if either of them takes it.

These two usually need a stronger person by their side, to help them overcome the issues with confidence they struggle with, in their characters.

If either of them has a prominent influence of another sign with leading qualities in their natal chart, the situation could be quite different and the marriage could be a lasting one, especially because these two can develop a lot of deep emotions for each other.


A Pisces man and a Libra woman can be good as friends.

They are both easy going, and when they pass beyond their initial timidity (which both of them can have) they can have a satisfying friendship relationship doing many things together.

Cool Facts

Both Neptune and Venus, which are the ruling planets of Pisces and Libra, rule emotions and feelings.

That makes both the Pisces and the Libra very emotional and tender beings and their emotions are easily hurt.


The Pisces man and the Libra woman need a lot of compromises to be in a mutually satisfying relationship.

If they don’t have some other bonding elements in their natal charts, they don’t have much chance of staying together.