Virgo Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Why is astrology so interesting to many of us? Do you believe it can actually tell something about your future?

Today, astrology is not officially being recognized as a scientific path, but as a pseudoscience.

Nevertheless, we should bear in mind that it was once a part of much more officially studied field, that of astronomy. In old times, great figures of the past relied on what their astrologers had to tell about very important questions.

Astrology tries to figure out what could happen in future of an individual’s life, by analyzing his or hers horoscope. We do not talk about those few lines you read under your zodiac sign in a daily newsfeed.

Horoscope is more than that. It is, actually, about your birth chart, which is a graphic representation of planetary position at the time you were born. All an astrologers needs to create such a chart are your time and place of birth.

If you are interested in what could happen to you in future, you need a good astrologer who is capable of interpreting all the conjugations and aspects of your birth chart to details. In addition, you have to take into consideration all other factors, such as your cultural background, your education, personal experience and to fit it all together.

It could be an interesting and most amazing thing to do.

Horoscope could tell you who you really are and help you improve what you see in need of perfecting. Moreover, it could tell you about the nature of your relations with other people.

Perhaps what interests you the most is your love life. Astrology could do a great deal for you there. If you compare your partner’s and yours birth chart, you could see how astrologically compatible you are.

In order to do that, it is useful to know whether and to what level your zodiac signs are compatible. It is, of course, only a base for further interpretation. Astrology claims there is not a single combination of zodiac signs that is impossible. However, you agree there have to be easier and more complicated relationships.

Today we talk about that of Virgo man and Pisces woman. Many would say these two are not a great match and, indeed, these two people are very different and they are on completely different sides of the zodiac circle.

However, let us find out if everything is as it seems. We will first analyze their typical profiles separately and then try to match them on several levels. Let us begin with the Virgo man.

Virgo Man

Virgo man is a stable and rational personality. He is driven by the idea of perfection; he would like to see it all neat, tidy, organized, structured and sorted. Virgo man thinks in these terms about everything in life, from professional career to family and love life.

He would do everything to see his closest ones safe, secure and provided with essentials. He could be stiff and strict, but his intentions are good. Virgo man does not dream about prestigious career, but the one that lead to a decent and easy life.

He is diligent and hardworking, focused on his goals. He sees everything as some sort of duty and there is no other way he could function at his best. He does not step away from hard work, if he deems it needed.

He would focus on, for example, getting a good and steady income and work for it. He is cooperative, efficient and usually the type of a person others envy for getting all benefits and rewards for his work.

Virgo does not demand rewards and sometimes, it could turn out bad, because bad people could simply exploit his achievements. He would feel frustrated for not getting enough respect for his work, but would rarely stand for it. He lacks that type of daring attitude, because his dissatisfaction and disappointment could be literally paralyzing.

However, it would not take long until he invents some idea to bear the bitterness of failure or disappointment in an acceptable way.

Virgo man is not particularly a warm person and tends to criticize and judge a lot. Moreover, he is rarely self-critical in public. He deals with his own imperfections on his own and always tries to represent himself in good light. He is not unaware of his flaws, but he has hard time accepting them.

Virgo man cares about his appearance and health. Cleanliness and tidiness of a person’s physical being, his home and environment is very important for a Virgo.

He is a reliable companion, although you would have to point out if you need certain type of help and support. Virgo man is egocentric, but he is not pompous or bragging around. He sticks to himself.

He lacks emotional warmth and this is what he actually seeks in others. He pays an incredible attention to details, which many of his friends and close ones do not understand. He appears obsessive with details, but that is in his nature.

Virgo man is gentle towards women. He is a cavalier and he would treat you like a lady.

However, you really have to fill in his expectations.

He is demanding in searching for love and he would actually feel the best with someone who shares his energy, interests and goals, but is actually a bit more open and warm personality. He does not like loud and too extravagant women, but modest, intelligent, classy ladies.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is flexible, very calm and maybe a bit melancholic, because of her deeply emotional and sensing inner being. She has a direction in life, but does not stick to it without making sideways, temporary retreat or else. She is mysterious, changeable and flexible in living and thinking.

Pisces woman feels at ease in various situations, because the mutable nature of her sign allows her to adapt to different circumstances and conditions and still feel good about herself.

She is born under a sign of dual, changeable nature, which makes her own personality and the whole being capable of incredible adaptation and transformation. It is a great advantage for Pisces lady; she is aware of it and would gladly use it to her own benefit. Pisces woman does not rush, does not play neither the strongest nor the best person there.

She recognizes her weaknesses, flaws and fragilities and is not ashamed of it. She adapts and works on improving them.

Pisces is an enigma for the world. She could appear calm, indifferent and maybe even a bit depressed, but it is only a part of her personality. Pisces woman is quiet and does not take things in life for granted, but she also does not believe there is anything that is ‘a must’.

There is no such thing for a Pisces. Pisces woman is not afraid of failure and soon after any sort of disappointment, she would gather herself back together and move on.

She is creative, dreamy and imaginative and capable of finding thousands solutions and ways either to solve or simply avoid the problem. Pisces woman is the opposite of stubborn, but she would not give u so easily.

However, if a situation proves too tough and does not lead to particularly important goal for Pisces lady, she is likely to leave that route. She is not regretful over it and, while constantly in kind of a dreamy mood, she is actually long over it.

Pisces woman approaches things in life with patience, calmness and invests her emotions in everything she does. She knows it could be hurtful, but cares not much about it. She could be very spiritual and interested in all sorts of mystical or religious things. She travels for miles and miles through the endless ocean of her thoughts and ideas.

Pisces woman has an excellent intuition and is rarely tricked by anyone.

Pisces woman literally absorbs the world around her, with all of her senses. She is often capable of recognizing and connecting things other people cannot see. She is one of the most artistic zodiac women; art is a powerful channel for a Pisces to express her deepest emotions.

In love, she is gentle, she enjoys being in a constant state of amorousness. For a Pisces, love is a fantasy, a dream you live in your reality.

She is peaceful and benevolent in all areas of life, including romantic relationship. She is emotional and imaginative when in love and needs a partner who would support her dreams and fantasies and make her feel secure.

She is generous in a relationship, without measuring how much she has given to a partner and what she got in return, in terms of emotions. She is gracious, very feminine and soft in love.

Love Compatibility

Although these two seem as they do not have much in common, surprisingly, they match quite well! Virgo man and Pisces woman could develop a wonderful, deeply fulfilling connection for both.

Here we have an Earth and a Water element sign; Earth and Water are known to fit well, to complement one another. They are essential to one another, which makes these two people in need for one another’s energy.

Virgo man and Pisces woman are connected through mysterious channels of opposite temperaments and deeply hidden intimate spiritual bonds. To the eyes of a stranger, they appear too different and rarely a person could imagine them together. Virgo man is organized, disciplined, always on time and petty.

Pisces woman is more intuitive, chaotic, more flexible and instinctive.

Virgo man has a great challenge in Pisces woman; he thinks he could win everything by his rational and realistic arguments, but Pisces is elusive and she does not even want to engage in any type of debate. It more surprises and intrigues Virgo, rather than annoys him, which is by itself a special situation.

Pisces’s elusiveness drives Virgo’s energy and makes him more flexible in thinking.

On the other hand, Pisces woman needs some order in her life, because her easygoing temperament often makes her miss valuable opportunities. Virgo could really help her with that.

They are indeed different, but complementary, not opposing in energy. They could have a balanced relationship, in which each one can stay true to themselves, but together they make the perfect whole. Virgo man and Pisces woman match almost perfectly on intimacy level.

Their sex life is quiet and they keep it a mystery, but it is usually rich in details and deeply satisfying. It has an emotional basis. Virgo man and Pisces woman could become deeply committed to one another. Their relationship is stable, steady and peaceful. Rarely would they bring one another’s loyalty and love into question.

Virgo man and Pisces woman could face difficulties, but they would find strong bonds and reconnect.

Marriage Compatibility

Virgo man and Pisces woman are ready to sacrifice one for another and they never suspect another one is disloyal and cheating. It is almost imaginable for an always-distrustful Virgo.

As we have said, these two are connected on much deeper level than what is visible to others. They are strangely quiet and modest couple, but their mutual life is rich and full of silent excitement.

There is a possibility they could get in an argument about the way they want to raise their children, but, because they actually understand what the other one offers, they soon find a good compromise.

Their children usually make a perfect balance between openness to imagination, rationalism, discipline and relaxed approach.


It is as strange friendship as it is an unusual relationship.

Virgo man and Pisces woman do not share many activities, so seeing them hanging out together, if they are not in a romantic relationship or married is quite a phenomenon.

However, if they are, say, friends from an early age, it is likely they will remain friends for life. Both are supportive and loyal to one another.

Cool Facts

As for cool facts about this interesting zodiac pair, let us just mention a few of celebrity Virgo man/Pisces woman couples.

Here they are: Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde.


Virgo man and Pisces woman are two very different people with very compatible energies.

The one finds in another actually what he or she misses. It is an incredible connection between earth and water.

This connection is smooth, modest, quiet, but pleasant and harmonious.

There is not much drama in here. Strangely, because everyone else who is as disorganized and chaotic as a Pisces could be, would drive a Virgo nuts. Somehow, it does not seem to be a problem here.