Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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People who want to find out more about someone they like usually reach for their social profiles. That carries a risk because most of us try to portray ourselves in the best possible light.

Everyone seems to be happy and have fabulous lives on their social profiles. Sadly, the truth is often different. Also, there is a great risk of making the wrong conclusions which often lead to disappointments.

Another way to find out facts about someone is astrology. Astrology can be very accurate when it comes to determining someone’s personality traits, but it can also give detailed insight into the potential for a relationship between people.

To make a precise astrological analysis, you will need to have precise data of birth for the person who interests you (exact time of birth, date and place of birth) to make their natal chart. If you want to see how you two would get along together you will also need your birth data.

A person’s planetary placements in signs and houses, as well as the mutual aspects of their planets can give a detailed picture of that person’s character as well as their preferences.

To determine your compatibility with this person you should compare the planetary placements between your natal charts and determine the aspects they are making.

The meanings of these aspects describe the nature of your relationship.

If they are good in general, the relationship between you two should be a good and harmonious one. If the aspects are negative in general, the relationship is likely to be full of disagreements and conflicts and ends in a break-up.

If you don’t have the precise birth data to make the natal charts, you can still use astrology. Horoscope signs have some basic traits that people born under the same sign share. These traits will help you get a general picture of the person of your interest.

Also, by comparing the traits of both your horoscope signs, you will discover in general the potential for a relationship with that person.

This analysis won’t be as accurate as the previous one, but it will give you valuable insight.

In the text below, we compare the traits of the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman to determine their general compatibility.

Pisces Man

The Pisces man, being a water sign, is usually very emotional. These men, like Pisces women are wary not to open up too soon out of fear of getting hurt. Their past bad experiences stay imprinted in their hearts and prevent them from relaxing in romantic relationships.

These men can carry their hurts for a long time, and sometimes they appear as if enjoying the pain and the suffering.

A typical Pisces man doesn’t like to share his privacy with others. He rarely opens up even in front of the people he considers his trusted friends. There are some things this man decides to keep only to himself.

These men are masters of deception and illusions. They don’t hesitate to tell lies and manipulate the truth if they consider that it is necessary to protect something they consider important. Pisces women also have these traits.

These men can sometimes lead double lives without anyone knowing that. They are capable of deceptions which no one can discover and they don’t have any problems with lying to cover their actions.

Even when they get caught in the act, they have a way of getting out of the awkward situation as if nothing has happened, using their charm and convincing abilities.

Not all Pisces men (and women) use these traits, but they usually possess them and can use them if they decide to.

One of the main reasons for their secretive nature is their ruling planet, Neptune. Neptune is the ruler of illusions, dream-like states, deceptions, lies, but also deep emotions and devotion. These men (Pisces women also) are prone to deceive themselves as well, creating illusions and imagining things that don’t exist.

These traits often put them in a situation to fall for the wrong person and get hurt when they realize that it wasn’t something they have expected.

Pisces men look for a woman they could connect to deeply and merge their soul with her. She needs to have an appropriate emotional response to theirs; otherwise, these men could get cold and detach themselves, and feel hurt inside.

One of their problems is that they often come on too strong and overwhelm the woman with their emotions. They don’t give them time to realize what they feel about this man. When the Pisces man falls loves some woman he wants to merge his life with hers and spend all his time with her.

That attitude could be frightening for women who are not used to such relationships or have the need to keep their space in a relationship.

Pisces men are usually not strong-willed people. They are also not very confident and tend to retreat instead of confronting their issues. Many of them choose to ignore problems as a way to solve them, thus creating even greater damage.

These men are also prone to reaching to additional means of forgetting about their problems, and they turn to addictions, such as alcohol or drugs. It is easier for them to live in a world of illusions where there are no problems, than to live in the reality where they confront and deal with their problems in an adult and responsible way.

Many Pisces men have a responsible attitude towards their lives, but they usually have the influence of some other sign in their chart.

One of the main lessons they need to learn is to gain confidence and deal with their problems instead of ignoring them or waiting for someone else to solve them for them.

Pisces people often have some psychic gifts. Neptune, their planet, enables them a connection to some other realms to get insight into the future. Many Pisces men use this trait to help others, and some even make a profession out of it.

Pisces men are usually good with earning money, but many of them have issues with keeping it. These men are often prone to overspending and making reckless financial decisions which put in jeopardy their wellbeing and the wellbeing of the people they care about.

Some Pisces men are even prone to gambling. This type of Pisces men needs a strong woman by their side who will direct their financial decisions and make sure money is not wasted. The other type of Pisces men know how to handle money and these men usually manage to provide substantial wealth and material security for the future.

They often need a woman with a strong personality to support them and encourage their endeavors. These men are very capable and creative but they lack initial ambition and confidence to pursue their goals.

They are good but complaisant fathers and are loyal and devoted partners once they find the woman they deeply love.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius women are fiery and always in action. These women are often unstoppable in their search for adventures. These women are a bit wild, but that just adds to their overall attractiveness. Men who are adventurous types find these women irresistible.

These women are often interested in masculine activities and are often in the company of men due to that fact. They are into sports, often extreme ones. Sagittarius women also love dance and are very talented dancers. Some even chose dance to be their profession.

These women are sports types and are often physically very good looking. Many of them are professional athletes. These women are usually not very feminine and have a masculine side to their nature.

A typical Sagittarius woman is very open and direct in their approach to people. These women don’t have a problem speaking their opinion, even though that might mean offending someone.

They also don’t have a problem telling someone that they like them.

This direct approach usually doesn’t work well with men they consider dating because it takes away the mystery and the lure of chasing the woman and conquering her. With the Sagittarius woman everything is usually very transparent.

These women should learn how to be more secretive and mysterious towards men because such behavior increases their chances of getting the man they desire.

They often have difficulty getting used to behaving in such a manner because they are very honest and don’t like playing games with people, especially the men they like.

Many Sagittarius women can be inconsistent and prone to changing their mind about previously made decisions. They don’t consider it bad, but many people who are directly involved in these decisions could get offended.

Some of them need to start paying attention to other people’s feelings, and watch their behavior towards others because it might often be considered offensive and inconsiderate.

Sagittarius women are passionate and love being with passionate men. They enjoy the company of men in general, and love physical intimacy. These women are not shy at all. Many of Sagittarius women (and Sagittarius men) are nudists and don’t have any inhibitions.

These women also love being friends with men and often have a lot of male acquaintances, which could sometimes bother their partners.

These women are very independent and love their freedom.

They don’t want any kind of restrictions, and have big problems accepting a relationship with a man who requires their complete devotion and attention. They desire to keep some space for themselves and their own thing. They don’t like their man to be involved in all their activities because they consider that suffocating.

Sagittarius women are friendly and open-minded. These women love helping people and they can be relied upon. She loves meeting new people, and traveling, and she usually does that often, for pleasure or for work purposes.

These women are very intelligent and they love to be in a company of people who are similar. Their man needs to be well-read and educated. They seek for a confident man who is capable of making the most of his abilities.

He also needs to be independent and successful. Sagittarius women need change and their man should have similar preferences.

Love Compatibility

The Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman could make an interesting couple, although he might be overbearing for the freedom-loving Sagittarius woman.

For this relationship to be a successful one, he needs to be independent enough and leave space for this woman to grow independently.

They work good as a couple, but she won’t accept to be the leading force in this relationship and push this man to achieve his maximum of potential.

She desires a balanced relationship where both partners have the confidence and energy to deal with their issues and pursue their goals, having the encouragement and admiration of their partner.

Sagittarius woman is not capable or ready to push someone through life, and with Pisces man sometimes that is required.

If they have some other bonding elements in their natal charts, theirs could be a good relationship which could stand the test of time.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Pisces man and a Sagittarius woman could work only if these two make a lot of compromises or they have an influence of some other signs in their charts which make their relationship more compatible.

These two can have issues with the organizational part of the union.

Neither of them is usually good at it, but the Sagittarius woman is likely to undertake that role, and she won’t be satisfied with it.

She is ok if both of them share their duties, but if she has to be the main initiator of action, she is likely to be bored with it and that will cause issues in the union.

If they have some other influences in their natal charts which neutralize their differences this union could work because they share a lot of similarities. 


The Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman could make good friends because they share similar interests, especially regarding action and adventures.

They are both a bit crazy and they get along well together. 

Cool Facts

Both the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman share the same ruling planet, Jupiter, which gives them a love for adventure and distant travels, cultures, and countries.

Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces which are ruled by Neptune, but it still has a strong influence on them, especially bringing them good luck with monetary gains.


The Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman could have a good relationship if they are willing to make a lot of compromises.

Their relationship could be a good one if they have some additional bonds between their natal charts.