Capricorn in 11th House – Meaning and Info

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Whether men are women or women, they are the head of the family. By the nature of things, Capricorn women have more problems than men because of this typical male understanding.

Rationality necessarily binds them too much to the earth, allowing the dream world to carry them too far.

No matter how much they are in love, a great deal of practicality will flow from them. They will try to organize, not to dream of life with those they love. Due to their rigidity of character, they are not prone to coquetry.

Capricorn – Meaning and Info

Charming and cheerful people are interesting to them at least as much as they are passionate, but they are definitely not their world.

It is known that Capricorn men react to beauties the most restrained of all other sun signs. They are more interested in potentially good housewives and mothers.

They do not enter into marriage until they have accurately weighed all your strengths and weaknesses.

But, once they decide, they usually do not divorce even if they are extremely unhappy, because they are capable of suffering the longest. Faithful and steadfast, they forget old loves.

Infidelity and comparison with others do not forgive. Thanks to a reasonable approach to life, Capricorns are generally in stable health, and are often very long-lived. But we must not forget that severe depression often leads to hypochondria.

Saturn is a dispassionate legislator. That is why they will not provoke destiny, look for enemies unnecessarily and change basic beliefs.

Once accepted, he remains faithful. He does not bend before the onslaught of a fashionable way of thinking, he prefers to rely on tradition, believing what has stood the test of time.

Wisdom is old, so it is no wonder that even in early youth, Capricorn possesses some of the typical characteristics of an old man.

Some of the age and imagery of the spirit is an unusual stamp already on the face of the young Capricorn, so he will inevitably act wiser than his peers.

It is as if he was born with respect for the sacred ancestors and traditions. He does not need to try everything to know what is good and what is evil. Wisdom has nothing to do with the sensual, perishable earthly world anyway.

Capricorn aspires to the constant in the impermanence of the apparent. Precisely because of that, superficial joy and earthly happiness remain inaccessible to him.

It is a training ground for fluttering thinkers. And he is too deep to be so happy in this “valley of tears”.

Capricorns are very ambitious people, there is always something they strive for and they want to have a fulfilled purposeful life.

They are extremely patient and are able to wait a long time for something they want. As soon as the right opportunity arises, they carefully plan their steps.

Others seem to hesitate, which is not true, because they know that there is only one chance for success.

They carefully gather information about what they want to achieve in order to take the right steps to achieve their goal in full, not just in part. They have a very active mind and excellent concentration. They like to have control over all the people and things in their lives.

Capricorns are very careful, but only to examine the situation before embarking on it. He will never make any reckless move. They accept change, but introduce it slowly in order to get used to it.

Capricorns saw life only as black and white. There is no gray for them, because it is unknown to them and makes them feel uncomfortable. When they are in an emotional relationship, they like to take control and never show their vulnerability.

Deep down, the Capricorn woman is romantic and full of love, but she will only show it to the right man.

From the outside, it may seem as if she doesn’t care too much about love. A Capricorn woman is a perfect match for a man who loves challenges. It will take time to get close to her, so don’t rush her. Be patient with her, as she is.

The Capricorn woman is very elegant and refined. Courts her and flatters her. Sprinkle her with nice gifts (but not too expensive, because she likes to save money, which she expects from you). In a relationship, she will dominate and take control, but in her own subtle way.

Let her lead, you won’t go wrong, as she is smart and practical. With it, you can have a real and long-lasting relationship with all the ingredients necessary for happiness, including fidelity.

A man in the sign of Capricorn is very passionate and likes physical touches, but he is not overly sensitive (outside). Deep down, he longs for love, but it takes time to show it because it is difficult for him to trust another person.

Show him how much you admire him and gradually win his trust. He is very faithful, probably the most faithful of all zodiac signs. Beneath its mysterious and mysterious nature lies a romantic line mixed with sensuality.

That side is completely hidden from him, and when he discovers it, you will be amazed by his transformation!

Patience and trust are key for a Capricorn man, because he has a lot to offer to the right woman for him who will be waiting for him.

Make them laugh, because they appreciate anyone who succeeds because they are often melancholic. Talk about anything, but don’t touch their emotions.

However, they don’t mind if you entrust yours to them.

When Capricorn feels safe, he will reveal some of his secrets. Talk about serious topics and important things.

Avoid extravagant topics because Capricorns are very traditional people and do not like shocking conversations.

11th House – Meaning and Info

A person who was born in the period when 11 at home in Capricorn, in himself and in other people more than anything appreciates the stability.

He always strives to create unapproachable protection from various troubles.

Therefore, in the choice of cops, first of all, it pays attention to the availability of the following qualities: reliability and efficiency.

11 at home in Capricorn – a characterization of a man. Because of the fact that a man must always be checked and switched off, now people are close to the cemetery.

Once the subjects all succeed in doing this, then they receive full confidence and position.

People who were born when 11 Home in Capricorn are distinguished by their pragmatism. When they come to work in a team, they show greater productivity and purposefulness. They have a negative attitude to those who joke a lot and never really joke, shirk the fulfillment of their duties.

Such a person can easily stand at the head of the process, issuing instructions and correctly specifying what tasks will be well performed by that or another person. It can also take the place of one of the screws without problems.

Perfectly coordinated with their task, while still seeing the whole picture. In them, there are tasks of a manager. They are able to often set, though and local, but for specific purposes, to achieve which there are all means.

With this, the requirements for the members of the group are accustomed to lead to the absolute. Interaction with their subordinates occurs in the form of pauses, because of which they seem to be around rather cruel and harmless.

In view of this time, from time to time, a powerful voltage is generated inside the group. Influence of the rest of the houses on the zodiac sign Cat 12 at home in Cat in Chat with a person at 11 at home in Cat It is clear that in the presence of pressure, it will not be able to realize any of the goals.

This is a rather dangerous tendency when the efficient staff is fed, because it is not able to resist the heat and chooses to float along the current.

As a result, the potential remains unrealized, and the enthusiasm of the individual quickly dies out. To become a strong personality, he should look for ways to change his behavior. You need to learn how to gently drive on other members of the group.

It is also recommended to adapt some of the requirements for the use of a larger part of the collection.

Only then, when his personality will be found in a harmonious state, will he be able to determine goals, find ways and means for achieving them.

A friend of such people, as a rule, is not enough. The reason for this lies in the fact that they do not go to contact themselves.

It is advisable that someone was the first to offer to cooperate. At this, internally, they resist the fact that they are close to letting dozens of people approach themselves.

Capricorn in 11th House – Meaning and Info

He is serious, purposeful, does not like humorists and idlers. He wants the group to work like a well-coordinated clockwork, where every cog and gear knows exactly its place … however, the group has no specific goals, and this confuses him.

A person, especially at a low level of elaboration of this position at home, will tend to set at least local, but specific goals to the group and persistently achieve them, subconsciously absolutizing and creating elements of rigid subordination or hierarchy in the group.

With the defeat of Capricorn, these tendencies will create tension in the team, the reasons for which will not be entirely obvious, since Capricorn will never go directly against the team, but, on the contrary, will strive to be in agreement with it, at least outwardly.

Nevertheless, he will try to create clear goals and directions for the group activities that will lead the group to the side and destroy it, and the group can notice this when it is too late.

With a weak energy, the group will hammer a person, preventing his practical ideas from being realized. Elaboration goes along the path of carefully studying group problems and adapting their ideas to the group, and not vice versa.

Only at a high evolutionary level can a person determine (and then only to some extent) the path of development and activity of the group.

With friends, this person is restrained, prefers long-known acquaintances and tested in difficult trials. He sees manifestations of friendship, first of all, in practical help and concrete actions; he does not respect excessive emotions.

Doesn’t like unnecessary emotions. Prefers the company of adults, wise people. Friends often trust him with secrets, he keeps their secrets. In social life, temptations are possible that are dangerous for him.

The hardest part is waiting for a reward for your efforts. He does not like leveling, demands respect for himself.

He does not forget his interests, will not allow himself to be driven. Lives alone and tries not to stand out.

Securities speculation can succeed, but it can be a complete failure, depending on the aspects of Saturn.


Society seems to him gray and oppressive. If he suddenly comes to the conclusion that life’s struggle is not for him, he shows himself to be more helpless, miserable, poor than in fact there are people who, with his help, want to earn a clear conscience for themselves by giving him handouts.

Desire for freedom of spirit and overthrow of everything that fetters. In a team, a person is trying to capture key positions.

The circle of friends is narrow. The relationship with them is serious and demanding. A person sees the manifestation of friendship not in the manifestation of emotions, but in concrete help. Perhaps the absence of friends or “an old friend is better than two new ones.”